Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 148 He’s Not The One In Pain

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“Oh! I’m sorry Mr. Sutton. You look so young. I really can’t imagine you that you have a daughter of
Sherry’s age!” Celia looked at Cohen and he looked around fifty years old. Perhaps not even fifty.

Susan was very flustered and didn’t expect Sherry to be Cohen’s daughter and Cohen’s sharp glare
made her very unsettled. Susan stood in the living room and drooped her head while looking at the
floor tiles.

“Ms. Hickman is really humorous. I’m already an old man!” Cohen laughed and turned to look at Susan,
“Sherry is waiting for you upstairs.”

“Okay! We’ll go up now.” Celia nodded and then looked at Keegan.

Keegan brought Celia up while Susan remained where she was. She walked up to the second level
before Celia turned and looked at Susan, “Sue… eh…”

Before she could say anything, her mouth was covered by a hand and she was grabbed to the side of
the staircase that others could not see.

She was stunned. The hand that covered her mouth was very hot, strong and she knew it was Keegan.

She quickly raised her head, looked into his dark eyes, and heard him say softly, “I’m sorry, I can’t help

Her face blushed red and she quickly grabbed his hand but he wouldn’t relax his hand and said, “Don’t
scream and I’ll release you immediately.”

Celia stared at Keegan and wondered what he wanted to do?

When Keegan saw her eyes wide open, he suddenly felt like laughing and slowly released her, “Don’t
yell, Sherry is in the second room.”

Celia turned around and could no longer see Susan.

Although she didn’t understand and was doubtful, her mind was not thinking about Sherry. She only
thought about Keegan covering her mouth and was blushing so much.

“Go quickly. I’m sorry for just now!” Keegan said calmly.

“Why can’t you just say what you wanted? Why must you grab me?” She said angrily. She ran towards
the second room and for reasons unknown, she slipped and fell, “Argh…”

Her screams echoed along the corridor but then she realized that she didn’t feel any pain. Celia
opened her eyes and then realized that she was in a strong pair of arms and her mouth was covered
again. She felt very warm and secure.

Keegan instinctively grabbed Celia’s body and looked at her flustered expression and said, “Be

“Thanks!” She quickly got out of Keegan’s embrace and Celia smiled awkwardly as she glanced at
Keegan’s handsome face. She then quickly walked into the second bedroom.

In the living room.

Susan stood like a child in the living room and reacted after a long while, “I… I’ll go and see Sherry.”

“Okay!” Cohen frowned. She didn’t ask about how he suddenly had a daughter that was all grown up.

Susan bit her lips and didn’t even look at Cohen as she walked upstairs.

Cohen felt uneasy and tight around his chest. He thought that this woman was really composed. She
had been with him for five years and now was so sure of herself that she didn’t even glance at him.
Cohan said calmly, “Why don’t you want that villa? Where are you living now?”

“Thud”. She saw Sherry laying on the bed as soon as she pushed open the door to go in. Her children
sat on either side and were pounding her leg to help her relax. The kids were very happy to see Celia
and called out to her.

“Aunt Celia, Aunt Celia, how are you?” The kids said together.

“How are you, kids? My precious kids! Sherry, what’s the matter with you?” Celia was sincerely worried
and Sherry was moved by her concern.


Celia lunged over to hug Sherry, “Okay, okay, as long as you’re fine. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
What if there isn’t anyone to take care of you?”

“I’m fine now!” Sherry said softly, “I’m doing well.”

“What’s wrong with that William? What did he do?” Celia began to get upset and continued, “Does he
know what happened to you?”

“Daddy knew that he’s wrong!” Sammy said softly and looked at Celia carefully. “Aunt Celia, daddy
knows that he is in the wrong. Daddy wanted mommy to forgive him but mommy ignored him. Daddy is
very pitiful.”

“Your daddy is pitiful?” Celia raised her eyebrows and looked at Sammy, “He is not the one in pain.
Why should he be pitiful? Are you now siding your daddy because you had spent so much time with

Sammy pouted and lowered his head, “No, I only want daddy and mommy to be together. Daddy will
not make a mistake anymore in the future. The teacher said that as long as you turn over a new leaf

you would be a good child. Since daddy had admitted to his mistake, then mommy should just forgive

When Sherry heard what Sammy said, her heart started to ache. She held onto Sammy’s body. This
child had grown up with William and would naturally be close to William. But she was very happy that
the child felt sorry for William. Both her sons were very kind and gracious young men.

“Sammy… my precious child,” Sherry remarked.

Sammy hugged Sherry and said, “Mommy, Sammy misses daddy! Forgive daddy, okay?”

“You are so bothersome!” the mischievous Dan spoke, “Sammy, if you miss your daddy, then go home
to him. I’ll take care of mommy on my own!”

Once Sammy heard that Dan wanted to get rid of him, he quickly kept quiet and said, “I don’t miss
daddy now, don’t drive me away.”

“Yeah, why miss him?” Celia said angrily, “He had caused your mother so much pain. Don’t think of
him, honey, think of Aunt Celia. Come look at beautiful Aunt Celia, my precious handsome boys. You
must always think of me.”

“But he is my daddy. I also miss Aunt Celia. But Aunt Celia is not my daddy!” Sammy suddenly became

“If Aunt Celia is a man, I’ll be your daddy. But what a pity I’m not.” Celia joked.

“Okay, don’t scare him. Sammy is more reserved.” Sherry grabbed Sammy into her embrace and
comforted him.

Susan walked in and saw Sherry hugging Sammy. The tender and loving scene made her
unconsciously touch her abdomen. How nice it was to have a child. She also hoped to have a baby and

always be by her side even if she couldn’t get married.

“Susan?” Sherry raised her head and couldn’t believe that she was there.

Susan smiled and said, “Sherry, are you alright?”

“What brings you here?” Sherry asked.

“I met Celia and came with her,” Susan replied.

Sherry suddenly remembered that she saw Cohen kiss Susan when they were in Japan. So she was
puzzled about the relationship between them. But she didn’t say anything further because Celia was

Susan and Celia continued to comfort Sherry not to be upset. She was still young and she could still
have more children.

Thereafter Susan said, “Sherry, actually William is a good person. Just punish him for a while and get
over this. Some things will be gone forever if you don’t cherish it.”

Suddenly there was a commotion outside the villa although it was already past eleven o’clock at night.

“What’s going on?” Celia frowned.

“Sherry! I’m William, I want to see you!” William shouted from outside.

“Ah! Why did he come?” Sherry was stunned.

“Hmm, that’s better, at least he is here.” Celia laughed, “Looks like he values this relationship. I’ll go to
see if William’s expression was as anxious as before. Heh heh heh…”

Suddenly, they could hear some gunshots.

They were stunned and Sherry was terrified, “Why are they shooting? I need to take a look!”

Keegan ran over to the door and said, “Father said that he wouldn’t kill him and just shot to make him
leave. Sherry, don’t go down.”

Sherry laid back down onto the bed when she heard that it was just to scare William.

Susan sighed and shook her head, “William really shouldn’t offend Cohen!”

“I want to see daddy!” Sammy already ran out.

“I also want to see him!” Celia led Dan out and went down.

To think that Cohen had thought of firing shots to scare off William, Celia was impressed by Cohen and
ran excitedly downstairs.

“Sherry, I’ll come to see you again. Have a good rest and take care!” William shouted again. Sherry
was relieved to hear his voice which meant that he was unharmed.

Susan laughed, “He is really smitten!”

“Susan!” Sherry yelled awkwardly.


“You and Cohen?” Sherry finally asked.

“He is your father!” Susan laughed and said.

“I know, although I’m very surprised to find my biological father, I also know that he was not lying.
Susan, what’s your relationship with him?”

“We are no longer involved!” Susan said calmly and her expression was very neutral. Yes, they were no
longer together. She continued, “Sherry, have a good rest, and don’t be too harsh on yourself.”

“I will!” Sherry was doubtful and she couldn’t say anymore, “Susan, you don’t look well. Have you been
too tired lately?”

Susan smiled, “Yes, I am rather tired recently. I think that I need some rest before I work again.”

“Sherry, I will not give up!” William’s voice came over again.

Sherry and Susan were both surprised.

Susan then looked out the window, “Do you want to take a look?”

Sherry pulled off her blanket, got off the bed, and walked to the window. She looked down into the
courtyard and saw William standing under the streetlamp while looking at the second floor as he
shouted, “Sherry, I said that I won’t give up and will get you to forgive me!”

Sherry stood by the window and kept quiet as she looked at him.

“Aren’t you going down?” Susan asked.

“No!” Sherry shook her head.

Susan didn’t say further and became worried for William. It looked like it’ll take some more time before
he could get Sherry to forgive him.

Twenty five days later.

It was Christmas and Sherry had stayed at the Sutton family for a month already. Dan and Sammy also
stayed at Sutton family and William would go every day but each time he would be escorted out by the

Each day Sherry could see William and receive his messages. Thus she felt that time went by quickly.

He would say, “Sherry, I miss you!”

“Sherry, I really can’t do without you!”

“Sherry, I’m going mad!”

“Sherry, do not touch cold water; don’t stand by the window; don’t be angry; a woman’s labor
confinement needs to be done properly; I really want to be by your side; give me a chance; tell your
father not to drive me away!”

“I’m going mad if you don’t let me see you. Please let me have a look at you. Just a look, okay?

“Sherry, please reply to my messages!"

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