Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 307 He’s Back

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Seemingly Leila heard that Vincent paused a bit. He kept silent for a few seconds, and only his breath
was heard from the other end of the line. Then Leila heard a child’s scream and the voices of women’s
delighted chatting.

Leila’s body was suddenly stiffened. It turned out that they were really together. A beautiful image was
sketched in her mind -- a family of three. If the family of three were together for real, it must be a quite
aesthetic picture.

“Ah! Mr. White, if you are quite busy, you can go. The international call is so expensive.” She suddenly
lost the impulse to continue speaking. If she continued, she was afraid that she would become more
depressed and might burst into tears. “You... Do you have anything else?”

Vincent kept silent again for a moment as if he had realized something. Then there was no kid’s or
women’s voice on the phone. “Nothing else. That’s it.”

“Okay! Then, good night,” Leila said softly.

However, neither of them hung up the phone. Leila was waiting for him to hang it up first, and Vincent
didn’t hang it up either.

One minute passed.

Leila stared at the screen, all the time. Another minute passed, and she saw the phone was hung up.

She inhaled deeply and put the phone on the desk. She looked around the study, which was empty,
familiar, and strange. The huge study was so cold and quiet.

She picked up a cooperation management book and read it for a moment, and then put it back. She
went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then she returned to the bedroom and lay down. She was
sleepless the whole night--

Time passed so slowly. She didn’t know when the week would pass finally. She was counting the days
but only three days had passed.

Every evening, she was learning taekwondo skills from Arthur. Leila seemed to have learned anything.
Three days had passed already. Besides stretching her ligaments, she also hopped up and down and
warmed up, which seemed to be all of her lessons. It made her quiet down.

Finally, on the fourth day, Arthur started to teach her new things -- the gist of confrontation.

Unavoidably, they two got the physical contact, which made it difficult for Leila to adapt. However, when
seeing Arthur behaves quite naturally, she felt that she had been too unreasonable.

Holding Leila’s hand, Arthur said, “Yes, like that. Put your hand here, and your foot should kick out
sideways quickly!”

“Like this?” Leila had a try.

“Yeah! Smart!” Arthur nodded. “I’ll teach you the airstrike. You can get too familiar with the technical
movements first. This kind of exercise can continuously consolidate the correct power stereotypes of
technical movements and continuously strengthens conditioned reflexes. It also contains various forms
of airstrikes, which can be practiced alone or in multiple players. Please practice it first. Then we will
practice it together.”

When Leila walked out of the taekwondo gymnasium, she felt the soreness all over her body.

“Can you hold on?” asked Arthur.

“Sort of. I just felt worn out.” Leila heaved a sigh weakly.

“Come on. Let’s go for dinner together!” She had dinner with Arthur every night after the course these
days. And it was always his treat, so they went to the high-end restaurant all the time. This time, Leila

shook her head.

“It’s on me today. I want to eat some snacks.”

“The snacks? Arthur frowned. “Aren’t you going to take me to the night market street of F City?”

“If you don’t want to go, I’ll go there myself. I’m so starved today and I want to have mutton shashlik.”

“Ah? Do you want to each barbecue food? We can go to South Asia Scenic Garden, where the roasted
whole lamb is served.”

“No way! I just want to eat mutton shashlik.” It was quite rare for Leila to insist.

“All right. Let me take a look at what’s so delicious there!”

Hence, Leila took Arthur to the night market. The two were sitting at the small dining table. Arthur
looked at people coming and going while creasing his nose. The plate looked quite a grease. “Can this
stuff be eaten? Will we have loose bowels?”

Leila shook her head. “Everyone eats it in this way.”

“How to eat it?” Arthur frowned.

Leila enjoyed the dinner indeed. She was indeed starved. Unexpectedly, she would feel so hungry after
working out. Taekwondo was truly a strong confrontational exercise. She had just kicked for an hour but
now she was almost starved to death.

Arthur took a screw of mutton shashlik, which looked good and tasted good, too. Just the sanitary
condition wasn’t so good. From his childhood, he had never eaten anything in such a kind of place. He
carefully took a bite. “Ehn! It tastes good, way too spicy though.”

“What have I told you? It’s indeed tasty.” Leila enjoyed it so much.

As a result, Arthur had trouble with diarrhea that night.

On the second day, Leila didn’t see Arthur in the gym. After the class, Coach Koby told her that Arthur
was in the hospital.

“Why is he in the hospital?”

“He suffers from diarrhea,” said Coach Koby, “He asked me to tell you that he would rather die than
eating things on the snack stand.”

“Ah--” Leila gaped. “I’m totally fine. I don’t have diarrhea at all. How could he scour?”

“Different people have different degrees of resistant bacteria.”

“Uh! He’s so namby-pamby, isn’t he? Which hospital is he in now?”

“First Hospital.”

After the class, Leila went to First Hospital. She looked for the Gastroenterology department, and then
she bought a bouquet. She asked for Arthur’s ward number but was informed that she couldn’t go to
see him now.

“Why not? I’m his friend.” Leila was surprised.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Just now a gentleman went into the ward, and we’re informed to block other visitors.
How about the wait for a while? After the gentleman comes out, we’ll ask Mr. Lane if he wants to see
you,” the nurse explained to her politely, but still refused her.

Leila looked at the Medical Guidance Desk and found that Arthur was in a VIP ward.

So those VIP wards were for the rich, but the nurses were too snob, weren’t they?

Leila nodded. Then she went into a corner.

After ten minutes or so, she looked over at the ward from time to time. Suddenly, she saw a familiar
figure and she gaped -- it was Vincent.

Leila’s heart hammered. It was indeed him.

She immediately took a step back. Standing in the corner, she watched Vincent come out from one of
the wards.

It was him indeed! She was confirmed again.

She didn’t move until watched Vincent go into the elevator, and he didn’t find her at all.

Didn’t he say that he would come back in a week? How could he come back in only three days?

For a moment, she dared not to stay there longer. Walking down from the stairs, she made sure that
Vincent had come out from the elevator. Then she hailed a cab to go back home.

However, after going into the villa, she didn’t see Vincent’s car at all. She asked the guard, “Did Mr.
White come back?”

“No, he didn’t.” The guard shook his head.

“I see.” Disappointed, Leila went back to the house.

Then she received a call from Arthur. “Lexi, how ruthless are you! I almost died from diarrhea, but why
didn’t you come to see me?”

Leila heaved a sigh and answered on the phone, “I went to see you earlier, but the nurse stopped me.
So I couldn’t do anything and came back home, Mr. Lane.”

“Have you been here earlier?” Arthur was a bit surprised.

“Yes, I have,” Leila said, “I was told a gentleman had entered the ward, so I was forbidden to go in.”

“Oh! That’s our boss.”

“Your boss?” Leila pretended to be shocked and exclaimed. Once again, she was confirmed that he
had come back.

“Forget it. Why don’t you come over now?” said Arthur.

“Now?” Leila directly rejected. “I need to go to work tomorrow. I don’t want to go out now.”

“I see. No problem. See you tomorrow.” Arthur hung up the phone.

Leila looked at the watch and the time was half past nine in the evening. She pulled out her phone and
entered a message: “How are you”.

However, starting at the phone, she hesitated to send it out.

She put the phone again on the tea table. She turned on the TV and watched it, feeling bored. Half an
hour passed, she looked out and nothing happened. She took over the phone and the three words still
reminded me. Actually, she wanted to ask him: “Have you come back?”

She wondered why he didn’t come home and what he was doing now.

She put the phone on the table again, and then picked it up. Gritting her teeth, she sent it out.

However, she didn’t receive a reply immediately.

After an unknown long while, suddenly the message tone of her phone rang and a message came in.
He only replied with two words: “Not good.”

Leila stared at the phone blankly. Then she entered a few words and sent them out: “What’s wrong?”

“Busy!” His message was still quite short.

At this moment, Vincent was at the airport, waiting for the flight to Japan. He would board the plane in a
few minutes. When waiting in the VIP lounge, he received Leila’s message, so he replied to her.

He just came back for the time being to sign a contract. Now he was heading back. Before he left, he
went to the hospital and visited Arthur.

He received another message from Leila: “When will you come back? I’ll buy you some tonic food and
get you some refreshment.”

He stared at the screen, his eyes darkened. He wanted to reply to her, but the announcement informed
him that it was time to board the plane. He turned off the phone and put it away in his pocket. Vincent

Without receiving his reply, Leila thought perhaps he was pretty busy. However, she wondered how
busy he was so he even didn’t come home for a rest. Was he staying in HJ Hotel or some woman’s

For another night, Leila was sleepless again.

In three days, she didn’t see Arthur in the gym. Neither did she go to the hospital to see him. She
always looked quite down and weak these days, and she always felt depressed and disappointed.

Vincent didn’t send her any message after that day. When she sent messages to him, she got no reply.
Neither did he come back.

Leila came out from the taekwondo gymnasium this evening. Since she felt tired, she went back to
Pearl Community.

This was the first time that she went back to Pearl Community after Vincent was gone. Recalling that
he changed the lock, she couldn’t help curling up her lips into a smile. She guessed that he must felt
frustrated because he was interrupted by her mother, so he insisted on changing the lock.

The insect noises outside the window sounded quite loud in the quiet night. Everything was quiet,
making her feel that she would be swallowed by the shades of the night if being careless. On such a
dark night, she temporarily calmed down from the impetuous world.

Since she had seen him, another three days had passed. She wondered where he was now.

Eleven o’clock in the late night.

It was getting quite dark, as thick as the dried ink.

At the airport.

The camera lashes were constantly flashing.

From the exit of the cabin, a tall and strong man walked out gradually. Beside him, an enchanting
woman was wrapping the man’s arm tightly. Suddenly, the woman bent over and exclaimed, “Ouch!
Vincent! My belly hurts!”

Vincent frowned slightly. Still, he asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

At this moment, the paparazzi grasped the chance and took photos. Vincent creased his brows. He
came back at eleven at night because he didn’t want to see the paparazzi. Unexpectedly, he still met
some of them, which made him quite unhappy.

Grabbed the woman’s hand, he half-dragged her out of the airport and got in the car. The car stopped
in front of the HJ Hotel, followed by the paparazzi. They also took photos that Vincent entered the hotel
with the woman in his arms.

Then minutes later.

Vincent was standing next to the French Window, the white curtain flying upwards in the night breeze.
He was looking at the night view of the whole F City from the top.

In the bathroom of the room, it looked quite erotic. However, he didn’t have any interest at all. With a
sneer, Vincent walked to sit down on the sofa, lit up a cigar, and started smoking.

Shortly, the sound of the running water stopped. Meredith walked out wrapped in a bath towel instead
of wearing anything. The proportions of her figure looked perfect.

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