Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 264 Aunt’s Death Anniversary

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At the mention of this, Renee turned embarrassed, “Who wants to develop with a stud? Leila, don’t
make nonsense! The office gossip is not fun at all!”

“Oh, really? It is impossible for ordinary people to encounter their childhood friends unexpectedly and
have been in bed for so many years and joined together into the same company.” Leila made a joke.

“Damn, How dare you make jokes on me!” Renee said while giving her a flying fist punching.

Meanwhile, Leila’s phone rang at this moment, “Alright no more nonsense, there is a call here!”

She saw that it was Vincent’s phone when she lowered her head, she had only just left and he called
which really made her feel uncomfortable.

But it turned out that Vincent had called her to tell her that he was going for a business trip and
informed her to go back home from work directly.

That night, Leila didn’t go back to the villa either, but went back to Pearl Community.

She took a day off on Wednesday as it was her aunt’s death anniversary.

Leila returned to the Hunter family early in the morning and went to the grave with her parents. By the
time she entered her house, she saw her father sitting on the sofa angrily while her mother was trying
to convince.

“What’s wrong, dad?” Leila was puzzled.

“Nothing, you come and persuade your dad, let’s go later today!” Mabel Ross stepped forward and took
her hand while whispering, “We don’t know where Macey went and she always doesn’t return
overnight. You father is furious about this!” Leila realized and nodded her head.

“Leila, does she always contact you?” Brian Hunter saw Leila returning home, yet, he still showed a
serious face but with some anger hidden away.

“No!” In fact, Macey rarely contacted her, especially after knowing that she was her father’s daughter
and after her aunt had died, trying to save her four years ago today, Macey had nothing but hatred for

“She is getting worse and worse!” Brian only said a sentence, he then didn’t say anything after realizing
something. “You and your mother will go to your aunt’s grave today, I will go by myself later as I have a
meeting in my office!”

In the end, only she and her mother visited her aunt’s grave while nobody knew where Macey who was
her aunt’s biological daughter was.

Leila called Macey and a sleepy voice came from the other side as if she was still not awake.

“What do you want from me, Leila?”

“Sister, today is aunt’s death anniversary!” Leila whispered.

“Humph! You don’t forget that it is my mother who died to save you!” Leila pursed her lips as she
listened to her words.

“I’m going to the grave with my mother, you should go too!” Leila waited for her to finish then spoke.

“What’s the point of all this ritual? Don’t I know what’s on my aunt’s mind? She is so aggressive
because she owes my mother, if my mother didn’t die, you and your mother will never enter the Hunter
family! Don’t think I don’t know what’s on your minds, I don’t care to go with you all, I will go by myself!”
Macey spoke with an impatient tone.

Then, Leila seemed to hear the sound of man’s rough gasping, followed by Leila’s soft moan. “Hmm…
stop it…”

Leila was about to say something else when the phone hung up. Who was that man who her sister was
with? Was it the man on the video? She hadn’t come back all night, not even on aunt’s death
anniversary. “Leila, isn’t Macey coming back?” Mabel sighed as she worried. “Mum, let’s go together,
Macey is busy and can’t return.” Without explanation, Leila took her mother’s hand and together they
went to her aunt’s grave.

“Leila, is mum wrong?” Mabel turned her head back to ask Leila at the moment she entered the
cemetery. “I shouldn’t have fallen in love with your father and stole your aunt’s happiness. Now that you
are married to Vincent, can’t both of us escape this fate?”

“Mum, you are overthinking, happiness is something that no one else can snatch, even if you were
wrong at the beginning, but all these years, you have had such a difficult journey, you deserve to be
happy, I believe that in heaven, my aunt will also forgive us!” Leila could only comfort her mother in this
way, she didn’t know what to say but she just didn’t want her mother to be sad!

“She won’t forgive me, I’m sorry to her!” Mabel’s eyes turned dimmer.

“Mum, it is dad who should take the responsibility, not you!”

If a man was not half-hearted, how could such a mistake occur? Mum was responsible for this as well,
she shouldn’t have fallen in love with dad who was her brother-in-law, but since so many years had
passed, everything had turned irreversible, those who had passed away had passed away and those
who were alive should live well.

‘A beautiful bouquet of white chrysanthemums had just been placed on my aunt's grave, but I didn't
know who it was!’

‘Was it father?’

‘Or was it sister?’

Leila didn’t know, she just looked at the picture on the tombstone and she was sad and emotional, if
her aunt hadn’t saved herself, she would be the one lying here today!

In another city, R City.

It was a lazy night full of ambiguous passion and the mystery of the night was adorned with the flashing
neon lights, the strolling crowds and the streaming shadows of cars.

The five-star HJ Hotel, another hotel that belonged to Vincent.

In the suite on the twenty-seventh floor.

A long figure in his loose white bathrobe was leaning lazily, yet, his bronze colour skin with his well-
defined features looked like a Greek sculpture and his dark and cool eyes turned even more sexy and
unrestrained in the cold night.

Vincent was sitting quietly in the darkness of the night and his hand was holding an almost burnt out
cigarette. Under the light, his handsome face became more indifferent and his gaze slightly raised
when a woman had just knocked the door and entered.

“Vincent, it’s been a long time, I miss you so much!” A woman in her fashionable strapless dress said
and walked over. As soon as she walked, her breast was swinging that made her sexy enough to
seduce ordinary men but not Vincent.

Looking at the sexy girl at this moment, a confused face appeared in his mind as he remembered that
night when she had gritted her teeth to bear with his crazy demands.

She was his wife!

She was ridiculously not a virgin after checking up. What was even more ridiculous was that the little
face would appear in his mind from time to time and always appear inexplicably at some unconscious

Raising the corner of his lips ridiculously, he pursed his thin lips to smoke an almost burnt out cigarette
while watching the faint smoke ring in the air before he threw the cigarette into the ashtray. Meanwhile,
the sexy girl with a pair of slender hands intimately wrapped around his neck and kissed the side of his
face, “Vincent…”

Demi Pearson, a famous host of entertainment channel in R City, the new darling of fashion and the
admirer of the upper class, but when she met this man, she lost in love with him.

“I haven’t seen you in R City for a long time, I heard that you got married, is that true?” Her slender
hands drew circles on Vincent’s chest, then she sat down gracefully on his side, her red lips kissed his
raised throat knot from Vincent’s eyebrow all the way up to his throat, and while she was lightly
sucking, her slender hand did not forget to untie Vincent’s bathrobe, however, she was instantly
stopped by a pair of large palms.

“I’m tired, Demi.” With a light tone, Vincent pushed the sexy woman sitting on him away and got up to
walk to the bathroom, leaving her behind to pursue her lip in disappointment while her eyes coveting
the man’s upright figure with some reluctance.

In the dark night, a Bugatti was driving along the highway, talking on the phone as he drove.

He was calling Leila, “The number you have dialled is turned off!”

The words came from the other end of the phone.

Vincent had the urge to slam the phone. He again called the villa’s number but there no one answered.
Having no choice, he then called the Hunter family again. When Mabel received the call, she kindly
asked, “Vincent, are you looking for Leila?”

“Yes, is Leila at home?” Vincent asked with an inexplicable nervousness.

“She just left after dinner and she said she was going to meet up with Macey before going back to the
villa! Where are you?”

“I’m on my way, alright I know it, I won’t disturb you!” Vincent hung up the phone.

Why was the phone switched off for meeting with Macey?

The bar at midnight.

Leila found the bar where Macey told her to meet here.

Leila entered the bar for the first time where it was full of seduction.

Leila didn’t understand why people loved to come to such a dark place that was full of corruption and
even wasting their youth.

The bar was a place where people of all kinds of stupidity could find an early encounter for themselves.

As soon as Leila entered, she looked for Macey’s figure through the dim light.

Perhaps it was because they had seen too many sexy women, a sudden sight of innocent and shy
Leila drew men’s intention in the bar.

Leila became the focus of the whole people in the bar, and even for the young men at the entrance.

Only that no one knew she was the second daughter of Brian Hunter and her sudden appearance
attracted most of the men in the bar.

Macey was drinking, a large glass of beer was poured into her mouth and burnt across her throat which
made her frown. Vincent had married Leila, her mother had passed away and her father was in love
with her aunt, yet, she was the loneliest person in this world.

Laughing at herself, she still didn’t hesitate to take a big gulp of wine into her mouth.

“Sister…” Leila saw her drinking desperately and immediately ran over to stop her. “Stop drinking, let’s
go home!”

“You are here! Have a drink with me!” Macey took over the beer poured next to her. “Dare you drink?
Good girl?”

“I don’t drink, sister!” Leila shook her head.

“Why don’t you drink?” Macey burped and was already feeling drunk.

She loved the taste of beer as she felt good after drinking.

“Sister, let’s go home now!” Leila saw many malicious men looking towards them, “Let’s go, you are

“Am I drunk?” Macey mumbled while gently shaking the glass, looking at the golden liquid swirling
around in her drunken eyes before she puffed out a laugh, “Go away, I have nothing to talk to you, I
don’t want to talk to you anymore, get lost!”

“Hey girls, join us for a drink!” There were men walking over with their lustful eyes sweeping over Leila
and Macey’s bodies, especially Macey who wore an evening dress that showed half of her back at the

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