Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 71

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Was it because she cared too much about Legion? Luana forgot that the Marquis Livre was right in front of her for a moment. After thinking about Legion, she lifted her head and looked at him.
She stepped back in panic, but the marquis kept coming closer.
“Is it just my feeling? I think Miss Luana is avoiding me.”
‘It was not just your feeling.’
Luana stopped and stared at the marquis. There will be no one who will stand still when an ill-intent man tries to approach. The same goes for her.
“That’s impossible, right?”
The marquis said that while smiling softly. Luana swallowed the frank answer she wanted to say because she thought it would be better to turn him down slowly rather than excite him with anger without Cain.
“Interpret it all you want. I’ll go back to my room.”
“I’ll take you.”
“I can go alone.”
Luana answered, suppressing her pounding chest. But the marquis ignored her answer and held out his hand to escort her.
‘You don’t even try to listen.’
She didn’t want to be escorted by the marquis as she walked through the dark hallway this late at night.
“You must be tired, so take a rest. I can go alone.”
After saying that, she quickly walked, but the marquis soon blocked her way.
“So, I’m correct about you avoiding me.”
“It must be just your feeling.”
“I don’t think so?”
The marquis keep stuck like a leech. No, leeches seemed to be much better in terms of how harmful he was. Luana frowned and said to him,
“It’s unpleasant, so please stop.”
At those words, marquis’ smile disappeared. Luana hated his sly smile, but his unsmiling face was more frightening than she thought and made her heart pound much faster. Luana scanned her surroundings in that dangerous situation, and no one else was there. Even if there was, it would be useless since he was the marquis.
‘Do I have anything to hold as a weapon?’
She saw a large vase, but it was too far.
While hesitating, the marquis suddenly grabbed Luana’s wrist.
With that short scream, he took Luana and said in a cold voice.
“You should have been polite when you asked me to come.”
‘Asked you to come?’ Luana twisted her wrists to pull her hand out. However, she couldn’t pull her hand since there was a strength difference. ‘Why would a crazy guy always be strong?’.
“To you who inherited low blood, if not now, when do you think this opportunity will come to you?”
“I don’t need this kind of opportunity.”
Luana has a loved one who is eagerly searching for her. She doesn’t know how Legion feels about her yet, but he was at least a thousand times better than this marquis. Legion never try force Luana this way.
Honestly, he threatened her life in the beginning, but he didn’t use this disgusting way. Luana exclaimed, lifting her feet and kicking the marquis’s tibia hard.
“Hot tea cup!”
She used the little powder she had, and her hand became hot. Compared to other witches, her magic was insignificant, but it certainly worked at this moment.
The marquis let go of Luana’s hand in the heat that came over his face. He covered his face with both hands and collapsed on the spot. In the meantime, Luana took the vase she had looked at before and struck it to him. ‘Why aren’t there many cases like this in horror movies? It’s like when a monster you thought was dead jumped up and chased after you.’
The vase hit the marquis’ head and rolled on the floor. The vase seemed to be made out of fairly sturdy material. Luana’s heart pounded like crazy from that moment. Her hands were shaking with fear, but she endured it and looked at the marquis’ condition. He was knocked out on the spot like a frog.
After she checked his condition, Luana quickly ran down the dark hallway. Luana searched her pocket and poured the powder over her body, then her hair color and appearance began to change. She slowed down her pace and walked. Her clothes were different from those maids’ uniforms. Instead, she was wearing pajamas as an excuse. And her idea was proven right.
“The marquis has been attacked!”
There was a loud noise, and lights were lit everywhere. The knights rushed in, and the maids and servants woke up, and she calmly escaped through the commotion. Luana was good at memorizing the maids’ faces. Using this opportunity, she escaped from the mansion and pulled out the hood she had prepared. 
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Now the problem was going through the garden gate, but it was solved unexpectedly quickly because no one was guarding it. There was a fishy smell of iron from somewhere, but Luana left the place and ran away. Now the marquis after her is her enemy. Which idiot worries about the enemy while running away?
Luana paced her steps, and after she got away, she began to run like crazy.
Raindrops began to fall from the sky. Luana looked up in surprise, but the raindrops gradually increased, and it started to rain. Her hood quickly got wet. Luana thought it was better to rain because she found out while in the kingdom death squad that it would be hard for the dogs to sniff when it rains, and it also swept away traces.
Luana clenched her fists and started moving again. The best thing to do was to visit Legion, but now she doesn’t know where he is. She only heard he was nearby. Her next choice was to visit the death squad, but she didn’t want that since she also wanted to run away from them.
She racked her brain and ran without stopping. After much thought, the best choice is to find Legion, as it would not be easy for her to return to the empire from where she is now. She was so panicked that she forgot to bring some money. In short, Luana was broke. Now, there was only one way to find him.
But how?
No matter how much she tried to find him with that little clue, she couldn’t visit Legion in this state. And then, the only building that had light in the midst of the rain caught her attention.
‘Sunrise Inn.’
It was an inn operated like a restaurant that is common in this world. Luana turned her steps in that direction.
The knight who found the collapsed Marquis Livre immediately called a doctor and began to treat the marquis’ burned face. After a while, he woke up and screamed.
He screamed out of anger. His burned face contorted like a demon.
‘What the hell did you use? Was there a candle in the room?’
The marquis, who had been in a rage for a long time, started to regain his composure. The heat attacked his face when Luana reached out her hand towards him.
Like magic.
When his thoughts reached that point, the marquis laughed and smiled.
Luana, the abandoned princess, was a witch. Otherwise, she could not use magic to hurt him.
“Hahaha, she is a witch.”
He suddenly thought of a good idea. There was someone who hated witches nearby! The family who has been hunting for a witch from generation to generation! The Slayer of the Empire! It was not well-known information, but Marquis Livre, who had always been frantically gathering information about the Empire, knew how many witches the duke of the empire had killed.
Although Luana stayed at the duke’s residence the whole time, the slayer probably didn’t know who she was. If he had known, there was no way he would keep her alive and kept her by his side until now.
A gruesome smile displayed on Marquis Livre’s face.
For Marquis Livre, who has always lived in society, it was not difficult for him to read people’s emotions. It seemed Luana had a crush on the slayer of the empire; that was why Luana didn’t have a close relationship with the death squad. Regardless of his reputation, the marquis’ face now has a burn mark.
‘You will get my revenge.’
How would you feel if your true identity was revealed to the person you like? Besides, what if that person especially hates witches?
“How dare you make my face like this?!”
The doctor said it was not a big burn and would be cured if treated carefully, but he couldn’t forgive what she did. The marquis called the knight and ordered him.
“You remember the Duke of the Empire, don’t you? Send him a letter.”
“A letter?”
The marquis’ closest knight was puzzled because he knew the marquis was trying to separate Cain from the death squad. In that case, it would be best for the empire’s knights to be there.
“Well, let’s see. You could write something like this in the letter.”
The knight quietly waited for the marquis’ words.
“I found a witch.”
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He looked surprised at his following words. He was talking about witches that would only appear in fairy tale books! For a moment, he looked to see if the marquis had become strange, but he looked fine.
‘So, does that mean the witch is real? The legendary witch who flies on a broomstick and uses magic?’
“Send it as soon as possible!”
The knight bowed deeply. He had many questions but could not disobey his master’s orders. He quickly rides his horse out from the Marquis’ mansion.
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