Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 63 They Met in The Rowlands’ Old Residence

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"Oh! Don’t call him, and I’ll take you there now!" Celia picked her up and left.

When they arrived at Leon’s restaurant, he was worried that there was no suitable person for his
restaurant. So, as soon as Leon saw Sherry, he immediately made a decision, "OK, Sherry, you’re
going to be the assistant. Come to work tomorrow morning, I’ll let you know what you’re doing!"

Sherry soon had a new job.

Sherry strolled home. She seldom went home like this or enjoyed the scenery on the street.

While she was walking, she suddenly saw the news of The Rowland Group on the big TV screen on
the street. William’s disgusting face reappeared in front of her, and Sherry stopped looking at him. She
shook her head, and she would never be harassed by William again!

But, when she thought of Mr. Fox, Sherry felt very sad. When would she see her son?

As soon as she got into the alley, Sherry blinked and saw Liam who was getting out of the car on the


"Sherry, I have good news for you. Mr. Rowland said to continue to develop Daniel’s game!" Somehow,
Liam looked tired and he frowned, but he was still handsome and kept smiling.

"Didn’t he say he was going to stop?" Sherry was a little surprised, but soon calmed down.

"He said he would continue to develop the game!" Liam said truthfully, then raised his eyebrows, "May I
have a cup of tea at your house?"

With that, he stepped to her house first.

"Oh.....OK!" Sherry was stunned, nodded and followed him.

Sherry looked up at Liam’s back. He looked really tired, "Liam, you look tired."

"Don’t mention it. William doesn’t care about work now. He lets me handle it, and I’m exhausted." Liam
complained, "Sherry, since you left, the office has been like a funeral parlour every day. The
atmosphere is very terrible!"

"What?" Sherry smiled and shook her head. "Liam, have tea!"

"Alas! After you left, I couldn’t drink any good coffee and tea. Alice’s coffee was not good at all."

Sherry couldn’t help hooking her lips. Was that exaggeration?

Liam saw her reaction and said, "Don’t you believe me?"

"No, Liam. I don’t want Daniel to continue designing that game. Please tell Mr. Rowland that we don’t
want to do it anymore. I hope he will not go back on his word!" Sherry said faintly, without hatred in her

"Come on, Sherry, it’s a good chance!"

"Daniel is still very young, and I don’t want him to focus on the game!"

"But your son is really a genius!" Liam suddenly thought of last night, "By the way, last night, our
company’s network was hacked. For a moment, all the places where William’s name appeared had
been labeled with stool. William said that the hacker was your son!"

"Ah!" Sherry was stunned, "Really?"

She knew Daniel had been in front of the computer for a long time last night, but she didn’t expect
Daniel to do that, "How did Mr. Rowland know Daniel did it?"

"He said it was his intuition!"

"Ah!" Sherry was stunned, "Didn’t he have evidence?"

"Right, I also don’t believe it!" Liam shook his head, "Edward in our computer department has a
master’s degree and he is a top computer student. Daniel is only five years old. How could he attack
Edward’s firewall? William must have made a mistake."

"Tomorrow, I’ll ask Daniel!" Sherry thought it was strange, too. Did Daniel really do it? Sherry began to
regret letting Celia teach Daniel about computers. Although Celia was a computer expert, how could
Daniel learn so fast? Well, she had to call Celia and ask if Daniel really could attack other’s firewall.

"What about the game?" Liam asked again.

"Liam, I don’t agree. Daniel is going to boarding primary school next week. I respect his opinion and
allow him to skip a grade. If he goes to primary school, his study will be hard. I don’t want him to delay
his study because of the game!" Sherry didn’t want to have anything to do with William anymore.
William was always liking to make strange decisions to make them unhappy.

"So, I respond to Mr. Rowland like this?" Liam raised her eyebrows.

"Yes," Sherry said.

The name of Leon’s western restaurant was Wait.

Sherry looked at the creative signboard and thought about what the name meant.

In the office,

"Leon, I can work today!" Sherry, still wearing a professional suit, appeared energetically in front of
Leon, with a gentle smile.

"Great! Sherry. We’re going to arrange a family party this weekend. This Saturday night, three chefs will
go with the dining car to the customer’s home to make dinner for the party. Your task is to go to this
house and discuss the menu with their housekeeper, write down their requirements and give them to
the chefs!"

"Shall I go there today?" Sherry asked.

"Yes!" Leon gave her the address, "Our service tenet is to meet all the requirements of customers!"

"OK!" Sherry nodded and went to the address on the note.

The car stopped in the villa area. It was a very splendid old residence. It looked like a very old French
building, but it was quite solid and had a beautiful garden.

Sherry was led into the hall by the servant. She looked around, and found that besides some maids,
there was an old man there. Somehow, Sherry was a little nervous, but she politely introduced her
purpose of coming here.

The old man seemed to be in his sixties, with thin lips. It could be inferred that he must have been a
handsome man when he was young. And the old man looked familiar. Maybe she met him somewhere.

"Is that Miss Murray?" Sherry heard a serious voice.

"Yes!" Sherry nodded immediately.

"My son recommended your restaurant to me. I hope the menu on Saturday is special and can show
the hospitality of the Rowland family."

"Yes! Old gentleman, don’t worry, we will try our best to meet any request you put forward!"

"Am I old?" John raised eyebrows. He didn’t like to be called in that way.

Sherry was a little nervous and immediately apologized, "I’m sorry, Mr. Rowland!"

The impatience on John’s face just lingered for a moment, and then he said, "You can talk with my

"Yes!" Sherry stood up politely, and watched John go upstairs, feeling relieved. At this time, a tall figure
suddenly appeared on the stairs. John stopped and looked up at William. He was surprised and said in
a deep voice, "Why don’t you go to the company?"

"I have a cold!" Sherry was surprised by his low voice. She looked up at William, who was looking at
her at the same time. For a moment, Sherry thought this man was familiar!

"Let the doctor come!" John said with concern.

When William saw the woman standing in the hall, he was slightly stunned. Why was she here?

Sherry nodded slightly, said nothing, and began to discuss the details with the housekeeper. William
immediately understood that she represented Leon. Damn it, she got a new job so soon!

With a sharp look, William said to John, "I’m fine. I’ll go to the company first."

John pursed his lips and went upstairs.

William went downstairs without stopping and walked out.

"Young master! Have some hot soup first. You still have a fever!" Mrs. Howe came out and grabbed
William’s sleeve, "Young master, you can’t go. Drink some hot soup before you go!"

Sherry couldn’t help looking at the door. It turned out that William had a cold. Would a strong man like
him catch a cold?

William had no choice but to turn back and sit down at the table beside the hall, "Mrs. Howe, I have no

"Oh! Have some soup! Did you suffer a cold wind all night? Now it’s cold, you can’t do that. Drink some
soup!" Mrs. Howe anxiously brought the hot soup to him. She had been taking care of William as if he
were her own child. So William listened to her!

After two mouthfuls of soup, William stopped and rubbed his forehead.

After conversation with the housekeeper, Sherry glanced at William again, then subconsciously dodged
him, "OK, Mr. Butler. I’ll see you on Saturday!"

"Thank you, Miss Murray!"

"You’re welcome!" Sherry nodded politely and walked out.

Then William stood up and walked out.

"Young master, you haven’t finished drinking yet!" Mrs. Howe shouted again.

But William had gone to the garage.

Sherry walked out of the Rowlands’ old residence and went down the mountain. In the middle of the
mountain, there were many villas, but few taxis. She could only walk down, hoping to meet a taxi.

The blue Bugatti came slowly. Sherry took a deep breath and walked calmly.

William stepped on the gas and the car left quickly.

Sherry watched Bugatti disappear in front of her eyes, then looked away and whispered, "I didn’t
expect that this is his home..."

After walking about 500 meters, Sherry still didn’t meet a taxi. As soon as he looked up, he saw Bugatti
in front of her reversing. Startled, she came to the side of the road.

The car stopped at Sherry’s side. The door was opened, and William’s handsome face came out, "Get
in the car!"

"No!" Sherry shook her head.

"There won’t be a taxi here. Get in!" William looked a little pale. After two words, he coughed and
Sherry was stunned.

"Get in the car!" William gasped. The cold really made him uncomfortable.

"No, thank you." Sherry pursed her lips. She was no longer his employee, and she was no longer
instructed by him, so there was no need to be afraid of him. Even though his tone was frightening, she
was not afraid of him.

Then she helped him close the door and walked down the mountain.

The car drove 30 meters and stopped again. But this time, William got out of the car himself, came
over, grabbed Sherry’s wrist and said, "Get in the car!"

"No!" She was a little nervous.

He glared at her fiercely, and then she became quiet. Although he was not her boss, she was still afraid
of him.

Sherry was pushed into the car by William, and then he got into the car with coughing.

"Mr. Rowland, I don’t want to trouble you!"

"Why don’t you agree to continue developing the game?" He looked ahead, took out a tissue and blew
his nose. He didn’t expect that he had a bad cold after he suffered a cold wind all night. It seemed that
he was really old.

For a moment, with such a thought, William was a little irritable.

"Oh! There’s no need to continue developing the game!" Sherry said faintly.

"Who is the father of that child?"

"I don’t know!" Sherry said. She adopted Daniel, and she didn’t know who his parents were?

"You were raped?" William roared.

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