Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 295 Man’s Clothes

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The phone was just hung up and it rang again. It was Vincent.

Leila didn’t accept the call but the phone kept ringing again and then it became quiet in the end. When
Leila was about to relieve her breath as he stopped calling her, there was a message, “Come to my
room in HJ Hotel, or else you will regret your decision, take your own responsibility if you don’t arrive
within 20 minutes!”

Hearing such an arrogant sentence from him mixing with a threat in it, Leila was stunned for a while
and she sighed. She was verging on a breakdown. She called back, “What do you want?”

“Come to my room now, or else Macey Hunter’s video will be published without mosaic!” His deep
voice which rang with threats from the phone made Leila’s heart get cold.

“I’ll be there soon!” Even though Leila was not sure whether it was true, she knew that she had to go.
“Sir, I am heading to HJ Hotel!”

Finally, she had arrived on the twenty-seventh floor.

She was the only person in the silent lift. She took a deep breath and repeated. When she stepped out
of the lift, she walked towards Vincent’s room. She stopped in front of the door and took the last deep

The door was opened!

Vincent stood quietly at the door. Leila was in a daze and she was pulled into the room by a big hand.
The tall body covered her and the door was closed, she heard an angry voice above her head. “Holy
Shit, what happened to you? You are damn dirty!”

By then, Leila realized there was dust on her body, the mud and grass scrap was still on her body, her
hair was a bit messy and she was a little panicked due to the kidnapping just now but she wouldn’t like

to tell him, she said, “What do you want me to do? If there is nothing to do, I think I am going back

Leila wanted to leave after saying that but a big hand was one step faster than her and it caught her at
that moment. The tall body was forcing her against the door panel.

“What are you doing?” Leila screamed in horror.

“State it clearly!” Vincent looked calm but his voice sounded like he was furious, ignoring Leila’s slightly
wrinkled face in fear.

“What do you want me to clarify?” Leila asked softly.

“How dare you, Leila!” Vincent said in wrath, his handsome eyes unceremoniously flashed with
sarcasm. “Say, where did you go this afternoon?”

“Cinema!” Leila answered calmly. She looked up at Vincent, “Mr. White, what do you want to know?
Please cut to the chase!”

“What happened to you?” He glared at her, she looked embarrassed and seemed like just encountered
a rapist. Other than that, she turned her phone off which caused him couldn't find her. What was going
on with her?

“I fell, that's it~!” Leila answered calmly.

“Lying!” Vincent roared, the mockery in his eyes became stronger and it mixed with wrath. “How dare
you lie to me! Say, did you go for public sex with a man?”

He grabbed her wrist abruptly. The area of her hands with the marks was very painful. Leila couldn’t
help but take a breath. She knitted her eyebrows and looked at the domineering man helplessly. Her

eyes were filled with hurtful emotions. How could he judge her like that? She was not a slut. However,
she did not say anything. She just bit her lip and lowered her head.

“Why don't you speak?” Vincent lowered his body and his eyes were at the same level as Leila who
was petite. When their eyes looked at each other, a pair of eyes was full of contempt and the other pair
was full of injuries.

“Speak!” His eyes were so sharp and she heard his voice as if it came from a distant time and space,
“Where did you go?”

There was a stalemate and she stopped talking for a while.

Vincent looked at her indifferently and his eyes tightened suddenly. He saw Leila’s eyes turning red and
the crystal-clear liquid dropping out from her eyes without a sign. Her tears just fell down her cheeks all
of a sudden.

She cried in front of him. “Why are you crying?”

“Because your words hurt me!” She choked softly.

“Hurt you? Don't pretend to be noble, who will believe this? You are just innocent on the outside but
coquettish in your bones. Why don't you let me take a good look at you? What is your true face? Bitch,
are you worth letting me treat you nicely?” Vincent grabbed Leila angrily and he dragged her to the sofa
aside. By then, he was trying to unbutton her clothes.

“You, you, let go of me!!” Leila screamed in struggle and her tears were stopped for a moment.

“I won't let you have the energy to find a man this time!” Vincent’s body pressed her slender body
tightly. He tempted her in his deep voice while rubbing her ambiguously up and down. “I'm not the man
who allows you to bully!”

Who was the one bullying the other?

“Don't… Please get up soon!” Leila shook her head in agitation. She hardly believed that there was
such a bastard man in the world who treated herself so badly repeatedly. “I don't want it anymore, if you
are going to do the same thing as yesterday, I will hate you, really!”

Her little hands were pushing him difficultly but still, she couldn't move his sturdy body. Instead, he was
getting closer to her, even their heartbeats seemed to be connected. The smell of a man was spreading
in front of her nose which struck Leila’s brain into dizziness. Just as Vincent lowered his head and
wanted to kiss her when she was still talking noisily, Leila picked up a glass of water next to her and
poured it angrily on his face. At that moment, the fire of his desire was extinguished totally!

He stood up and stared at her indifferently. Water drops dripped slowly from his sexy, handsome face
and the wet hair on his forehead made him look wild, arrogant, and cold!

Leila was in horror and she got up immediately to hide from him. She glared at him with a pair of fearful
clear eyes. Vincent felt unprecedentedly frustrated. He wiped off the water droplets on his hair and
snorted coldly. Then, he turned around and took out a cigarette. He lit it and smoked sullenly.

However, he was not reconciled to that. As long as he wanted the woman, how could he not get it?

The matters that she had been shutting her phone down for such a long time and she was in a
disheveled appearance at the midnight made him more furious. Didn't she know that he would be
worried about her? This woman was really hateful, why couldn’t she obey him once?

“It is because you forced me!” Leila said vaguely.

Vincent sneered and walked over to turn on the television. “This is also because you forced me!”

Leila looked at him in panic. Vincent snorted coldly. He picked up the remote control and pressed lightly
on it with his slender hand. An ambiguous breath burst into the silent room out of the blue.

A familiar, ambiguous voice sounded on the television, and Leila was frozen as it was her sister's

Leila rushed out in an instant, she stared at the television in a daze and her mind was burst in the
blank. The fact was showed up in front of her, it was not a joke that he kept a backup. “You have a

Wrath was overflowing in Leila’s eyes, “Vincent White, why are you doing this? You are a despicable
villain. How would I know you?!”

“Unfortunately, you know me and you married me. You can’t beat me, right?”

She had been so touched on the day she deleted the encrypted file which used her birthday year and
month as the password. She thought that their relationship had improved but why did he destroy the
peace that they had achieved so hardly?

Looking into his cold eyes stubbornly, she bit her lip and asked, “What do you want?”

He asked her back, “What do you think?”

“Don't you think that you are very childish? You threatened me with this inexplicable matter, what’s your
problem? What had I done wrongly today?” Leila took a deep breath to hold back her emotions.

“Where did you go today? Why did you turn your phone off at night? You came back in such a
disheveled appearance, went to the villa, and ran out again. What did you take?” He asked and
glanced at the bag she was carrying when she entered the room. He suspected instinctively so he
strode over and shook off the bag. “Is this your thing?”

When a man's Armani jacket fell on the luxurious floor, Vincent was stunned and flames burst into his
eyes. “A man’s clothes?”

Leila was startled by his tone and she felt cold all over her body of the sudden. It was Arthur’s clothes.
Uh! She couldn't imagine how angry Vincent would be if he knew that Arthur saw her blood spilled
during her menstrual period. Also, she couldn’t tell Vincent such an embarrassing story.

At that particular moment, she could clearly feel the hellish cold air emanating from him. His tall body
was standing there. He was three meters away from the television which was showing the scene of her
sister and another man having sex and joy. It was sluggish and ambiguous. On the other side, Vincent
seemed to be very hostile. His aura was so evil and powerful at that moment.

Bright and luxurious light was irradiating down from the ceiling chandelier. His dark shadow became
longer. His sharply contoured face was like cut by a knife and his deep eyes were glowing with a cold,
deep light.

Although Leila was separated from him by a certain distance. She still had a strong feeling that he was
exuding an inaccessible chill. It was the extreme cold from the Antarctic Pole which could freeze people
in an instant.

“Say! Where did this man's clothes come from?”

“No! It's not—”

“Are you dare to say that it's not a man's clothes?” Vincent roared in anger.

“It's a man's clothes, yes, it is a man's clothes!” Leila looked at him awkwardly. Both of her hands were
shaking violently, but she still put her best foot forward to talk in the calmest voice.

“Really?” Vincent snorted and smiled indifferently, “You went back to get this strange man's clothes in
the midnight?”

“He is not a stranger—” Leila’s face turned paler. She was thinking about how to explain but he
interrupted her.

“So, he is your adulterer. You are really not satisfied with the status quo, Leila. I pity you for your
loneliness but I didn't expect you to treat me like this. You have been cheating on me, how dare you
cuckold me!”

“I didn’t cuckold you!” Leila’s beautiful black eyes were widened suddenly. She stared at his
bloodthirsty and playful eyes fearfully. A chill of coldness emerged from the bottom of her feet and
spread to her limbs instantly till reaching into her bones. “Up to you to believe me or not!”

“If you are interested, I don't mind playing this video around the world as a movie!” His gloomy smile
was super cold.

He was taking the same thing to threaten her again! Leila looked at him helplessly and she tried her
best to calm down, she must do so because she could manage things well only when she calmed
down. After a few seconds, Leila took a deep breath and she started talking to him, “Mr. White, I have
nothing to say if you have believed firmly that I have cuckolded you. However, why don’t you divorce
me? You yourself are willing to accept me to cuckold you. You knew about it but why don’t you just
leave me? Isn’t it better for you to let go of me?”

“Don’t ever think about it!”

“Maybe, you got jealous?”

He put down the plastic bag and walked towards Leila. He smiled, “Leila, do you think that I am the
person who always gets jealous? I just don’t like to see you being obedient in front of people but being

rebellious at the back. If you can't restrain your heart, you should know the consequences. I have
warned you a long time ago, but you didn't remember it!”

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