Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 163 Don’t You Come Near Me

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The sculpturesque features of this man in his 30’s carried a sophisticated coolness and sharpness.
Beneath his thick brows, his eyes were deep-set like the abyss. The corner of his slightly pursed lips
curled down. This temperament made Payne frightened.

“Let go of her!” William glanced at Liam while saying that. Liam understood him the moment their eyes

He immediately said to Payne, “Let go of Sherry, Mr. Jones. Why did you involve her in this mess when
you already know Ashley’s whereabouts? This will only make things more complicated!”

Out of his ego, Payne continued to hold the gun at Sherry’s head even though his hand had started to
tremble. He was contemplating.

Liam added, “What you’re doing now will not only make the situation worse, but even the Rowland

He didn’t finish the sentence, but the implication was clear enough. The Jones’ Corp would have it
rough in the business world if they offended the Rowland Group.

However, Sierra shook her head at Payne, “No, don’t let go! Sherry is our amulet when we still have no
idea what Cohen is going to do!”

Upon hearing this, Sherry’s face went pale. Complex emotions were intertwining within the pain she
was feeling…

William shot a sharp gaze at Sierra, which made her flinch. She stayed close behind Payne, “Payne,
let’s go back now! We will exchange her for Ashley! We can’t let her go as long as we don’t get Ashley

“Mrs. Jones, you think you can take Sherry away just like this?” The domineering aura coming from
William’s manly yet delicate face made everyone fell silent.

He took a step forward.

“Don’t you come near me!” Payne got flustered and yelled.

“What are you afraid of? I don’t have any weapon with me.”

“I’ll shoot her if you come any nearer! I don’t mind to do this the hard way!”

“Hmph, you better know your place!” The hands hanging by William’s side had clenched into fists. He
suppressed his anger, “Payne Jones, you really want to make me your enemy?”

He wasn’t trying to be courteous anymore and called Payne by his full name.

Payne stunned. The emotion of “I’ll do whatever I need to for my daughter! Out of my way or I’ll really
fire the gun!” was shown on his face.

“It’s okay, William!” Sherry suddenly said. Her voice was filled with extreme grievance which she could
barely suppress.

“Don’t worry, Sherry! It’s going to be okay!” William was glancing around the hall, trying to find a chance
to break through the impasse.

Sierra was frantic. “Let’s go now, Payne, if he comes…”

“So what!” Payne kept his coll. “Move out the way, William. Or I’ll really shoot!”

Taking a deep breath, Sherry put on a wry smile. She looked at Sierra and accused, “Sierra, may I
know why? Why are you doing this to me?”

Sierra went into a daze and stayed silent.

Clenching her trembling fists, Sherry lifted her head. Even though her fragile body was being pointed
with a gun, there was no fear in her heart at this moment.

William felt uneasy with her reaction. He felt Sherry’s expression was off.

He glanced at Liam. They looked at each other tacitly.

“All right, I’ll let you go, Payne Jones. But if anything happen to Sherry, it will mean the end for the
Jones’ Corp!” William’s eyes shot daggers at Payne, which stunned him.

Suddenly, Liam yelled, “Hey! Look! Ashley’s back!”

Everyone looked towards the doorway. William made his lightning quick move when Payne was
distracted. He kicked Payne’s gun out of his hand into the air, and the gun fell into Liam’s catch. While
blowing a punch at Payne’s face, William grabbed Sherry and took her into his arm.

Everything happened so seamlessly that when Payne came back to his senses, blood was all over his

“Sorry, I was just kidding, there was no Ashley. Can’t believe you guys fall for that.” Liam blinked
mockingly and glanced at the gun in his hand. “Mr. Jones, should I take a shot at your belly to find out if
this is a real gun?”

“No, don’t!” Sierra squealed, “It’s a real gun!”

“It’s fine now, my wife!” William comforted Sherry softly.

Sherry was leaning in his arms. Turning around, she hooked William’s neck and buried her face in his
chest. She muffled, “I want to go home, William. Shall we go home?”

“Sure! Let’s go home!” William patted her on the back. “It’s okay, I’m here!”

“Are you okay, Sherry?” Susan was also flustered at the scene.

Huddling in William’s arms, Sherry didn’t speak and just shook her head.

Payne and Sierra were fleeing at this moment. Leon suddenly said, “Will, Mr. and Mrs. Jones were just
worrying about Ashley, I hope you understand. Sherry is okay now, you guys go ahead and head

Celia was silent the whole time but her gaze never moved away from Sierra’s face. She couldn’t take it
anymore and walked up to Sierra. “Sierra, I just realized you’re the worst mother in the world. It’s funny
how you don’t care at all about your own biological daughter but only care about your stepdaughter.
You’re indeed the role model for all the stepmothers in the world. We should really made a statue of
you and put it in the centre of the city so that everyone knows you’re the greatest stepmother in the

Sierra’s face went dead pale. She lowered her head and immediately lifted it. “I don’t know what you’re
talking about!”

Celia smirked, “Yeah, all a woman like you know is to play dumb and pun on an act for your own
prosperity. Of course you won’t admit that you abandoned your own child so you can marry to a richer

Sherry head shot up. She said painfully, “Stop it, Celia. Stop!”

But Celia couldn’t keep it in anymore, “Why not, Sherry? I’ve had enough with her after all these years
and I’m going to expose her today. Listen up, everyone. This woman with the last name Anderson, is
Sherry’s biological mother. And if you guys recall, just a moment ago she asked Mr. Jones to hold a

gun at Sherry so she can get her stepdaughter back in exchange with her biological daughter. Well,
how confusing is that?!”

Biological mother?

William was dumbstruck. No wonder, no wonder Sherry’s face was so pale. No wonder she looked so
grieved. Sierra was her biological mother!

The woman in his cuddle was trembling. William held her tighter. How could she have born all these?!

“Oh my! I can’t believe such a mother exists!”

“Yeah, that was weird, asking her husband to point a gun at her biological daughter!”

“It’s funny to think that a woman who doesn’t even have a biological daughter is having a


“Celia, please stop!” This woman was none other than a stranger long in Sherry’s heart.

Celia was too mad at the moment to notice how pale Sherry’s face was. She continued, “Sherry, why
are you still trying to be nice with her? She doesn’t deserve to be your mother. And I also want her to
know how inhumane she is! I want everyone to know she doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s mother!”

Payne’s face went dark. Looking at Celia with a cold and wicked expression, he growled, “Shut up!”

“You’re asking me to shut up?” Celia smirked, “I won’t be here if not for Ashley’s sake! You think I want
to have a sister-in-law from your family? Luckily Ashley is not a despicable person like you two, or else
I will never let her be my sister-in-law! But I really wonder what kind of an animal are you? You know
Sherry is Sierra’s daughter but pretend to be ignorant about it. Do you even have a conscience?”

Sierra was silent.

Celia couldn’t stop herself. “Have a good look, everyone. Mom, dad, I’m against Leon’s wedding not
because of Ashley, but her parents! They’re just too vicious!”

“Celia, can you please just stop?” Sherry didn’t want this stuff to torture her all over again. Even though
she had grown tougher and was able to face this reality, it still hurt when someone talked about it
openly. She felt like something really heavy was stuffing in her chest.

“Let’s go home, Sherry!” William picked her up. He glanced at Susan and said to Liam, “Send Susan
back and ensure her safety!”

He then left the scene.

The crowd was now gossiping about Payne and Sierra. Leon was still dumbfounded at the fact Sierra
was Sherry’s biological mother!

“Just leave, Mr. Jones!” Liam waved the gun in his hand. “Your daughter will be back!”

Susan echoed, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones, don’t you worry. Ashley will return safely!”

She was still in awe at this moment. She seemed to know why Cohen was doing this! She couldn’t fully
comprehend it at the moment, but thoughts were running wild in her mind.

She turned to Leon, “Leon, did he threaten you?”

Leon stunned. He turned on the recording and passed the phone to Susan. “This is the recording from
just now!”

Susan took the phone and heard Cohen’s deep voice, “Leon, Ashley is in my hands!”

“Who are you? What do you want?” Then it was Leon’s voice.

“It doesn’t matter who I am! What matters here is you can’t marry Ashley!”

“What do you want? Don’t hurt her!”

“I want you to marry Susan! She had always loved you and never forgets about you! I know her pain,
and I know you actually love her. Leon, propose to her now! Propose to Susan now in front of

“Will you let Ashley go after I propose?”

“After you two are married, then I’ll let Ashley go! You like Susan, right? Do as I say and marry her now!
Do it now or you’ll never see Ashley again!”

“All right! I’ll do it!”

Susan was completely dumbstruck after hearing the recording. She finally came back to her senses.
“I’m so sorry, Leon. I’ll make sure he gives your wife back unscathed!”

Leon looked at Susan, “Is he that guy?”

Susan nodded blankly, “Leon, this is a misunderstanding!”

With that said, she walked up to Liam and Sarah. “Can you guys send me back now?”

Without the gun, Payne and Sierra couldn’t do anymore threatening but could only go back and figure
things out…

At No. 15 Villa.

The moment they reached home, Sherry told William to give her some space and leave her alone.

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