Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 73

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As soon as Legion heard that the ranger had found Luana’s trace, he ran immediately. It seemed like a long time had passed while they were separated. Although he was tired, the thought of finally meeting Luana made him gain his strength. He could hear his subordinate say something, but he didn’t care. There was only one thing he wanted to do.
He runs to meet Luana.
He arrived at an old inn located on the side of the city. Legion took a deep breath and immediately opened the door. He could hear the voices of people in the inn.
A middle-aged man who smiles widely, an older man who sings in a hoarse voice, and a woman who claps and talks with a cheerful voice. The people laughing and chatting excitedly turned around at the sudden noise of the door opening. They widened their eyes and looked at Legion.
“W- Who are you?”
The old picked up his courage and asked. Legion ignored his question and looked around. The inn looked ordinary and nothing special. No, there was only one thing that stood out exactly, those people each holding a spoon or fork.
The atmosphere was too peaceful for a fugitive to hide. He heard Luana’s trace lead to this place. Legion panted and glared at the people in the inn.
At that moment, he heard a loud noise from the kitchen. The person in the kitchen opened the door, and a woman was inside.
“Who wants to eat more braised meat? There is more stew, too!”
The people who paused while holding the spoon or fork immediately raised their hands. Even the people who still had food on their plates raised their hands. The woman leaves the kitchen and sets a large pot on the table. The moment she opened the lid, Legion looked puzzled and called the woman’s name.
He blinked several times to see if he had seen the wrong person, but Luana was the woman right in front of him.
The sky blue eyes widened and began to water. Luana threw the pot lid away and immediately ran and hugged Legion. As she hugged him tightly, the thick, rich smell of food brushed the tip of his nose. Legion, who hadn’t eaten for a while suddenly got hungry.
The sound of the boat crashing by a rumble of thunder was heard from his stomach. Regardless, Legion hugged Luana tightly and inhaled her scent. He wanted to say so many things when he met her, but all he could do was laugh. He hugged her small body, and buried his face in her shoulder.
‘Ah, it’s Luana.’
Even in such a serious situation, he could smell her delicious scent, knowing she was Luana. Even the scent was very familiar.
“It’s demi-glace sauce.”
When he spoke casually, Luana blinked with tears in her eyes and soon laughed.
“That’s right! The meat was thoroughly in demi-glace sauce. I just finished cooking, and the flavor is deeply absorbed, and the meat is soft and delicious. Do you want some?”
Luana grabbed Legion’s hand and pulled him into a chair. She brought out a plate and gave him plenty of braised meat. She also gave him a lot of stew in front of him. Legion thought this was not the right time to eat, but when he looked at his plate, he gulped down his saliva.
‘I’m hungry.’
The desire that he had endured all along exploded.
“It’s delicious!”
In addition, Luana encouraged him to eat quickly in front of him. The people who had trembled when Legion showed up started to open their mouths. Their fear was conquered by appetite.
“What about us?”
“Right! We want to eat it, too!”
“I was just smelling the braised meat!”
To those who protested, Luana stared at them and spoke firmly.
It was like a command to a puppy, but the people quickly became quiet. Even the grumpy man from the kitchen after Luana waited quietly like a gentle lamb.
“Here ya go, eat up.”
Luana urged Legion. After hesitating, he put a fork on the braised meat. Even though it looked ordinary, the meat was sliced softly and revealed its light pink flesh. When he pressed the meat with the fork, the meat was tender. He brought the meat to his mouth and heard someone swallow their saliva.
The appetizing smell entertained the nose, followed by a rich sauce stimulating the tongue. Even though he didn’t chew it a few times, the tender meat melted in his mouth and slipped down his throat.
His hand holding the fork moves faster. The pile of braised meat was gone quickly.
‘I want to eat more.’
His stomach demanded more delicious food after not eating properly for a long time. As if noticing what he thought, Luana took the ladle and added more meat to his plate.
“Eat more.”
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Her smiling face was adorable to the moment he wanted to hug and kiss her.
“Are you not going to eat?”
Legion asked her out of worry, but Luana shook her head and said,
“I’ve tasted it enough while cooking. So, you need to eat more.”
She piled up more meat to the point it was unbelievable. Legion ended up eating three portions, and he began to feel somewhat full and turned his eyes to other dishes. The next dish was the stew that Luana made. It tasted ordinary, but he couldn’t stop but eat more and more. The vegetables in the stew were sweet and well done.
After eating so much, Luana nodded solemnly, looking at the pot almost bottoming out.
As soon as they heard that word, a grumpy man rushed his legs to the pot. He picked up the ladle and ate a large piece of meat.
He ate another piece of meat with a loud exclamation, and the others began to sneak around.
“Me, too! Me, too!”
“Yeah, what if the owner eats all the food he has to sell?!”
“Noisy! Whether or not to sell it is up to me!”
Apparently, the grumpy man was the owner of the inn. He did not put the large pot down, despite protests from others. Eventually, a man who couldn’t stand it any longer came up from behind and snatched his pot. In an instant, the hall became noisy.
Meanwhile, Luana was facing Legion. At last, he found her. That fact gave rise to her joy. Of course, the circumstances of how they met were very different from what she had imagined, but the joy remained.
“Thank you.”
Speaking shyly, Legion shook his head.
“It was also my fault that you were kidnapped in the first place. I’m sorry.”
“No. Who knew it would happen?”
The two talked in a warm atmosphere. Then Legion learned why Luana was cooking here.
When the rain was pouring down late at night, Luana, who ran away from the Marquis Livre, visited the inn. Since she was a fugitive, she couldn’t enter the inn easily. She thought about stealing clothes while looking for a chance to enter the inn, but she met the inn owner while looking around. He looked grumpy, but he was kinder than she expected, so he offered clothes and food to Luana, who looked shabby.
“But the food was so bad.”
Luana trembled as she didn’t want to recall the terrible taste. She didn’t know how the inn owner managed to keep his inn with such horrible food. He said some customers came to eat at a low price, but everything felt like a lie. She was grateful for the inn owner who helped her, who looked suspicious, but she couldn’t forgive the dish’s taste.
“So I cooked.”
Originally, she was going to teach a few cooking tips and leave. However, whenever she made something, the owner exclaimed and jumped because he was so happy, so she unconsciously felt proud. So she made stew, made demi-glace sauce, and even braised meat. In the meantime, the visitors tasted Luana’s stew and began to sit down one by one.
Like those who come to an inn like this, those who seem to have missing screws one by one did not even think of reporting Luana, they smelled fantastic food, waiting for the braised meat.
“Why on earth does the story go like that?”
Luana smiled awkwardly and shrugged her shoulders. It was unbelievable for Legion, who looked for her and worried about her all the time to find her casually cooking at the inn. He thought about it for a while, but she was Luana after all.
“I don’t know either.”
“You really are….”
Legion sighed deeply and looked at Luana. He then raised the corner of his lips and smiled.
“You really are the best, but…”
Soon the mood changed.
“You were so reckless when you ran away. What if you get hurt?”
At his question, which is full of worry, Luana suddenly feels her body weakened. Her body was relieved after having been tense for a long time. The tears she had been holding back began to burst. She could see Legion panicked at her sudden cry, but she couldn’t stop.
She sobbed a little at first and finally cried out loud. Legion hugged Luana tightly.
“I’m not blaming you.”
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“I know.”
She knew he wasn’t the one to blame. It was only because she was relieved that her tears were flowing down.
‘I’m safe now.’
Because Legion was by her side.
She was so happy that she couldn’t stop her flowing tears.
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