Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 230 Wedding

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&#lt;p&#gt;Macey sneered. “Leila, Aunt Mabel. What an irony in the family. The younger sister seems to always
like to steal the elder sister’s boyfriend!” Her words made Mabel’s face went pale at once. She bit her
lip and did not utter a word. “Sis---” Leila instantly grabbed her mother’s hand when she saw her pale
face and said, “Don’t be sad, mom!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Macey snorted. “Is it him the one who wants to marry you or you’re the one who insist marrying him?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Did he really say he wants to marry you?” Brian asked abruptly. Seeing her father walking towards her
with a gloomy face, Leila lowered her eyes and nodded docilely. Brian nodded with understanding. “If
that’s the case, then marry him!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Leila and Macey were both startled. Leila did not expect that her father would agree straight away as
Vincent had used to be her elder sister’s lover after all! “For the sake of the Hunter family’s reputation,
that’s the only way!” Brian seemed to have a lot of reluctance, but he did not say any of it.
&#lt;p&#gt;Leila felt bitterer all of a sudden. She had only changed her surname to Hunter these few years for the
sake of the Hunter family. She tried hard to raise her head, wanting to smile for herself, but poignant
tears uncontrollably gathered at the corner of her eyes. She took a deep breath and still regained her
calmness in the end. She then nodded silently.
&#lt;p&#gt;At the City F church, sunlight had shined across the solemn church, but it did not manage to chase the
cold and darkness away from the shadowed corner. The bride and the bridegroom were in the middle
of a wedding while being watched by many pairs of eyes in the church.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Leila was wearing a white wedding gown and she looked more other-worldly beautiful under the sacred
atmosphere. Her red lips were shiny and alluring, and her delicate body figure was gently clad in nicely
tailored wedding gown. Her tender skin grasped everyone’s heart.
&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent who was wearing a white suit was gripping her pale hand with an attractive smile. Yet it was not
hard to realize when looking up close that there was no joy in his eyes, but a little contempt, as if he
was planning some conspiracies, it was just that nobody could tell.
&#lt;p&#gt;With her hand being gripped by the god beside her, Leila looked up and took a glimpse of Vincent.
Blush appeared on her cheeks and there was more uneasiness in her eyes. That man was going to be
her husband! And their marriage was not based on love from the start. The moment she looked at him,
he suddenly stooped and spoke beside her ear, “Dear Leila, do you know that you’ve irritated me?”
&#lt;p&#gt;She was startled, yet he kissed her lips in front of everyone out of the blue. Everyone was taken aback
by his crazy action. Although not many people had come, and the wedding was not widely broadcast,
there were still a few of her father’s friends who attended the wedding.
&#lt;p&#gt;Macey saw it too and she wrinkled her eyebrows. If she had not made a blunder, the one who was
standing there with the groom would be her. Yet she had not expected that Vincent would lay eyes on
her silly little sister. She then let out a grim smile and her eyes were brimmed with envy and jealousy.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Get your ass back home!” Brian lowered his voice and criticized her. “You useless thing!”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Dad, aren’t you being too biased?” Macey snorted and she felt aggrieved. “What a disappointing
daughter!” Brian snapped at her. “You’ve embarrassed me greatly!” Mabel quickly stopped him. “Brian,
calm yourself down. Macey, enough of the talking too! It’s Leila’s wedding today, and it’s inappropriate
to let Macey go home. Why don’t both of you just shut your mouth and control yourself? Everything we
do is for the Hunter family!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Leila drew a cold breath when Vincent finally released her. She was feeling embarrassed, and at the
same time she sensed a deep horror. Vincent’s eyes were like hawk’s eyes. He fixed his eyes on her
face as if he was looking at his prey. The masculine aura he possessed was conspicuous.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. White!” Leila exclaimed. His eyes were too imposing and his action made her mouth dry. She
could only lower her head once more. Yet Vincent spoke again, “Darling, we’ve gotten married! How
could you still call me Mr. White? Come, call me honey!” He sounded like he was flirting with her, but
Leila knew he did not have that intention at all!
&#lt;p&#gt;How would the man who had used to talk about marriage with her elder sister love her? It was her elder
sister who betrayed him that he had become that scary. As she was afraid of him, her heart also ached
for him. She wondered how long would it take to cure his broken heart. She lowered her head and bit
her red and swollen lip which was kissed by Vincent just now. Her long and curvy eyelashes hid the
panic in her eyes.
&#lt;p&#gt;She did not call him and Vincent narrowed his eyes, looking dangerous. He unintentionally caught a
glimpse of Brian’s face. He let out a grim and creepy smile when he saw Brian’s slightly worried and
thoughtful eyes. Just then, the pastor started his long-winded wedding speech. Leila stood quietly
beside Vincent and the guests all listened silently.
&#lt;p&#gt;The pastor asked, “Vincent White, do you, take Leila Hunter as your wife, to have and to hold from this
day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, joy or sorrow, to love
and to cherish, and remain faithful to her till death do you apart?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent blinked and did not reply. He turned, glimpsed at Macey and Brian with his sharp eyes and
turned back. He glimpsed at Leila who was beside him and slightly narrowed his eyes. He then let out a
cunning smile and answered calmly, “I do!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Leila shuddered and heaved a sigh of relief. She thought he would make the Hunter family
embarrassed during the wedding. Luckily he did not! She really had no idea what he had in mind, but
she still married him. Because he was Vincent White! The man who once had a cheerful and
heartwarming smile. When the pastor asked her the same question, she answered without any
hesitance, “I do!”
&#lt;p&#gt;The guests clapped thunderously and the pastor handed over the rings. Brian could never relax his
eyebrows. There was a transient light in his eyes when he stared at her little daughter’s blushing face.
Hearing Leila’s answer without hesitance, Vincent’s smile grew bigger, so as his contempt. Both of
them then exchanged their rings. “The groom can now kiss the bride!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Yet Vincent said to everyone, “I’ve done that just now! And I’m eager to go to the bridal chamber now!
Do enjoy yourself, I’ll leave my father-in-law to you!” After finished, without caring for the guests, he
carried Leila up and straight away walked out of the church.
&#lt;p&#gt;A commotion was immediately stirred up in the church. Macey stamped her foot and her eyes were
brimmed with jealousy when she watched them left. The bride was supposed to be her and Vincent
was her man. If not because of her love affair being exposed, how would Leila have the right to replace
&#lt;p&#gt;The White house was located halfway up the NT Mountain of City F. A limousine had brought both
Vincent and Leila there. Leila was nervous along the way and she did not know how to face the bridal
night that was about to come. The car stopped upon arriving at the villa and Leila wanted to get out of
the car. “Don’t move!” Vincent spoke lethargically and bewitchingly beside the car door. “We can’t ask
the bride to get down the car herself, right? I’ll carry you, darling!”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ugh! M, Mr. White…” Leila panicked. Before she could finish, her lips were kissed. The kiss was
aggressive and Vincent was kissing her lips hard. He did not care about his subordinates at all. Yes,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that kiss was like rainstorm and had etched in her mind.
&#lt;p&#gt;That made Leila felt as if Vincent wanted to take everything from her. Their lips tightly pressed against
each other and almost merged to each other. Their lips seemed to melt and recombine. Vincent’s
tongue swirled and poked without giving her any chance to puff. Leila’s eardrums were thumping hard
like her heart.
&#lt;p&#gt;As she was going to suffocate, he stooped and carried her up, lowering his head and kissed her again.
Without letting go her lips all the way, they went upstairs. The servants all lowered their heads as if they
were not surprised by that at all, and they seemed to not dare have any objections at all.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. White---” Leila was nervous and she was so shy that she wanted to resist. Yet her helpless
resistance made him had a stronger urge to do something to her. Her light body seemed to betray her
soul and invite him, but she still struggled hard. As he carried her to the second floor into the luxurious
bridal chamber, he tossed her onto the bed and started to take off his necktie.
&#lt;p&#gt;Leila exclaimed and she instantly sat up. She was afraid and nervous, yet Vincent only took off his
necktie and did not utter a word. He lighted up a cigarette and started to smoke while sitting on the
bedroom’s couch. The room went deadly silent at once and there were only soft breathing sounds.
Leila was extremely nervous, she grasped her wedding gown and did not dare to move a muscle. She
did not know what to do.
&#lt;p&#gt;Vincent gazed at her innocent look, extinguished the cigarette in his hand and stood up. Leila lowered
her head in panic and a disdainful smile was seen on Vincent’s chiseled facial feature. “What? Are you
&#lt;p&#gt;“I, I’m not!” Leila shook her head and still did not raise her head. “Go take a shower!” he rumbled. “Ok!”
Leila took her pajamas and walked to the bathroom docilely. She hesitated and stayed in the bathroom
for more than one hour. She had no idea how to face the bridal night and she sat on the toilet bowl in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her pajamas. The sound of the water flow was finally overcome by a woman’s ear-piercing giggle from
outside. Leila went instantly awake. What was that?
&#lt;p&#gt;She pulled the door open carefully and saw clothes scattered on the floor in the bedroom. Her husband
was putting his arm around a strange woman on the bed which was supposed to be hers and his for
bridal night. They were hugging each other intimately and that scene before her eyes had become the
pain that she could not get rid of for the next few years even until the end of life. “Oh---” The woman
suddenly shrilled. “Vin, you’re so bad! Where are you touching? It’s itchy!”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Is it?” Vincent’s deep and alluring voice crashed Leila’s eardrum. She was in a complete daze. She
saw him turning around and looking towards the bathroom. A smile broke upon his lips when he saw
her stoned beside the door. Yet he continued hugging the woman and rumbled slowly, “Is it still itchy?
Little fox.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Oh---It’s too itchy---I beg you, Vin! Don’t touch there!” The woman shrilled and writhed, rubbing her
body against Vincent. “Then how about here?” Vincent seemed to have touched the woman’s private
part. He looked towards Leila and let out a leer. “My dear wife, have you done taking shower? If you
have, come join us!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Leila’s ears hummed and her heart instantly plummeted.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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