Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 313 Mother-in-law’s Visit

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Immediately, Leila straightened up her clothes, nodding in shyness.

The car soon arrived in the villa. However, there was a luxurious car parked in the yard. Leila turned to
look at Vincent in surprise. “Do we have a guest?”

Vincent’s expression slightly changed when seeing that car, pressing his thin lips tightly.

Leila didn’t know what happened. They both got off.

Leila went to fetch the bags from the trunk, and then she walked into the living room with Vincent.

However, as soon as she entered the living room, Leila sensed a different atmosphere as if there was a
coldness in the living room, which was fulfilled with something weird.

Looking up, Leila found a mid-aged woman sitting on the sofa -- she looked both dignified and graceful.

In a daze, Leila stared at her -- the woman wore an adjusted cheongsam with a white print. Her figure
was very well maintained. With the cheongsam wear on her body, she looked more elegant on her
neck there was a pearl necklace. Her earrings were a gray diamond shape, and the material was
unknown. Her hair was tied up, making her look neat and capable.

When the woman saw them come in, she gazed over at them. Under her gaze, Leila suddenly
shivered, feeling so cold.

Then she heard Vincent call, “Mom, why did you come back?”

As he spoke, he walked towards her.

Leila was completely shocked.

Was this woman Mr. White’s mother?

Then she was her mother-in-law, wasn’t she? Leila wondered what she should address her -- calling
her Mom as Vincent did. She decided to remain silent and wait for Vincent to introduce her. Leila gaped
and watched Vincent walk up to the woman and hugged her.

Nora Morgan chuckled. Above Vincent’s shoulder, she gazed at Leila more sharply.

Leila trembled. Nora seemed to snort. Although they were far away from each other, Leila still felt her
sneering at her. For some reason, she believed that her mother-in-law came here without bad intention.

“Mom, this is Leila,” Vincent made the introduction for them after turning back and seeing Leila.

“Leila, this is my mother,” he said to Leila.

Leila immediately walked up and put the bags beside the door. With a slight smile, she greeted, “Mom,
nice to meet you.”

Nora nodded at her arrogantly. Her graceful and well-maintained face is full of pride and disdain. “Are
you the second daughter of Mr. Hunter, the mayor?”

“Mom, please call me Leila.” Leila’s heart skipped a beat. She could hear the hostility from her mother-
in-law’s tone.

“Okay, Leila!” Nora cast a cold glance at her. When seeing her cheap shirt and jeans without any
jewelry and her messy hair, she snorted. “Can’t our White family afford you? You dress so cheaply!”

Leila felt panicked, blushed in embarrassment. Subconsciously, she looked down at herself - a shirt
and jeans, seemingly quite cheap indeed. But she didn’t spend the money of the White family. She
bought all of them using her salary from the part-time job. However, what Nora said made her
embarrassed. Her teeth sank into her lips. She secretly looked up at Vincent, only to find him sitting on
the sofa and loosening his tie as if he was an outsider completely.

Leila could only fight back by herself. She said in a light tone, “Mom, if you don’t like me to dress in this
way. I’ll change it tomorrow.”

Her retort made Nora’s arrogant blame quite unreasonable at this moment. Feeling Leila’s soft refute,
she slightly squinted. Then she saw Leila raise her head and smiled slightly at her, her eyes full of
calmness and sincerity.

Nora snorted and said, “I’m starved. I haven’t had dinner yet. Go to cook! Besides, if I’m talking to my
son, I don’t want to be interrupted.”

“Okay. I’ll prepare for the dinner now.” Leila nodded immediately and picked up the bags.

Nora sat down on the sofa and looked over at Vincent. The stiff expression on her face became

“Mom, the doctor said you should lead a peaceful life to maintain your health,” Vincent reminded her in
a deep voice.

“I know. I haven’t been back for a long time, and I miss you.”

“I just came back home last night. We’ve just met, haven’t we? If you wanted to come back, you should
tell me. Then we can come back together.”

“I just decided all of a sudden.”

Leila walked into the kitchen with the ingredients. Then she started to wash the vegetables. She held
her head high and wanted to smile at herself, but the bitter tears fell from the corners of her eyes. Her
hands trembled when washing the vegetables. Finally, she calmed down and washed the vegetables in

An hour later, the delicate dishes appeared on the dining table. Looking at the dishes, Leila was sitting
and waiting at the table, because she didn’t know how to inform the mother and the son, who were
chatting over there.

Time passed by slowly. It was getting darker and darker. Looking at the cold dishes, she found them
still chatting while watching TV. She was certain that Vincent had seen her waiting for them to have
dinner while standing beside the dining table, but he didn’t say anything to his mother. He just cast a
clod glance at her.

Leila’s heart became colder and colder as if it was frozen by the ice. With just a touch, the sharp pang
would cause pain all over her body.

She walked to the sofa and stood aside. Then she reminded them in a low voice, “Mom, Mr. White, the
dinner is ready.”

Nora checked the watch on the wall and said unhappily, “Why did it take you such a long time? Can
you cook or not?”

Leila kept silent.

Nora walked over to sit down at the dining table. Looking at the four dishes and one porridge -- sesame
oil chicken, braised spareribs in brown sauce, eight-ingredient porridge, a bitter melon salad, and stir-
fried celery. Her expression changed slightly and sat down.

Vincent turned around and looked at Leila, sitting down as well.

Nora had a taste of the porridge, frowning deeply. “How come it’s cold?”

“Just, just now, I saw you were chatting. You said I can’t--”

“How dare you retort? Has the Hunter family taught you to be a daughter-in-law like this?” Nora patted
on the table suddenly. Her young-looking face without any torture of life was covered with icy coldness,
looking extremely strict.

“I’m sorry. I’ll heat them,” Leila immediately said.

“I don’t eat leftovers. So you don’t welcome me, do you?”

“You misunderstood, Mom. I never meant it!” Leila immediately explained.

“Really? You know it clearly yourself!” Nora still looked so arrogant.

Leila lowered her head and endured with a deep breath. “Mom, I’ll cook new porridge for you. Please
wait a moment.”

“Mom is sick, so she can’t eat leftover and cold food,” said Vincent aside, as if he was explaining.

“Oh, I see. I’ll pay attention to it in the future.” Leila immediately nodded, standing next to the dining
table carefully.

“I won’t eat it. It’s almost nine o’clock. Do you want me to have the midnight snack together with
dinner?” Nora snorted again, glaring at Leila unhappily while inhaling heavily from her nose.

She didn’t think this young woman in front of her deserved Vincent. So many outstanding women
wanted to marry into the White family. Did she think herself somebody important because she was the
mayor’s daughter?

“I’m sorry. I’ll make it very quick. Mom, it’s my fault. I cooked too late. Please make do with it. If you
don’t eat, it’s harmful to your stomach.”

“Pak!” Nora suddenly patted on the table. “You informed me to have dinner after it’s turned cold on
purpose, didn’t you?”

“I--” Leila felt so wronged.

Vincent kept silent. Sitting next to the dining table, he looked as indifferent as an outsider.

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve done it deliberately! You want to give me a hart time as soon as we
meet, don’t you?” Nora didn’t want to let go of her easily.

“Mom, there’s still porridge in the pot. Leila, go to get the warm porridge,” said Vincent in a cold tone.
His deep and magnetic voice was filled with unhappiness already. His cold face looked the same as
usual, but they could saw the stateliness and temperament in his ink-blacked eyes.

“I won’t eat it!” Nora cast a glance at her angry son, standing up smartly.

Blood drained from her face. With a pale face and looking at Nora who turned around and walked
upstairs, Leila immediately walked into the kitchen. She could only feel the stress in the air that almost
strangled her.

“Mom!” Vincent called the woman in a deep voice.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry because I yelled at her?” Nora raised her eyebrows while standing on
the stairs.

“I’ll bring you some food later,” said Vincent.

“Do I have my own room here?”

“I’ve fired the servant and other rooms haven’t been cleaned. You can stay in my bedroom,” said
Vincent, “I’ll send you back to Japan tomorrow morning.”

“Are you driving me away?” Nora’s tone became harsh.

“Nope.” Vincent shook his head. “You need to keep peace and calm. After you’ve fully recovered, you
can stay here as long as you like.”

As he spoke, he walked up to hold Nora’s arm to help her up.

“I won’t leave. It’s best if you can piss me to death. Everything will be over.”

“Mom, I didn’t mean it.”

“I don’t care. I won’t leave!”

Standing in the kitchen, Leila listened to their conversation in silence. In the pot, the eight-ingredient
porridge was still heating up. Leila felt bitter in her heart. Unexpectedly, her mother-in-law was like this -
- so horrible.

How come she felt as if she was living in ancient times?

Stirring the boiled porridge, Leila felt so exhausted.

After a while, Vincent walked into the kitchen. Ignoring her, he held the bowl and stood there. With his
proud figure and sharp and oppressive eyes, the outline of his face was still cold and firm. His tightly
pressed lips showed how cold-hearted and serious he was.

“Don’t you have anything to tell me?” Leila looked at him with bitter and wronged eyes, trying her best
to suppress the sadness. He was obviously so cold-hearted, but why she still fell for him so deeply?

“What to tell you?” She heard his hoarse and deep voice. Vincent turned around and cast her a glance.

What to tell her?

Leila indeed wanted to jump up and question him how come suddenly he got a mother. However, she
still remained calm. She said flatly, “I never knew you have a mother, Mr. White.”

“What do you mean? Should I supposed be an orphan?” Vincent asked her coldly.

“No, I didn’t mean it,” Leila immediately shook her head and explained, “I--”

Vincent, however, chimed in to interrupt her, “My mom has just had surgery for her heart disease.”

Leila was taken aback, nodding. “I see. I won’t piss her. I know a cardiac can’t get angry.”

It turned out that he kept silent just now because he was afraid to make his mother angry.

Vincent’s gaze fell on her face, a hint of complicated feeling flashing through his eyes. Without
speaking anything, he walked to her side, reaching out to take over the spoon and stirring the porridge.

“I can do it myself,” said Leila in a low voice.

Vincent didn’t move, pushing her behind him.

Leila looked at his broad back and kept silent.

After the porridge was done, waiting until it became not too hot or not too cold, Vincent took it upstairs.

A few minutes later, he came back and sat next to the dining table. The dishes were totally told on the

“Wait. Let me heat them first,” Leila whispered when seeing him lowering his head and eating.

“Not necessary. It’s already summer,” he said.

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