Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 231 Who’s Wedding Night

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Their gaze met each other. He blinked his eyes and said in a low voice, “Why are you still standing
there? Come here!”

What did she see?

Leila’s heart throbbed suddenly. No! How could he humiliate her like that? How could he bring another
woman into their bridal chamber and used their bed on their wedding night?

She knew Vincent wasn’t sincere in getting married with her. She also didn’t understand why Vincent
wanted to marry her, but these weren’t important anymore. She didn’t expect he would be so
unrestrained that he even ignored father’s words.

The loud groan and the situation on the large bed almost made her faint.

“Come here!” His voice became louder.

Leila was frightened, but she didn’t obey him. Instead, she involuntarily closed the door of the
bathroom. After closing the door, she immediately regretted and thought she should ran out of the
bathroom and left this bedroom.

The sky outside was getting darker as Leila’s heart found it difficult to understand this man.

Was it because her sister had betrayed him that he was seeking revenge on her as well?

Leila didn’t know. She only felt her heart aching and her whole body was cold. She opened all the water
taps in the bathroom to cover the noises of excitement outside.

It was just a nightmare, there was nothing to make a fuss about. She comforted herself.

However, Leila’s heart felt really so painful that she couldn’t breathe properly!

She bent down and couldn’t stop her tears from streaming down. She bit her lips hard. Her bite marks
engraved on her lips until it was bleeding. She was crying so hard to the point where she felt drowsy.
The lewd screams of a woman and the rough gasps of a man still sounded outside the bathroom.

She sat on the floor in the bathroom. The cold water made her pyjamas wet and she felt dizzy from all
these tears while listening to the sound of Vincent and a woman fooling around in bed outside. She
didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at herself.

After a while, the bathroom door was suddenly opened. Vincent appeared in front of her unclothed,
revealing his built muscles full of sexiness. He stood in front of her with a wild and upright

“Vin...Vincent!” Leila exclaimed in fear and looked down. Her eyes were red and swollen because of all
these tears. Her gaze was blurry, but she could still see an unpleasant scene. His chest was full of red
lipstick prints that were unpleasing to her eyes.

She dared not look at him again, because she really didn’t know how to face this situation in front of

“Why didn’t you come when I asked you to?!” He said in a low voice.

“You’re not convenient!” She sobbed out the truth. Since he wanted to enjoy his wedding night with
someone else, she would help him to achieve his aim. However, she would never have a threesome
with them.

“Leila, don’t you want to listen to me?” Vincent didn’t expect her to be so calm after seeing such a
scene. It was out of his expectations. He thought she would rush out and made a fuss with him, but she
didn’t. She just hid in the bathroom and cried!

All women were the same! Did they only know to shed tears whenever something happened?

“Vincent, I’ve always listened to you. I married you because you wanted to and followed all your orders,
but I had a healthy mind. I’m not suitable to play this kind of game with you!” Leila’s tone was a little
anxious because she didn’t want to say a word more to him, especially at this current situation.

“Do you mean I don’t have a healthy mind?” There weren’t any emotion in his words, but the corner of
his lips was tipping into a gloomy smile.

“I didn’t say that!” Leila took a deep breath and tried to keep her voice calm, but her crying tone still
exposed her emotions at that moment. How could she not care about her husband spending their
wedding night with another woman on the big bed that belonged to them?

“That’s exactly what you mean!”

“That’s what you think. I don’t have a habit of fantasizing. If you want to take a shower, the bathroom is
all yours. I’m going out!” She exclaimed. It was not that she didn’t have any temper, she just didn’t want
to lose her temper easily. That would be too unreasonable.

“You’re jealous?” He frowned.

“That wouldn’t be!” Leila sobbed out these words as tears streamed down her thin cheeks from the
corner of her eyes and flowed to her mouth. “I know our marriage is just a deal, but when will you return
my things back to me?”

“This is just the beginning of the game!” He said wickedly.

“Vincent!” Even after the pain in her heart had disappeared, Leila murmured gently with her pale lips
and face that seemed anemic, “To me, you were still the boy with a sunny disposition when you first
arrived at my house. You had a bright smile at that time, I thought you would become my sister in law.
Even if you wouldn’t be my sister in law, you were still the kind-hearted brother that I always had. My

sister didn’t cherish you, so I made atonement for her sins. I’ve forborne everything. It’s fine that you
don’t like me, but you can’t humiliate me like this!”

Leila became even more agitated and she shouted with a crying tone, “You can kill me, but you mustn’t
humiliate me!”

It was painful!

It really hurt so much!

It turned out that there was a kind of pain that couldn’t be expressed out in this world. She had felt it at
that moment. She looked down and her tears blurred her gaze.

She quickly put away her tears. Then, she straightened her back and passed through him to exit the

He immediately pulled her back. She seemed to have seen this coming that she unconditionally
reacted to get rid of his hand. It was as if she was sickened of him and felt that he was disgusting.

Vincent didn’t catch her again and Leila quickly walked out.

On the big bed, the woman loosened her hair as she laid on their bed. She smiled in pride and stared
at Leila coming out from the bathroom. She also said provocatively, “Miss, where are you going?”

Leila slightly raised her gaze and saw the alluring young woman lying on their bed. She flirtatiously
flaunted herself in various styles. Leila knew she could never put on such a show in her entire life. Her
face was expressionless that the woman couldn’t see her emotions at all. Then, she left the room
without saying a word.

As soon as she went out, her shoulders collapsed and she suddenly felt powerless. The strong
personality that she had disguised earlier vanished just like that.

She couldn’t stay in her wedding bedroom anymore, so she went to another room and opened the
door. It was the guest room. She locked the door and buried herself on the soft mattress. Her heart
ached slightly when she thought of the scene that she saw earlier.

She didn’t know since when her tears had streamed down from the corner of her eyes.

No wonder all novels quoted that a marriage without love wouldn’t achieve happiness. Besides, her
marriage with Vincent was just a deal to get her sister’s video back. That was it. Therefore, no matter
what Vincent did and how he humiliated her, she shouldn’t care about it. She must learn to adapt to the
situation. Leila, you mustn’t cry!

After wiping her tears, she curled herself up and fell asleep on the big bed without a blanket.

The next day.

When she woke up, she had a runny nose. She caught a cold after sleeping without a blanket the
whole night.

She purposely got up late as she didn’t want to meet Vincent. As expected, she didn’t see him
anywhere, so she moved all her clothes to the guest room. She went downstairs after she had cleaned
herself up and changed her clothes. Then, she saw a man sitting on the couch in the living room
downstairs, Vincent.

He sat on the couch with his legs crossed and looked at the newspaper in his hand. The young woman
yesterday was gone. When he saw her coming downstairs, he raised his head and stared straightly at
her. His gaze was so intense that her heart twitched.

However, Leila was calmed down in an instant.

“Morning, Vincent!” Leila greeted him calmly. She didn’t seem unhappy at all, but her voice sounded
stuffy as if she had caught a cold.

Vincent’s gaze fell on her face as he didn’t expect her to be so calm.

Leila’s face turned pale when she saw his gaze, but she straightened her back and walked downstairs.

Vincent sneered, but even when he was just sitting on the couch, he looked slightly gentle and
reserved, but charming at the same time.

Leila still felt a little nervous, especially when he was intensely staring at her. After she had calmly
greeted him, she saw him tightening his gaze. She seemed to feel his hidden rage, but she didn’t know
why he was angry.

She gritted her teeth and took a deep breath.

“Did you sleep well last night?” The corner of Vincent’s lips slowly tipped into a charming smile. His
tone sounded harsh, but kind at the same time. Asking something like this, he didn’t feel ashamed and
guilty at all for spending their wedding night with another woman last night.

“I’ve slept until dawn thanks to you, but too bad there isn’t a blanket in the guest room. If there is, I’d
sleep better for sure!” Leila replied faintly.

She had set an aim for herself to ignore everything he did and bear with it. In order to get the video
tape, she could only forbear it for the sake of the Hunter family, her mother and her aunt. Hence, she
must behave calmly.

“Eira?” Vincent shouted.

“Sir!” Eira walked out of the kitchen and stood at the side.

“Why didn’t you bring a blanket for Leila?” Vincent sounded like he was blaming her.

Eira was a little confused, didn’t Mr. White order her not to do so yesterday? But Vincent was her boss,
of course she wouldn’t dare to say anything. She secretly took a glance at Vincent and apologized
immediately, “I’m sorry, Sir! I’ve forgotten about it.”

“It’s fine, I’ve found a blanket.” Leila smiled gently and sat by the dining table. “Eira, could you prepare
some food for me? I’m hungry!”

She hadn’t eaten anything since last night, so she really felt hungry. It was ten o’clock in the morning
now, it seemed that they had eaten breakfast already.

“Yes, Ma’am! I’ll prepare it now.” Eira went back into the kitchen.

Leila and Vincent were left in living room. She felt the atmosphere was quiet, but dreary too.

Leila widened her eyes and looked at the plain white ceiling. The interior design of the living room was
really elegant, but the scene that she saw him holding a unknown woman last night was still clearly
showing in her mind.

The scene kept flashing, again and again!

Vincent suddenly stood up and was ready to go out.

“Vincent!” Leila shouted at him.

Vincent turned around and raised his brows.

“When will you return the video tape to me?” Leila asked.

Vincent turned his eyes. Under the morning sunlight that shined through the door, Vincent looked
indifferent even when he was smiling.

“Did I say that I would give it back to you?” Vincent’s voice was as calm as ever.

“You...” Leila was pissed. What did he mean?

Vincent glanced at the petite figure in front of him and took out a cigarette. His charming face looked
disdain as he lit the cigarette. He took a pull of his cigarette and exhaled it on Leila’s face which made
her cough uncomfortably.

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