Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 154 You’re Outrageous

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“Or maybe we were wrong!” Sherry didn’t want to jump to conclusions. At the same time, she was also
afraid that it was the truth. What would she say to Celia if it was all true then?

Her expression turned bitter thinking about it. William felt sorry for her and hugged her tightly, “Okay,
stop thinking about it. You need to stay calm. Just leave everything to me!”

“Leave it to you? Can you convince Leon and Sue to make peace with each other?” she said harshly.

He didn’t mind her harsh tone and said, “I don’t know. But I first need to find out about Sue and father-
in-law’s relationship, then only I can decide what to do!”

“I guess that’s all we can do for now!” Sherry sighed. She then noticed her bag and grabbed it.

“I have your bag with me for some time now, it was sitting in my car the whole time. I feel like you’re
with me every time I look at the bag. Sherry. I was miserable without you by my side,” he told her his
thoughts earnestly.

“You didn’t open my bag?” It seemed like he didn’t.

“No! It was your privacy, I couldn’t just invade it!” he said.

Sherry smiled bitterly. If that was the case, the album should still in the bag! She opened the bag and
took out the album. She placed it right in front of him.

“What’s that?” he asked as he arched his eyebrow.

“Pictures of you and Ms. Mclean. Please return this to Ms. Mclean!” said Sherry calmly.

As time went by, Sherry felt like she didn’t mind the pictures as much as before. Time had past and
Sherry finally understood the meaning behind the saying “time heals all wounds”. She was now as calm

as ever.

But William wasn’t, “Shit, when did she give you this?”

“I saw this album first. I saw this before I saw the one in your apartment!” said Sherry plainly.

William knew that he was done for. He felt scared hearing her emotionless and cold tone of voice,
“Sherry, I’ll destroy them right now!” He then took out a lighter and walked to the bathroom.

“There’s no need!” said Sherry plainly, “Just return it to Ms. Mclean! It belonged to her and she should
be the one making decisions about what to do with it!”

“No! I burned the ones at the apartment already. I don’t want them to exist!” he said stubbornly.

“But William, so what if you burned it?” Sherry sighed and said calmly, “Memories are not something
you can just get rid off so easily. You have a complicated past with her, and you guys almost got
married! For all these years, nobody could be a part of you guys' relationship! But to me right now, it’s
just a photo album! I also have my past. For example, I had a crush on the guy who was good at
basketball at school, but that was in the past! Nobody should write off anybody’s past, we should
accept each other’s instead!”

William suddenly hugged her tightly, his heart was thumping, “Sherry, you had a crush on someone

Sherry nodded, “Yeah, doesn’t everyone have one when they were a teenager? I still remember how
handsome that basketball guy was! He was probably around the same height as you! I think I picked up
the ball for him once. But I was too far away and couldn’t see his face properly!”

“Who is he?” Feelings of jealousy and sadness were brewing in William even though it was just a crush
from a long time ago.

“I couldn’t remember his name!” Sherry shook her head, “I was really young, I was about 13 or 14
years old I think. It was a wonderful memory!”

“Sherry!” he growled.

Why couldn’t he accept the fact that she had a teenage crush back then when she was young and
naive, and that she couldn’t even remember his name? Why was it driving him crazy?

Sherry turned her head and looked at him, “The past is in the past. I’ve been through a lot and I know
that I should stay open-minded in order to be happy! So we shouldn’t let ourselves be trapped by the
past and we should try to move on!”

“I don’t care, I’m still going to burn this!” He went into the bathroom and lighted the lighter. The album
was burned and nothing was leftover. He wasn’t heartless, he just really wanted to destroy and forget

The house was then filled with the smell of burnt plastic. Sherry choked and coughed repeatedly.

William watched the album burn until the end and threw the ashes in the toilet bowl. He flushed it away.
He walked out hastily and saw that Sherry was in a coughing fit, “Sherry, let’s get out. We’ll come back
after the room is aired!”

Sherry sighed and walked out of the room. Such an unnecessary thing to do. He was so careful yet so
clumsy. Was this really the stern and resolute Mr. Rowland she knew from before? She was

Sherry frowned as she looked at him, he seemed unhappy. She was annoyed, why could he be
unhappy about?

“William, everyone has their past. I didn’t mind you living together with Ms. Mclean before, but you are
depressed now just because I had a crush on some guy whose name I don’t even remember? You’re

“Sherry, it’s not outrageous!” he growled.

Sherry’s quiet and serene eyes met with William’s gaze. She raised her hand and moved away from his
hand that was grabbing hers, “Don’t touch me.”

“Sherry, I don’t mean it like that,” he quickly grabbed her hand again. He forcefully pressed his large
body on her and she was trapped between him and the bed, “I just feel uncomfortable that you had a
crush before.”

“William, then you should be grateful that I wasn’t wild in the past. My chastity was still protected when I
first met you, but how about you?” William had a lot of sexual intercourse with different women in the
past, she should be the one feeling uncomfortable.

“Sherry, I’m sorry!” he growled. He knew that she was right. In comparison to her, he was the more
disgusting one. “Alright! Just promise me that you won’t think about him anymore!”

Sherry shook her head, “Why should I? You also couldn’t forget Ms. Mclean! Stop telling me what to
do, I hate it!”

“Sherry!” said William as he hugged her, “You’re mine, I want you to only think of me!”

“You don’t love me, you’re obsessed!” she said.

“I love you!”

“No, you just love yourself!” she said.

“Sherry!” He was still hugging her tightly. She wanted to break free, but he strengthened his grip. She
gave up.

William used the chance to lie down next to her. He held her hand tightly and said earnestly, “Sherry,
love is selfish. But I won’t think about anyone else but you anymore, will you do the same for me too?”

Upon hearing that, Sherry felt an odd and sad sensation flowing through her heart. Sherry stared at
him, he was so obsessed. She felt afraid and helpless!

“Please?” He stared at her. He couldn’t help it and wanted to kiss her.

The moment he inched closer, Sherry turned her head. William’s kiss landed on her cheeks and Sherry
closed her eyes listlessly as his thin cold lips touched her cheek, “I’m tired. Get out.”

“Okay, go sleep! I won't bother you!” he said. He was dejected, she wouldn’t let him into her heart

“I’m not leaving!” he whispered next to her ears. His warm breath made Sherry shudder.

Her soft and supple earlobes made William's heart throbbed. Shit, he got hard!

He growled and wanted to punch himself, “Okay, you should sleep. I’ll go downstairs!”

At night, it was merry at the Sutton family. The two children got back from school.

Sherry wanted to go shower after dinner. She was still smelling like smoke because of William’s deed
in the morning and felt uncomfortable.

“Mom, I’ll be at the door looking out for you!” Dan volunteered. He stood in front of William, not letting
him get close to Sherry.

“Sherry, I’ll get you your clothes!”

“No need, I’ll get mommy’s clothes!” Dan didn’t even glance at William. William’s face turned dark, but
Dan was still vigilantly standing in front of the door.

“Hey kid, I’m you mom’s man. This is my job!” William got angry, Dan was his born nemesis.

Dan scoffed and raised his head, “I rather have Mr. Fox going after mommy than you. Stop threatening

“What? Did Keegan slip you some candies or something?” William blinked and met with Dan’s
protective eyes. William then had an idea, “Dan, but your mom doesn’t like Mr. Fox. Your mom will get
angry and not like you anymore if you convince Mr. Fox to go after you mommy.”

“Hmph! That wouldn’t happen!” Who was he trying to bluff? His mother was not that small-hearted.
“Mom, you wouldn’t hate me, right?”

Dan walked over and held Sherry’s hand. His expression turned from provocative to meek, his puppy
face pulled everyone's heartstrings, “Mom, do you not like me anymore?”

“How could I? I don’t want anyone else but you!” said Sherry. She pecked him on his cheek and said,
“Good boy. Protect the door and don’t let anyone come in. I’ll go shower now.”

“Yes! Go ahead, mommy!” Dan glanced at William smugly.

“You! When will you stop blocking my advances?” said William coldly. He swiftly went up to Dan and
carried him up. Dan was dumbfounded and William threatened him complacently, “I’ll send you to
Africa and you’ll be lion’s feed!”

“I dare you!” said Dan, “Mom will hate you to death and you won’t get to marry her!”

This bastard! William’s face turned darker, he was so pissed at the child.

“Mr. Rowland, I’m going to sleep together with Sammy and mommy tonight. You’re not welcome here,
please go back!” said Dan as he tapped William’s shoulder as if he was comforting him.

“You are my nemesis. Did God send you here to punish me?” William frowned as he looked at the
small hand tapping his shoulder.

“Are you afraid of me?” said Dan contently.

“Yes, yes I am!” William put Dan down. Suddenly, his phone rang.

“Alexis, how was it?” he said as he picked up the call.

Alexis was talking on the other side of the phone and the creases between William’s brow burrowed
deeper and deeper. He glanced at the bathroom door and had another shady idea in his head. He hung
up the call and glared at Dan, “Hey, kid. Your mom won’t be sleeping with you guys tonight!”


“Because she needs my wide chest for love support. You guys are still too tiny!” said William.

When Sherry got out of the shower, Sherry had to make Dan leave after hearing Willaim said, “Sherry,
Sue and your father had an affair!”

Dan protested as he was being pushed out of the room, “Mom, you promised to sleep with us!”

“Be a good boy, this matter is urgent!” said Sherry as she closed the door.

There were only two people in the room now. Sherry said shockingly, “Is it real?”

William dried her hair with a towel and said, “Alexis’ information is trustworthy. Sue was father-in-law’s
mistress for 5 years!”

“What!” Sherry trembled and felt cold all over.

“There’s one more thing, please don’t be too shock after hearing about it!” said William.

“What?” She didn’t think she could handle another shocking news.

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