Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 85 It’s Too Early

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“Daddy…” Sammy said as his eyes turned red, “Don’t let mommy die, don’t…”

“Okay, daddy take it back. I didn’t say that about mommy, I didn’t say that about anyone!” William

“Then you apologize to mommy!” Sammy rubbed his eyes.

“Er…” William’s face was turning blue.

Sherry wanted to laugh but didn’t. This was the first time that she felt so blissful to be protected by
someone. Although they were two of her sons, she felt exceedingly blissful. She felt that she was the
most fortunate mother on the face of this earth.

“Sammy, looks like your daddy won’t apologize!”

“Dan!” William suddenly wondered if he had offended Dan. His deep eyes looked towards Dan and
Sammy suddenly said, “Wow! Dan has the same eyes as daddy!”

Sherry was stunned and wondered if Dan was the child of William and some woman.

William was also very surprised but he only knew that he had a son who was Sammy. He never had
another child with any other woman! He had taken very good precautions and was confident that he did
not have a child apart from Sammy.

“Sammy, go and play!” William said.

“Sammy, I think you should keep your father’s last name. I’ll maintain my last name with my mommy.”
Dan suddenly laughed craftily. Hmph, how dare he take advantage of my mommy without marrying
her? So what if their eyes looked similar?

“No! I want my last name to be the same as mommy’s!” Sammy threw a tantrum.

William was dumbfounded and said, “Sherry, you’ve snatched away my child!” His tone seemed
pathetic and accused her.

Sherry turned and seemed satisfied with herself but quickly suppressed her good mood, “Don’t blame

It was he who couldn’t attract his son and he couldn’t blame her. But how could Sammy take up her last
name? He was the grandson of the Rowland family. She would also not agree to it. As long as William
did not do anything too extreme, neither would she.

“Sammy, Dan, shall we eat out?” William decided to gain the kids’ favor and try to get them on his side.
From the looks of the current situation, Sherry had the upper hand and he was on his own.


“No!” The two boys reacted the same way.

William was stumped and rubbed his nose. He became flustered. When did he ever become so

“Mommy’s going to prepare dinner.” Sherry was even happier now. She grinned happily and secretly

William looked at the apartment. There were only two bedrooms and said, “Kids, shall we change an
apartment or go back to our house?”

“No! I want to stay with mommy!”

“But this place isn’t big enough!” William said.

“I’ll sleep with Dan.” After saying this, Sammy asked Dan, “Can I sleep with you?”

“Yes! Of course!” Dan nodded.

“Then daddy can only stay with your mommy in a room!” William said and looked at Dan. He was
certain that Dan would be very nervous and true enough his eyes lit up.

“Sammy, tonight you sleep with mommy, I’ll sleep with your daddy!” Dan decided. He was not afraid of
William! If he wanted to sleep with mommy, then he needed to marry mommy first!

“Okay! Can I really stay with mommy?” Sammy was very happy and couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, of course!” Dan said and looked at William to provoke him.

Sherry was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen and felt that something wasn’t right. William felt that he
wasn’t getting anywhere and walked to the kitchen and said to Sherry, “Let’s move to the apartment at
the hills.”

“Why?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Because I said so!” He said deeply and definitively.

Sherry was washing the vegetables and suddenly her phone rang. She wiped her hands and took out
her phone to answer the call. The caller was Celia.

Celia said, “Come out, let’s go for karaoke!”

“But I can’t go out now!” Sherry looked around the house. William stood by the kitchen door looking at
her. The light lit up one side of his face while the other side was in the shadows. His good looks
concealed his displeasure. His deep gaze stifled anyone looking at him and his hair covered both of his
brilliant eyes.

“Isn’t Dan staying in the kindergarten? Come out, let's have some fun!” Celia pestered.

“I really can’t right now!” Sherry quickly said, “Be good, I’ll go with you when I’m free, okay?”

Celia relented when she heard this. Sherry giggled as she ended the call. Sherry turned around and
looked at William, stopped smiling, and continued to wash the vegetables.

After a while, she looked up and he was still at the door. He was silent, indifferent, and seemed very
troubled. She inadvertently looked up and saw his handsome face and thought about what the kids
said and his helpless look just now.

She grinned and secretly laughed inside her.

William was wondering who called. Why didn’t she say the reason that she couldn’t go out? Could it be
a man? She once said that she had a boyfriend. Furthermore, she was so happy to receive the call and
said coyly that she would go out with the caller. Damn it, when did she ever treat him with the same

William’s gaze looked towards her and saw her grin. Her coy expression was clearly cheerful but he
didn’t know who was it for.

Suddenly, he frowned with a chilling tone, “Who called?”

Sherry was stunned. From his tone, he seemed to be a husband suspicious of his wife cheating on
him. She replied immediately with a foul attitude, “Friend!”

“What friend?”

“Good friend!” She glared at him, lowered her head. How was this any of his business? Why did she
have to explain to him? Furthermore, Celia was a woman and she had nothing to hide.

“As a mother, you should watch what you do!” He said with a bad mood.

Sherry was stunned and replied with displeasure, “Crazy!”

He turned around and asked, “What did you say?”

Sherry was startled and looked at this furious expression and didn’t say another word. She lowered her
head and inexplicably explained, “Celia asked me to go out for Karaoke. I didn’t have the time to go. I
hardly have many chances to spend with Sammy and want to spend more time with my son.”

Even she felt strange why she explained these to him. When he heard the explanation, he was
stunned, and then his expression warmed up, and laugh, “Haha…”

With his chuckle, his mood was no longer foul and the atmosphere warmed up significantly as if the
cloudy skies cleared and said, “So it’s Leon’s sister. I thought it was a man!”

She could hear his soft mutter and Sherry looked up and he was looking at her. She quickly looked
down and continued with preparing the food.

William’s towering frame walked towards her and his slim hands reached into the basin and helped her
wash the vegetables. She was startled and looked up. He was witty and humorous as he said, “I’ll help
you, mother of the kids.”

This title was rather awkward. Her face immediately blushed, “No… no need!”

She felt very uncomfortable to have his hands in the small basin washing the vegetables together with
her. Suddenly his hand touched hers and she quickly withdrew her hands.

“Daddy, are you going to cook for us?” Sammy suddenly ran in and looked at William. Behind Sammy
was Dan and William felt that Dan was very crafty.

“Uncle, seeing that you are helping mommy, tonight I’ll share half of my bed with you. Mommy, tonight
you’ll sleep with Sammy. I’ll sleep with uncle.”

“Ah!” Sherry was stunned. This arrangement was… very logical. She nodded and then shook her head,
“Both you and Sammy will sleep with me. Uncle will sleep alone!”

“Okay!” Dan nodded.

“No!” William shook his head, “I want to sleep with your mommy, I’m daddy! Dan, come call me daddy!”

“After you marry mommy! It’s too early now!” Dan patted Sammy’s shoulders, “Come brother, let’s go
and play a game!”

“Okay, let’s dismantle the robot and then reassemble it.”

“Okay! I’ll teach you how to dismantle the God of war and then reassemble it.”

Sherry blushed in red. She was embarrassed by what the kids said. When she saw his face turn sullen,
she said softly, “Rest assured that I’ll explain to the kids. You don’t have to worry. I won’t marry you. We
can be friends and everything can be for the kids. I won’t misunderstand and you must not either.”

William looked at her uncomfortably for a moment. He was unsettled and then said resolutely, “Other
than getting married, I can give you everything else!”

Her heart sank, “What do you mean?”

“I can be yours wholeheartedly! Except I can’t give you the status!” He said solemnly, “Put it differently,
you can have a single man, and other than being legally married to you, I’ll give you everything. I will do
everything that a husband does and so would you as a wife. Can you accept this? It’s fair enough.”

She was dumbfounded. She didn’t understand, she totally couldn’t understand. There was a moment
that Sherry thought that time stood still.

What did he mean? Her entire person belonged to him? Did he mean that he would be hers like in a
marriage? Just short of a certificate? She wanted to ask him what he meant but she didn’t know how to

“Don’t understand?” He asked while raising his eyebrows.

She nodded and then shook her head.

“If you don’t understand, then just be obedient!” He said calmly, “Be a good girl who doesn’t say too
much and don’t cause any trouble, then you’ll be very happy!”

She really didn’t understand what he meant. It was also strange and she didn’t understand why. Since
he was willing to fulfill the responsibilities of a marriage, then why didn’t he want to be married? She
really couldn’t understand but she decided to forget about it. She should not be involved with a person
like him.

“Are you married?” She suddenly asked.

He was startled and his gaze sharpened, “No!”

“Oh!” Sherry thought that perhaps he didn’t agree to the concept of marriage, “Then why did you look
for a person to bear a child for you?”

He was stunned and his expression darkened. She immediately stopped and realized that she
shouldn’t have asked such a question. That was his private matters. He had the right to some privacy.

After a moment, she said, “I’ll cook now, go out to play with the kids.”

“I’ll help you! They can play by themselves!” William didn’t say anything else and neither did he explain.
He began to take out the vegetables.

“But I don’t need your help!” She said calmly, “I can manage by myself.”

William felt that the atmosphere had taken a turn for the better and began to

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