Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 180 It’s All Over

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“What the heck, you’re being so unreasonable!” Sherry Murray shuddered. And after a sustained
standoff, she gritted her teeth and said, “Aren’t you worried about your first love at all?”

He looked at her and smiled, “I just care about you!”

She was dragged into his arms, and in a trance, his strong arms were wrapping around her tightly.
Sherry could smell the faint scent of the shower gel on his body, without any tobacco smell. The smell
that she missed, and the warm embrace that she couldn’t forget.

Thinking that Lucille Mclean had just hugged him, she pouted as she struggled in his arms, “Alright!
Let’s eat. Aren’t you going to America tomorrow?”

“Mmm! Nope, it’s us! You’re following me!”

“No! I’ve to take care of the kids here!” Sherry raised her head. “The two kids are worried about what
had happened in the past two days. I haven’t been with them for a while. I should spend some time
with them now!”

“Cannot! You’re following me to New York. We’ll be back in three days later!” He announced

“No!” Sherry shook her head. “I can’t be such a selfish parent! I need to have some time with them too!”

“Stay with them during the holidays, which are coming up soon!” William Rowland said.

“No! Just go by yourself. And we’ll get married when you come back!” Sherry felt guilty for not being
with her kids for a long time.

“What?” He was stunned, with his attention all drawn to her, feeling unbelievable. She seemed to be
talking about their marriage. “Did you just say…”

Sherry smirked and looked at him calmly. “Aren’t you going to marry me?”

“So you agreed to marry me?” He looked at her in surprise.

“Yes!” She nodded her head earnestly. “Let’s get married! William Rowland!”

He bent his body slightly in excitement and hugged Sherry tightly.

“Honey, I should be the one to propose to you but you did it first.” His husky voice had touched her

Sherry’s eyes were filled with tears. There were no boundaries for loving someone. At this moment,
she didn’t want to let go of him!

William lowered his head to kiss on her fair face compassionately. He leaned his head on her shoulder,
smelling her fragrance. He said in a deep voice with a sense of childish and yet authoritative, “But I like
it when you say marrying me!”

Sherry smiled, and Lucille was almost ready. Sherry and William could stop worrying!

William woke up refreshed at nine o’clock in the morning. He felt something smooth and silky pressing
on him. William froze as it was Sherry lying on him. He felt shocked for waking up in such a posture in
the morning.

Her black hair was covering her neck, and her face was on William’s bare chest.

William still felt refreshing after sleeping for just a few hours. Finally, they had reconciled, and it was all

He gave a faint smile inadvertently with the tender affection welled up in his heart.

He reached out to hold her naked body. The soft and smooth skin of Sherry was leading William to a
trance. Eventually, he was unable to control himself anymore, lifting her chin and kissed on her lips.

Sherry, who was still sleeping, was like having an erotic dream. In a moment of surprise, she felt
something filled her up. She hummed in a daze after feeling the slight pain and pleasure.

William smiled, looking at Sherry. He held her hips gently as he penetrated in rhythmically. She was still
able to sleep in this situation unexpectedly.

Sherry moved her body feeling sore, and moaned softly again. The hot and erotic scene of her and
William last night was still in her head. As she opened her eyes, she saw a big handsome face.

“Ah…” She was startled and then awakened, struggling to get away. But William held her waist, letting
her lie on him, and jerked. Sherry drew in a breath, crying out, “William Rowland, you pervert!”

“Honey! You’re the one lying on me! You get what you want!” William was shameless, not letting her

“You… Nonsense!” Sherry was shy, covering her eyes.

“You didn’t even have my consent…”

William felt funny and smiled wickedly, “Honey, you were so liking it!”

“Let me down!” She struggled, begging him.

He pulled her head down. “No…”

When it was all over, Sherry covered herself under the quilt, feeling ashamed to look at him as she
reminded sullenly, “Why aren’t you leaving yet? You’re late for you flight!”

“Just let it be!” William looked at her funny. Sherry was still shy after so many times. “Well, come out,
don’t get yourself trapped inside!”

After saying this, he went into the bathroom. Sherry then sneaked out from the blanket when she heard
the water splashing sounds coming out from the bathroom. She picked up the clothes and put them on,
ready to go downstairs. But then, a pair of strong arms hugged her from behind.

“Ah… Hurry up! You’re late already!” Sherry looked at the time, and it was already 11 o’clock.

“I won’t let you go! Just let it be!” He turned her around, facing him. “Come with me!”

“No! I’m staying home with the kids. I need to find Celia too! I can’t lose this friend!” Sherry said.

As she said, her phone suddenly rang!

Then, William went on a business trip to New York. Before leaving, he urged Sherry to take care of
herself. She apologized for not sending him to the airport as she was thrilled to receive Celia Hickman’s
call. William was understanding, and so he didn’t request her to send him.

In the café.

Sherry met Celia, and she seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

Sherry blamed herself when she saw Celia, “I’m sorry, Celia!”

Celia glanced at Sherry, not saying a word. Sherry was anxious. “Are you still mad? I didn’t mean to
hide it. I just don’t know how to tell you about it!”

Celia was still looking at her, not talking.

Sherry looked at Celia cautiously, but she refused to meet Celia’s eyes. Sherry was feeling guilty. She
was afraid of losing Celia as her friend. She was so perturbed for Celia not talking at all.

After a moment, Celia burst into laughter!

“Celia!” Sherry whimpered.

Celia patted Sherry’s shoulder. “You thought that I was still being mad? I was really mad at first, but not
now! It would be pity to break off with you after so many years of friendship. But actually, I’m missing
your two son.”

“Really?” Sherry was dumbfounded. “Not angry anymore?”

“You think that I would be such petty?” Celia frowned.

“Ah! Celia, I knew that you won’t be such petty!” Sherry screamed as she rushed over to hug Celia.
“Ah! That’s great! I’m finally relieved as you’re not mad at me anymore!”

Sherry finally could breathe a sigh of relief.

Celia was holding Sherry tight too. The screaming of the two women had drawn the attention of all the
guests in the café, “Look. Everyone’s watching us!”

Sherry immediately silenced, looking around, and realized that there were indeed many people looking
at them. Her face turned pink. “Sit down!”

Both of them sat down.

Sherry hurriedly explained, “Celia, I was shocked too as I get to know about that matter. I was going to
tell you about it but I don’t know how to open up. Thanks a lot for your forgiveness!”

Celia shook her head, “Sherry, I have thought about it. Leon and Susan were not meant to be together.
Love is fate. Without fate, the two would never be in love.”

Sherry was silenced too.

Indeed, fate and destiny brought two people together at the right time and the right place.

“My mom told me that Leon was always heading to the Jones’ home recently, but Ashley keeps
ignoring him!”

“Err!” Sherry then thought of Ashley Jones being pregnant. She wasn’t sure if Celia would be angry if
she didn’t tell her about it. But if Sherry told Celia, that would be her breaking her promise to Ashley.
Sherry was now in a blue funk.

“Do you have something hiding from me?” Celia’s gaze fell upon Sherry’s guilty face. Celia knew well
that Sherry was not good at lying.

“I...” Sherry was torn for a moment. And she nodded, gritting her teeth, “Well, I’m indeed hiding
something from you, Celia. But I’ve promised her not to tell anyone.”

“Something about Leon, isn’t it?”

“How did you know?”

“You were on the edge of your seat when I talked about Leon. Is it something about Leon and Ashley?”

Sherry sighed deeply, “Celia, I can’t tell you... But... I’m really hoping that Leon could be together with
Ashley now. Ashley is a good girl! No matter what, they should be together! Let’s help them!”

“Sure! I was just thinking about that. My parents like Ashley too. Leon was always heading to her place
recently. But something had happened to the Jones’ family...”

Speaking of the matter about Sierra Anderson and Payne Jones, Sherry turned pale, feeling dejected.

“Forgive your mother, Sherry. She had a bad time after all these years. She looks good on the outside
but she was actually devastated. Such kind of living was uneasy for her too.”

“I have stopped blaming for her already!” Sherry sighed, “What a poor life she had!”

“Well, there’s only Ashley left in the Jones’ family now. It’s pity for her to support such a big family

Sherry thought of Ashley being pregnant and still needed to take charge of the company. She felt sad
too when thinking of herself being pregnant at that time. She was lonely and helpless, with just Celia as
her friend. She gritted her teeth and asked suddenly, “Celia, had Leon really been looking for Ashley

“Yes!” Celia nodded. “Perhaps he wasn’t having no feelings for Ashley. Seeing him being driven to
distraction lately, perhaps he was still unable to accept it about Ashley keep ignoring him! We all hope
that he can start over again!”

“Then just let Leon propose to her soon!” Sherry said. Ashley’s belly would be growing bigger any later,
and she might be unable to look good in her wedding dress by then.

Celia smiled, “I can’t make this decision anyway. It’s Leon’s business. Who knows!”

On the other side.

Leon Hickman was again at Ashley’s house.

The butler saw him and said immediately, “Mr. Hickman, Miss Jones has gone to the office!”

“Uh! Isn’t she not feeling well?” Leon was concerned, “Why did she get back to work again!”

The butler took a look at Leon and said, “What to do if she doesn’t go? The shareholders’ meeting is
called and there’s no one to preside over the meeting other than Miss Jones. It’s hard for her to hold up
the family at such a young age!”

Leon’s heart ached, “Is she feeling better now?”

“Still the same. She is always throwing up and seemed to have an upset stomach recently!” the butler

“Ah! I’ll find her at her office then!” Leon said nervously.

Ashley had been refusing to meet him. Every time Leon came, Ashley was always sleeping or feeling
under the weather. He broke in several times and found out that Ashley was sleeping soundly. Leon
thought of her being exhausted and always wanted to sleep. So he didn’t think much about it.

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