Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 95 Didn’t Have the Rights

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They had not seen each other for a few days, and she looked beautiful and innocent as ever. She was
barefaced, portraying her fair skin and her big eyes were looking momentarily at him. Her poor-spirited
face caused an urge in William to cherish her in his arms right now. She frowned helplessly when she
saw him. This woman, how could she run away?

Alexis raised his eyebrows in doubt. What was happening here? Was she running away from William?

As soon as Sherry saw William, she immediately pulled Daniel and ran towards the washroom.

“Damn it!” William cursed with a frown. Then, he stepped forward and rushed over to Sherry.

Alexis narrowed his eyes as he was surprised to see his reaction, but he did not move. He waited to
see what William was up to.

“Wait!” William stretched his arm out and grabbed her wrist, “You better make it clear to me, what’s
going on?”

William pulled Sherry over to face him. A handsome face caught her attention, and she saw William
staring angrily at her.

But, her heart was aching so much!

“Mister, let go!”

William almost went crazy when he heard such cold and alienated words. He pulled a long face,
grabbed Sherry’s hand and dragged her towards the deserted corner.

“Uncle, I’ll be waiting here for you!” Daniel smiled deceitfully. Although he didn’t know what had
happened, he was happy to see Uncle behaving like this. It turned out that Uncle actually cared about

“William, let go of me!” Sherry shouted. It hurt a lot when he grasped her wrist. Sherry gritted her teeth
while enduring the pain. When they got to a quiet place, William stopped his step and loosened his
hand. Then, he turned around and kept his eyes on her.

Her wrist hurt so much. Sherry lowered her head and remained silent.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” He said with a deep voice.

“I’m leaving!” She said coldly. She lowered her head, staring at her toes while her heart ached a little.
She didn’t know why she felt reluctant to leave. Then, Mr. Rowland’s words reflected in her mind and
she was immediately brought back to reality.

She turned around and was about to leave, but William grabbed her once again.

They soon became the center of attraction as people noticed them pulling and dragging in public.

Sherry was blocked by his tall figure, so she didn’t realize people were looking curiously at them. She
lowered her head in fear again. William reached out his hand and lifted her lower jaw. After a long
silence, he gritted his teeth and questioned her, “Tell me! What’s going on! Why did you run away?”

She stared at him, and her eyes were lost. William realized that after separating for less than a week,
his heart felt a baffling affection for her when he saw her again. She was really beautiful, even without
makeup. Such an angelic woman like her, was able to make him feel as if his heart was pounding out
of his chest.

Sherry’s heart was fluctuating, but she held her fist tightly, and her nails that were injured yesterday
caused a tingling ache. The pain on her body made her realize that she shouldn’t sink any further, so
she looked at him and muttered, “I’m tired. Life in the city doesn’t suit me at all!”

After hearing her weakly words, William’s heart throbbed and instantly held her in his arms. He would
never allow her to leave! He might have been too panic, or he just wanted to prove something to Sherry
that he roughly kissed her at the airport where people were hurrying to and fro...

His kiss fell on her lips with a hint of tobacco smell, making her heart flutter as though it was pounding
out of her chest.

At that moment, Sherry kept her eyes open. She did not refuse nor respond to his kiss. She just stood
there as her heart felt numb.

She couldn’t let herself sink any further. She wanted to leave him, as well as Sammy. She must not
indulge herself in his love!

He was the president of the Rowland Group. Even if he wasn’t now, he would still be the heir to the
group in the future. A woman like her shouldn’t be staying by his side, not even as a lover. She must
uphold her dignity, not only for herself, but most importantly for the sake of Sammy.

Alexis was stunned. Was this man still the William that he knew? He couldn’t believe that William would
be kissing in public.

Daniel turned his head towards Alexis and smiled brightly, “Hi, Mister!”

“Um!” Alexis lowered his head and saw a little boy. Actually, he had already noticed this boy from the
beginning, but he was too surprised at William’s reaction towards the woman that he had forgotten
about this child! He looked down, and the child’s eyes looked familiar to him. Wow! It looked just like
Will’s eyes!

“Introduce yourself, kid!” Alexis said while raising his brows.

“Mister, you’re so handsome!” Daniel praised him sincerely. This man was really cool, handsome and

“Err!” Alexis was a little uncomfortable getting praised by a child for the first time, “Tell me your name!”

“Dan! My name is Dan!”

Not far away, William’s groan sounded again, “Damn it, tell me what’s going on?”

Sherry didn’t answer him. She could only bear the pain in her heart and said coldly, “Is this a farewell

“Damn it!” William was going crazy. He was so mad at the fact that Sherry was speaking to him with
such tone.

“Will, aren’t you going to introduce her to me?” A deep voice sounded behind him. His tone was a little
sneaky, but oddly excited.

William turned around and Sherry saw a man approached them.

William said coldly, “It’s none of your business!”

Sherry saw a handsome man, but he was filled with an aura that lacked warmth. Even when he was
grinning, his smile seemed so unreal. His white suit was nicely fitted and he had a defined figure. His
thick black hair covered his forehead, and she could see that he wasn’t a man with good temper when
he raised his eyebrows.

The corner of his lips tipped into a sneaky smile as his eyes were scanning at Sherry. Although his
eyes seemed casual, his gaze were so sharp that it made Sherry feel as if she was examined at that
moment. He looked at Sherry as though he was enjoying and assessing something on her.

Sherry looked down as she didn’t dare to look at him, so she said faintly, “Dan, we should go now!”

William stunned. He didn’t expect that she would still want to leave and embarrassed him in front of his

Alexis laughed suddenly, “Will, I can’t believe that you can’t even handle a kiss. You really have to
practice your skills well!”

The expression on William’s face changed as he blushed a little. He held Sherry’s hand tightly, refusing
to let go of her.

“You’re blushing!”

“Dan, let this mister take you back. You’ll need to stay with him for a few days, I have something to
settle with your Mommy!” William told Daniel.

“Err! Are you asking me to look after this child?” Alexis was even more curious now.

“William, let me go!” Sherry shouted to him. She was a little embarrassed, “Let go!”

“Mommy, I’ll go to the house of this Mister dressed in white. Don’t worry, I’ll have a good time for sure!”
Daniel wasn’t afraid at all, he raised his head and looked at Alexis, “Let’s go, Mister. Uncle said he
wanted me to follow you back to your house!”

“Kid, that’s your daddy!” Their eyes looked exactly the same. Alexis was certain that this child was
William’s son.

“That’s not it. Uncle’s son is Sammy, not me!” Daniel explained.

With a slight surprise, Alexis said nothing more but looked at William.

William’s eyes intersected with Alexis’s gaze, and he remained silent. He carried Sherry on his
shoulder and walked straight to the lift without bothering the people at the airport.

“Let me go, William. I want to go back, let go of me!” Sherry couldn’t calm herself down anymore. Her
whole body was on his shoulder while facing down. She smacked his defined back, but William couldn’t
care less and threatened her, “If you don’t want to be spanked, then behave yourself!”

After saying that, he patted her little butt and Sherry yelled immediately, “Ahh...”

She didn’t dare to struggle anymore after yelling, so she could only let him carry her out of the airport.

Looking at the scene in front of them, Alexis and the bodyguards behind him were in daze. Was this
William? Could someone explain what just happened?

Daniel smiled secretly, “Mister, we should leave too!”

In the blue colored Bugatti, William narrowed his eyes even more, “Tell me, what the hell is going on?”

“I have nothing to say!”

“Did my father call you?” He suspected.

“No, no!” Sherry quickly denied. She didn’t want to say anything. When she thought about his father’s
words that William was also born without a mother, her heart throbbed in pain. Did he not have a
mother ever since he was young?

“Then, what did you run away?” He leaned over and looked into her eyes.

“Stay away from me!” She muttered and began to push him away.

William’s eyes were solemn as he said in a strong voice, “You can only be my woman. You must stay
by my side. You can’t go anywhere without me, do you hear me?”

His arrogant words made Sherry’s heart flutter.

He looked down at her as she lowered her head. Her eyes seemed sad and helpless. From this angle,
he could even see the delicate skin on her chest through the collar of her shirt.

She was so beautiful that William felt stimulated. Something almost broke through his trousers! “Your
guest left already?”

“Huh? What?” She couldn’t react for a moment.

“I mean, is your menses gone? It’s almost a week now, isn’t it?” He calculated, it should have finished
by now.

Her face suddenly turned red. When did he even start to track her menstrual cycle? His gaze became
deeper, and she felt even more puzzled. She could only lean against the back of the seat and dared
not move at all.

“It’s gone now, isn’t it?” He asked again. He raised his lips and leaned over, kissing the lips that he had
longed for.

Her eyes were as clear as a fawn, and she slowly closed her eyes in surprise. He carried her out of the
airport just like that and they were still at the parking lot of the airport, “Hmm... let go!”

“Ha! Okay then, we’ll go home!” He seemed to be in a good mood. He let go of her and gave her a
stare, “The next time you try to run away, I won’t show you any mercy!”

However, she knew she didn’t have the rights to stay by his side. When she thought of that, her heart
couldn’t help feeling grief. Her eyes were somewhat in a trance as she lowered her head silently.

No. 15 Villa.

Sherry was taken to No. 15 Villa.

“William, let me go!” She murmured, “I just want to live a peaceful life.”

She would really have a mental breakdown if they went on like this. She couldn’t see Sammy, and she
couldn’t even admit that Sammy was her son when she saw him. It was all for the sake of her son,
everything was for his own good! She was already a sinner, she must not commit a sin anymore.

William walked towards her. He could smell a nice fragrant on her and it was tugging at his

She lowered her head and looked at his black leather shoes. He didn’t make any response, so she
raised her head up and their eyes met. She had the urge to avoid him because his eyes were too

As she looked away, William grabbed her waist and pulled her into his embrace, “I’ve said this before,
you can’t leave me! Why are you being so disobedient?”

William’s tone seemed a little helpless.

Sherry was stunned, and her face suddenly turned red. Their bodies were clung together. He held her
in his arms so tightly that her face was burning up, as she could feel his fear of losing her.

He placed his chin on her shoulder, “Our whole lives have been tied up together. You can’t run away.
Don’t you want Sammy anymore?”

He asked in a low voice.

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