Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 324 Theodore’s Anger

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“Don’t you really want to know the man behind?” Theodore Hall frowned. He sounded a little suspicious
as if he was waiting for a result. His gaze seemed like a sharp knife to lock her down.

Leila moved her sight aside for a while and then looked back at him. She said lightly, “What can I do
even if I knew? Can we go back in time?”

“3 years ago, who was the person who frequently visited you in your dormitory? Because the person
who came to find you, he ended up getting closer with the maid, who was this person? Don’t you
remember?” Theodore sounded a little pain as it flowed into Leila’s ear.

Leila frowned as her pale face looked calm. Her red and swollen eyes looked a little painful but she
raised her head and whispered, “You only need to know it yourself. I have never seen any letter before
so I don’t really want to know it anymore.”

“But I always thought that if no one secretly hid the letter that I wrote to you, maybe we would have
been together!”

Theodore took a puff as he stared into her eyes.

Leila smiled awkwardly and replied firmly, “Will not!!”

There was a buzzing sound in his head. Theodore swayed a little. He was stunned and felt hurt, it was
painful. He squeezed the cigarette in his hand so tight that the butt of the cigarette burned in his palm.
It was very hot and he slightly frowned.

Leila noticed his action and stepped forward immediately. “What are you doing? Do you burn yourself?
Do you feel hurt?”

She ran up hurriedly and grabbed his hand to pry open with her hands. But Theodore was frowning as
he squeezed her hand tightly. The flame was extinguished in his palm as he held it tightly. Naturally, it

just burned him at the same time.

His hand was opened by Leila. She was a little worried, “What are you doing? Are you stupid!”

But Theodore smiled and he said, “You still care about me!”

Leila was startled. As she looked at the bubble in his palm, she felt a little helpless. She let go of his
hand, and raised her eyes. “Anyone would have cared when facing this situation. I’m a human, not a
monster. If you misunderstood about something, I’m terribly sorry. You still have some sense, take care
of the injury by yourself. I have to go!”

She did not want to make Theodore misunderstand her.

Just as she was about to open the door of the room, he stretched out his hand from her back and
pressed the back of the door to slam it shut.

Her strength was no match for him. She was trapped between the back of the door and his chest in
shock. His breath burst over which made her feel afraid and pressured. Her body’s rejection and
resistance were so clear and direct.

“Leila, you do care about me, why are you denying?!” Theodore looked down at her.

Leila wanted to pushed him away and shouted hurriedly, “Theodore! What are you doing? You’re my
teacher, don’t overstep the boundary, we’re in the school, this is your office, what are you doing?!”

Didn’t he know that he might be used if he was seen by ulterior guys? He would lose his job and she
would get involved in a scandal. She did not want something like this to happen. This could hurt her or
someone else especially her mother.

“If I knew this would happen, I would never study abroad but rather work in any company after I
graduated. If so at least, I could still stay by your side instead of going to the other side of the world. I

didn’t have to endure the loneliness while missing you at the same time. I thought that everything that I
have done could help me give you happy life in the future. But... but I forgot to take time and space into
consideration for they have blocked everything. I’m a loser but I feel unwillingly...” Theodore growled as
he bowed his head to kiss her lips.

“” Leila was shocked. Theodore’s lips fell on the corners of Leila’s lips and she dodged

He went crazy and wanted to kiss her so badly. As they were pulling and pushing with each other,
Theodore saw the hickey on the neck under her shirt. That... that was the mark left by a man. A man’s

“Is this Vincent’s kiss or Arthur’s? Tell me.” Theodore was upset while staring at her.

Leila suddenly bent her legs as she used a lot of strength to resist.

“Ah...” Theodore hugged his lower abdomen and bent down.

“Theodore, that’s enough. It has nothing to do with you. I don’t want to see you again. Please don’t call
me into your office in a teacher’s name. If you still do, I will file a complaint to you!” Leila opened the
door and walked out after she left such a cold statement.

The moment she walked out of his office, she felt so wronged. She took a deep breath and held back
her tears as she tidied her hair and clothes.

The classroom was in a chaos. Everyone was not discussing about the thesis but today’s
entertainment headline. “Look, it’s our classmate, Leila. I can’t believe that she’s married!”

Leila heard the discussion as she just stepped on the doorstep.

“That’s right, she’s so charming. Both presidents of the White Group were attracted to her. Do you think
if they are having a threesome in the HL Apartment?”

“It’s possible! It’s said that it is the most popular game among presidents now. Oh my god. Gosh!”


More obscene words were spoken out by her so-called classmates. Leila’s heart felt like tearing apart
when even her classmate who stayed with her for four years would say such words. She felt so hurt!

She did not have the courage to walk into the classroom although she did not do anything at all.

At this moment, someone in the classroom said, “What’s wrong with you all, are you gossiping? Leila is
not that kind of person!”

That was the voice of the class monitor, Toby Houghton. Unexpectedly, someone spoke out for her.
Leila suddenly felt warm. At least, some people believed that she was not that kind of person.

“Ah, Toby do you like Leila? It’s a pity that she doesn’t even like you. She’s the daughter of Brian
Hunter. Her husband is Vincent White and her secret lover is Arthur Lane. Even our Professor Hall
treats her differently. I heard that she was asked to go to the office just now! Maybe they’re having a
tryst now!”

“You guys are such assholes!” Toby shouted. “To make fun of your classmate who have got along with
you for 4 years, Margot Kaur, are you jealous of Leila? Jealous of her working harder and having better
grades than you. Are you jealous of her being the only outstanding graduate in our class?”

“Who’s jealous?”

“Ha! I think you are!” Toby laughed a little. “If you continue gossiping today, it means you’re not getting
well along with me. I just can’t let your attitude spoil you!”

“Toby, do you want to be Leila’s secret lover? Let me tell you, you have not any chance at all. Our
Professor Hall is still waiting for her! She used to be Leila’s lover for 3 years!”

Leila took a deep breath as her heart felt suffocated. She suddenly found something in her mind, those
letters?! She slammed the door and walked in.

Once the door was opened, Leila stood at the doorsteps. She raised her eyes and looked at those
gossip guys. Those who participated in the discussion were Margot, Betsy Walker, and Agnes
Chapman who stayed with her in the same dormitory. Those three who caused the trouble the most
while the rest just followed along.

The classmates who stayed with her in the same dormitory for four years. It was unexpected, it was
really unexpected.

The moment when Leila pushed the door, everyone went into an absolute silence. Margot was startled
but immediately laughed. He then greeted her naturally, “Leila, you’re here!”

Leila was not showing any emotion, completely no emotion at all. She just looked at them, her

Toby walked over. “Leila, are you okay?”

Leila smiled at Toby. Leila thanked him for speaking for her and trusting her. She then moved her sight
towards Margot, Betsy, and Agnes. She walked towards them naturally and looked directly into their

Three of them were feeling guilty and speechless when Leila looked at them.

Leila smiled faintly and said, “I'm really grateful for letting me see this scene clearly before I graduate,
Margot, Betsy, and Agnes. Since you all are interested about my life, then I want to know about 3 years

ago when there was a letter from KL University. Do you all still remember? If I’m not mistaken, there
should have 99 letters? Should I thank you all for keeping them secretly for such a long time?”

“Letter? What kind of letter?” Margot was startled but acting a little stupid, “What are you talking about?
Leila, how do we know?”

“Yes, Leila. What do we know about the letters?”

“That’s right!”

“In the sophomore year, you all have always sent and received letters in our dormitory. I have never
seen a letter before. Do you dare to say that you don’t know about it?” Leila remained calm as she did
not step back. Her expression was clear and direct.

“Leila, I guess we’re right. By the way, all the students seem to know that only Professor Hall has gone
to study in KL University right? I guess those letters were written by him?”

Leila smiled a little. There was no need to ask as she knew that they were the one who hid the letters
that sent by Theodore. It looked like she really blamed wrongly towards Theodore. She thought she
had not heard a word from him in three years but it turned out that he really did write to her before.

“It doesn’t matter whether you have it or not. It’s illegal to hide someone else’s letter. I plan to call the
police!” Leila smiled a little. Her tone remained calm without any hesitation.

Three of them were shocked and stunned. Margot suddenly laughed. “Ha, call the police, Leila. You do
know how to joke!”

“If you think I’m joking then let it be! I love joking the most!” Her expression changed and groaned a
little. “Since you all mention that I’m the daughter of Brian Hunter and also the wife of Vincent White.
Since you have offended me, do you all still want to graduate?”

Their expressions suddenly changed.

Leila chuckled a little. Since she had stayed with Vincent for so long, she did not learn anything but
threatening others. The feeling was right.

“Leila, Leila, those letters, those letters aren’t with us. It’s with your sister, Macey!” Margot suddenly
spoke out.

Leila was completely stunned. Three years ago, her sister did come to their dormitory often. They often
ate together in their dormitory. Sometimes, she would give some little gifts for them, perhaps?

“They did take Leila’s letter!” Someone random shouted.

“Oh my god! What a shame!”

Leila was speechless and suddenly walked out.

The Hunter Family.

Leila saw her mother’s concern when she stepped inside the door. “Lexi, why don’t you pick up the

“Mom, where’s my sister”

“She’s not at home. She’s in overseas now!” Mabel held on Leila’s hand. “Tell your mom what's going
on? Why are you meeting secretly with that vice president?”

“Mum, do you believe that?” Leila raised her eyes and looked directly into her mother’s eyes.

Mabel was startled. “Of course, I don’t believe it. Don’t I know what kind of person is my daughter?”

“Mum!” Of course, Leila rushed into her arms and hugged her mother's neck tightly. She wanted to feel
the care and warmth given by her mother.

Mabel was a little surprised and hugged Leila back. “Lexi, I do trust you. Can you tell me what
happened? How did you go to the Sea Hotel with the vice president?”

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