Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 347 It’s Not Okay If Not Use the Harsh Way

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After she finished the conversation, she let go of his hand and quickly walked past him towards the bus
stop sign.

Vincent looked at her and his expression seemed to be complicated and unpredictable. He frowned
and took a big step to chase after.

“If you don’t want me to be harsh at you, you’d better just do as I say and follow me into the car!”

“I won’t!” Leila shouted.

“Don’t blame me then!” He replied as he was about to grab her.

“I go!” She immediately compromised in the panic.

“That’s great!” He knew that it might not work if he did not use the harsh way. Vincent raised a smile in
the corner of the lips, he won.

When she get in the car, Leila still insisted to sit behind, it seemed like Pippa used to sit here but she
did not want to. It was an instinctive rejection. Unexpectedly, he also sat in the back seat.

“What do you want to do...” She did not finish her words, the door was closed as his kiss came along.
She rejected him but he continued to hug her without letting her go. While they were struggling in
between the teeth and lips, she smelled a strong taste of alcohol. In an instant, Leila started to feel

“What do you want? Don’t you need to go to the company?” She wandered a little and said that it
difficultly. “I don’t want to see you!”

“But I do want to see you!” He murmured in a deep tone. “Don’t mess around here anymore, okay?
What do you want? I did not do that on purpose, and I won’t do that again!”

Leila smiled bitterly, “Do you think that I was just messing around?”

“Aren’t you? Don’t you think that you’re like a child playing around here?”

“Am I like a child?” Leila pointed at herself and frowned. “You can leave me alone if you think that I’m
like a child. I never beg you to care about me. It’s you who pesters me around, I don’t want to see you!”

It seemed useless to resist in front of Vincent, she was still forcefully taken back by him to the villa.

Eira was back, and the villa was clean thoroughly. Leila was brought back by Vincent to the room. She
was thrown on the bed, and another round of raging kisses came along.

His lips ran across her face and continued along her neck. He was enjoying her sweetness as his big
hands slid into her clothes. In the sense of eagerness and anxiety, Leila’s body slowly felt warm in his
touch but she was still being rational. After she said that she did not want to see him, he literally
climbed to the front seat and drove like crazy. He drove at around 150 km/hour without saying a word
and went straight to the villa on the mountain.

His flexible fingers wrapped around her back and instantly unbuttoned her bra. He took out her top and
Leila felt something ice-cold on her chest. When she tried to scream in surprise, her breast was sucked
by him.

“No... No...” Leila pushed him. It was still far from night and he brought her back. He must...

While his intention was obvious as he did not care about her rejections. He instantly took out everything
on her.

“Vincent, did you take Viagra?” She finally could not help it but screamed. “I don’t want to do it with

Next second, Vincent chuckled for a while and kissed her lips.

His familiar smell poured into her mouth and Leila was nervous. She grabbed the hair on the back of
his head with a single hand and tried to push him away.

This action seemed almost the same as hugging with hands, it turned out that their distance were
pulled even closer. He laid on her and hugged her tightly in his chest. As he listened to her words, he
sounded ambiguous, “Perhaps it’s better to take Viagra, and the effect would be better! This is a good
suggestion! Should I give it a try?”

“Pervert!” She turned her head angrily to avoid him but his kisses kept coming at her. A few rounds of
struggling had made her out of breath.

In the end, she was laid limply on the bed and allowed this beast like man being ruthless on both her
teeth and lips.

After she accumulated some strengths, Leila went to pull the hair on his back. This time, she really hurt

Vincent finally moved away a little from her and the pressure on her lips eased a little. She was
breathing very fast and all in her mouth was his taste.

He did not leave her but he just looked at her. His eyebrows were biting cold as he pressed his thin lips
tightly. He was also panting.

“Don’t touch me, if you promise me then I will let go of your hair!” Leila said stubbornly as she grabbed
his hair.

“I don’t touch you! Let me go!” He said.

There was some suspicion but she still let him go slowly. She did not expect that when she was about
to put her hands on his chest, there was an evil laughter. He suddenly lowered his chest and she fell

into his arm again.

His domineering lips pressed on hers again. The smell that belonged to him invaded her lips again. He
pulled away the quilt that was disturbing them with his big palm, this made them become closer to each

She started to panic, but his weight completely pressed her into the mattress. There was completely no
space for her to resist, “You nasty!”

“It’s impossible if I said that I don’t touch you!” He smiled evilly. Little girls were so easy to cheat. During
the vacation, he did not manage to relax physically and mentally therefore he was not going to let it go
this time.

Leila closed her eyes and remained silent.

Vincent raised his eyebrows. “Are you angry?”

His evil laughter flicked the hair around her ears.

Leila was tired, she wanted to cry but she did not know where the feeling came from. She did not want
to entertain his teasing, she did not have the strength while she really wanted to cry.

But crying could not solve anything, right?

At this moment, his phone rang. But he did not want to pick up the phone as he continued kissing her
all over fiercely.

“Your phone!” Leila shouted in a low voice. Perhaps it was the best way to save herself from him.

“I don’t care!” He said as he covered her lips.

The phone kept ranging nonstop. Finally, Vincent had no choice but to pick up the phone. He
answered, and it was Pippa.

“Vincent, he’s here. What should I do? He’s here!” Pippa sounded weak from the phone call but it also
sounded urgent and panic.

“Speak slowly, did you say that Miyamoto is here?” Vincent raised his eyebrows as he was surprised.
“Doesn’t he never leave Tokyo? How come he’s here?”

“I don’t know, what should I do? Vincent, he said that he will arrive tonight. He’s here to look for me. I
don’t want to meet him! I don’t want!”

“Don’t worry, I’m coming now! Pippa, What is going to happen will happen! Don’t worry. I’m here. Don’t
be afraid!” Vincent comforted Pippa gently.

Leila had already put on her clothes at this time. But when she heard that Vincent was mentioning the
word “Pippa”, her whole body became slightly stiff. If Pippa looked for him, did he just go out
immediately? Even if he wanted to make love with her at this moment.

After he hung up the phone, Vincent saw Leila who was dressed and sitting silently by the bed. “Lexi,

He suddenly realized that something seemed wrong if he just went out like this. Leila raised her eyes
and looked at him. Her eyes did not blink at all as she looked at him. He stood up and walked to him.
She stretched out her hand, and Vincent was completely shocked. She took her phone and turned it

“You can’t go out!” She said.

“Lexi...” Vincent seemed a little startled.

Then, he saw her little hand stretched out and unbuttoned his shirt. She...What was she doing?

She was taking the initiative!

Vincent was surprised. It was the first time, she took the initiative for the first time. He smiled a little, but
he did not want to go out, at all.

Her little hands slid into his shirt and tried to trigger his sensitivity. Leila tiptoed and kissed his lips.

She was gambling!

If he did not go out because of anyone or anything, it showed that he still cared for her. She felt that it
was worth to be persistence. If he insisted to go out, she would never truly love him, never again.

“Lexi...” Vincent was breathing very fast as he was teased by Leila. He suddenly grabbed her thin waist
and pulled her gently against his lower abdomen.

In the next moment, her thin lips were completely covered by Vincent with a gentle kiss. His tongue
was tossing around her fragrance. Her eyes slowly became deeper.

“Ahh...” Leila groaned softly. Her heartbeat started to accelerate as she responded to Vincent’s kiss.

When she was learning his skill by using the tip of her tongue to lick the corner of his lips, she felt that
his breathing began to be heavier.

“Lexi, are you seducing me? Do you know?” He almost lost control. He pressed his lips and said
roughly and impatiently in her ears.

“You can’t go out!” She said again.

“Okay! I don’t!” He smiled gently. Today it was her who teased him. His suppressed lust was triggered
by her. He looked at his watch, there was still enough time. “You’re the one who seduces me!”

He smiled happily. He picked up Leila and laid her on the bed and he moved on top of her.

He did not go out, and he chose her instead...

At this moment, Leila could not help but curled her lips a little and said domineeringly, “You, tonight
you’re not allowed to go anywhere too!”

She looked at his eyes seriously, Vincent was startled for a while. What a beauty right in front, he
nodded without even thinking. “Okay!”

Although she got the answer that she wanted to hear and her depression slowly disappeared, what
could she do? She took the initiative to seduce him, it was to keep him and to prevent him from
meeting with another woman. She managed to stop him today, how about tomorrow?

But she did not want him to leave. This time, she won. She did not care, she clung on his body tightly.
She raised her face and looked at Vincent.

She did not want to use her body to exchange for anything. But if it was to keep him with her, she was
willing too! Even if it was a little petty!

As her hands were shaking, she slowly took off his clothes and his strong chest revealed instantly.

When all his clothes were about to be taken off, she started to blush and slowly her ears were
completely red.

She started to take off her clothes with her shaking fingers. She looked at him and said gently, “I don’t
allow you to go out. You’re my husband. Since you don’t agree to divorce, then don’t leave me alone to

meet with another woman! If you do, I will never forgive you! I won't allow you to shut me out again and
ignore me to take care of another woman or anyone else! Can you do it?”

Vincent looked at her as his eyes darkened. His heart tingled a little. Perhaps that day when he shut
her out from the door, it must have hurt her heart so much. That was the reason why she was so angry
that she kept arguing with him and did not want him to see Pippa. But Pippa’s affair was troublesome
which she could not handle it by herself without him.

When he looked at her being heartbroken, he felt pain in his heart.

He used his upper arm and hold Leila firmly and his familiar smell covered her completely. “Leila, I’m

His deep tone was full of regrets. He held on Leila’s face and gently kissed her lips.

Leila was shocked. Did she hear wrongly?

He was telling her that... he was sorry? It was the second time that he said that he was sorry!

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