Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 209 So Long as There’s Love

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"Mommy!" Daniel looked up and saw both his mother and Samuel. He slipped out of William’s embrace
and looked up at Sherry, “Mommy, Mr. Rowland was smoking again, but I stopped him!”

“Good boy!” Sherry leaned down to kiss him on his forehead.

William looked at Sherry and cracked a smile, “We aren’t married yet and you’re already controlling

Sherry raised her eyebrows and asked in a mischievous way, “Can’t I?”

William shook his head as he laughed, “Sure, the king approves!”

“Daddy, are you the king?” Samuel asked in a confused manner.

“Of course! If I’m the king, then your mother’s the queen!” William jested

“But doesn’t that mean mommy is your mommy as well?” Daniel shouted, “Doesn’t that make mommy

“Hmph! Runt! I was just making a comparison; your mother still holds the highest authority!” William
leaned down to pinch Daniel’s nose, “Now take your brother and go play, I have something to say to
your mommy!”

“OK!” Daniel nodded and grabbed Samuel’s hand, “Come on, let’s go play chess!”

The children held hand in hand and headed towards their playroom. Looking as they left, William and
Sherry let out a sigh, then Sherry asked, “How are we going to tell Samuel? I’m afraid he won’t be able
to bear it!”

“So long as there’s love, it’ll all be fine. No matter what, they’re our sons… We have two sons…”
William stood behind her and said softly.

Sherry turned around to look at William. His eyes were filled with lovingness. In this moment, he
appeared calm and peaceful, even his handsome face exuded a gentleness.

William lowered his head to look at her; she had on a thick sweater, but it wasn’t enough to cover up
her slender figure. A heavy winter coat covered her shapely body, but as soon as he stepped closer,
her fragrance would captivate him and make him start to fantasize and become excited.

Although she hadn’t slept all night, but her tiny face was still beautiful.

The balcony’s roof was designed to be open in order to see the stars in the night sky. Winter was a bit
chilly, and even the scenery seemed desolate.

Sherry continued to stare at him until he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his embrace.
Even as she stared at the desolate winter night sky before her, she felt warm.

She fluttered her long eyelashes, and her eyes were filled with a tenderness. Though all the troubles
and worries of late made her head dizzy and eyelids heavy, but she still felt excited, because Daniel
was her biological son. Whenever she thought of this, she was too excited to even sleep.

“Something on your mind?” She softly asked him.

He said nothing, but leaned his chin on her shoulders and said, “Sherry, there’s a chance that Peter is
my brother! My half-brother from another mother!”

“What-” Sherry gasped, “How could that be?”

“I just showed the investigative report on him to my father, and also asked him about his relations to
Peter and Ava. He didn’t say anything, so I think it might be true. His expression was grim!”

Sherry took a while before she recovered, “If he’s your older brother, then it might make sense that he
switched babies. He might be trying to get revenge…”

“It’s all for revenge! To think, he’s been hiding all this time!” William let out a sigh, “What should I do?”

“Even you have moments where you don’t know what to do?” Sherry was confused; she always
thought that William could overcome any difficult situation.

“Why can’t I?” He smiled and looked at the side of her face, his hot breath lingered by her ears and
turned her cheeks rosy red.

For a second, he was lost in the moment as he continued to look at her face.

She replied in a low voice, “Because you’re a CEO, you have to make so many decisions. I always
thought that only I had moments of doubt, never thought you did too!”

“I always thought that you acted fearless before any difficulties. You’ve always been so strong and held
through. If it was another woman, I’m sure they’d have given up already, but you didn’t. It must have
been tough raising our son by yourself. Thank you, Sherry, for your determination, and for letting me
have you once again!”

She leaned in his arms and reminisced of some past events, then shook her head. “These difficulties
are just trials; it’s thanks to them that I’ve become stronger.”

“Not many people can endure so many trials and still manage to keep a pure heart. You’re definitely
one of the few!”

“Don’t flatter me; but honestly, whether Peter is your brother or not, I hope we can get along and forgive
others, as long as he doesn’t hurt us, we won’t hurt him either.”

“I think so too!” William nodded in approval, “Let’s wait and see what he’s up to!”

“It’s getting windy, let’s head back in.” He held her tiny hand.

The warmth that came made her feel completely at ease. All she ever wanted was this feeling of
comfort. She held his large palm, and the second the entered the corridor, they saw John come out of
the study.



They shouted at the same time.

John nodded and said in a solemn manner, “I need to head to Switzerland.”

“Dad, are you going to look for Ava?” William froze, “Is he really your son?”

John looked at William but did not answer forthright; he only said, “We’ll discuss it once I return!”

“OK! I understand! Let’s cancel the evening’s party! Once you return, then we’ll call father-in-law and
Joshua over!”

John said nothing and headed out.

William and Sherry glanced at each other. From John’s behavior, it seemed likely that Peter really was
a member of the Rowland family.

The sudden sound of a car honking downstairs surprised Sherry. “It’s Liam and Sarah; they called
earlier and said they would pick up some things for the kids and would stop by. Should we tell them
about Daniel?”

William nodded and said, “I’ll tell Liam; I have some other matters to discuss with him as well!”

“Is your father going to Switzerland to find Peter’s biological mother?”

“Probably!” William sighed, “I didn’t think my father would have other women. I always thought he was
truly devoted, but who knew it was all a facade!”

He suddenly felt disheartened as he thought of his mother’s death and how his father remained single
for so many years; he must have been lonely. He always thought his father was incredibly devout. No
one expected that he’d have a big brother suddenly show up. He didn’t know if the world was always
like this, or whether he was just too naive.

“Maybe it’s not like how we believe it is; I always thought that your father was very loyal. To think, he
didn’t remarry in over 30 years, remaining faithful to your mother. I think he’s a faithful person. Even if
Peter is his son, that must have been before he got with your mother. So, in a way, he’s still faithful.”
Sherry held William’s hand, “Don’t feel bad.”

William smiled in a relieved manner, “Let’s head downstairs!”

In the living room.

“Are you heading out, Mr. Rowland?” As soon as Liam entered the door, he saw John leaving in a
hurried manner.

John said nothing but only nodded, then called his driver and assistant.

William and Sherry came down the stairs and saw Liam and Sarah with both hands full of bags that
were stuffed with kids’ snacks. They didn’t have much ideas about parenting, so when they got the call,
they just headed to the supermarket and bought a ton of items. In their state of worry, they called often
to ask what the children liked, so the bags were filled with the children’s favorite snacks.

The second Sarah stepped in, she glanced around anxiously, “Where’s Samuel?”

“He’s in the playroom with Daniel, I’ll go get them!” Sherry turned back to get the children.

Liam and Sarah stood still attentively in the living room, which made William laugh. “Relax, don’t be so
nervous. The children will pick up on how nervous you two are!”

“But Will, I really am nervous!” Sarah said frankly, “I feel like I’m going to cry once I see them!”

“Don’t worry, they’re coming!”

Daniel was the first to appear.

Sarah felt as though her heart was going to burst out; but where was Samuel?

“Mr. Liam!” Daniel shouted the second he saw Liam and ran towards him, “I haven’t seen you in so
long, you look more and more handsome!”

“Oh, Daniel, you’re quite the smooth talker, aren’t you?” Liam laughed at Daniel, “Mr. Liam will soon be
your uncle!”

“How come?” Daniel asked confusedly.

“Because your mommy is my cousin!” Liam held him up.

“Oh! So we’re related? But how come mommy never said so?”

“Your mommy’s dad and my dad are blood-related brothers, so you have to call me uncle, got it?”

“Grandpa has a brother?” Daniel’s face scrunched together as he tried to make sense of it all, “Oh, it’s
so confusing!”

“Yeah, it is a bit, but you just remember to call me uncle from now on!”

“How come there is someone always telling me what to call them lately? First, it was mommy’s daddy
who wanted me to call him grandpa. Then it was grandpa; I already call him grandpa, but he still wants
me to call him grandpa. He’s acting weird lately. Then you are not married to mommy but I have to call
you daddy. Now Mr. Liam wants me to call him uncle. I’m so dizzy!” Daniel exasperated.

“Come now, you’re so smart; how could your tiny head get dizzy!” Liam said as he pinched Daniel’s

Daniel rubbed his nose, “Of course I get dizzy, I’m not god, you know! Don’t you ever get dizzy, uncle?”

“Haha, you’re right, you’re a tiny genius. Where’s Samuel?”

“He went to the bathroom, mommy’s waiting for him!” Daniel said as he turned around to look at the
stairs and saw Sarah standing on the side. Confused, he suddenly asked, “Uncle Liam, is that your

William shook his head as he looked on; his son’s words were quite something. And he was quite nosy.
But the words that came out of his little mouth were quite comical and made people could not help but

“Yes, she’s your aunty!” Liam pointed at Sarah and asked with pride, “Isn’t she pretty?”

“I am not aunty. So this is Daniel? You’re so cute!” Sarah liked Daniel the second she saw him. “I’m
good friends with your mommy, so just call me Ms. Sarah!”

“Come on, Sarah, save me some dignity before the kids!” Liam let out a defeated growl.

Sarah looked away and snorted coldly.

“Why can’t I call you aunty?” Daniel asked, “Oh, I get it; because aunty doesn’t like uncle! Uncle, you’re
so unlucky; you have to be like Mr. Rowland and kidnap mommy until she begs for mercy. Then she’ll

agree to be aunty! Or maybe uncle and aunty can have a little brother together, then whatever happens
will happen!”

“Daniel…” William was shocked, and went over to pick up Daniel. “Since when did I ever kidnap your
mommy? And who did you hear this from?”

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