Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 68

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As a leader, Cain, who was peeling the onions, did a great job keeping the death squad together.
Cain peeled the onions while staring at Luana, who was cooking from behind. Marquis Livre, the secret supporter of the death squad, said he should maintain a good relationship with Ingrid. Therefore, he talked and asked Ingrid about anything, spending as much time as possible with her. But now, he was not with Ingrid.
‘It’s strange.’
He knew he shouldn’t be like this rationally, but his instinct said otherwise. Was it because he was suspicious of Luana? But now he knew she was not dangerous and just an ordinary person who loved to cook. Cain also took back Luana’s pockets; all she had in her hands were cooking ingredients.
Why does he feel this way even though he knows everything? Cain was confused by his strange feeling.
“Did you peel all the onions?”
“Then let’s have some potatoes for dinner.”
Luana put the potatoes into a large bowl. Compared to onions, potatoes are less difficult to handle. Cain took a small knife and began peeling potatoes. His gesture was clumsy at first, but gradually he seemed to be much more familiar now.
“Miss Luana, are you not interested in becoming a royal again?”
Cain asked what he was curious about as he peeled the potatoes.
“That’s not what I want.”
Luana said flatly and began to prepare some herbs.
“Then what do you want?”
“Living modestly with the person I love.”
“Do you have someone you love?”
Cain stopped his movement and held his breath while waiting for her answer.
Unconsciously, his hand becomes tense.
“Don’t tell me it’s the Duke of the Empire?”
“If you’re already aware, what do you want to do?”
“We need to fix the princess’s broken ideas.”
At that words, Luana took a ladle and turned around nervously.
“Didn’t I tell you I’m fine? I always told you that I’m no different from an orphan.”
“Even orphans won’t forget their birth parents.”
“I forgot.”
Luana pouted. This was why she didn’t want Cain to come, even though she was quite helpful with preparing ingredients. She often convinced herself, especially when the story about the duke being brought up, she felt very upset.
“The ingredients are ready, so please go out.”
She could use some help when preparing the ingredients, but now it was over; the tired Luana tried to chase Cain away. But it was not easy to push him out. Suddenly he grabbed Luana’s wrist tightly until it was numb.
Luana clenched her teeth.
‘What is this sudden force?!’
He let go of her hand when she lifted her leg to kick his tibia.
“Get a hold of yourself.”
He then goes out of the kitchen—Luana, who was suddenly left alone, is astonished and lowers her leg.
“No, it’s you who need to get a hold of yourself, isn’t it?”
Luana didn’t want to meddle in the death squad affair, so she stayed still. Some wanted to reject the royal bloodline Ingrid for their profit, but some only had ideals but no abilities. Among them there was Cain. Perhaps, he also felt something a little strange.
‘You’re a fool if you really don’t know anything.’
Or maybe Luana was holding it in for a purpose even though she knew. Even if he has to go through a rough road, he will take the risk if it will lead him to his destination.
However, the death squad looked at Luana like she was a sand castle. A sand castle was built on the beach. You never know when it will collapse despite the waves, wind, and the slight touch of a person.
Like a castle built out of the sand.
“But then what?”
If the castle had hidden gems, it wouldn’t matter if it collapsed. That was Marquis Livre’s idea. He was the biggest helping hand for the death squad. He doesn’t know how much benefit he can get from the death squad. By using Cain as an excuse, he was able to get more benefits from the emperor of the empire, and Cain, the young knight, may or may not have a chance to be a king.
If he doesn’t take full advantage of Cain, he could just kill him and take the kingdom. It was simply wonderful to avoid risk and reap the benefits by putting him in front.
“They’re all idiots anyway.”
Kingdom, loyalty.
Nothing was more foolish than throwing everything he had for such a thing.
“Dance more, my puppets.”
Marquis Livre laughed and moved the pieces on the chessboard.
“But, I don’t like the queen.”
Ingrid was too smart. In the past, he thought she was just a typical princess, but she was very ambitious. That was annoying for Marquis Livre. He thought he might throw Ingrid away as there was one more princess.
“It’s probably easier to use that one.”
Although her mother was a maid, her father was the king. She was of valuable use. Moreover, Marquis Livre liked her more since she wasn’t ambitious, and there was a good chance she didn’t know anything because she had grown up almost like a commoner. He also liked the result where she put people together.
“If anything happens.”
If the death squad collapses, it would be better to throw Princess Luana.
“Recently, the slayer of the empire is running rampant.”
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He thought it wouldn’t hurt to be careful, and it seemed okay to see his own child in the princess. Marquis Livre was a little bit older but had been steadily improving his appearance. In others’ eyes, he was pretty handsome for his age. Although there was a slight age difference, he was confident of persuading a princess who knew nothing.
‘You must’ve had a hard life so far, so if I treat you a little better, you’ll eventually fall for me.’
Although he heard she once stayed with the duke of the empire, he thought it was unlikely that a slayer of the empire would’ve treated her well. Marquis Livre let the queen piece of the chessboard fall to the floor and smiled sinisterly. 
“First, I should get rid of this unnecessary knight piece.”
The knight piece rolled across the cold floor.
“Can we trust Miss Ingrid?”
At some point, such a question pop out.
“What’s the question about Miss Ingrid all of a sudden? Isn’t she the most wonderful princess?”
“No, didn’t she have a relationship with the emperor before?”
The man whispered secretly and looked worried.
“I guess, not anymore?”
“But still, they had a relationship for a while. I heard she lived a luxurious life under the emperor. Can we have such a person as our queen?”
The other man who was listening to those words frowned.
“If you say so, Miss Luana was also under the duke of empire, wasn’t it?”
“She was once locked up in a dungeon. It’s proof that she had resisted. But Miss Ingrid said she never did.”
“Ohhh, really?”
“Also, don’t you think Sir Cain is closer to Miss Luana? I think he has a feeling for her.”
“That makes sense.”
“Miss Luana may seem ordinary, but isn’t she a wonderful person? The quality of our meal has improved since she came.”
“That’s right!”
“On the other hand, what has changed since Miss Ingrid came? Raising her volume during the meeting?”
“That, too. The death squad has become a little more demanding than before.”
The rumor spread among the death squad. And after Ingrid learned about it, it was already out of control. Later, Cain jumped in to deal with the situation, and everyone stopped talking about it, but the rumors that had already spread couldn’t be retracted.
“I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”
Cain bowed to Ingrid and apologized.
“I should have done better.”
“No, I was prepared for this.”
Ingrid gritted her teeth and answered.
“I didn’t come to the death squad without this much determination.”
She was such a strong person. She could have earned a little more respect had it not been for what had happened to her.
“Whatever anyone says, I will rebuild the kingdom by all means.”
“Princess Ingrid.”
“So, Lord Cain, please cooperate with me.”
“I am always ready to help the princess.”
Ingrid looked at Cain with eyes like glass beads.
“Of course.”
“Then stop approaching Luana.”
“Isn’t it strange that rumors like this suddenly spread? Oh, of course, I’m not suspicious of Luana. But we need to think that there might be people who want to take advantage of Luana.”
Cain’s expression darkened at those words as if covered with dark clouds.
“Sir Cain seems to have some idea of what’s going on.”
“I don’t know.”
“Who is it?”
Cain hesitated for a long time and said a name.
“The Marquis of Livre.”
“Isn’t that the person who took the lead when the kingdom was invaded and joined the empire? Why did you name such a person?”
“There was no one else who would help us. Everyone says I’m upright, but I know the reality. Now is the time to take advantage of such people. It is not easy for us to stand up on our own.”
“But that doesn’t mean-!”
“Princess know our situation.”
Initially, the empire was ahead of the kingdom in every way. Under such circumstances, the kingdom was occupied. All the important ones are dead, and only the lucky survived. It was absolutely impossible for them to build a death squad and regain the kingdom.
“I have my own principles, but sometimes I need to be aware of reality.”
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“If he becomes the king behind the scene, you’ll only become the puppet!”
“I know. But I wasn’t going to let that happen.”
“I will risk my life, so he doesn’t play stupid games.”
Cain answered with a firm voice.
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