Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 366  He Didn't Admit It

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"You guys ––" Leila really didn't expect to joke about such things. While Arthur and Renee had only just
met, they actually tacitly teased her like this. They were so hateful!

Renee blinked at Vincent, as if her teasing interest was piqued. "President White ––"

"It seems that you need a man who serves you like this. Since Arthur and you have such a tacit
understanding, how about I book a suite for you at the HJ Hotel and let you two try it out?" Vincent
immediately interrupted Renee's words and reversed his stand instantly.

Leila felt Vincent's large hand tighten around her small hand, and his hand was warm.

"Vincent, I didn't expect you to be so evil!" Renee wasn't angry, but simply said to Arthur, "Arthur, he's
attacking us and saying we have a special hobby!"

"A clean hand wants no washing!" Arthur said with a smile.

"You guys eat, I still have something to do, so I'll leave first!" Julian suddenly stood up, his countenance
fell, and he wanted to leave.

"Huh? Where are you going?" Renee frowned and stopped laughing.

"I suddenly remembered I still have a manuscript to write, so I'm going to catch up now!" Julian's
expression was not quite natural. In the face of their frank talk about those special people, his psyche
couldn't help but feel guilty and uncomfortable. So, he couldn't stay any longer and was in a hurry to

"Even if you're in a hurry, you should have your meal before you leave!" Renee saw that something
was wrong with his expression.

"That's right, Julian!" Leila concurred with Renee. "No matter how urgent the matter is, you should eat,

"I really have something to do!" Julian gave them a perfunctory smile, turned around and left.

He had his hands down at his side with the sleeves pulled up. While in the position of the button, there
was only a thread and the button was missing. Leila fell into a trance, her heart instantly surging, and
she jerked to her feet. "Mr. White, I have something to talk to Julian. I'll be right back!"

Leila chased after Julian, "Julian! Julian, wait!"

Julian, who had reached the door, stood still and looked back at Leila. "Something wrong?"

Leila looked at him, looking into his eyes until she looked into the deepest part of his eyes.

When facing such a look from Leila, Julian averted his eyes faintly. "What's wrong? Leila?"

Leila had almost concluded in her mind that the kidnapper was Julian, because his button was exactly
the same as the one of the kidnapper. But what exactly did he want to kidnap her for? Was it just
because he wanted her to divorce Vincent? Besides, he was about the same height as the man that
night. Leila calmed her mind and said, "Well, here's the thing, I was kidnapped a few days ago!"

Upon hearing this, Julian's eyes struck a faint note, and then asked hurriedly in surprise, "When did this
happen? Are you alright?"

Leila looked at Julian quietly. After gazing at him for a long time, she still couldn't speculate about his
purpose; however, there was no way that button could be such a coincidence, right? But he was so well
disguised that he didn't show a single crack. Was her suspicion wrong, or was his mental quality really
too good?

"Leila?" Julian called out to Leila with a faint smile, gazing at her warmly.

She surveyed Julian in front of her steadily, and after making sure that his eyes had no expression
other than surprise, then she breathed a sigh of relief and said leisurely, "It was not long ago."

With a tone that was unhurried and not overly panicked, Julian frowned and said, "Did you find out who
it was?"

Leila smiled faintly. "Well, the evidence has been found, and all that's left is to hand it over to the cops!"

Upon hearing these words, Julian's body trembled slightly, and this imperceptible change was caught
by Leila. "I just don't understand why that man kidnapped me just to get me to divorce Mr. White? This
is what I can't figure out...Could that man have been bribed? Could it be that the woman who likes Mr.
White bribed that man?"

Leila speculated, meanwhile gauging Julian's demeanor.

Julian couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, feeling that Leila seemed to have changed a bit, she was no
longer like the good and meek little girl she used to be. Her expression was indifferent and her
calmness made Julian even have a moment of consternation. He asked tentatively, "What do you plan
to do? Do you have evidence?"

"Yes! Something fell off that man, and I've picked it up!" Leila was still staring at Julian's eyes without
blinking. Her eyes were so sharp that no one seemed to be able to hide anything.

Julian was slightly stunned, something flashed across his eyes, so quickly, so fleetingly. "Is that so?
Then you have to hand it over to the cops! Let the cops investigate!"

Leila smiled gently. "I'm just afraid that after I hand it over to the cops, that man's life will be ruined.
After all, he didn't really hurt me, so I think it's better to spare him!"

"Leila, you're really kind!" Julian sighed softly, and the Leila in front of him had really changed. She had
become mature and sophisticated, and in her deep gaze there was a light that even he couldn't see
through. "Call the police! It's the best for you, I have to go!"

Leila lifted the corners of her lips, her gaze falling on his wrist with a soft smile. "Julian, your button fell

After these words, Leila's gaze quickly moved back to his face, and her calm gaze turned sharp in a
flash, seemingly with scrutiny in her indifference.

Julian was slightly panicked and lowered his head to look at the button on himself. After seeing that a
button had fallen off his shirt sleeve, he was immediately alerted, but smiled faintly and said, "I don't
even know when it fell off!"

"I have a button that looks just like the button on your shirt, and I'll bring it to you someday!" Laila
chuckled, her eyes looking straight into the bottom of his eyes.

"Really? You have the same button as mine?" Julian raised his eyebrows.

"Yes!" Leila observed him carefully for a while longer, then smiled, not revealing her true thoughts.
"Julian, you're acting very calm!"

"What do you mean?"

"You should get what I mean!" Leila's eyes were even sharper and acuter, "Don't you admit it yet?"

"What should I admit?" Julian was startled and looked toward the sweet-smiling Leila with a seemingly
uncomprehending gaze. In her impeccable smile, it was surprising that he couldn't get a glimpse of her
true intentions.

Shrugging, Leila couldn't help but exclaim, "Julian, you have such a good mentality! It's nothing!"

"Leila, I don't know what you're talking about!" Julian's face was instantly gloomy, and his cold face was
marked with an indifference that rejected people. "If you're still beating around the bush, then I'll leave

"Then I really have to hand over the evidence to the police." Leila hadn't expected him to keep denying
it when her words had come to this point. Was he afraid, or was her judgment simply wrong? After all, a
button couldn't fully confirm anything.

"Leila!" Julian thought for less than three seconds and said, "The evidence must be handed over! After
all, someone has kidnapped you and you should deal with it properly!"

"All right! Well, you may leave now!" Leila said with a hearty smile. At that moment, she caught a
glimpse of the stiffness in Julian's expression and couldn't help but smile more widely. Such Julian had
already let Leila catch some clues. This matter was related to him, and at this moment, Leila was sure
of it.

Julian looked at Leila with a strange expression, understanding deeply that she was warning him!

"I'm out of here!" Julian just smiled faintly and turned to leave.

"What did you say to him?" While Leila was staring thoughtfully at Julian's departing figure, Vincent had
walked up to her, "Why did you talk to him for so long?"

Leila turned around and met Vincent's slightly dark eyes. She hid the doubts in her mind and shook her
head gently. "It's fine, let's go eat!"

"Leila, is there something you're hiding from me?" She said so much to Julian for no reason that
Vincent couldn't help but be suspicious, not to mention the fact that he was such a domineering man.

"Mr. White, I'm just wondering what the purpose of the man who kidnapped me is?" Leila said in
confusion as Julian didn't admit it. She gently put her hand against her forehead, her temples hurting
even more.

"Maybe, as Arthur said, he has a crush on me!" Vincent said with his true meaning hidden.

"Huh?" Leila was dumbfounded. "That's a man!"

"Is it impossible for a man to be attracted to me?" Vincent raised his eyebrows.

Faced with Leila's shocked gaze, Vincent wondered what her expression would be if she later learned
that Julian really had a crush on him.

He wondered if she would think he was a bisexual!

"You haven't told me what you and Julian talked about?"

"I'll tell you when we get home. It's not clear to talk here, let's go back!" Leila said and walked forward.

When they came back and sat down at the table again, Arthur and Renee were talking passionately.

"You're going to the US? I'm planning a mid-autumn trip to the US!"

"Good, then look for me when the time comes, just call me and I'll be your tour guide!"

When Leila saw how enthusiastically they were talking, she and Vincent looked at each other. It was
really surprising. The so-called easy-going type of people are like Renee and Arthur, right? In just a few
minutes, Renee and Arthur had become so familiar with each other that they could talk to each other
about everything?

When the food was served, Vincent clipped a crab onto Leila's plate and his voice was soft, "Eat this."

The corners of Renee's and Arthur's mouths twitched at the same time. "Didn't we say before that you
two can only be lovey-dovey when you're home? Don't blind our eyes here!"

Vincent rolled his eyes at Arthur and Renee. "You two seem to get along. You guys are really fated!"

Arthur and Renee looked at each other before looking at Vincent at the same time. "What do you

"It's nothing, Leila, eat up!" Vincent continued to help Leila with the dishes.

It was a lively meal.

"President White, you are serious this time, right?" Renee's gaze was like a knife, sharply directed at

Arthur gloated abominably, his brow all smiles and his voice tinged with pleasure. Pretending not to
understand, he asked Renee, "What do you mean by serious?"

Vincent didn't deny it as he ate his meal gracefully and helped Leila peel the crab.

Leila's eyes darted to Renee like a plea for help, hoping she wouldn't ask so directly. After all, they had
now reached a consensus.

Vincent, on the other hand, showed a high level of sophistication. He didn't even talk to her, but looked
at Leila with affectionate eyes.

Renee pursed her lips, "You better not bully Leila, or we won't let you off the hook. Is that right, Arthur?"

"Ugh! Yes!" Arthur nodded like pounding garlic.

The corners of Vincent's lips twitched slightly, simply ignoring them. Was he so unbearable in their

Leila followed with an awkward smile, her expression a little stiff. Vincent seemed to notice something
and reached out, rubbing her lips with both hands, helping her to smooth out the muscles at the
corners of her lips. This tender and affectionate gesture made Leila's cheeks burn and her heart heated

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