Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 314 You’ll Divorce Sooner or Later

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He didn’t explain anything about his mother, who showed up so suddenly. She thought that he didn’t
have a mother. Much to her surprise, his mother was still alive.

Leila sat down and started eating as well.

For a moment, the dining room had become extremely quiet, so quiet that Leila felt strangled. She
dared not to speak. Vincent looked gloomy as if a lot of things were bothering him.

After dinner, Leila cleaned up the kitchen and walked upstairs.

Vincent had already gone upstairs. Leila walked on the corridor, she overheard Nora ask Vincent,
“What do you plan to do with the woman downstairs?”

“Mom, it’s not the right time yet.”

“When will be the right time then? Tell me. I can’t wait any longer. Vincent, I’ve been waiting for this day
for a long time.”

“I know, but it’s truly not the time yet.”

“You fell in love with her, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t!”

“Then do whatever we’ve planned!”

Leila panicked, almost tripping over. She wondered what plan Nora had, feeling so uneasy suddenly.

The door of Vincent’s bedroom was opened suddenly. Leila raised up her head in a panic and saw
Nora coming out. When seeing Leila at the door, she was taken aback. Then she asked in a cold voice,
“Are you eavesdropping on our conversation?”

“No, I’m not. Mom, I’ve just come upstairs,” Leila explained.

“I hated the sneakers the most. The villa is so dirty. Haven’t you seen the handrails on the corridor are
dusty? How long haven’t the floor been mopped? It’s so dirty. What kind of hostess are you? How
come you are so lazy? Are you still a woman?”

Leila was startled. Immediately, she answered, “I’ll clean it up right away.”

She went downstairs and fetched the cleaning cloth from the cleaning room. Then she lifted a bucket of
water upstairs, starting to clean the handrail. Nora stood in the corridor and stared at Leila coldly. Then
she ordered, “My suitcase is still in the car. Go get it for me!”

“Okay, Mom.” Leila had to stop what she was doing. She went downstairs to fetch the suitcase.
However, she didn’t know what was wrong with the suitcase. When she carried it and entered the door,
the lid opened suddenly. It turned out the suitcase was broken.

“Can you do anything? I asked you to carry my suitcase in. You can refuse me directly if you’re
unwilling to do it. Why did you vent your anger on my suitcase? Do you think I’m a pushover because
I’m sick?” Nora was pissed off again.

Leila immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, Mom. I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.”

Nora walked down on the stairs. With a twisted expression, she glared at Leila in angry. With a vicious
sneer, she asked, “Are you declaring a war on me?”

“No, I’m not!” Leila stood up immediately and whispered.

“Pak!” Nora slapped her across her face. “I’ve told you not to retort!”

Feeling the burning pain on her cheek, the slap was quite heavy, which made Leila’s mouth corner
bleed. Her teeth bit on the lip and it was broken. Leila was startled, wondering if Nora was going to

torture her physically.

She inhaled deeply and suppressed all her feelings. She looked up and glanced at Nora, her eyes
crystal clear together with sharpness. She gazed at Nora, making Nora feeling a sense of guilt. Yes,
Leila always kept a low key and endured everything, but it didn’t mean that she was a real pushover.

Nora yelled to cover her guilty, “You! What are you looking at?”

“I’ll pick them up for you,” Leila said, choking between sobs. Sad tears dropped from the corners of her
eyes, along her slim face, all the way flowing into her mouth. She tasted the endless bitterness. She
squatted and started to pick up things.

With the burning pain on her cheek, Leila didn’t speak anything else. Inwardly, she heaved a sigh,
wondering why such a vicious mother-in-law suddenly showed up as soon as Mr. White had treated her
a little bit better.

Angrily glaring at Leila, who lowered her head without showing her expression, Nora felt surprised as if
she had never expected that this girl would be so enduring.

The steady footsteps sounded from the corridor, approaching them. Nora couldn’t help smiling
complacently. She stared at Leila, who lowered her head again and looked at Vincent, who just went
downstairs. Immediately, she said, “My son, look at your good wife. She dislikes me, so she vented her
anger on my suitcase, smashing my stuff onto the floor.”

Vincent’s eyes were tightened when looking at Leila, who was lowering her head and picking up the
stuff. He turned to look at his mother, and then said to Leila coldly, “Leila, apologize to Mom.”

Leila’s hands trembled. She slowly stood up. Without raising her head, she whispered, “Mom, it’s my
fault. Please don’t angry. I was wrong.”

“Humph!” Nora snorted and turned around. “Making an apology? If I killed you and made an apology to
your dead body, would it work?”

“I’m sorry,” Leila muffled again in a low voice.

Vincent didn’t ask about the reason but he simply asked her to apologize. Leila felt quite wronged, but
she didn’t say anything. She kept her head low to avoid letting him see the pain and grievance in her

Vincent’s gaze fell on her face. Although she kept her head low, there was still a trace of blood on her
tightly pressed lips. A complicated feeling flashed through his eyes. With a deep frown, he said in a
cold tone again, “Hurry up and clean it up. Then send the suitcase to Mom’s room.”

Leila could only feel the violent pain in her heart as if it was torn apart. Leila closed her eyes in silence
and suppressed the bitter tears in her eyes. Choking between sobs, she squatted down to put
everything on the floor into the suitcase.

Then she carried the suitcase upstairs. Her tears finally dropped. She trotted upstairs hurriedly and
didn’t want to let Vincent see her tears, because he wouldn’t say anything even if he could see them.

His mother had heart disease, so she couldn’t make her angry. She had to endure it. She reminded
herself not to get angry with a cardiac. ‘She’s a patient. Leila, you are a healthy person. You can’t get
angry with a patient,’ her inner voice said.

“Mom, please go to bed. I’ll call Eira back and clean the house tomorrow,” Vincent said coldly while
walking towards the upstairs.

“I’ll hold a charity party tomorrow and I’ll introduce Leila to the public,” Nora suddenly said.

Vincent’s body was stiffened on the stairs. He turned around and his cold face became much colder.
Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Mom, if you think it’s appropriate, please go ahead. My suggestion is to
wait longer.”

“I can’t wait any longer!” Nora walked to the sofa and sat down angrily. “No matter if you agree or not,
I’ll ask my assistant to inform the famous media agents and all the big shots in the business circle of F
City in your name.”

“Mom! I’ve said it’s not the time yet,” Vincent said again.

“What time do you mean? When you’ve fallen in love with her? I can tell you are in love with her now.”
Nora’s tone became harsh.

“All right. Go ahead.” Vincent didn’t want to continue with the topic. “I’m going upstairs. Mom, go to bed

As he spoke, he went upstairs.

Leila put the suitcase in Nora’s room. She walked out, lowering her head. She still felt the burning pain
on her cheek. Heartbroken, she looked extremely pale without any blood on her face, even her lip
corners were pale. Only the handprint on her face was reddened and swollen.

As soon as she walked out, Leila bumped into Vincent. She paused immediately. Motionlessly, she
heard Vincent say in a cold tone, “Go back to your room and sleep.”

“I still need to clean the house.” Leila bit her lip. Her mother-in-law said it was dirty in the house, which
was indeed true. She needed to clean it up. Even her mother-in-law didn’t point it out, she would clean

“Eira will come back tomorrow. Let she clean it.”

“Not necessary. I’ll make it very quick.” After finishing her words, Leila turned around, walked
downstairs, and started cleaning the house.

Vincent stared at her receding back towards downstairs, lost in thought. However, he didn’t say
anything else. He turned around and walked into her guestroom.

Nora came upstairs, casting a cold glance at Leila, who was mopping the floor. “Make a cup of green
tea for me.”

“Okay, Mom.” Leila stood up as a maid. “One moment please.”

Leila walked downstairs, washed her hands, and boiled the water. Then she made a cup of green tea
and came back. She brought it upstairs and knocked at the door of Nora’s room.

“Come in.” Her voice came from the inside. Under her permission, Leila pushed the door open and
walked in.

When she walked in, she saw Nora half-lying on the bed, leaning against the bedhead and crossing her
arms on her chest. At this moment, she had changed into a set of silk pajamas. Her hair was still neat.

“Mom, the tea is ready. It’s the Biluochun tea,” Leila said in a soft voice. She walked over, waiting for
Nora to take the tea from her hands.

Nora didn’t take it over though. With a cold stare, she looked at Leila up and down slowly. Her gazes
made Leila shivered. Seemingly that she didn’t have the intention to take over the tea.

Leila knew her mother-in-law disliked her and wouldn’t let her go so easily. She could only endure and
stand aside while holding the tea.

Nora sneered, her gaze wandering around Leila’s body together with disgust. After a long while, she
finally said in a cold tone, “Leila Hunter, you don’t deserve my son.”

Leila’s hands trembled and she answered in a light tone, “Yes. I know it.”

“You’ll divorce sooner or later!”

Leila’s heart skipped a beat. She said with self-mockery, “I know it, too.”

“Do you know it?” Nora felt a bit surprised.

Seeing that she was a bit confused, Leila said flatly, “I know I don’t deserve Mr. White, and I know I’m
just an ordinary woman as grass. This marriage was not based on my willingness. As for the reason,
Mom, I guess you and Mr. White know it the best.”

Nora was stunned for a moment, and she hadn’t expected Leila would say those words. Her face
looked peaceful, but it had the smile that made Leila feel creepy. “You are not an eye candy.”

With a self-mocking smile, Leila didn’t say anything.

“Put down the tea. Leave.”

“Okay.” Leila put the tea on the nightstand, turned around, and walked towards the door. At the door,
she paused and said in a light tone, “Good night.”

Nora didn’t move. A trace of confusion flashed through her eyes. She picked up the teacup and took a
sip, expressionless.

Leila went to continue to clean.

It was a huge villa, extremely quiet. Leila tried her best to clean it, soaking in the sweat. Finally, she
managed to mop the floor and clean the handrails. As for the windows, she had to wait to do it

After finishing the cleanup, she sat on the stairs, deeply heaving a sigh.

Nora, who seemed to wake up after napping for a while, opened the door.

“Ah--” she screamed. “You! Why aren’t you sleeping now in the mid of the night? You deliberately want
to freak me out?”

“Mom! I’m sorry!” Leila had to stand up and apologize again.

“Why don’t you go to bed?”

“I’ve just finished cleaning the house,” said Leila.

“Are you blaming me? You can’t sleep at the midnight, so you are sitting here to scare me, aren’t you?”
Nora snorted.

Leila shook her head. “I didn’t mean it at all.”

The door of the guestroom was opened. Vincent came out. He said to Nora, “Mom, why did you get

“I want to drink some water.”

“Leila, get some water.”

“Oh, OK!” Leila trotted downstairs to pour a glass of water. Vincent took it over and gave it to Nora.
“Mom, good night.”

He pulled Leila, dragging her into the guestroom that she usually stayed in.

Under his strength, Leila pounced into his arms, which caused a fierce pain on her cheek that was
slapped by Nora. She couldn’t help but inhale sharply, her eyes reddened immediately.

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