Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 234 Let’s Talk Some Deal

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His lips approached and laid on her lips. The cold lips made her froze. When he put his tongue in, she
closed her eyes shut to resist the eagerness to push him away.

She felt he had aroused. His hard-on was poking her thigh, and they were not in a comfortable position
on the sofa. Just as he was about to get up and pick her up to the bed, she lifted her knee forcefully
and knocked at his hard-on.

“Ugh…Damn it!” Vincent held his abdomen in pain.

Leila picked up her clothes unhurriedly. She knew he wouldn’t be able to have another hard-on for the
night after that attack. But she felt guilty looking at him frowning and holding his abdomen in extreme
pain, “I’m sorry, Mr. White!”

“Hmph!” His forehead was covered in cold sweat. He underestimated this damn woman. He didn’t
expect her to be so vicious. “Leila, do you think you can run away?”

After being silent for a while, Leila said in self-mockery, “I’m not running away, Mr. White. I just feel
filthy. I have mysophobia, you see. It’s a mental disease, and have nothing to do with you! If you’re
looking for some fun, please look for it somewhere else. I don’t want to see it, because it’s disgusting.
Please respect my condition! Or you can just stay away from me, give me my own clean guestroom,
and I’ll stay out of your business. You didn’t marry me because you like me after all, did you?”

He was surprised. So many women out there want to get into his bed, but she…

“Women indeed like to play hard-to-get. Do you think you’ll get my attention like this, Leila?” The pain
had now subsided, but he felt he couldn’t get himself a hard-on anymore for the night. That attack
crushed him.

“Whatever you say!” Leila turned around to leave, she didn’t want to waste time talking to a
condescending man.

“Wait!” Just as Leila had her hand on the handle and about to open the door, Vincent caught up with
her and trapped her between his body and the door.

“What… what are you doing?” Turning around, his charming face was less than twenty centimetres
away from Leila’s. Different from his usual smirking expression, he put on a gloomy face at this
moment which made her heart throbbed nervously. She tried to act calm.

Raising his brow, Vincent stared at her delicate face and approached closer. A charming smile was
now seen on his pale face. He said in a raspy low voice, “Do you think I’ll let you off just like that after
what you did to me?”

“What do you want then?” Leila sensed his warm breath on her face. The peculiar feeling made her
heart beat faster and messed up her breathing.

“I’m in the lead here. This only ends when I say it is, you understand?” His low and seductive voice
whispered into her ear. Leila held her breath. What do you want, Vincent?

She didn’t want him to sense her fluster, so she could only close her eyes at the arousing scene he

He planted his lips on her slender neck, completely ignored her fright and trembling.

Yes, she lost!

She had lost before it even began!

“Mr. White, this is not what I remember of you!” She said with her eyes closed. In her memory, he was
a smiley gentleman, not the wicked man he is now. “Let’s talk some deal, shall we?”

“Do you think you still have the chance to talk some deal with me?” He mocked her helplessness while
continue to invade her neck. The warm lips made her heart racing.

“Perhaps there’s still a slight chance!” she said stubbornly, “If there’s no even the slightest chance, why
did you marry me?”

He snorted, “You have some wild imagination!”

“If I guess it correctly, you’re still afraid of my dad’s status, right? You marry me just for business
purpose. I thought you’re a genius in the business world, but I don’t know that you would take this kind
of a despicable shortcut.”

Just as she finished saying that, she felt his teeth biting her neck. It was painful.

She frowned but continued, “I thought you’re different, the most reliable man in the world, who won’t
date my sister just because of her family background. But I am wrong! It turns out you’re such an
irresponsible man! However, I won’t tell my parents about this. As long as you give me back the tape,
you can do whatever you want and I’ll stay out of your way! I won’t say a word to anyone else!”

Her neck was still in pain as he bit the skin on her neck with controlled force. She felt all her sensation
was focusing on the spot where Vincent was invading, his every action triggering her sensitive body.

Leila looked at the ceiling light and smirked, “Mr. White, please let go of me! I really feel you’re filthy!”

He stopped moving. Not advancing or leaving her body, Vincent stayed there with his slightly messy
hair. His laid back vibe was giving off an alluring aura.

Breathing abnormally, he panted lightly. The warm breath fell on Leila’s skin and kindled an arousing

Lowering his head, Vincent’s deep-set eyes were beaming with wickedness.

Leila should’ve push him away, but she didn’t do it.

“Are you afraid?” He exhaled on her neck, sending a wave of shiver through the skin. His tongue licked
on the artery in her neck like a slithery snake, then moved down towards her collar bone.

Once again, Leila closed her eyes.

After God knows how long, she felt his breath spitting on her face, “Open your eyes and look at me!”

When she opened her eyes, he locked eyes with her with his lust-burning gaze, “I wanted to completely
own you tonight, but I changed my mind! It would be boring to eat my prey in one bite, why not have as
much fun as I can with it until it wears out?”

With a pale face, she widened her eyes trying to digest his words.

Wicked smile lingered by the corner of his mouth, in contrast with his deep-set eyes, which carried no
sign of a smile. If it wasn’t for that she knocked at his junk, he would’ve completely own her by now!

“Remember, tomorrow night, you’ll be mine! Are you excited? My dear wife?” he said in a mixed tone of
ambiguity, tender and hypocrisy.

With that said, he left for the room next door.

Left alone in the empty bedroom, Leila felt like crying but was too afraid to do so. She curled her body
up in the dark. Her deeply wounded heart was stone cold.

Vincent’s threat made Leila stayed up for the rest of the night. Throughout the night, she sat alone on
the sofa with the same posture until dawn.

The next day, she ran home.

She couldn’t bear living with him in the same room, especially after seeing how he brought different
women home for three consecutive nights.

In Brian’s study room.

“Leila, does Vincent treat you well?” When Brian saw his daughter, he asked the question that had
been concerning him.

Slightly astonished, perhaps not used to her father’s care, Leila nodded stiffly and forced a smile,
“Good! Everything’s good! When can I go to work, dad? Can I go to work after you sign the paper?”

“I’m glad you get to work in the institution. Go to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office next Monday and
look for Director Gordon. I had already informed him about this. You have to be able to bear the
loneliness working in the government institution in order to prosper! The workload in Overseas Chinese
Affairs Office won’t be too hectic, and I can see you often too since it’s under the Municipal
Government.” Brian patted on Leila’s shoulder, while she subconsciously evaded it. Feeling awkward,
he put on a long face and sighed, “I can’t count on your sister anymore. The Hunter family will have to
rely on you now, Leila!”

“Dad!” Leila suddenly felt bad for her father, as she never heard her stern father talked to her in such
tender tone. “I’ll work hard and won’t let you down!”

“Good girl. Even though it’s hard, I hope you can make Vincent fall in love with you using your wits!”
Brian said diffidently.

“Dad, I…” She wanted to remark that was impossible, and wanted to ask why did she have to make
him in love with her? But looking at her father’s pleading gaze, she swallowed her words and nodded.
“Okay, I’ll make him fall in love with me!”

Ending the conversation with her father, Leila headed downstairs. Suddenly, there was a call from
Vincent made to their residential phone. Mrs. Hunter picked up the phone. “Hey, Vincent. Yes, Leila’s at
home. Do you want to come over for dinner?”

“Mom, I asked Leila to go home. I’m going to Rome for some business, so Leila will be staying at home
for the next few days. I afraid she’ll be too lonely staying here. Please take care of her for me while I’m
away!” Vincent said courteously on the other side of the phone.

A wave of horror struck Leila when she heard it was Vincent’s call. She was scared that tonight he
would… but her father said… she didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t worry about Leila, Vincent. Dad and I are both pleased to see you two are getting along so well.
You go ahead with your business, Leila can stay at home for now!”

“Thank you, mom. Is Leila there? I want to talk to her,” he said courteously with a deep voice, it was
hard to make out his emotions behind those words.

“Yes, wait for a second.” Mrs. Hunter passed the phone to Leila. “Vincent wants to talk to you!”

Leila was taken aback and almost dropped the phone. She immediately forced an awkward smile to
cover up her fright so her mother wouldn’t be suspicious. With the phone by her ear, she took a deep
breath. “Mr. White…”

“You think you can run away from me by just switching off your phone? I’ll let you off tonight. I’ll come
back in five days to claim what’s mine.”

“Why are you quiet? Are you afraid to let your mother know about what happened the past few days?”
Vincent’s voice was extremely grim. Even though she couldn’t see him over the phone, she could
sense he was smiling wickedly while saying that, which made her tremble.

“No… I understand, I’ll be waiting for you!” Leila didn’t want her mother to worry and added, “be careful,
remember to eat your meals and don’t drink too much. Have a safe trip!”

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