Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 289 She Couldn’t Resist

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Neither of them spoke anymore. Leila was eating the popcorn at random, but she was thinking about
something else. When the movie was over, she had already finished half a bucket of popcorn. No
matter what, in such circumstances today, she felt that the popcorn was extremely sweet.

The movie was over, and so was the ending song.

Leila looked at Vincent in secret. “Vincent, shall we leave now?”

“Continue watching the second episode,” he answered with a snort, unwilling to leave.

Leila’s mouth widened slightly. Vincent glared at her, sitting straight. He felt a bit annoyed, raising his
eyebrows. “What now? Can’t I watch it?”

“Yes, you can...” Leila answered. “I’ll go out to tell the projectionist and ask them to play the second

“Okay.” He agreed, frowning deeply.

Leila found a projectionist and the second episode was on. When she returned to the private box,
Vincent was leaning against the back of the couch, looking quite lazy. He was holding his cell phone.
Leila overheard that he was speaking English while answering the phone. Although her English was
not good, she still understood something. It seemed that he was talking to a doctor, discussing the
condition of an illness, probably heart disease.

She walked over, feeling a bit worried. As soon as seeing her, Vincent immediately said to the person
on the other end of the line, “That’s it. Just continue with your original treatment. Leave the rest to me.”

Then he hung up the phone.

“Did someone get sick?” Leila was not certain.

Vincent pulled a long face. “Mind your own business. Don’t try to spy upon anything. Just behave
yourself while being Mrs. White.”

Leila felt heartbroken. He didn’t allow her to enter his world. She couldn’t help wondering if his world
was too lonely and he was hiding too deep, or he didn’t allow anyone to get close to him.

“Sit down!” Vincent waved his sleeve as if he just shook off the dirt.

Although the dirt would disappear, the dirt that stressed on Leila’s heart couldn’t be shaken off so

Leila nodded in agreement. She still felt somewhat empty because of his ruthlessness just now. After
all, he always could turn to be quite cold-hearted as if he had become a complete stranger.

However, she found that she couldn’t be the same cold-hearted at any time. Although he treated her
ruthlessly, his ruthlessness couldn’t be compared with his occasional tenderness.

The emotion that flashed through her eyes was seen Vincent completely. Leila was in a daze for a long
while and then pulled to sit down next to him. “It’s better for you not to know something.”

His tone was so tender as if the cold and overbearing man was another man.

Perhaps she would fall into his hands step by step because of his tenderness. At this moment, Leila
wished that she could be immersed in the lie that his tenderness could last long only for herself, not
anyone else.


She wondered if that was possible.

Leila looked into his eye slowly. She asked in a soft tone, “Vincent, can’t I share your burden?”

He didn’t answer her immediately. Staring at her, he studied the expectant expression on her face. At
this moment, Leila almost forgot to hide anything from him. She just stared at him without any dodge.
She indeed wanted to enter his world.

He reached out and stroked her hair gently. Suddenly, he pulled her into his arms and whispered in her
ears, “If you don’t want to get hurt, you should become smart and ignore everything. Then you’ll lead a
happy life.”

Leila’s body was stiffened. She also whispered, “Would I truly be happy if I pretend to know nothing?”

“At least you could make the happiness long enough.”

“But it’s the most difficult for a human being to pretend to be happy.”

“But it’s also the smartest for a human being to pretend to be happy. You’ve been pretending for such a
long time. Don’t you want to continue?” Upon hearing Vincent’s voice, Leila was taken aback.

“What do you mean by I’ve been pretending?”

“Are you really so calm as you look?” Vincent released her, stroking her slightly messy hair with his
fingers. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“What do I know?” Leila was totally confused.

The more she was confused, the more mysterious Vincent looked. Leila wondered what on earth was
going on.

His hand stroked through her hair gently and touched her tender cheek. Leila didn’t dodge. Instead,
she pressed her ruby cheek in his palm, which was quite warm.

“If I’m obedient, would you treat me so gently always?”

“Woman! You can’t be so greedy!” He immediately withdrew his hand, looking a bit annoyed.

With a faint smile of mockery, Leila nodded. “I got it, Vincent.”

“I’ve told you not to call me Vincent.” He frowned.

“I won’t be too greedy. I know who I am. From now on, I’ll only call you Vincent,” she refused him in a
soft and gentle tone, sounding quite persistent.

Neither of them spoke again. The second episode of The Lion King was played.

Leila didn’t dare to speak anything else. Inwardly, she felt extremely annoyed. She couldn’t get into his
heart. He didn’t want to open it up, and she couldn’t enter. Nothing could be changed, and the grudge
between him and her father couldn’t be changed either.

She looked at the screen -- the cute Kiara, loving Simba and Nana, and the black Kove. Seeing that
Simba and Nana loved each other so much, she felt great envious and moved. How she wished that
she could have such kind of love. Then she realized that she had become greedy again. Leila shook
her head, telling herself inwardly not to be so greedy.

However, when seeing Kiara as so adorable and Simba and Nana loved each other so much, she
couldn’t help smiling excitedly. Although the happiness belonged to others and she was just an
onlooker, she still felt quite joyful.

Vincent turned to look at her casually. Casting a glance at her and seeing her smile, he couldn’t help
curling up his lips.

“Do you often see the movies?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Leila nodded. It was quiet here and the light was dim, so she could shed tears freely. She just
shed tears instead of crying. Whenever she wanted to shed tears, she would come to the cinema.

“With whom?” Vincent asked again as if he raised the question at random.

“Myself.” Leila lowered her voice, twitching the corners of her mouth.

Vincent was suddenly stunned. She didn’t lie. According to the investigation, her life was quite simple,
and she almost didn’t have any male friends. Theodore was the only man friend that she had made.

She always saw a movie alone. Vincent turned to look at her face. Leila didn’t look at him, but stared at
the screen, enjoying the beauty of the animation world.

Only if the human’s love would be the same as the animal’s!

Suddenly she felt a bit sad. Then she returned to her senses. She almost forgot that a lion had more
than one lioness, just like Vincent. Vincent was the lion king, and he could have a lot of women.
However, she couldn’t criticize him for that at all, because he was in control of everything, and she
couldn’t resist.

Leila tried to focus on the screen and finish watching this cartoon movie in peace. A world of purity was
so limited nowadays, and she didn’t want to overthink.

Suddenly, he reached out again and hugged her. They were sitting on the same couch. Although it was
a big one, there was no armrest between them, so he could hug her so easily.

One of his hands pressed her head on his shoulder. Stroking her hair, he asked in a soft tone, “I’ll take
you for the honeymoon trip after you graduate, just take it as the compensate for skipping our
honeymoon last time.”

The honeymoon? Would he take her for the trip? She wondered how many true or fake feelings he had
when saying that.

“Vincent, I don’t--”

He interrupted her words, “Stop talking. Let me hug you quietly for a while.”

Seemingly he could always read her mind. If she wanted to refuse him, it would be better for her to
keep silent. In this case, at least the peace and quietness at this moment could last longer. She
wondered what was on his mind.

He didn’t release her at all. She looked up at him slightly and met his good-looking eyes. With a hint of
joy in his eyes, he was staring at her. Time seemed to have stopped in such a silence.

If they could get aged in an instant, would she not be afraid of disappointment and heartbreaking?

He lowered his head. When she slightly bushed, he bent over and kissed her lips gently.

The kiss happened so naturally, not abrupt at all. She closed her eyes in silence. But for him, he just
kissed her simply and it didn’t mean anything.

In the second episode of The Lion King, Kiara and Kove had resolved the hatred between them.
However, Leila didn’t have the confidence to resolve the unknown hatred between her father and
Vincent. She wondered what on earth it was.

This weekend, after leaving the cinema, he took her for dinner. Then they returned to their rooms
respectively. Vincent didn’t harass her or hit on her. They were busy with their own businesses, living in
peace with each other.

Monday came soon.

Leila didn’t expect that she would encounter Theodore. To be exact, he came to the university
deliberately. After being startled for a moment, she slightly smiled and greeted him gracefully, “Good
morning, Senior.”

“Hi, Leila.” Theodore’s eyes were full of complicated feelings. “We met again.”

“I need to go to my class now.” Leila walked into the classroom of the teaching building.

“Leila, shall we have lunch together?” said he towards her back.

“I need to work on my thesis at noon.” Leila didn’t look back.

However, she didn’t know that the professor to tutor their theses had left, and it would be Theodore to
replace the resigned professor. When the bell rang, Leila saw Theodore coming in with his laptop.

At that moment, she was taken aback.

“Hi, guys. I’ll be your tutor of the thesis. Let me first introduce myself. I’m Theodore, graduated from KL
University not long ago. I used to be a student of P University three years ago. So I’m your senior. In
the next month, I hope we could have a good time studying together. I wish you all could gain high
marks on your theses and pass the thesis defense smoothly.” Theodore’s self-introduction was pretty
simple and sincere.

There was enthusiastic applause immediately from the students. Some girls were muttering. “Look!
Professor Hall is so handsome!”

“Indeed. Oh, my heart!”

“How nice if I could be Professor Hall’s girlfriend!”

“I’ve seen him before. He used to be the chairman of the student union three years ago.”

For a moment, the classroom was filled with discussions and applause.

Leila saw Theodore also smiling slightly. However, he always casually cast a glance towards her
direction. His glance was sparkled with a strange light.

The thesis needed to be reviewed and discussed one by one. If there was a problem, the student
needed to go to the tutor’s office. Unexpectedly, Leila was also called to the office.

However, it seemed that she was the last student called by Theodore to his office. She had to bite the
bullet and go there. He used to be her senior, now he became her thesis tutor. Their relationship
seemed not to be so complicated, but it was not simple either.

When reaching the door of his office, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Theodore’s
deep voice rang out from the inside. “Please come in.”

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