Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 253 Don’t Play Me

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At the moment she bowed her head, his words were clearly heard by her. He said, “Deleting the video
is a pleasure, isn’t it? Is it more pleasant than reaching orgasm?”

“Please don’t threaten her anymore!” Leila Hunter plucked up the courage to look at him and said

“Come here!” He said.

She took a deep breath, stood up, and walked slowly to him.

“Are you surprised?” He gently lifted her chin, and she tried to wriggle free from his hand, but the
strength of his hand kept her from moving, which forced Leila to look at him. He said, “I used your
birthday as a password!”

“Yes, I’m surprised about that.” She replied and nodded. Actually, she was very surprised and her face
felt hot. She had no idea about his true thoughts, but she knew that at this moment, her heart can’t beat
with a normal frequency.

He put his hand around her waist and whispered, “Was it fun?”

Her heart was beating wildly. She looked up and saw that he was smiling. His eyes were deep, and she
wanted to know his purpose for doing this, she couldn’t help but whispered, “Mr White, why do you do

“Just for fun!” he replied with a deep voice and stared at the corner of her lip that he had bitten earlier,
where it was red and swollen. “You are my dearest wife, the closest person of mine in the world. So of
course I am going to use your birthday as a password! Don’t you think so?”

“Is it really as simple as that? Is it just for fun? Am I really your dearest lover?” These questions were
asked emotionally, and her voice gradually softened, and she didn’t even dare to look at him.

“Of course you are the closest lover of mine. We have had skin to skin contact with each other, right?”
He continued to say in an evil tone.

Leila Hunter was in a panic and whispered, “Mr White, thank you anyway!”

Anyway, she had deleted the video. She felt able to breathe again. She was sure the whole family
would be relieved, too. But when the video was deleted and she found out about it, she couldn’t keep
her mind at peace.

“You thank me for what?” His voice was low, and there was no hint of anger. “Is the Hunter family so
important for you? Because of Brian Hunter, you have lived as an illegitimate daughter for more than
ten years; don’t you hate him at all? Don’t you feel unfair for your mother? Have you forgotten what you
went through when your mother was his secret lover for so many years?”

“He’s my father, and I don’t care about the grievances of the last generation and I can’t do that as well.”

Leila Hunter felt a trace of bitter. Her mother loved her father, and she couldn’t hate anyone because
she had a deep understanding of her mother’s hardships over the years!

“Oh! You are really kind, Leila. Kindness is the worst thing in the world, understand?” He suddenly said
these words, which made Leila felt panic.

He raised his head slightly, and his eyes were so shining that could not be ignored.

At that moment, she felt that something was flowing in her heart.

He lowered his face and kissed her on the brow which made her feel warm. She could only shout in a
low voice, “Mr White, please, don’t play with me, I can’t afford it.”

His kisses went all the way down to her eyes, and she could not resist it. She closed her eyes and felt
the warmth of his lips. And he whispered, “You are so clever!”

With her face feeling more and more hot, Leila felt drunk, but she didn’t drink a drop of wine!

“Mr White!” she said haltingly and she did not know where to put her hands on but seized a corner of
his skirt. Gradually, she felt too limp to seize his skirt.

It was a feeling she had never had before, and her mind went blank.

As his lips fell gently on her lips, she snorted softly. One of his hands gripped Leila’s slender waist
tighter, and she began to let her minds run away with her in order to make herself not focus on his

Was it a good way to stop her from falling love with him?

Was it a good way?

And he seemed to have insight into her thoughts; his kisses were getting deeper and stronger. Under
his great kissing skills, she gradually gave up resistance and even became fascinated with his kisses.

Her heart was pounding and he picked her up and went straight into the bedroom.

There was something magical about his kisses. He must date with many girls so that he knew how to
make girls became fascinated with his kisses. Thinking of this, a kind of jealousy gradually rose in her
heart. She began to become greedy and she didn’t like the feeling of sharing her lover with others.

The light was suddenly turned off by him. In the darkness, he untied her clothes and kissed all parts of
her body. Their bodies started rubbing...

In the dark night, she could not see his expression; she just felt that tonight he was extremely fanatic.
He was wild, but he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable...

“Mr White, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t move!” Vincent White’s deep voice sounded like an incantation and he held her firmly under his

Vincent bowed his head and kissed her forehead lightly. His lips moved all the way down to her long
eyelashes, her rosy cheeks and her lips with delicate fragrance.

He kept moving downward and lifted her leg before she knew what to do...

This feeling really scared her.

“Mr White!”

“Don’t be afraid!” In the darkness, his deep voice was more like a caress.

“Ah –” Leila screamed in shock.

“Don’t refuse me.” He muttered in a low voice and gradually dissipated her fear.

“Mr White, don’t play me, I cannot afford it.” She cried out her fear again.

He stopped and remained silent for a moment. In the dark night, she seemed to see a touch of
tenderness in his deep dark eyes.

His eyes were very charming. There was a faint melancholy in his dark eyes. He just looked at Leila.
Leila tried to figure out his thoughts through his eyes but she failed.

He did not say anything but lowered his head and kissed her lips gently. He acted carefully, as if he
was kissing his first love. From such a kiss, you can see how much he loved her.

“Leila,” he whispered her name and kissed her at the same time. He can feel that she was gradually
intoxicated with his tenderness.

He stroked her cheek as if he was stroking a piece of fragile porcelain.

If he had been so gentle in the beginning, she would never have let him regret for the rest of his life, but
in the beginning...

Leila was not willing to recall. She decided to enjoy it and move her body with him.

“Who is the first man that you have sex with?” He hesitated in the darkness and finally asked. Leila
froze abruptly.

“Who’s that man?” he asked again. “Who made you dare to ignore my threats and have sex with?”

Leila suddenly felt uncomfortable. A great bitterness turned into tears, and fell noiselessly from the
corners of her eyes.

As soon as she raised her hand, her slap fell on his cheek crisply, and all the tenderness disappeared
at this moment. “Vincent White, are you trying to trick me?”

For a full minute he was startled and stunned.

In the darkness, he looked at her incredulously, and then shouted: “Leila Hunter, you are son of a bitch,
a slut, an unchaste woman! What do you think I’m doing? Tell me who the hell was that man?”

Vincent White was extremely angry and the lights were turned on. Leila looked at him and he looked
like an angry leopard and she was his prey

Their bodies still intersected with each other. But there was no tenderness and sweetness anymore,
only the storm was left.

“If you have the ability, you can investigate by yourself; I will not say a word!” She looked away and did
not expect that she would slap him impulsively.

“Bitch!” He roared again.

“Yes, I am a bitch. But you are worse than me. I’m unchaste, you are also unchaste.”

Leila didn’t expect that after they made some progress in their relationship, she destroyed it herself.

She probably shouldn't have slapped him but she had done it and there was no way to reverse it.

Leila, naked in front of him, shed tears silently, feeling that she had no dignity at all.

“Huh! You have the ability to provoke me!” Vincent White gave a low growl and his body moved faster
than before.

Leila began to find her mind straying and she allowed Vincent to kiss her body inch by inch. Under his
stimulating, Leila was quickly intoxicated with the joy of sexual love. His skill was so superb that a
young girl like her cannot resist.

Even if she closed her eyes, she can feel that he had many women in the past. But why she was
softhearted in a moment when he told her that he used her birthday as a password. She can’t figure out
what evil thoughts he had towards her.

Was the hymen really that important?

She kept crying and his body moved more crazily than before.

She choked with sobs, not wanting to make herself too vulnerable.

Her nails sank into his shoulders, and he bit her earlobe. Unable to resist his movements, she finally
groaned beneath him.

Time passed by, and he didn’t stop all night.

After making love for many times, it was already dawn. Vincent turned over and lay on his back. He
wrapped his arms around her waist. She was too tired to think and did not even know that her little
head was nestled in his wide arms.

And he was silent.

Leila smelled the unique masculine scent of his body and fell asleep. There were two blushes on her
hibiscus-like cheeks, and her white skin was covered with the red marks he had kissed.

Leila was used to waking up after six o’clock in the morning, so she woke up after only a short sleep.
Vincent’s arm lay across her waist. Even when he was asleep, Vincent would not allow her to escape
from his arms. Leila sighed and moved her body carefully without disturbing him. She moved his hand
to one side and got out of bed. Then, she put on clothes and hid in the kitchen to call her elder sister
Macey Hunter. “Macey, I deleted the video. Don’t worry about it anymore!”

Vincent, who followed closely downstairs, heard what Leila said with a deliberately low voice, and a
wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He blinked and leaned against the door of the

After making a phone call, Leila turned around and saw him. She was so afraid that almost threw the
phone on the ground. Then she looked down and did not look at him.

After last night’s insatiable demands, her impression of him was at a new low.

“I’m hungry, and I want to have a breakfast.” He said to her.

“Uh-” She was stunned and didn’t expect him to say this.

“Hurry up and make breakfast!” Vincent’s voice suddenly became cold again.

Leila frowned, but whispered, “I’ll make it right away!”

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