Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 155 Don’t Keep It

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William said, “And she has your daddy’s baby in her tummy.”

“Oh, my gosh!” Sherry covered her mouth with hand, trying to stop herself from shouting.

William shook his head and asked, “Could you accept that you daddy will have a new baby even
younger than your son?”

Sherry was astonished without saying anything to him.

In the study of Cohen’s house, there was a tall man who was smoking beside the window. He was
going blank right then and seemed to forget to flip the much ash from the cigarette.

It was dark at night; Sherry encouraged herself to come to see Cohen Sutton who was lonely standing
beside the window.

She was trying to say something but failed to say anything.

This was her biological father.

But Sherry did not know how old he was, what he loved and what his hobby was; she had not yet
called him “daddy”, neither asked him how he knew Mrs. Jones. She refused to know all the truth
because she hated to betray Clark. Sherry would always keep in mind that it was Clark who raised her;
he was her daddy forever.

However, as soon as seeing the lonely man, Sherry still felt some of sad. It might be from the biological
relationship; she was still worried with seeing him like this.

She was also selfish to see Susan accompany him for his remaining life. How she wished she could
forget the love between Susan and Leon! She hated to be so selfish.

Finally, Sherry called him in a lower and hoarse voice slowly, “Boss…”

Cohen turned around and was surprised, “Sherry, you are here.”

Sherry saw the familiar man but did not know what to say.

Cohen continued to ask with great care, “What happened? You are not happy with William?”

“No!” Sherry was moved by his continuous care about her; she knew he tried to compensate her for his
absence for years. Unluckily, she was not a kid anymore.



“Uh!” Cohen’s eyes followed Sherry but not said anything; he was waiting for her to tell him something.

Sherry raised her head to look at him and said slowly, “Susan is pregnant…”

Cohen got stunned by these words; he lost his mind. Susan had a baby?

Sherry passed him a paper on which there was an address checked by William, “This is her address!
She lives in an easy home. I heard she will give birth to the baby.”

It took Cohen a minute to accept it. The information made him try to explain to Sherry, “Sherry, I will
handle it. You are my only daughter forever. All my wealth will belong to you. Anyone else cannot take

“Boss, I don’t talk about it. I will not get your wealth.” Sherry was embarrassed and shook her head;
she did not get his point, “How will you deal with it?”

Cohen finished his cigarette and got his coat to go. He said, “Don’t worry. I am going now.”

Sherry thought he was going to pick up Susan. But she was wrong; Cohen misunderstood her.

Susan left for G City which was around two hundred miles from H City.

At midnight, when Cohen knocked at the door, she was greatly surprised to see him just outside her
home. She was unhappy while holding the door frame and covering her chest, “Why are you here?”

Cohen watched her and said, “You had a baby in your tummy?”

Susan did not expect him to ask the question, just looking at the handsome man who sounded coldly.
She asked him angrily, “How did you know?”

“Is it mine?” Cohen was obviously annoyed and pinched Susan’s chin. Though he was unwilling, he
had to tell the trembling Susan, “Susan, you cannot keep it.”

He was not so cruel; he just would not like to see Sherry got sad.

He was forty-five years old and not young anymore, fifteen years older than Susan. Even Sherry’s son
was five years old; how could he allow the baby to come to the world?

Cohen was also afraid that Sherry would not admit him as her daddy once the baby was born. At that
moment, all he was eager for was to be admitted by his daughter.

Susan burst into tears soon after hearing what he said; she could not believe it and shook her head.
“No! It’s none of your business. This is my baby! I will not let it go. It’s nothing related with you; I had
another man. You can’t ask me to terminate it!”

“Susan, I know it’s mine. You are not the type of woman as you talked. But Susan, don’t keep it!”

Cohen clenched his fists. He hated himself to do it as well!

Susan calmed down and said to him, “Fuck off!” She pushed him away to the door.

Keegan on the stairs listened to the talk between them. He got to understand why Cohen had to be
here so late at night; he knew Cohen very well for being with him for years.

Keegan believed Cohen did it for Sherry.

Just then, Cohen said, “Susan, you know I have never been a loser. Now please go with me to the
hospital or I take you there?”

Susan said with tears in eyes, “Why are you doing it to me?”

He said, “Sorry, I have to do it for my daughter."

Susan watched the cold-blooded Cohen and realized that words would not work out at all to change his

She asked, “For Sherry? She knew I am pregnant?”

Suddenly she lowered her voice.

“Sure. She told me that.”

Susan got sickness right the moment; she stopped feeling in this way long time ago, but now she got
choke, nausea, dizzy and almost fainted.

Although stopped crying, she said with some tear mark on face, “Cohen, it is three-month old.”

“I know!” Cohen said with the same sadness, “But I have Sherry.”

Susan said in the sharp voice, “But I have nothing! Can you leave our story as a dream? I am just
asking to keep the baby! Doctor said I am not strong enough to terminate the baby. And I am over thirty
years old; I love the baby more than everything else! Please, please allow me to have it.”

Cohen closed his eyes to say, “I’m really sorry.”

Hearing it, Susan was extremely disappointed.

She touched her tummy where there was a baby of three months, “Cohen, it is your child!”

He closed the door and carried Susan in his arms to the sofa. Then he had another seat there. Both of
them kept silent.

Susan got some smell of cigarette from him, which pushed her to accept the truth. He came here to ask
her for abortion as the priority. She felt too heartbroken just like a part of her body was leaving her.

This was an easy condo where was decorated nicely. Besides, Susan bought a cradle, toys, a small
bed as well as some colorful cloth for the baby. Cohen had a look at the condo where was not spacious
but lovely. Susan should greatly look forward to the baby.

Susan just stopped crying and curled up on the sofa.

She tried best to control her tears and encouraged herself to calm.

However, her lips were bitten to get some of blood. She was helpless then and looked pale.

Cohen extended his hands to Susan. He would kill his baby? It hurt him to the core. But…

He would be much joyful to get it if he did not have Sherry.

Anyway, he had Sherry as his daughter who he had lost for so many years. He had to try to be nice to
her, so, he had to hurt Susan.

Cohen said, “Let’s go.”

Susan shook her head hard and shouted, “No! No!”

Cohen was some of worried with seeing the scaring Susan, but still looked peaceful and thought in
mind, “Don’t keep it. You will be free to love anyone else. Don’t tell him your story and you will have a
better life.”

At last, he did not say it out; he knew he had to be cruel to Susan and said, “Anyway, we cannot keep

Susan was sure he was a person of his word. She was not strong enough to fight with him. To Cohen,
she was as small as an ant.

Susan tried her best to promise him, “Please allow me to keep it for the last night.”

It did not change Cohen’s mind. He watched the small bed and said, “You are so young to have
another one with your true love. You will have a lovely kid and live a happy life. We have to go now!
Don’t waste one more night.”

It was difficult for Susan to promise him, but she still agreed.

She tried to stand up with trembling. She did not look fit due to the sickness in early stage of
pregnancy. She was staggering, almost falling down.

Cohen reacted soon to hold her waist. He saw she was unwell and blamed, “You lost much weight.
How did you take care of yourself?”

She kept silent with controlling the tears and felt much heartbroken.

Just coming to the door, Susan turned around to hold Cohen’s neck where she hid her face. She said,
“Please leave it with me! I promise not to interrupt you forever! You can let us go anywhere you like.
We will not see you anymore. I promise you. Please leave it with me. Please!”

She cried out. Cohen tried to hold her back, but stopped in the air to leave her crying.

It hurt him. After a while, he held Susan and closed his eyes. A tear drop came down from his eye; it
was so soon that Susan did not see.

Cohen did not say anything which made Susan depressed. She knew she failed to persuade him. If he
was changed the mind so easily, he would not be the one she knew well.

Leaving his arms and looking at him, Susan said with tears full of eyes, “Ok, terminate it if you don’t

She watched his face and eyes. Though he was not young, he was a charming but cold man. She
knew he was too scaring.

“Let’s go!” She said.

Susan was regretful to beg him one more time.

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