Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 88 I’ve Got a Visitor

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“But you have gone philandering with so many women, and, and they are all……” she murmured. Her
face was redder with shyness, and she was as gentle as water.

“They are what?”

She swallowed and gritted her teeth, “They are girls who lost their virginity because of you!”

“Sherry!” he shouted.

“It is an undeniable fact! You have so many women around you. How can I be sure that you didn’t say
the same thing to any one of them? In your eyes, I’m as light as dust, as ordinary as a thing not better
than grass. I even have nothing but a found child, so……”

“So what?” he glared at her, “You despised me because I had other women in my past?”

“No!” she shook her head, “I have a fetish about cleanliness!”

“Me too!” he replied.

“I don’t like to share a man with other women. It feels dirty!” she lowered her head as she replied, and
she blushed harder!

“Hahaha……” he laughed out.

“What are you laughing about?” she got annoyed. He was laughing at her, but she was telling the truth!

“You are silly!” he leaned his chin on her hair and pressed her head to his chest, “I don’t like to share a
woman with other men either!”

“But you do let so many women share you!” she muttered.

“Uh!” he paused, “not recently! You are the only one!”

“William!” her face was as red as tomatoes.

“From now on, I’m only yours, no longer anyone else’s, ok?” he continued with his deep and husky
voice, in which mixed a sense of desire.

“William, stop saying that, please!” she was so shy and blamed him gently, with her body shaking
slightly in his arms, which made his body and heart fluttered.

“Why can’t I?” he smiled.

When the heavy responsibility was off his hand, he felt so relieved, as he never cared about the
position as CEO of the Rowland Group. For him, it was just a family career, and as the only son of his
father, he had to take the responsibility! Coupled with his guilt towards his mother, he worked for the
Rowland Group as president all these years. He didn’t expect his father to be so annoyed this time, and
he also didn’t know how to face him!

He raised her chin with one of his hands and wrapped around her waist with the other, so her face was
up towards him. He gazed at her with brightly shining and profound eyes. “Are you shy?”

His voice was hoarse.

Her eyes were telling him yes!

“Silly girl!” he chuckled. “I’m out of work now! And you also mustn’t go to work!”

“Uh!” she paused and thought of his bossy manner, “How could you tell Leon that I resighed?”

“Why not? The work there is burdensome, and I also don’t like my girl standing in the hall and being
watched and judged by those gross and ugly men!” he said arrogantly.

A shy smile appeared around her mouth. The truth should be that he was the incomparable man
desired for lust of this century. What a self-righteous fool!

Looking at her smiling face, he can’t help bending his head down, with great reverence and
sacredness, and laying his lips very gently on that smile.


There was an explosion in her mind! His kiss had always been strong and full of aggression, but this
time, it was so gentle, so soft that it was hard for her to get used to it.

She was quivering and tensed and had no idea where to put her hands. She was still sitting on his laps.
What flirtatious gesture! No one could stop from blushing and heart racing on that position.

“Huh.” William laughed, which made her more embarrassed. She tried to struggle out of him, but he
clamped her legs with his, “Don’t move! It’s dangerous!”

Sherry looked up in bewilderment and she was amazed to open her mouth wide when he tugged her
tightly towards him.

Sherry flushed, grabbed the hem of her shirt and muttered, “Let go of me!”

“No! I’m hungry!”

“Then I’ll cook for you!” she replied quickly.

“I didn’t mean that!” he suddenly held her chin.

Before she could react, his charming face pressed down and he kissed her lips bossily. This was his
kiss, his strong and aggressive kiss.

She punched him, but he controlled her hands the next moment, wrapped them in his large palms.
“You have to feed me!”

“William!” she spoke with anger and shame but her mouth was blocked again, “Mmm……”

She thought she would blush to death today. She felt her face blushing thousands of times, as if
burning in fire. And her heart also raced countless times. She can’t bear it anymore!

When she was lost in her thought, she was overwhelmed by his kisses. She intended to dodge but in
vain. The kiss was so hard as if taking her breath away. No one knew when they changed gesture,
because William was pressing on her on the sofa now.

Sherry pushed him nervously, “William, no!”

He stiffed and gasped but still put his lips on hers, relaxed for some breath. A pleasant smell of tobacco
overwhelmed her, which made her dizzy, following which the pain was felt in her belly.

She squirmed for a while before uttering, “I’ve got a visitor!”

When she finished, she blushed instantly.

He was puzzled first and then realized that her so-called “visitor” meant that she was on her period! He
paused for a moment, “Not even the day before yesterday, you’re lying!”

He simply kissed her again as if it was a punishment to her, and his moved his hands freely on her

Sherry gasped sharply and shouted, “It’s true. I found it this morning!”


He frowned and thought, what a bummer! So he had to endure one more week?

He was upset when thinking of this. Now that he had been out of job, he was living a comfortable and
cozy and idle life, and he couldn’t help thinking that side of thing!

Just as a classic saying of the ancient people went—a desire for lust comes up when one is fed and

It’s true!

He pressed on her and pulled her hand over to his private part.

She was stunned and nearly out of breath. How could he let her touch his private place? She drew
back but he held her tiny hand tightly, not allowing her to do it.

Sherry was terrified and raised her eyes in a mess, exactly met his profound and bright eyes as if
flashing flames. His look made her feel more scared.

“William Rowland, if you continued to be a rascal you will be sorry for it!” she was furious. As she shyly
finished, she buried her face in his chest, avoiding his eyes. Though her hands were numb in his tight
holding, she wouldn’t move a bit herself!

She heard the sound of his heartbeat, thumping faster and faster.

“Hum……” he held back his laughing, let go of her and got up from the sofa. “Well, I’d better let you

He thought he should go abroad at this appropriate time!

She got free and stood on her feet immediately, pulling her clothes in embarrassment, smoothing out
the folds, then she fixed her hair subconsciously.

“Let’s go!” he looked at her, in a light mood.

“Go where?” she asked awkwardly.

Gazing at her stubborn and upturned little nose and slightly pouted lips, he felt something flowing
slowly in his heart. With a secret sigh, William replied, “Do some shopping! It’s rare to have leisure


He strode outside with her following behind. When they walked outside, she suddenly said, “I’d better
not go shopping. I want to go to work!”

“Sherry!” his light tone conveyed a hint of intimidation. “Quit your job, and I’ll support you from now on!”

“But……” she frowned.

“But what?”

“You lost your job too!” she said.

“I’m affordable to support you even though I lost my job!” he held her tight and stuffed her into the car,
dominantly but carefully. “Let’s go shopping, be my company.”

When she got into the car, he considerately helped her fasten her seat belt. She held her breath as he
approached. He looked at her face and smiled.

The car moved forward slowly towards its destination, but Sherry didn’t know where her destination

The car stopped at a jewelry store. “Get off!”

“Hmm!” her brain reacted slowly. Shock replaced the quietness on her face. She muttered doubtfully,
“Why are we coming here?”

“Buy rings!” he got off as he said.

Why? She didn’t understand but had to follow behind him. He was so tall, maybe above 180 cm? She
can’t follow his steps and gasped after a short walk.

He seemed to realize it and stopped suddenly, held her hands and walked towards jewelry store.

She tried to draw back but he didn’t let her. She was confused. Why did he hold her hands? Was he
the president of the Rowland Group reported on entertainment magazine?

He should take the initiative to grab a woman’s hand! Weren’t it usually the situation where women
came on to him?

Sherry looked down at the ground with a trance in her heart.

The window of the jewelry store was so clean that their figure was reflected on it. She looked in the
window and found that the man in it was so charming and she next to him was like ugly duckling
walking beside the elegant swan. She was so insignificant and they looked like two types from different

She suddenly had a sense of inferiority, which even made her want to cry!

She subconsciously stepped back a little, tried to keep some distance between them, but he stopped
and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“No……nothing!” she looked at the passing pedestrians and vehicles, and then she moved her sight at
the tall and attractive man who was holding her hand. She finally said, “May I walk by myself? With you
holding my hand, I find it hard for me to walk!”

“Hahaha…..” William laughed out when he heard. He laughed so loud that the passers-by couldn’t help
but look over at him. He must be mad!

Sherry lowered her head with shame and anger. Was it that funny?

She was pulled into the store. When salesgirl saw them coming in, she immediately welcomed them
with a smiling face, “Welcome to the store.”

The salesgirl receipted them enthusiastically and rushed to them, “Sir! Miss! Can I help you? We have
some new rings here, nice and good design! Couple rings are perfect for you!”

Sherry blushed and immediately shook off his hand but he pulled her hand over again and held it
tightly. She murmured with annoyance, “We’re not……”

“Good, we come here for selecting rings!” William interrupted her quickly and turned aside slightly,
looking at the diamond rings in the counter. He pulled Sherry and asked, “Do you like it?”

She was stunned and before she could react, he had already pointed to one of them and said to the
clerk, “Take out this one and we would like to try it!”

“Ah!” she couldn’t be more stunned. What was he doing? Buying a diamond ring? For whom? She
didn’t think he was buying a ring for her.

“Sir, you do have an eye with good taste. This ring is our new arrival, which is desighed to be unique!”
the clerk took out the ring as she said.

With a glance at her hands, he directly put the ring on her finger, so dominant but not rude.

“Hey! William……”

“Don’t say anything!” he said quietly.

And she stopped talking immediately.

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