Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 65

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Luana wanted to escape, but it was impossible because someone was always watching her. When they brought Luana, they were not wholly convinced. For that reason, her position was rather vague here as well. Although she was a princess with royal blood, they treated her differently from Ingrid; the difference was between earth and heaven.
‘No, it didn’t matter. It has always been this way.’
What bothered her more was the duke’s meal. Whether it’s about the food he is eating or maintaining his weight. She couldn’t control the constant worry.
Luana sighed deeply as she nibbled at the hard bread. Then the man in charge of monitoring her frowned and looked grim.
She had a rough idea of what kind of misunderstanding there was. Because next to her, Ingrid was laughing and eating the hard bread. There is a lovely princess who tries to eat well and a hated princess who doesn’t. He might think she’s picky about food.
‘But the taste is too awful.’
The bread was dry and hard; no matter how she chewed, it didn’t moisten. The bread can’t go down her throat properly. So was about the jerky.
‘How can I be thankful and eat this?! If he hadn’t kidnapped me, I’d be eating well and living well in the duchy! No, if only I had my own spices! If it were, I would have made this grossly bad food worth eating!’
Luana groaned and jumped up, approaching Cain. Who was sitting on the other side. 
“Give it to me!”
Cain looked up at Luana with a questioning look on his face as she reached out her hand.
“Return my pocket!”
“I can’t give it back because I’m not sure what it is.”
“Didn’t I say it was spices and herbal powder?”
“I can’t believe you. I will return to the hideout to find out for sure and return it to you.”
Cain politely declined. Luana clenched her teeth, sat down on the spot, and cleared her throat.
‘I didn’t want to do this way.’
Luana took a deep breath and shouted,
“Give me back my pocket!”
She stamped her feet. She didn’t lie on the floor to save her face, but in an instant, Cain’s expression looked perplexed, which had been hardened all along. He approached her fast and blocked Luana’s mouth.
Seeing that, Ingrid also approached in surprise.
“Luana, what’s wrong?”
“Sir Cain, let me tell you. I think it’s okay to take your hand off.”
“Luana, you’re not going to scream anymore, are you?”
Luana nodded. Then Cain hesitated and removed his hand, and she could only breathe comfortably.
“Give me my pocket.”
“Didn’t I say I couldn’t give it to you?”
“Pocket? What do you mean?”
“He stole my pocket!”
“I just take it because it has suspicious items.”
“It is not! It’s just spices.”
The two began to quarrel. Ingrid doesn’t know because she just joined, but it’s already been many times when the two have fought like that. Usually, Luana would explode about her meal. And the end of the dispute was always similar. Cain turns coldly, and Luana clenches her teeth and stares at him.
“Why do you need spices?”
“Sister, don’t you think the bread tastes bad?”
Ingrid smiled awkwardly and asked back.
“It tasted awful.”
“I think it tastes a little bad?”
“A little? Did you say only a little? This little?”
“A little more.”
“Well, let’s say it is. I need my pocket to make this awful bread and beef jerky edible.”
Ingrid listened as she was tempted. And at the same time, Cain was perplexed. It was easy to ignore Luana’s words, but Ingrid didn’t.
Luana realized this and began to appeal to Ingrid.
“I can make it delicious for you with a little boiling water and my spices!”
Ingrid looked down at the hard bread. She said nothing because she knew she had to endure and eat, but it definitely tasted terrible.
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“Trust me.”
Luana’s eyes twinkled, and she grabbed Ingrid’s hands. Ingrid knew Luana loved cooking and was a genius. So maybe she can make this bad food delicious.
“Give up, princess. I’ve already tried it, but I couldn’t help the taste.”
“I can!”
Ingrid hesitated as she looked at Cain and Luana. Then, in the end, she cautiously brought it up.
“Can’t we just do what Luana to do once? Maybe the meal will get better?”
Meals are only enough to fill your stomach. Cain, who could only speak mean words, couldn’t refuse Ingrid’s words.
“Then please use it only for a moment and return it.”
Cain returned the pocket to Luana with a sharp look.
Luana clenched her fists. Now, seeing the opportunity, she might be able to run away from here if she just dumps her transformation powder. It may not be right now, but she only ate once today. There were more opportunities.
First, let’s start with the beef jerky and bread that wasn’t edible. Luana got a small pot and put it on the stove inside the hideout. As she lit the fire, the water inside began to boil, making a pleasant sound.
All right, let’s admit it. To be honest, no matter how well the spices are used, it may be challenging to save the beef jerky and bread. Maybe it’s just a way to get rid of the bad taste. But if there’s one thing they don’t know, it’s that Luana is a gourmet witch.
‘I can’t stand anything that doesn’t taste good.’
Luana hummed her spell and put the herbs she had plucked near the water. She added some beef jerky and a bit of soup powder that she had ground in advance and put a little salt. Soon after that, the transparent and clear water color began to change. She turned off the fire when the powder started to dissolve in hot water and thickened.
She couldn’t memorize her spell properly because Cain was staring at her from the side, but the change in the soup began to be seen. The soup, which had a little taste, now tasted better. The hard beef jerky was also soft and had more flavor.
Luana sliced the bread. Of course, it was natural that some magic was added in the process.
‘It would be better if there was butter.’
It was a pity. She then divided the finished soup into small bowls and handed it to Ingrid.
“It’s hot, so eat carefully.”
With a proud look, Luana handed Cain a bowl of soup this time.
“What is it?”
“You should try it, too.”
“I’m full.”
“No. You need to know more about the value and greatness of food. Try it.”
“Yes, Sir Cain. Luana made it, so give it a try.”
Cain couldn’t refuse more when Ingrid said that. He lifted the bowl of soup with a disgruntled look. He took a little sip of the hot soup.
Although the beef jerky was hard before and had a bad taste and smell, it was all gone. The flavor now was rather rich in savory taste amidst the fragrant scent of herbs. He chewed the soft beef jerky between the teeth to satisfy the texture.
He dipped bread in the soup and tried it. When the bread was moistened, the bread was much more edible. He used to think the only purpose of food was only to fill the stomach. His tongue, abused by the terrible taste for days, welcomed the new flavor. Cain forgot about his expression for a moment and drank the soup diligently.
“What do you think?”
Luana looked at him with a triumphant look.
“Hmm. Give me back your pocket.”
Cain, who got her pocket back, put down an empty bowl of soup.
“You’re good at cooking.”
“Right, it’s really delicious!”
When Cain and Ingrid said that, the others looked at her expectantly. Who would like to eat this kind of food? There was a time they were distressed. Cain, who was getting her pocket back, noticed the feelings of his subordinates.
‘Oh, God.’
He shouldn’t have returned her pocket in the first place. He regretted it belatedly, but it was too late. Luana’s grinning smile was annoying, but there was no turning back.
Cain lost.
“Can I ask some for the others, too?”
“Of course.”
Luana smiled gracefully and took her pockets back. She then turned around and walked towards the fire pit. Cain sighed a little as he followed behind her.
Luana was just an extra card if something bad happened to Ingrid. Maybe that’s why he brought her here, but did he make a mistake with that choice? He started to think; indeed, she was a princess with an unpredictable personality.
“I will make it delicious.”
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Others highly acclaimed the soup. Even those who have been staring at Luana with different eyes from Ingrid have changed their minds.
“Are you a magician?”
“How can that be? All magicians already died a long time ago!”
“But how can beef jerky taste like this?”
The hot soup that went into the tired body melted the fatigue. Those who had eaten without saying a word were smiling until now. Cain unconsciously smiled at the sight. It suddenly occurred to him that maybe food is more precious than he thought.
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