Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 188 It’s Me Indeed

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“Darcy, you don’t follow what your sister does!” William said duly, “You really make us disappointed!”

“William! Don’t talk!” Darcy looked at William’s blue face, “You don’t give me any psychological hints.
Although my mother and my sister are mad, I will not! I am clear on whatever I do! Liam, I will not tell
you the secret forever, I will make Sarah suffer forever!”

Liam was uneasy when he gazed at Darcy’s crazy expression, “Will, is she mad?”

William gave an eye signal to Liam silently, it seemed like they should put her in the jail, “Darcy, since
you are stubborn, we can only put you in the jail!”

“Hum! Just put me! If you put me in, you will never know the secret! Ha ha ha…” Darcy was panicked
at the moment but she still roared obstinately.

Liam called the police. After a while, the police brought Darcy away.

Before leaving, Darcy said something weird to both of them, “You all will never know the secret! Hum,
William! Even if I let you go, others will not let you go.”

“Eh! Will, is she really mad?” Liam muttered and asked, he felt scary, “Is it delusional disorder?”

William moved his sights instantly, he had thought of something. Darcy’s last word made him stun,
“What secret? What secret does Darcy have?”

Just then, William’s phone rang, it was Keegan, “Is Sherry awake?”

“William, come back immediately, Sherry has committed suicide!” Keegan said in a hurry, William was
so shocked that he nearly fainted.


When William arrived there, he saw Sherry trembling. The water dripped from her head, she was
covered with a thick blanket. No matter what Keegan said, she showed a disappointed expression, her
empty sights made others worry.

William was worried and helpless, ‘Sherry is so silly, why will she think that it is anyone else?’ He had
called her name several times by her ear. Although she was not conscious at the moment, he thought
that she knew it!

Sherry took a quick glance at him, then she lowered her head. Her pretty weeping face broke William’s

“What happened? Sherry, why are you so silly?” William did not believe that Sherry would be so silly,
‘She jumped into the sea, why?’

Sherry shivered when she heard his voice. She lowered her head, she was afraid and guilty. She did
not dare to look at him.

She only remembered that she was injected drug by five people and banged into the railing of the bed.
She did not remember what happened next!

When she woke up, the feeling on her body and the pain between her two legs made her realize what

She must be raped!

It must be!

She remembered that it was William but he disappeared when she woke up. She thought that it was
her illusion, she was totally in despair so she imagined that it was William. She indeed had sex with
someone else, she was not virginal anymore!

So she did not want to survive anymore when she woke up thinking of the five men who raped her. She
did not think much and rushed out, wanted to die! However, when she jumped into the sea, Keegan
saved her.

He said that it was William, not anyone else but she thought that Keegan was just comforting her. Her
body was so painful, how could it be done by William himself?

She must be raped by the five men! She did not believe that, she still thought that Keegan was just
comforting her. There must be something happened, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to die!

William felt sorry, walked forwards and sighed.

“She does not believe that nothing happened, she thinks that she is raped by the bad guys after she
wakes up. I have told her that nothing happened but she does not believe!” Keegan explained, “You tell
her by yourself!”

Keegan left the room.

The noisy surrounding became silent instantly.

William walked to the side of her bed and sat down. Sherry went backwards subconsciously, “No, No!”

William strengthened his arms to hug her, he could not help but sighed, “Sherry, look at me!”

She was shocked that she closed her eyes, she was so embarrassed that she did not want to see him,
“No, William. Go away, I know something has happened to me, I know…I am not virginal!”

She had lost her chastity, her tears were pooling.

“Open your eyes!” William said deeply, “I want to pat your butt, how can you think nonsense? Can’t you
differentiate me and others? You want to make me angry, is it? Why will you think of other people? Will

I allow others to touch you?”

She blinked and opened her eyes slowly. With her blur sights which were full of tears, Sherry could see
his handsome face, ‘Should she believe him?’

He was too dominant, he held her arms tightly with great strength that could almost break her bone.

“How can you escape or want to die when something happened? Sherry, are you the woman that I
know who does not afraid of anything?” His familiar yet low voice was heard, it mixed with complicated
emotion and hidden anger.

Sherry bit her lips, she raised her head, did not know whether she should believe him. She saw his
deep and good-looking eyes, “I don’t want you to comfort me, no, you all lie to me!”

“Sherry, I tell you, you can’t escape from me forever. Even if I let you go, God will send you back to me!
How can you commit suicide? You want to make me angry, is it?” He stared at her, the blue veins on
his face were seen, it showed how nervous and how worry he was.

“I…I am not virginal anymore!” She shook her head and bit her lips.

“Don’t bite your lips, it is for me!” He kissed her suddenly, she was stunned and pushed him away
subconsciously. She struggled and wanted to escape from his hug but he hugged her tightly.

“Silly girl, nothing happened, you are still virginal!” It’s me, it’s always been me! You fell asleep just now,
I went to settle the killer, I asked Keegan to look after you! If you don’t believe, you can ask Liam,
Keegan, Alexis, your father and police. Nothing happened to you! Why don’t you believe my words?”
He said gently and softly.

“I…” She smiled hopelessly, “Don’t comfort me! I know you all have colluded, William, I don’t have
courage to survive!”

“Damn!” William was angry, he frowned, “It’s me, is me, not anyone else! Why don’t you believe?”

Sherry did not move, she buried her head in her arms, did not want to raise her head. She must be
raped, William was just comforting her. She was touched, she wanted to cry loudly but she couldn’t.

William pulled Sherry’s arms, forced her to look at him. Her tears were falling, she did not want to look
up. William never saw her being so depressed, he could not help but said, “What do you want? Why
don’t you believe me? Look at my eyes, you see my pattern, don’t I seem to be tired after having sex?”

She was stunned and looked up. Under her tears, she could see his eyes full of blood streaks, his face
was haggard, he looked exhausted. But in the past, after he had sex with her, he would be energetic.

Her eyes reddened again, shook her head, “No, you don’t comfort me anymore, you are energetic in
the past, not tired after sex!”

She sobbed, her words mixed with depression and disappointment, “You all are kind, William, don’t
make yourself wronged. Men cannot endure it!”

“Sherry, it’s true, eh!” William wanted to make her believe, his heart broke, he could feel the pain and
bitter, “Silly girl, I don’t have to lie to you, I never lie to you! It’s me indeed!”

But Sherry did not believe.

William was dumbfounded and shouted loudly, “Keegan, Liam, come in!”

The door was opened!

Keegan and Liam showed up at the door. Liam knew the happening after informing by Keegan, “Sherry,
why you are so silly? You just fainted when we arrived there, William lifted you at the moment!”

Liam wanted to solve the misunderstanding but Sherry shook her head, “You all have colluded! Liam,
don’t comfort me! I know you all do this for the sake of me but I don’t have the courage to survive

“Damn!” William waved his hand, “Both of you go out!”

He wanted to clear up everything by himself, he must prove that he was telling the truth, ‘Shit, wasn’t it
good that he was the one having sex with her?”


When they were the only persons left in the room, William stared at Sherry, did not speak a word. He
wanted to go into her brain to see what was she thinking.

William was sympathetic on her yet thought that she was funny, ‘Why his little woman could be so silly?
So silly yet so stubborn?’ He kept looking at her, she felt guilty and panicked.

Then she could not control herself and asked, “Don’t you lie to me?”

“Do I seem to be lying?”

Sherry raised her head and looked at him carefully. He did not show a disappointed expression and did
not seem to be cuckolded. Keegan and Liam did not show complicated expression just now, ‘Nothing
happened to her indeed?’

‘Was the person always been William?’

He just looked at her, did not talk.

Her silent made her panicked, she could just look at him. Her heart beat fast, she asked tremblingly, “Is
that you? Nothing bad happened to me?”

He still looked at her.

“William?” She raised her volume.

He walked towards her suddenly, he took away her blanket in a second. She quickly grabbed it, ‘Why
he takes away the blanket?’ She did not wear anything because her clothes were wet, she wanted to
cover herself desperately.

But he still pulled away and sat by her bed and looked at her like an angel.

His finger caressed her cheek, his coarse voice was heard in the room, “Silly girl, is the hickeys on your
body made by others? Does another person behave as gentle as me? You should know that it is hickey
and not bite mark on your body, right? Or you think that I can’t make you satisfied compared to them?
Are you looking down on me? Wifey, I’m so angry that you don’t believe me!”

“Is that you indeed?” Sherry grabbed her blanket and covered herself, the hickeys on her body was
indeed not those scars or bite marks. She also did not believe that those people would be so kind and
did not hurt her. Her body’s scar looked not so serious except the tying mark on her hands and legs.
The hickeys seemed to be made gently!

When she was startled, he moved closer to her and kissed her with his thin lips.

“You should be punished!” He muttered and rested his lips on her. He forced open her lips and kissed

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