Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 204 It’s Really Him

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Liam let go of her hand and stared at her for a long time. When she could no longer stay in a stalemate
and wanted to leave, he said seriously in a firm tone, “I want to marry you because I like you. Also,
thank you for helping me and giving birth to a son. I am sorry I wasn’t by your side and caused you a lot
of harm. I will use the next fifty years of my life to make up for it and love you. Can I?”

Sarah’s heart which was a strong walled fortress, collapsed in a moment because of his words. She
burst into tears.

Liam embraced her again and kissed her passionately, “Let’s talk about this when we go back. Don’t
cry, Ashley is still inside. I just want you to know that I really like you! It’s not a momentarily feeling, I
really want to love you forever.”

Sarah was in a daze. She waited for so many years for him to look back, how could she not shed tears
of happiness.

At this time, the door of the emergency room opened. The doctor came out, took off his mask and said,
“Who is Ashley Jones’s family member?”

“I am. Doctor, how is she?”

“You are her…?”

“I am her husband!” Leon said firmly.

“She was in danger of a miscarriage. Fortunately, she came here just in time. Both the patient and her
baby are safe. She will have to be careful not to twist or fall down. The placenta is weak before the
fetus is three months old. You should take care of her!”

“Yes, okay!” Leon nodded excitedly, “Can I see her?”

“Yes, but don’t let her get too emotional.” The doctor advised, “We have given her an injection to save
her pregnancy, we will have to keep her under observation. If her bleeding stops, she can go home and

“Okay. Thank you doctor!” Leon nodded excitedly and rushed in to see Ashley. She was actually
pregnant with his child. He had been too careless these few days, he didn’t even notice her face getting
so pale. He didn’t even find out that she was pregnant.

The stretcher was rolled out of the emergency room. Leon saw Ashley lying on the bed and looked at
her with regret.

Ashley was shocked when she saw him looking at her like that. She realized that he might know,
“You… Do you know?”

Leon just looked at her with a complicated expression. Was it that he found out by accident? She
thought. She had decided to never tell him.

Liam and Sarah also rushed over. Sarah looked at her and asked anxiously, “What happened? Is
everything alright?”

“It’s okay.” Ashley’s eyes were red, “Everything is okay!”

After entering the ward, tears rushed out of Ashley’s eyes and she could not stop crying.

“Ashley, don’t cry.” Leon reached out and stroked her face, wiping her tears away, “The doctor said, it’s
not good for you to get too emotional. There is still a danger of miscarriage, so you have to stay calm.
Don’t get too worked up!”

Ashley wanted to stop crying obediently, but her unbearable sadness made her sob and tears began to
fall again. She was heartbroken from crying, seeing her like this Leon was even more anxious and

distressed, “I am sorry, it’s all my fault. I am the bad one!”

Liam saw him like this and pulled Sarah back quietly, leaving the two alone in the ward.

“You know it then what? This child is mine; it has nothing to do with you! I don’t want you to be
responsible. I can raise my child by myself!” Ashley yelled and said a lot of nonsense.

Leon blamed himself for this, “Ashley, the doctor said you must not get too emotional. You will end up
hurting the baby if you cry like this!”

He couldn’t wait to fantasize about the baby coming into the world, hoping it would be just like Ashley,
beautiful and cute, preferably a daughter.

“You know about the child, but I don’t care. This child is mine!”

“Yes! The baby is yours and it is also mine!” he coaxed her.

“It’s not yours!” She choked while crying bitterly. She sat up and threw herself into his arms crying and
asked, “But don’t like me anymore! But I still like you! What do I do if I like you but you don’t like me? I
don’t want to marry you!”

Blaming himself for all this, Leon hugged her and said, “Who said that I don’t like you?”

She knew in her heart that his feelings for her were strictly liking, not love, but she still felt humbled and
happy. She stopped crying and sobbed softly.

Holding her like this, Leon sighed. The suffering and waiting these few days had brought seemed to
have made him depressed. “Ashley, marry me! Let’s get married!”

He had thought about it a lot. He could not live in the past forever, he must cherish the people around
him in his life. Ashley was a very nice person; he couldn’t let her down.

Outside the ward.

Sarah and Liam stood outside, looking at the two people embracing each other, “Did they reconcile?”

“Sarah, let us reconcile too! I will love you all my life!” Liam decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Sarah refused flatly, “Impossible!”


“No reason.”

“Then accept me!”


Liam was left speechless.

The Rowland family’s living room.

John took Daniel to play golf again and Samuel stayed with Sherry to watch TV. To word it correctly,
Sherry accompanied Samuel.

She looked at Samuel and couldn’t help but feel very sad. Her eyes turned red.

Seeing Sherry scared out of her mind, William couldn’t help but feel guilty.

William called Alexis, “Alexis, I want Peter’s investigation report. A comprehensive investigation, don’t
miss anything!”

“Darcy had a long-term relationship with him before she died. Nothing else has been found.” Alexis said
on the phone, “But there will be news soon!”

“Long-term?” William was stunned as something flashed by in his mind.


William was lost in thought. ‘Who on earth was that ally?’

At this time, another investigation report was received, “President, Ms. Mclean is at the H City Church.
Now she is nun Lucille.”

William was even more stunned, thinking about the last few pages that had been torn away. He thought
about that ally. What Lucille did was to protect someone, and he must know that person otherwise she
would not have done it.

He didn’t dare to guess but just took the clothes and walked downstairs. He said to Sherry, “Sherry,
Lucille has been found! Let’s go!”

The two hurried to the church. As soon as the beautiful sound of the piano came that calmed the
distressed hearts.

Reggie had gotten the news and he also rushed over.

Everyone in the church saw Lucille in the nun’s uniform playing the piano with a smile on her face. Her
smile was very bright, very splendid and peaceful.

At that moment, William and Sherry were also moved by her smile and didn’t know how to go forward
and ask about the child.

Reggie’s face was also very calm. He sat down on the bench and watched her play the piano quietly.

When Lucille finally turned her head inadvertently, she saw William and Sherry and the Reggie. She
looked startled at first but then regained her calmness. She stopped playing and walked over.

At first, she smiled faintly and looked at the three of them, her eyes filled with an expression of

Reggie was very pleased to see her like this.

William looked at her blankly for some time and finally spoke, “Lucille, I want to know who that person

“This is the last time I am seeing you guys. After this, there will be no Lucille in this world. He is Peter.
May lord forgive his sins!” Lucille prayed.

“It’s really him!” William stood there stunned for a while. He had not expected it to be him in the least.

“Everyone, please go back!” Lucille resumed her smiling expression, giving them a faint smile as she
turned around.

“You have nothing to tell me?” Reggie suddenly said, his voice deep.

Lucille paused for a moment, then continued to walk straight forward.

Without a word, she left, leaving for him only the view of her leaving. Reggie’s eyes turned dark. He
was speechless. He knew he should go!

“How could it be Mr. Mollison?” Sherry was still surprised by this piece of information as she sat in the
car. “Isn’t he the one you believe the most?”

William’s emotions were very complicated, “I don’t want to lose him at this moment, but I didn’t expect it
to be him!”

“Is he really the one who took our child?” Sherry’s hands were clenched together. She was really
nervous. Ever since knowing that Samuel was not her son, she had continuously felt anxious. She felt

so anxious she didn’t know what to do.

Unexpectedly, that person turned out to be William’s best friend. Why would he do this? And hide it for
so many years. Sherry felt a chill going down her spine. It all felt like a big conspiracy, giving her

William didn’t know why he did that, but he was going to find out, “Sherry, I will drop you back first and
then go find a way to investigate this matter.”

He drove with one hand, reached out with his other hand and grasped her cold hands to comfort her, “I
will find him, trust me!”

“Hmm.” She nodded, “But why did he do this? He is really awful.”

William pursed his lips, his eyes darkened, “No matter why he did this, he will not succeed and will be
exposed. I will not allow him to continue to be presumptuous!”

He treated Peter like a brother, but what did he do to him?

Sherry looked sideways at William; his handsome profile looked resolute. He also gave her a glance
and then continued to drive. His hand on hers tightened, “Don’t worry, you have me!”

“I am just worried about what if the child denies us. If he is living happily in someone else’s family, how
will we bring him back?” Sherry said worriedly. “And what if he is not happy? What if he is beaten and
harassed by the people in the streets, what should I do then? I am so worried about this; I am so

William held her hand quietly, “No, it won’t happen! Let me call!”

He released her hands and dialed Alexis’s number, “Alexis, my son is lost! Peter switched my son! The
child with me right now is not my son.”

“Your son?” Alexis dubious voice came, “That kid from last time? Dan? Impossible! He has the same
features as you. How could he be replaced?”

“He is not my son. He was picked up by my wife!” William said and then suddenly pressed the brake,
stopping the car. His voice became excited, “Alexis, did you just say that Dan is like me?”

“Is there anyone who looks like you and your wife more than him?” Alexis raised an eyebrow.

Sherry was stunned. She was shocked by these words. She subconsciously grasped William’s sleeve,
wishing to hear what Alexis had said.

William was in a daze; his face showed a little joy.

Alexis said at the other end, “Believe me! Dan is your child!”

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