Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 63

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His stomach was unwell. The duke was uncomfortable leaving her behind. He wanted to go and get Luana back at any moment. He could only calm down if she were around him. However, the reality that is standing in his way hits him.
After his childhood, he thought nothing would stand in his way anymore, but that’s not the case—the duke of the empire’s title and the allegiance he swore held him back.
Legion gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He felt terrible, but he couldn’t just stay because if he had not to find Ingrid, he couldn’t take Luana back. There’s no other way but to do what the emperor ordered him. As he rode on his horse, his knights moved in unison.
At the front, a ranger who is good at tracking shouted,
The knights ran to their horses as soon as the order was given. On a dark night, the sound of the horses galloping echoed over the quiet streets.
The pursuit has begun.
Ingrid climbed a high hill and looked at the capital of the empire she had escaped from. She was lucky. It was an escape that she had no choice but to do. She met a spy of the death squad at the Imperial Palace and came into contact with the people of her former kingdom through him. And she started planning her escape. Fortunately, things went smoothly. There were some concerns in the middle, but everything was successful.
She has been standing here, no longer needing to force her face to smile in front of her parents’ disgusting enemies. She did not need to fake her voice or pretend to fall in love. 
The bird in the cage finally escaped and found its freedom. She will never go back to that stuffy cage anymore.
Ingrid committed and made a vow. One of the death squads who went with her talked to her. He was the one who kept approaching Luana.
“You must go quickly. They’ll catch up with us soon.”
“All right.”
Ingrid put on her hood and looked in front of her. She gripped the horse’s reins tightly. It was time for her to run again, avoiding the teeth of the chasing hounds.
Her body was trembling.
Luana felt her whole body ached. She lifted her heavy eyelids and looked around her. She was still in the carriage. Luana thought maybe she still had the chance to escape as she jumped to her feet but soon had her hope fall. Opposite her, there was Cain, reading a small book.
“You woke up just in time. We’ll be right there.”
“Don’t you know?”
Then he looked at Luana with a sneering look. She wanted to slap him on the cheek because of how annoying he looked, but that act was close to impossible in reality.
“Based on the situation, it must be where the death squad stays.”
“You’re right. It’s one of my short stays. We will stay here for a while and then start again. You’ll be able to see Miss Ingrid at the next stop point. Aren’t you happy? Oh, no need to thank me. I just did what I had to do.”
“Thank you for saving my sister. But I have to go back.”
At those words, the smile disappeared from Cain’s face.
“I think you misunderstand something. When you go back, no one will welcome you. I thought you knew your situation.”
“I know for sure. But I don’t think this is where I want to be.”
“That’s too bad.”
Cain said as he closed his book.
“Sometimes, there is such a foolish person. Someone who thinks they’re loved by the absolute. She believes he will keep her safe and want to be with him. She’s the one who dropped herself into the abyss.”
“But I never fell into the abyss.”
“Didn’t you become an ordinary commoner there where you can be the kingdom’s princess?”
‘Ha. Do you say that knowing how I’ve lived as a princess?’
The king abandoned Luana, and her life was hard. She has such a positive personality that she’s enjoyed her life, but it wasn’t even good in the first place.
“I’m better now than when I was a princess.”
“You’re mistaken. That’s just an illusion.”
Cain spoke firmly.
“No, I’m fine. What do you mean I’m mistaken?”
“Forget about the love, and think about it.”
Why does this human being keep putting love in the story? Of course, she loves Legion. Although she had only recently recognized it, she knew she was sincere. However, leaving out her affection for him did not change the story.
“Even if I think about it, I’m better now than I used to be.”
Cain clicked his tongue at Luana’s words.
“I thought your head would work pretty well, but it turns out it became too stained with the empire. Such a shame. How much time do you need to fix that head of yours?”
‘What the hell does this madman say?’ Luana looked at him, puzzled.
“That’s all right. I’ll fix you up.”
‘What are you fixing?’ She was startled and tried to the point that out, but the carriage stopped. And someone outside opened the door.
“We’ve arrived.”
“Well, then get off. Lady.”
Cain got out of the carriage and held his hand, but Luana ignored it and got down. They got off at a hut in a remote place.
“I’m going to spend some time here and then start again. Let’s start with a light meal.”
He handed over dry jerky, biscuits, and a little water.
‘It tastes awful!’
Compared to the beef jerky she made, it tasted like she was chewing leather. So was about the biscuit. It was just as if she was eating hardened wheat bread. Even though Luana had a rough life, she survived by eating delicious food, but what she ate right now has not even hit the bare minimum of how food should taste.
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While she stared at it, Cain said,
“Even if it doesn’t taste good, you must eat it. There’s a long way to go.”
“I don’t need to go that way. Can you just let me go?”
“Do you think I would do that?”
“Seems unlikely.”
This man is so irritating. Luana sighed deeply and gnawed at the hard biscuit again.
“I’m not enjoying this awful food.”
“Is it that bad?”
“Then, do you think it’s delicious?”
“All you have to do is fill your stomach.”
Luana corrected her assessment of the man. He was not only irritating, but he also was a strange man. How can he say that food is only to fill your stomach?!! There are so many delicious and wonderful foods in the world. How can he appreciate the taste of delicious food that way?!
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
After eating, they rested for a while. Meanwhile, Luana got some boiling water and put the cocoa powder she had. She took it in a hurry when she heard she had to go to the Imperial Palace. When Luana pour the dark powder in hot water and stirred it, there was immediately a sweet scent.
After taking a sip of it, her mind calmed a bit. Cain asked Luana.
“What are you eating?”
“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Is it imperial food?”
“I made it. It’s a creative dish.”
Cain looked at Luana, surprised. He held out his hand and said,
“Please give it to me.”
Without a second thought, she held out her cup of cocoa; he waved his hand and said,
“Not that, but give me everything you’ve hid.”
“If you don’t like it, I’ll search your body.”
As he said that, he seemed to be flirting with her. She struggled not to give it to him but ended up putting things from her clothes in the container.
“It’s mine! You pervert! You devil!”
“Call me whatever you want.”
In the meantime, time passed, and it was time to board the carriage again. Luana made two attempts to escape for a short time, but neither succeeded. It was because of Cain, who seemed to be reading a book but noticed like a ghost when Luana moved.
“Just let me go!”
“Didn’t I say no?”
Cain picked Luana up and pushed her into the carriage.
“I have no interest in the throne, nor in saving the kingdom!”
“You will.”
“It won’t happen!”
“It will happen when you’re educated.”
“What education?!”
“I’ll let you know when we get to the next safe house.”
She can’t get through to him. Luana groaned and cursed him.
“You’re the worst! The unluckiest person ever! Sea cucumber, sea anemones, starfish!”
“Please keep your dignity as a princess.”
“Why should I? That kingdom doesn’t exist anymore!”
“You’re right. There is no kingdom.”
Cain’s expression was struck with anger.
“Because of the empire, the kingdom has been destroyed. But you’re impatient to get to the Empire to your heart content.”
For a moment, a chilly frost drifted between the two.
“I wish I didn’t have you. There are only two surviving members of the royal family. Even if it’s an idiot who passed over to the Empire, we still need it.”
Unbearable anger arose. Luana has held it up until now, but now, he was so disgusting to see and criticize her decision for liking the empire. Luana suppressed her anger again.
“The king abandoned the child who had not been weaned yet. I haven’t seen your face since. But wouldn’t it be too much not to consider the kingdom as a homeland?”
The chilly air has subsided. But that was all. Cain opened the book again and turned his gaze. He was indeed a frustrating person.
Luana pouted her lips and turned her head to the door. She didn’t even want to see the face of that guy anymore.
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She was worried about the duke again.
‘How are you doing without me? You wouldn’t be able to eat well again.’
She said she wouldn’t leave his side, but she broke her promise like this. Luana was so upset and sad that she almost cried. She wished she could use more practical magic. If she had, she could have gotten out of here easily.
At least there were transformation powder, spices, and cocoa powder, but all of it was taken away by Cain.
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