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Bon Appétit - Chapter 70

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It was Cain who rescued Luana from panic. He came up naturally, pulled Luana out, and sent her behind him.
“It’s been a while, Marquis Livre.”
“Long time no see, Sir Cain.”
Despite such behavior, the Marquis didn’t show a bad expression. He smiled with a proud, generous look on his face.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. You seem to have forgotten your manners.”
“How can I? I just stepped in because the princess seemed uncomfortable.”
“Miss Luana must’ve been uncomfortable.”
Marquis Livre looked at Luana, surprised.
“Did I really make you uncomfortable?”
The drooping corners of his eyes looked pretentious. He knew better than anyone what he had and how to use it. She might have fallen for it if she was a naive person who knew nothing. However, Luana was not innocent; above all, she knew the duke had the best beauty. The emperor was a beauty too, but she decided to exclude him since he had a rotten personality.
Anyway, she has met such people and wouldn’t fall for him no matter how handsome Marquis Livre was, and there is a huge age difference as well.
“Yes, it was uncomfortable.”
Luana told the truth firmly. Marquis Livre’s smile began to harden. After a moment, he smiled softly again and politely apologized.
“My apologies. I made a mistake since I don’t know much about high society.”
The words are sweet, but the meaning is twisted.
“I know. You made a mistake even though you knew.”
Marquis Livre’s expression hardened again at the blunt remark.
‘What kind of woman is this?’
As the marquis with power, wealth, and appearance, he had never been treated this way; it was just unbelievable. However, he had an excellent eye for acting according to his temper.
The Marquis endured with superhuman patience and continued to make up a friendly appearance. He doesn’t know what she believes in to act so arrogantly, but she was going to find out more about her after Cain left the mansion. He would let her know her place so that her attitude would be gentle.
Marquis Livre briefly talked with Cain and took a closer look at Luana. Unlike Ingrid, who has beautiful blonde hair, his impression of Luana was rather vague. She didn’t seem special other than that she was good at cooking and easy to touch.
The problem is that he has to get rid of Cain first.
“Then, as I said before, I will support food and gold coins.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Then, since the work seems to be done, should we end it here?”
Cain asked back, somewhat surprised because he thought the Marquis would hold them a little longer. But the Marquis smiled and raised his hands.
“What do you mean already? We’ve already talked about all the important things, haven’t we?”
“Then I’ll take your favor.”
Meanwhile, Cain took Luana and tried to get up from his seat.
“Oh, Miss Luana will be on my side for the time being. She’s much safer here, don’t you think?”
Looking at Cain, Marquis Livre blatantly revealed his true intentions. Cain’s face hardened when he heard it. As expected, he didn’t think he’d just let it slide. But he couldn’t let Luana go to him.
“She’s safe enough there too.”
“But I’ve heard that the slayer is running rampant. In this situation, wouldn’t it be better for the princesses who inherited the royal blood to be separated from each other? What if they’re both kidnapped again while they’re together?”
Marquis Livre spoke of a straightforward argument. Except for his dark intention, he wasn’t wrong. She’d be safer that way.
Cain clenched his teeth. He didn’t want to leave Luana, where Marquis Livre’s intentions were clearly visible. He said he’d protect her, but he couldn’t do that if she were far away from him.
“I’ll keep an eye for her somehow.”
“That’s just your idealism. You’re not old enough, but I thought you were smart enough. Look at the reality.”
What Marquis Livre said to Cain meant, ‘What you dream of is just an unattainable ideal, and the reality is colder.’ Therefore, he urged him to give up the princess without hesitation.
“If I can keep protecting her, that wouldn’t be a mere idealism.”
“Indeed, but I think you’re being too hasty. Let’s stay a few more days and think about it.”
“I don’t think there is any need to worry. I don’t want to be here.”
Luana spoke clearly, but the Marquis Livre persistently persuaded her. Then, in the end, he gave them two rooms in the annex. Cain’s room was on the second floor, and Luana’s room was on the third floor.
“He’s like a snake. Be careful.”
“Of course.”
Luana clenched her pockets and made up her mind. If the Marquis tries to do something, she will defend herself. But after a few days of staying, he didn’t do anything to her except come to her from time to time and say pleasant things. He was like a gangster in the past who would visit from time to time.
By that time, the marquis also realized that Luana was not someone easy to approach.
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“I thought you would be easy.”
Other than her, there was also annoying Cain. He doesn’t even think about coming over, so he gets a little nervous. ‘What the hell is he doing? He said he would give the abandoned princess anything she wants.’ But all the princess did was shake her head.
“Happiness is what you will get yourself.”
By saying so, he tried to stay away from Marquis Livre.
‘How dare him?!’
His stomach was boiling. After much thought, Marquis Livre decided to send Cain back for now. To do so, it would be better to have some threats to the death squad. It just so happens that the Duke of the Empire, famous for being a slayer, is nearby. He had been collecting forces, but so far, it had been wasteful, so he decided to evacuate in advance to reduce the damage.
‘Let’s spread the news just enough to make Cain run away in surprise.’
Marquis Livre gave Cain an update on the slayer at the right time.
“I hear the Duke of the Empire is searching this area. I’m afraid we’ll have to move the death squad’s hideout.”
“The duke!”
Cain looked surprised and tried to run aya immediately. Then he soon realized and looked in the direction of Luana’s room, but Marquis Livre said,
“I will take good care of Miss Luana.”
“We need to get to where the death squad is as soon as possible. Will you be able to bring Miss Luana with you?”
Unlike Cain, a trained knight, Luana was an ordinary woman. She couldn’t possibly keep up with his forced march. At that moment, Cain realized he was in a tight spot. His fingertips grew cold, and his mind became complicated. But he knew there was no more time to hesitate here. Even if something happened to Luana, he had no choice but to go. He couldn’t abandon the death squad that he had been defended with his life this way.
Cain looked straight at the Marquis Livre and spoke,
“You must protect the princess.”
“Of course.”
“I’ll definitely come back later, so please protect her.”
“Isn’t that obvious? Trust me.”
That were the words that came out of the most unreliable person. Cain glared at Marquis Livre with a firm look and took a heavy step.
“I’ve got the horses ready.”
It was a strong horse that could run fast and far. Cain immediately got on the horse and began to run in a hurry. Although there were a few trustworthy people in the group, to lead them properly, they needed someone to be the leader.
“Giddy up!”
His insides burned to the ground. He felt like his heart was tossed to the ground and trampled with feet. There was no turning back now. Cain ran his horse madly, suppressing his boiling emotion.
“What’s going on?”
Luana woke up to that small commotion. She was lost in thought when she saw a horse running madly out of the window. Something seems to have happened, but no one to tell her the news.
After hesitating for a while, she went out to the hallway, and there was only dark darkness. She went back into the room, took the lantern, and went down to the second floor. She was going to ask Cain about the situation. But no one was inside the wide-open door.
“Sir Cain?”
Luana tried to call Cain’s name; then, a low voice came from behind.
“Are you looking for Sir Cain?”
Luana looked back in surprise. Behind her was Marquis Livre. Luana had her guard up and took a step back. As a result, she went further into the room but did not want to be close to the Marquis. He had a friendly demeanor, but his sometimes revealing nature was dirty. So her body was naturally wary of him.
“Yes, I have a question.”
“Well, Sir Cain is not here right now.”
“Then where is he?”
“He ran out of the mansion because of some trouble.”
Luana opened her mouth in surprise.
‘You said you’d protect me, but you left me at the mansion alone?’
It was unbelievable, but she thought he wouldn’t do that for no reason.
“What happened?”
“The slayer of the empire came near the death squad.”
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“What do you mean the slayer of the empire?”
“The one and only duke.”
Luana called his name inside. Her heart began to pound when she heard that he was not far away.
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