Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 24: Where's Your Elegance?

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“Cough, cough! It's so damn spicy!" Liam started coughing after a bite.

“Hey! Don't eat it if you can't!" Sherry immediately stood up and poured him a glass of water after
seeing him that way, "Here, drink some water!"

“Sherry is so kind!” Liam took the water and drank it.

William somehow felt irritated at the sight of Sherry, who was so concerned with Liam.

"Drink some more! Cold water helps easing spiciness!” Sherry said.

“Ah! It feels way better!” Liam shook his head.

His face was fully red and his shout were so sudden that many people watched them.

Seeing how he couldn't eat spicy food, Sherry immediately walked out and ordered a dish without chili,
"Mr. Brooks, the boss said that she would make you a portion without chili... Don't worry!"

“Thank you!” Liam was very grateful towards Sherry.

When she returned, William was raising the cup with his slender hand.

He swayed the teacup in his hand and sipped it gracefully, "Tea!"

"What?" Sherry knew he was talking to her.

"Tea, please!" William said it again.

After taking a deep breath, Sherry immediately looked expressionless, "Yes!"

She then walked over to William and poured the tea for him.

Because she was a little depressed, she accidentally poured the tea to the lighter on the table.

"Damn it!" William suddenly shouted, looked up, and pushed Sherry.

“Ah!” Sherry's hands trembled out of shock.

The teapot just fell onto the lighter.

William hurriedly picked the lighter up. He didn't mind the hot tea splashing on his hands at all.

He took the lighter and rubbed it onto his expensive suit until it dried up.

He tried to light it up, but there was no flame at all.

“I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Mr. Rowland! Are your hands okay?" Sherry apologized in anxiousness.

“Damn it! Why were you so careless!" William's eyes looked angry while shouting.

He stood up and glared at Sherry's pale face with his sharp eyes.

His handsome face was full of anger at that time, scaring all the people around him.

They would even be very careful when taking a breathe there.

Sherry was stunned. She felt aggrieved, and her eyes reddened at his shouts.

“Will! You scared her!" Liam was stunned too. But Liam immediately kept his mouth shut after seeing
the lighter in William’s hand.

Sherry was surprised to see William's full of hatred face. At that time, he was like an evil.

The tea scalded his hand until it was very red, but he treasured that lighter like it was his life instead.

Slowly, her beautiful eyes were full of tears.

She opened her mouth, but she couldn't say anything.

Sherry bit her lips so badly.

She really didn't do it on purpose... But she could understand his feelings, that lighter must be very
important for him.

William's gaze was sharp and his voice was cold.

He spoke with a thin but dangerous voice, "You're really damned"

Sherry kept stepping back in fear.

He intently glared at her with his fiery black eyes, "Get out of here’

“Mr. Rowland, Sherry is my guest!” Susan spoke up at that time, "Would you go that far for a lighter?”

“Same goes for you!" William coldly said that.

"Will!" Liam shouted again.

"Everyone, get the hell out of here!" William sat down dejectedly.

"I'm sorry!" Sherry felt that the lighter must be very important to him.

He didn't even care about his own hands to save the lighter... She's really damned!

Liam was stunned before he hurriedly said, "Elegance, elegance... Will, where's your elegance?"

William stopped talking, but he looked so glum that no one dared to say a thing.

A meal caused the lighter incident and made everyone lose their appetite.

Sherry took the folder and bowed to William, "Mr. Rowland, I'm sorry... I'll compensate you a lighter!"

After saying that, Sherry quickly ran outside.

She looked extremely pale.

"Sherry!" Susan glared at William and chased after Sherry.

“will! You overreacted!" Liam sighed, “You should let go of your past to welcome the future! It's time for
you to get it!"

“Sherry! Wait!" Susan chased after Sherry, "Are you okay?”

Sherry's eyes were so red, “I carelessly broke Mr. Rowland's lighter, I think that lighter must be very
precious for him! I can understand it!"

This time, Sherry wasn't angry.

She felt very guilty instead.

“Sherry, don't mind it!” Susan patted her shoulders.

“Susan, thank you... You talked to Mr. Rowland for me. I really didn't do it on purpose!" Sherry bit her
lips and smiled bitterly, "I understand the feelings of losing my most precious item!"

"Celia, sorry!" Sherry felt very sorry to say that, "Last time I ruined your clothes, and now I'm borrowing
your money!"

“Why are you still so formal with me? Aren't we best friends?" Celia didn't let her off so easily, "Are you
sure you want to buy such expensive lighter to compensate your boss?”

"There's no other way, I broke his lighter by accident!” Sherry sighed.

"Sigh! All right! We'll buy it!" Celia thought that it was too expensive, "Is it worth it to waste hundreds of
thousands to buy a lighter?"

“Even if it's more expensive, it's not as precious as what he was holding!" Sherry sighed, "I'm just
worried that I won't be able to return your money these few months!"

"Stop talking about money! So tacky!"

Sherry finally bought the similar silver $.T. Dupont lighter. Her boss said that it was supposed to be
around 50 thousand yuan. Celia had an acquaintance and they could buy it for 30 thousand yuan only.

The next day.

Sherry came to William's office nervously with the elegant looking box.

She entered after getting the permission.

Sherry put the box on the table before anxiously lowered her head and said, "Mr. Rowland, this is my
compensation! It was my fault yesterday!”

William squinted at her with a frown, but he didn't say anything.

Sherry bit her lips.

Seeing how he didn't say anything, she said, “I know how bad it feels to have your favorite item broken
by someone else... I also know that this lighter is not the original one. I'm sorry, 'm really sorry!”

He still kept silent, but he was completely terrifying.

Sherry carefully looked up at him, but she immediately looked back down after meeting his gaze.

William stayed silent.

He sharply stared at Sherry for a long time, scrutinizing her.

Did she think that compensating him this once would be enough?

Seeing that he was still silent, Sherry looked like she was going to lose control out of embarrassment,
"Mr. Rowland, I was wrong!"

"Get out!" he suddenly said that.

“Eh!" she looked up.

When she met his cold eyes, she was stunned in an instant.

"Put it down, and get out of here! You understand?"

“Eh!" once Sherry heard that he accepted it, the guilt in her heart immediately lessened.

She quickly nodded, "Thank you Mr. Rowland, I will go to work right away!”

As if she got exempted, Sherry immediately left Mr. Rowland's office.

William looked at the box on the table and squinted his eyes.

He then raised his hand to throw that box into the drawer before reading over the documents again.

After dinner, Sherry cleaned up the utensils, "Dan, stay at home by yourself and sleep earlier, okay?”

“Mommy, you don't need to go to work anymore. I can support you!" Dan looked troubled, “Going to
work at night will be very tiring! What would you do if you met a pervert?”

"Silly, how will Mommy return Celia's money if Mommy doesn't go to work?"


“Good! Be obedient at home, go straight to be after watching cartoons. Mommy will quickly go home!”
Sherry kissed her son's face.

Then, she went to the bedroom and changed into jeans and shirt.

Then she took a cardboard box and went outside...

Late night street.

In the corner of the bustling street, and under the hazy street light, a slim girl with her ponytails was
shouting to sell her things.

“Hello! Personalized and fun accessories, is there anything you need?"

There's also a paper sign beside the cardboard, which had WP Condom written on it.

People that surrounded her mostly were a man and a woman that looked like a couple.

They confidently took some and paid for it.

The young men and women looked at each other and laughed ambiguously.

Then, they quickly disappeared into the night while holding hands.

Sherry was the woman who was selling the condoms.

She shouted, "Fashionable products. For your safety and health, please take a look!"

Slowly, there were many people around her.

Most of them were couple that seemed to be students.

People who saw the items in her cardboard box curiously surrounded her.

The cardboard box was full of dazzling red accessories made of condoms.

When Sherry saw that there were more people, she spread a plastic sheet on the ground and placed
the accessories on it.

People unconsciously blushed at the dazzling array of condoms.

The small stall was full of accessories, which were modified by condoms.

There were phone accessories, sensors, lollipops, peace signs, mirrors, and many other things made
of condoms.

There were also "condom earrings" that were popular some time ago on the internet.

People were dazzled with the variety.

"Have a look! There are many kinds!" Sherry explained earnestly.

"Boss, we want this one!”

“I want this one, too! Boss, it won't break easily, right?" someone asked.

Sherry blushed, then she tried to get rid of the shame, "It won't break. This has the anti-counterfeiting
mark, and the quality of authentic manufacturer's products are guaranteed!”

"Boss, have you ever used it?" another boy whistled.

Sherry rolled her eyes, “Guys, I'm already old, of course I have used it. Don't worry, it's very easy to

“Eh! You didn't seem to be very open minded!”

"Would I be selling these if I'm not open minded? Are you going to buy it? If you won't buy it, please
don't disturb my business’ as if such scene was not a strange thing, Sherry calmed herself down.


“Okay! We'll buy it!” she sold some more.

Sherry was busy receiving the money and giving the changes.

Not long after, most of the items in the cardboard box were sold.

Suddenly, there was an oppressive air.

People around her turned their heads in an instant.

They all looked to the back.

Some women glistened with excitement, "Whoa! A handsome guy! He's so handsome!”

“..." Sherry suddenly sensed an extremely oppressing feeling in front of her.

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