Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 247 Don’t Forget To Take Medicine

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“Let’s go, I will be more relieved by sending you back!”

Leila’s small hand clutching her phone but she dared not to call Vincent as she was really afraid of his

Julian Gordon got off the car before he took care of Leila getting off when both of them reached the
villa. “Make sure you don't forget to take anti-inflammatory medicine, even though it's a small wound,
you still need to take some antibiotics!”

“Thank you for sending me back!” Leila nodded her head.

“Good night!” Julian waved his hand and his eyes purposely looking into the direction of the villa before
he got into the car.

Standing at the door where the lights in the villa’s lobby were on, Leila took a deep breath, sensing that
there would be something happening to her, yet, she still pushed the door open and walked in.

There was a smell of tobacco and immediately, she felt an oppressive pressure around her which was
even more depressing.

Leila subconsciously looked at the sofa where Vincent in his casual white top and beige trousers sitting
there with a lazy posture. Yet, he was holding a cigarette between his long fingers while looking at her
with his cold and sharp eyes.

Lowering her head to cover her wound on her forehead, she called out nervously, “Mr White!”

“Where have you been?!” Vincent lifted his head and asked in a cold voice.

“Working over... overtime!”

“Is lying fun, Leila?” Vincent stood up immediately and gazed coldly at the woman who was standing at
the entrance of the villa and dared not to come over.

“I’m sorry!” She could only apologize.

“Did you go to meet your adulterer?”

“No!” Biting her lips, she then said softly, “I don’t have such a hobby!”

“Don’t you? Then who did you give your first night to?” His tone was clearly unpleasant.

For Vincent, he couldn’t understand the woman in front of him. If she was not an easy woman, why did
she seem innocent as looking from her pure and clear eyes?

If not, he had checked that she was a virgin before but she lost her hymen after she had returned from
a business trip and she seemed calmer than him when being questioned.

Was it possible that she can be passionate with men night after night without having the most basic
shame as a woman?

Vincent didn’t speak anything but Leila subconsciously looked at him who showed a cold face with a
cold smile, and yet, she could sense the anger around him and it looked like that he was going to burst
in his anger.

“Do you want supper? I’ll cook for you!” Not wanting to argue, she turned and walked towards the
kitchen but her foot was twisted and she was not walking well, yet, she gritted her teeth and
straightened her back to make her stride smoother to walk into the kitchen.

She didn’t want to tell him that she had a car accident today because she knew even if she did, he
might not care for her.

“I ask you again, where have you been?” He obviously refused to stop questioning.

Leila gritted her teeth and paused, “Shopping!”

Didn’t he see her with Renee Byrne?

“Didn’t you work overtime?”

“I go shopping after working overtime!” She didn’t turn around.

“Leila, the office building of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office is dark, may I ask where do you work

“How do you know? Are you investigating me?” Leila was stunned then turned around and looked at
him. Did he go to the office?

“Do you think you are worthy of my investigation?” His tone was full of disdain, he smoked and exhaled
a white circle, “Leila, you are my wife and do remember of your status, don’t shame on me and Brian

His word sounded unintentional but threatful in fact.

His words were like a steel needle stuck inside her heart that was painful enough, and after a while,
she only nodded her head quietly.

“I haven’t eaten my dinner yet!” Vincent suddenly spoke.

Leila was surprised and hurriedly said, “Alright! I’ll cook the dinner for you right now!”

Vincent’s dark eyes flashed and he said in a cold voice, “Next time, when I call you, answer it in three
seconds and don’t turn it off! Come home within half an hour when you get the call!”

“Yes.” Leila answered softly.

“Answer it!”

“Got it! I will answer it in three seconds!”

She then forced up a smile and walked into the kitchen to get the vegetables from the fridge. Luckily,
she had prepared some ingredients as there were still some vegetables which she bought yesterday.

She picked, washed and cut the vegetables skillfully, followed by unscrewing the gas stove and pouring
the oil.

Watching the oil temperature rising nervously, she sighed at the bottom of her heart and told herself,
“Leila, you can do it, fighting!”

Putting in the vegetables, she then took the spatula and stir-frying.

Vincent saw her unusually quiet today. He then smoked on the sofa while watching her through the
glass. At the moment when she turned around, he saw the gauze on her forehead which was hidden
under her forehead, he frowned and immediately, he put out the butt of his cigarette, standing up and
walking towards the kitchen.

Leila was concentrating on stir-frying and didn’t notice that Vincent had appeared at the door. By the
time when she turned around to take the plate after turning off the fire, she found him standing in front
of her.

“Bounce!” the plate fell to the floor with a clear sound of broken porcelain.

Vincent’s 185cm-tall figure was right in front of her and before she could do anything, she turned even

Oh no! Leila tried to duck her head to hide her panic.

Vincent’s serious expression remained unchanged but he only raised his two thick eyebrows. He
frowned when his long and slim fingers pulled her hair away and he saw a white gauze on her forehead
in a Band Aid size, he frowned.

His dark eyes gazed at Leila who seemed a little overwhelmed with nervousness, gripping both sides of
her dress with her slender hands, she looked so nervous as if she didn’t know how to face him.

Such a nervous look raised a displeasure in his heart, “Tell me, what happened?”

“Hmm…nothing…” Vincent’s stare made Leila even more nervous, and her beautiful face turned pale.

“Nothing will cause you to bleed?” The tone of his voice remained cold and his handsome face was
cold too.

“I…” Being nervous, she looked at his cold face but she couldn’t see if he was angry or not. “I got
injured on my way back from work!”

The end of Vincent’s eyebrow twitched and he looked at her again with his dark and cool eyes, “So?”

“Nothing, I am fine and still alive!” Her calm tone and nervous expression made Vincent’s heart ached
and he felt uncomfortable.

“Are you sure you are fine?” He asked again.

“Yes!” She nodded.

“That’s good! I want to eat hand-rolled noodles! Can you?” Vincent glanced at her arrogantly when he
said those words.

Leila was stunned as she thought that Vincent would not care for her when he saw her injury but she
didn’t expect that he would instruct her to make complicated hand-rolled noodles. She was
dumbfounded, biting her lips and dropping down her eyes, she then finally said, “Yes! Please wait for a

“Hurry up! I’m hungry! Since you are fine, make it faster!” As soon as finishing his words, he turned
around and stepped out of the kitchen.

As soon as he left, Leila sighed and immediately, she took the broom to clean the porcelain tiles in the

When the noodles were ready, she then set it on the table when she saw Vincent sitting on the sofa
and his body leaning on the chair with his eyes closed. Beneath his eyelids which were covered by the
long eyelashes was greenish as if he had not slept well for a long time.

“Mr. White.” She shouted softly.

Opening his eyes, Vincent said in a deep voice, “Finished cooking?”

“Yes.” Leila nodded her head.

Vincent’s eyebrows furrowed as he stood up from the sofa.

There was a trace of fear in Leila’s eyes and she couldn’t retreat even half an inch when Vincent
walked towards her step by step. She was panicked while she found it was hard to step back. Her
pupils contracted and he was already standing in front of her, so close to her.

Leila subconsciously lowered her head and her heart beat even more rapidly.

“Lift your head.” He ordered in a deep voice.

Leila hesitantly raised her head to meet his handsome face. In panic, Vincent bent slightly to meet with
her eyes, yet, his eyes were dark but shining that made her fall deep in their relation.

“Are you aggrieved?” He asked.

“No!” She cried but what could she say? Who would care about her aggrievance? Laughing at herself,
she looked out at the sky which was dark as ink. “This world doesn’t need sympathy.”

“Does it hurt?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at her as if he was thinking about something.

“No!” She gritted her teeth.

Subsequently, he waved his hands up to rip her clothes off.

“Ah…” Leila shouted out unexpectedly as she was almost thrown to the ground by him. Meanwhile, she
felt her injury on her waist even more painful. Soon, the tears that had been stored in her eyes for a
long time finally fell down due to her aggrievance and pain, and she hastily covered her chest with her

Unexpectedly, he glanced at her teary eyes, he suddenly looked serious but returned to normal soon,
he then spoke with a calm tone, “Was your body injured too?”

She didn’t say anything, instead, she cried even profusely. The exquisite and beautiful curve of her
body attracted Vincent.

It was just surprising that there were several scrapes on her white skin and Vincent’s heart was aching
for no reason but he remained expressionless, and on the other side, Leila was still shedding her tears
down while heading down. “Can I go upstairs now?”

Vincent turned serious as he was concerned about what had happened to her. Wasn’t it a date? Didn’t
she meet with her adulterer?

Leaning forward, he saw her wound looked like it had been treated well, had that man treated it?

Anger began to rise in his heart, but he just stood there without asking anything and also not allowing
her to go upstairs.

Leila was so helpless that her feet were dripped with a stain of tear water, yet, her shoulders were still
trembling with her slender arms covering her chest.

“What are you crying about?” He frowned and his tone was a little impatient. “Tell me! What happened?
I want to know the details of the process!”

Leila felt so aggrieved and sad that her body stiffened for a moment and she bit her lips tightly without
saying anything as she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stop crying once she spoke out.

Upon seeing that she didn’t speak anything, he pulled her hand over and together with him going

“Don’t pull me!” Leila struggled but her voice was tinged with sobs, “Don’t pull me!”

He turned around and found that she was looking at him with a sorrowful expression while crying.

He was stunned and his eyes flashed for a few seconds but he didn’t let her go. Leila had no intention
to stop and her big teardrops fell right in front of him.

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