Novel Name : Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit - Chapter 74

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‘How much did I cry?’
Luana belatedly came to her senses after feeling the people’s curious gaze who were scrapping the bottom of the pot. Luana became embarrassed, and her cheeks flushed.
‘What? What relationship do they have?’
Their thoughts were read through their gaze.
“Ahem ahem!”
Luana coughed for no reason and tried to escape from Legion’s arms. Come to think of it, the two weren’t even really dating yet, and he didn’t even know how she felt towards him. No matter how difficult the situation was, she couldn’t believe Legion hugged her.
With that thought, she gently pushed Legion’s chest with her hand, but he didn’t budge. She shook her body slightly, but he still didn’t move.
As she awkwardly called Legion’s name, he looked at Luana with a questioning look.
‘No, your hands are clinging to my body.’
Legion looked at Luana affectionately and tightened the hug out of misunderstanding. The heat flushed up to her face, probably because of how close they were right now.
‘You’re trying to comfort me because I’m crying, right?’
When she reached that thought, she unconsciously pouted her lips. No matter how much a woman cries, he touches her body to soothe her. She never thought Legion would be someone who would act that way. Her heart sank when she thought he might act this way if another woman cried.
She cried, blushed, and was angry. Unlike usual, her emotions were wild.
‘I guess this is unrequited love.’
The thought made her even sadder. She made an ambitious vow to entice him to eat, but she doesn’t know where all that determination went.
Legion stared at Luana and thought,
‘You look delicious.’
He thought Luana looked delicious. The small tip of her nose reminded him of garlic, and her lips were red as fruit if bitten. Everything about her made Legion’s appetite rise. Obviously, he had just eaten food and felt full, but strangely, he was hungry again. He wanted to bite the tip of her nose and lick her lips. He thought she would taste sweet.
“I’m hungry.”
Without realizing it, the words slipped out of his mouth. Luana who was restless in his arms quickly jumped out at his words. She doesn’t know how did she get her power from. Legion looked at his empty arms and blinked. He felt like he had lost his most delicious food in an instant. Whether she knew or not about his feeling, Luana shouted,
“Please wait a moment!”
She rushed to the kitchen, and after a while, she jumped out again, grabbed the grumpy owner, and dragged him.
“Please wash the dishes!”
The owner nodded his head with a proud look.
After a while, she realized she had dragged the owner, but his hands were already washing and wiping the pot. He paused after smelling the savory food Luana cooked next to him. He hesitated for a moment, but he continued washing the dishes. He was determined to eat more food this time.
‘Quick, quick… A delicious food that I can make quickly.’
Luana racked her brain nervously, and she had an idea. Luana rolled her head nervously. Then there was one thing that came to mind. Hot sandwich! First, cut the potatoes into bite-size pieces, and stir-fry them with oil. In the meantime, prepare cheese and fry bacon in another frying pan. Then, stack the ingredients on the pre-sliced bread.
Bread, cheese, cooked potatoes, bacon! Lightly season with salt, then place the whole sandwich on a frying pan! In her previous life, she used a sandwich pan*, but there was no such thing here. The sandwich she made now didn’t come as pressed as Luana thought.
TL/N: Sandwich pan Luana mentioned is a double pan that can press the sandwich. You may refer to this link for the visual.
‘But I think this is good enough.’
After a while, a thick, steaming sandwich was ready. The heat of the crispy potato beautifully melted the yellow cheese, and the well-cooked greasy bacon smelled salty.
‘This must be delicious!’
Luana swallowed her saliva. She turned around in surprise after hearing the sound of rumbling thunder, and the owner was looking at her.
“What about mine?”
The owner asked with a serious expression. Luana thought for a moment and gave him the smallest sandwich. He seemed to have a lot to say, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared at the hot sandwich and took a bite. His eyes widened as big as cow’s eyes.
“This, this taste!”
He then started eating the sandwich in a hurry. His eating pace was so fast and frightening that Luana instinctively hid the other sandwiches she had behind her and quickly put them on a tray.
As she went out with the sandwiches that she staked into a breathtaking height, people’s eyes were focused on Luana. She walked faster and set the tray in front of Legion.
“Please eat! It’s a hot sandwich!”
Even though Legion had already eaten a lot of food, he began to eat the sandwich as if it was his first meal. It was very delicious that his mouth was watering after just looking at it. Some people even approached to see if they could get any sandwiches, but they failed.
“Is it delicious?”
Luana asked Legion to keep people from coming closer.
“It’s delicious. The food you make has always been delicious.”
Luana’s mood instantly gets better at Legion’s words. Just watching him eat deliciously made her happy. Meanwhile, the inn owner came out of the kitchen and looked at the sandwich with sad eyes, but she didn’t care. Her first mission was to get her loved one’s belly full.
Eat, eat, and eat more.
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The hot sandwiches piled up like a mountain disappeared in an instant. The food was enough to make him full, but Legion said something Luana didn’t expect.
“I’m hungry.”
‘Did you usually stop eating after this much? No, I think you ate more, but how come you’re still hungry after this much food?’
She was suddenly frightened and thought,
‘Could it be the witch’s curse has changed?’
“Are you really hungry?”
“Yes. I keep getting hungry.”
Meanwhile, Legion never took his eyes off Luana.
“I’m starving.”
“S- Should I make more food?”
“Hmm, no need. Just come here.”
Legion called Luana closer and took her arm gently. She flinched at the sudden act and fell on his lap.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”
As she tried to get up, Legion answered calmly.
“I was on purpose.”
‘What does that mean?’ Luana stared blankly into space for a moment and looked back at Legion.
“I keep getting hungry.”
Then, Legion’s hand naturally wrapped around Luana’s waist.
Since Luana had her hair tied up when cooking, her nape was exposed, and she could feel Legion’s breath.
‘Too close!’
She got goosebumps every time she got close to Legion. The nape of her neck was tickling, but she couldn’t scratch it. All Luana could do was sit tight on his lap.
Legion took a deep breath. Luana’s familiar scent and touch calmed his stomach. The hunger that he felt just now disappeared like smoke. At the same time, another desire he had never felt before began to rise. However, if he relieved all his desires, Luana would be terrified and run away. Even though Legion was not good at relationships, he still knew what he desired with his instinct. Legion chooses to endure.
He struggled to suppress his other desire, a mixture of his craving and desire. Then he heard Luana’s voice whispering in his ear.
“Did the curse get worse?”
It was nice to hear her whispering voice that she did to prevent others from hearing it. He even has the desire to swallow her voice.
“The curse?”
Legion slowly shakes his head. If it was about his curse, did the curse get worsened? So, what exactly is this curse? The previous curse made him difficult to eat, but this time, he didn’t feel like that.
‘Do I have an appetite for people?’
He pondered for a moment, but it didn’t seem that way since there were several people here now, but none looked as appetizing as Luana.
‘Or is it because of love?’
The witch who cursed him was Luana’s mother, and she yearned for love when she died. Therefore, it was said that love may be closely related to breaking the curse. Then everything made sense.
‘Because I love Luana.’
But Legion didn’t quite understand why he felt such appetite towards Luana.
‘Would it be better if I stay away?’
He pondered but soon shook his head. He didn’t like the thought of staying away from Luana.
‘How can I stay away when I just found her again?’
His reasoning tells him to stay away from her, but his instinct rejects him.
Reason or instinct? Standing at the crossroads, Legion closed his eyes for a moment. They said the curse might be lifted if he ate a dish made by a loved one.
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‘But from what I’ve just experienced, that doesn’t seem to be the answer. So what is the real answer?’
After thinking for a while, Legion opened his eyes again. He took Luana from his arm, helped her stand up, and got up from his seat. He did it neatly as if he had just finished clinging unto Luana. She smiled at him, even though puzzled by his sudden act.
“Let’s go back, Luana.”
“What? Yes!”
Luana, who answered him with a bright smile, was lovely. Legion clenched his teeth to suppress his desire that had risen again.
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