Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 131 It’s All Done and Over With

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Sherry mentally prepared herself a long time ago, but when she actually saw the intimate scenes
before her very eyes, she still felt quite painful inside.

She felt as though a knife cut through her heart, and tears began to stream down her eyes
uncontrollably; their intimacy burned right into her eyes!

Sherry felt as if energy was being sucked out of her body. Her gaze was still fixated on William and
Lucille kissing. They looked like such a great couple; and now, these memories deeply pierced into her

But the present Lucille was in a fragile state. Maybe after she recovered, she will become another great
beauty that everyone loves, and William might fall in love with her again.

Maybe Darcy was right; Sherry will just be part of the past!

Suddenly, Sherry felt a shadow shroud over as someone sat across from her.

Ugh, she thought. She raised her head, only to see a tall and handsome man, as he handed her a

She was frozen in place; she only now just realized that she was crying.

She hastily shut the album and placed it on the table. She didn’t take the napkin, but smeared away the
tears with her hands and said, “Mr. Reggie, why are you here!”

Reggie did not say anything, but he picked up the album and began to flip through it.

“Mr. Reggie, that’s mine!” Sherry reached over to take it back.

Reggie dodged, then he coldly glanced over at Sherry, then said in a low tone, “I was just curious as to
what would possibly make such a beautiful girl cry out in tears!”

Upon hearing this, Sherry frowned and sat down. She didn’t say anything, and Reggie continued to

She shut her eyes and inhaled deeply; her heart still felt congested.

She could never forget how deeply in love William and Lucille used to be. She could never forget his
gentle tone of voice when he first said “Lucy!” over the phone! In the end, if you really love someone,
you would deeply mind every little detail!

Why was she so unable to let it go? Why did she feel such sadness and sorrow in her heart, even
though she knew all these were in the past! She knew Darcy was trying to force her to leave William,
but she still felt deeply hurt.

As Reggie flipped through the album, his expression became more and more solemn. Upon the last
page, his hands tightly gripped the album, as if he was about to tear it apart.

Sherry raised her head and saw his distorted face, which made his handsome face quite fearsome.
“Mr. Reggie, are you alright?”

Hearing her worry, Reggie managed to crack a thin, dry smile; his gaze glanced by indifferently as he
shut the album and placed it on the table. “This looks like a photo collection of William Rowland and his
previous girlfriend!”

“Do you know Lucille as well?” Sherry’s eyes widened. Lucille has left for well over three years; how
would he know her? She looked at him with doubt, then saw that the areas on the album where he had
touched seemed a bit bent out of shape! How much force did he apply?

“How do you feel looking at this?” Reggie locked his eyes on Sherry.

She was caught off guard for a moment, then took a deep breath and said, “Miserable!”


“But I’m alright now!” She forced a weak smile; there was a hint of sadness between her eyebrows.
She continued, “I always think that, the past is the past, so we must cherish what’s before us now.
These photos are part of the past, and Lucille kept these photos, not William. Her sister gave it to me to
try and make me leave William. But, I believe William loves me right now. No one can erase the past,
nor can I turn back time, so might as well accept it.”

“Can you really let go of the past?” Reggie asked in a low voice, as if he was both asking Sherry and
himself at the same time.

“Haha, when the one you love is lovey-dovey with someone else right before your eyes, how many
people can pretend not to see it? It’s impossible not to be affected, but what can you do? Compared to
how much I love him now, as intense as the past love was, it’s insignificant!”

“Ms. Murray! There’s something quite precious in this world, and that’s called memories. Some people
still live in their past and can’t move on, and they might be together again in the future. Would you still
think so then?”

Sherry felt her heart twitch. As she raised her head, her eyes met with Reggie’s cold stare. His gaze
was like an abyss, trying to see through her, so she quickly averted his gaze. “I will wish them all the

He had on a crooked smile, “If you really didn’t mind, then why are you crying?”

Her heart began to race; what a terrifying man, it’s as if he could read her thoughts completely. It was
true, she was not able to remain detached, and she just wanted to calm herself down. But she knew
that her heart would not let her deceive herself; in the deepest reaches of her heart, she still felt the
overwhelming emotions came pouring out!

Sherry took the album, and Reggie’s eyes followed. “If you don’t want to see these photos, why not
give them to me! I quite enjoy collecting photos of beautiful men and women!”

“Mr. Reggie, if you enjoy collecting such photos, you’re better off finding someone else’s; there are men
far more handsome than this man, this man’s no good!” Sherry said with a smile; she did not like his
tone of voice, as if he saw through everything.

“Do you plan to keep it and look it over every now and then?” He asked.

Again with the questions; Sherry was puzzled by his intrusive actions.

What does any of this have to do with him?

Sherry remained calm and replied, “Mr. Reggie, this is my personal affair; how I choose to deal with it is
my business!”

Reggie slowly raised his head to look at her.

The two of them sat across the dinner table. Reggie’s cold, emotionless face looked a bit surprised as
he kept looking on at Sherry. This woman surprised him a bit; she was neither timid nor dominating, but
her eyes seemed straight and true.

“Goodbye, Mr. Reggie!” Sherry placed the album in her bag, stood up, and turned around to leave.

Reggie leaned back on his chair as he watched her leave. His bushy hair seemed to cover his line of
sight, but that grin on his mouth left an unsettling feeling.

Sherry left the Seah Restaurant, and a cold breeze came to embrace her, causing her to shiver. She
felt an emptiness in her heart, so empty that it hurt.

She looked down at the album inside her bag; the pain and suffering suddenly flashed by again in her
eyes. How could she possibly feel nonchalant? If you love someone, you wanted all of that person.
Even though she couldn’t change the memories of the past, she still felt a bitterness in her heart.

Suddenly, her cell rang.

It was William.

Her heart jumped and she paused for a second, then she picked up the call. A voice she could never
get tired of listening to chimed on the other end, “Sherry, where are you?”

“I’m out walking on the streets!” The corner of her mouth twitched and let out a bittersweet smile; her
voice lacked any excitement, “If there’s nothing urgent, I’ll hang up for now!”

She did not wait for his reply and hung up.

What should she do about this album? Pretend she doesn’t know about it, return it to Darcy, or give it to

Should she bear the burden to hide this album and remain sweetly in love with William, or stand firm
and push William away and live on with a broken heart?

Sherry stood still on the street; she felt that she was becoming more and more narrow minded!

As Reggie walked out of the restaurant, he spotted a tiny, helpless, yet unyielding figure before him. It
was like the previous investigations had said; she really was an adamant woman. William did not
deserve a woman like her.

He took large strides until he was besides her, then stared at the agony written all over her face. At that
moment, all of her facial features seemed to scrunch together.

“Do you want to grab a drink together?” He said in a warmer tone.

She was startled, then calmed herself down, “Why are you here?”

“I was worried about you!” He looked at her with concern; he lacked the creepy stare from before, but
Sherry still felt hints of discomfort.

Her cell rang again; it was William calling. She hung up directly.

“So, how about a drink?” Reggie asked again.

“What’s your game?” She straight out asked, “Mr. Reggie, why do I get the feeling that you’re up to
something? What are you after, just tell me, I’m tired!”

He flicked an eyebrow, “Would you believe me if I said I liked you?”

She chuckled, “No way!”

“Then it’s settled, let’s go! Just a drink! Besides, it’s still daytime, what would I possibly do to you?”
Reggie laughed, disseminating the gloom on his face. “Just looking for someone to chat with, that’s all!”

For some reason, at this very moment, Sherry felt as if this man before her was someone who has
been lonely for way too long, as if his entire soul was lonely.

She said nothing and just nodded.

“Let’s return to the Seah Restaurant!” Reggie said.

Back inside the restaurant, he chose a table by a window; the waiter brought coffee.

“Sorry, I don’t drink coffee, a glass of warm water, please!” Sherry said.

Reggie looked at her; his eyes lit up, “Wow, you’re easy to take care of, all you need is a glass of warm

Sherry was alarmed and remained very quiet.

Her cell rang, and again, it was William. For some reason, she just did not want to pick up. She couldn’t
put it into words, but she just wanted to make him feel a sense of urgency for her.

“Not going to answer that?” Reggie jested.

“Unknown caller, no need to answer it!” Sherry said and powered off her cell.

“It’s William, isn’t it?” Reggie laughed drily and drank some coffee. “He’s very concerned about you!
What an indecisive man, he can’t let go of his past nor present lovers!”

Sherry froze in place and remained slightly wary to avert his eyes. She did not like the way Reggie
spoke of her and William in his disdainful tone that also seemed to be hiding something.

“Is that any of your business?” Sherry asked.

“I told you, I’ve taken a liking to you!” He said and winked.

Sherry’s eyebrows bunched together as her eyes widened.

“Heheh, I’m just kidding, don’t be so serious.” Reggie winked at her again, “I’m just curious as to how
you’re going to handle this matter, since I’m going through the same situation!”


“My woman also has photos of her ex-boyfriend; I came across it by accident, so I’m quite alarmed as
well!” Reggie said.

“Your girlfriend still has pictures of her ex-boyfriend?” Upon hearing this, Sherry gasped aloud in
disbelief, “You’re so good looking, so why would your girlfriend still have photos of her ex?”

“You’re quite pretty yourself, no?”

“But William didn’t keep these photos, they belong to Lucille!” Sherry explained. “Is your girlfriend’s ex-
boyfriend also handsome?”

“Not so much!” Reggie said mockingly.

“So why did they break up?”

Reggie’s face sank and he stopped talking.

"Mr. Reggie, if you love her, cherish her. After all, the past is the past. You love her for her. Besides,
everyone has a past!" Sherry knew that her words of comfort were feeble and ineffective, since she
herself has not yet learned to let go, let alone persuade someone else to do the same.

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