Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 94 It Couldn’t Be Changed

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“Ms. Murray, this is impossible!”

Sherry raised her head and couldn’t help but looked at him, towards the cold Old master Rowland. His
face frowned tightly and she finally knew who William looked like. That poise, those looks, they were
truly father and son.

John looked at her judgmentally and thought to himself that she didn’t look that old. Initially, when they
looked for a surrogate, she was only seventeen years old. So now she was twenty three years old.
“How are you, Ms. Murray?”

Sherry was stunned and quickly said, “Mr. Rowland, I’m fine. How do you do?”

“Ms. Murray, I’ll get straight to the point! I’m sure that you understand that you were just a surrogate.
Even if you are outstanding now but that wouldn’t change the fact that you were once a surrogate.”

His words were like a heavy hammer striking into her heart. Instantly, she felt as though her heart had
been smashed into a million pieces! The heartlessness of the comment froze her heart and it hurt like

“Ms. Murray, you should know what kind of industry the Rowland family is in. Sammy is my grandson
and will one day inherit the Rowland family business. Do you want others to dig up his past and reveal
that his mother once was a surrogate? Do you think that when that happened, he can continue to
inherit the Rowland Group? Perhaps the stock prices would take a severe dive when that happened.
Do you wish for your son to live in shame?”

What he said absolutely chilled Sherry’s heart to the core!

He was right! She only cared about her own feelings and to ease her conscience but she never
considered what was best for Sammy! She was not a competent mother, she never was!

“Ms. Murray, I can understand the feelings of a mother who had lost a child but the successor of the
Rowland family must receive stringent and cruel upbringing to turn them into a strong leader. William
lost his mother when he was born and he grew up into a fine man. My grandson Sammy can as well.
That’s why, Ms. Murray, do you understand what I mean?” John was cold and calm.

Sherry lowered her head and tears flooded her eyes but she controlled them. She didn’t say a word but
she felt as though a knife had pierced and twisted in her heart. It hurt so much that she could hardly

“Additionally! William is the Director of the Rowland Group. Even though I’ve driven him out, that
doesn’t change that he will take over the Rowland Group. Ms. Murray, you are not suitable to be with
him! We should remain within our social status, don’t you think so?”

“I understand!” Sherry said this with immense pain and difficulty.

“What are your terms?” John didn’t expect her to agree so outrightly.

“Give Sammy more love. He is very shy. I just want him to be happy and live a good life like a normal
child. Please tell him that I’m not his mommy. It was his dad who wanted him to be happy and asked
me to be his temporary mommy for a few days. Mr. Rowland, you are Sammy’s grandfather and I’m
sure you can understand my feelings. All of us just want the best for the child. It’s enough for me to
know that Sammy is doing well. I’m sorry that my son Dan had disturbed you today! Rest assured that
we will never intrude into your life again!” Sherry took a deep breath, turned, and left. A tear rolled
down her cheek as she walked out.

She didn’t know what she was feeling except that her entire body hurt immensely. Each step that she
took was like walking on a blade. So this was how it felt to be in a meat grinder. The pain was so
intense that it hurt when she breathed. Even the air was stifling!

“Sammy, mommy is leaving. I’m sorry!” Sherry mumbled in her heart. Her head hurt and she narrowed
her eyes to hold back the intense pain and hurt. A tear rolled down her cheek and thereafter, it never
flowed again!

She suddenly regretted acknowledging to Sammy that she was his mother. Perhaps she should have
observed him from a distance. Perhaps he could accept to never have a mother but for him to have
one midway and then lose her again was very traumatizing for him! When she thought of this, she
could only blame herself!

Sherry didn’t know how she came back to YX road apartments. When she arrived, she saw Mrs. Howe
accompanying Dan as they waited for her. Her expression was calm and perhaps numbed. She
practically was devoid of emotions.

“Mommy!” Dan shouted.

“Ms. Murray, how are you?” Mrs. Howe walked over and saw that Sherry’s face was pale and looked
like she had cried. She was worried and asked, “Ms. Murray, are you alright?”

“Thanks, I’m fine!” Sherry held onto Dan’s hand.” Dan, let’s go home. Thanks for sending him back!”

“Your son is so intelligent! Ms. Murray, I didn’t expect you to be Sammy’s mother!” Mrs. Howe wanted
to say something but Sherry didn’t let her. At that moment she was so lost that her mind was blank.

“I’m not Sammy’s mother!” Sherry interrupted her and continued, “That was just to please Sammy. I
signed a contract with William. I’m sorry, I have other matters to attend to. I won’t stay and chat.”

After saying that, Sherry led her son and walked into the apartment.

“Goodbye, granny!” Dan said politely before the door closed.

Mrs. Howe was stunned. She looked at the door and wondered. Not? Could it be?

“Mommy!” Dan thought that she was angry with him.

“Dan, be a good boy and return to your room. Mommy needs some quiet time on my own.” Sherry felt
exhausted. She stood up and walked to her bedroom.

It could never change! That could never change. Sammy was born under a contract and she had no
right to be Sammy’s mother. He was to become the successor of the Rowland group. The Rowland
family did not allow the successor to have a single blemish!

Sherry stood at the balcony to look outside the window and she quickly fell into a daze.

Suddenly, the sunny sky was covered with clouds and it started to turn dark and gloomy. The wind blew
strongly and tossed the leaves all about. Soon, it started to rain and fell onto the chrysanthemum in the

Sherry crossed her arms in front of her body and stood at the balcony. The cold wind blew in but she
didn’t close the window. She started to shiver and when the darkness rolled in, she sat on the floor but
her eyes were empty, and could not focus. The rain splattered in and drenched her entire body!

Her dry eyes hurt because there weren’t any more tears to cry. Her mind had been mangled into a
mess. She cleared her mind amid the chaos. She could not look for Sammy anymore. No matter how
much she longed to see him, no matter how much it hurt!

The pain in her chest radiated and she could not bear with the pain anymore. The hand that clutched
her chest violently scratched the wall beside her out of frustration. Fresh blood dripped from her
fingertips and instantly the pain from the fingers rippled throughout her body. How could she still feel

She smiled as she was in a daze and stopped struggling. She curled up at the corner of the balcony
just like when her mother abandoned her and Daniel. She went into a fetal position and didn’t think

about anything and didn’t bother about anything. She just curled up tightly, quietly, letting all the pain
take over her face!

At the airport.

Sherry held onto her son’s hand and walked towards the boarding area.

“Mommy, where are we going?” Dan was puzzled and asked Sherry. Yesterday after they came back
mommy locked herself up in her room and the next day she said that she’ll take him away and not stay
there anymore.

“We’ll go back to the village where we lived!” Sherry said very calmly.

Her cell phone rang at this moment. Sherry lowered her head and saw a familiar name on the screen.
Her heart ached but she canceled the call.

“Dan, mommy will go and get the boarding pass. Don’t walk off. Just wait for mommy here!” Sherry
made him sit on a chair.

“Yes!” Dan took over the phone and Sherry’s bags and sat quietly guarding their luggage.

The phone rang again and Dan saw that it was from William, “Ah, it’s uncle!” Dan didn’t know what was
going on and answered the call.

“Sherry, where are you?” William said solemnly.

“Uncle! I’m not mommy, I’m Dan!” Dan laughed.

“Oh! Dan, where are you?”

“Uncle, we’re leaving soon. Mommy doesn’t want Sammy anymore. Mommy said that Sammy is not
her child. You and mommy lied to make Sammy happy. Uncle, it’s not right to lie!”

“Where are you going?”

“Back to the village. Bye uncle!” Dan said and was about to end the call.

“Dan, don’t hang up. Where are you?” He never felt so anxious before. What happened to make Sherry
say that Sammy was not her child? Could it be his father had spoken to her?

“We are at the airport. Uncle, mommy is getting the boarding passes!” Dan said.

“Wait over there, I’ll go immediately!” William shouted.

He took a long flight back and called her once he got off the airplane. He never expected that she
wanted to leave and didn’t even want her own son. This damn woman, didn’t he tell her that he could
settle everything properly?

“Alexis, I’m going to the departure hall. Go back, don’t wait for me!” William said to Alexis Houston who
was in a white business suit.

“What happened?” Alexis asked calmly out of concern.

“Just some small issue!” But it was clear from William’s expression that it wasn’t a simple matter.

Alexis raised his eyebrows and mischievously said, “I’ll go with you!”

The two men walked briskly to the departure hall with several bodyguards in black suits following
closely behind, drawing everyone’s attention as they walked.

In the departure hall, William glanced at everyone and every corner looking for Sherry.

Sherry took the boarding passes and looked towards Dan, “Let’s go!”

Dan looked around the hall and thought, didn’t uncle said to wait? So why wasn’t he here yet?

“Mommy, I need to wee wee!” Dan suddenly said.

“Ah! Mommy will take you to the restroom!” Sherry led him towards a restroom to the left. Just as they
walked past a lift, the lift opened. William and Alexis were in the lift and saw them immediately.

“Sherry!” William yelled.

Sherry looked up and saw William. He wore a black business suit and there wasn’t a single crease on
him. He looked so handsome and dashing. Sherry was dazed when he looked into her eyes.

Why was he here?

Dan gave William a look and saw him walking over in large strides.

Alexis’s eyes narrowed and thought. Hmm, this was interesting, really intriguing! Will was furious at a

This would get interesting!

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