Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 373 I Won’t Betray You

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“Yes!” Owen immediately responded.

“I still have things to do and I am afraid that I am unable to join you all!” Leila immediately refused as
she didn’t want to have any interaction with Charles.

“You’re such a wet blanket!” Charles shrugged his shoulders.

Owen was also a little bit disappointed.

Leila said again, “I am going to study first. Owen, if you’re hungry, ask Eira to cook something for you to
eat. I am going up!”

After saying that, without waiting for them to answer, she ran upstairs. On the stairs, she heard Owen
asking Charles something.

“Charles, do you think that Leila doesn’t like me?” Owen’s voice suddenly became lower.

Leila suddenly felt bad for the child as he is sensitive about other people’s feelings. He was afraid that
there was someone who did not like him. Leila stopped on the stairs and heard Charles saying, “How
can it be? Darling, you are thinking nonsense again. Everyone likes Owen, and you shouldn’t be so
sentimental, okay?”

On the stairs, Leila turned around after all, “Owen, let’s go upstairs to watch cartoons, okay? I have a
lot of cartoons on my laptop!”

“Yes!” Owen immediately became happy. He ran up the stairs and held Leila’s hand.

His hand was very small, but it was very warm in Leila’s hand. The strange feeling made her heart feel
warm. The child was so naive.

The expression of Charles was a bit complicated, and he soon turned around to watch the financial
news on the TV again.

In the study.

Leila opened her laptop. Both of them sat on the sofa with the laptop on her knee, while Owen leaned
against her.

Leila opened the cartoon and let him watch. Looking down at his handsome face, Leila found that his
child inherited the good genes of his parents. He was good-looking and had long eyelashes. His large
eyes flashed as if they could speak.

“Owen, you…” Leila hesitated, not knowing how to communicate with the child about his parents. She
wanted to persuade the child to have a better relationship with Miyamoto.

“Do you have something to say?” Owen lifted his little face and looked at her.

“Yes.” Leila nodded.

“Then just say it, don’t stammer. Charles said, stammering is not good, since it means that there is
something fishy.”

“Oh!” Leila froze and smiled, “Owen, actually your parents love you very much!”

Once he heard the word ‘parents’, he lowered her little face and shook her head.

“Leila you don’t understand, Mummy doesn’t like me. I know it actually!”


“Mum told me before, she doesn’t like me, Miyamoto… If he likes me, why isn’t he taking me home?
They all don’t like me…”

Is it? Leila also wants to know! All these years, why didn’t Miyamoto come to find Owen? Looking at the
child’s lost face like this, Leila’s face turned gloomy. Both Pippa and Miyamoto did not play their roles
as parents well!

In the evening, Miyamoto came.

He bought many toys. Leila led Owen downstairs and did not see Charles.

Owen stood beside Leila. Miyamoto looked a bit nervous and he was trembling at the moment he saw

“Owen!” Miyamoto held a toy car in his hand. He clumsily put the car in the yard. The muscles in his
face looked tautened. “This is a gift from Daddy. Come and look at it, okay?”

Obviously, Owen was attracted when he saw the toy, but he just grabbed Leila’s hand. Leila could feel
the child’s fear of his father, and she squatted down and encouraged him, “Owen, let’s go to see the toy
together, okay?”

The child was after all a child and he was attracted by the toy and nodded blushingly. “Okay!”

Miyamoto instantly smiled and immediately put the remote control of the toy car in Owen’s hand.

In a short time, Owen was enjoying playing with the toy car. He even forgot to ask Leila to accompany
him. He controlled the car running all over the yard, smiling happily.

“Treating children needs some patience!” Leila said softly. “Don’t be too nervous, Mr. Black. This is
already a good start as he is willing to accept your toys. It means that he still desires to get your love!”

“Thanks!” Miyamoto looked at his son, showing his pride as a father in his eyes.

“Owen has doubts in his heart as he doesn’t know why you always don’t want to be with him. I think
after the doubts in his mind are resolved then he can be closer to you!”

Hearing her words, Miyamoto’s handsome face looked hurt.

His silence made Leila feel guilty. She lowered her head and said softly, “I’m sorry, I think you must also
have your reason.”

“No. This is my fault. I thought Vincent was the child’s father!” Miyamoto said in a low male voice.

Leila bit her lips and raised her eyes. She asked, “Was it later confirmed that Vincent was not his

“Yes!” Miyamoto expression softened a bit and he nodded his head. “Yes, I always thought Vincent was
Owen’s father as Pippa always said so!”

Leila was slightly stunned and it was a bit hard for her to believe his sentence. Pippa was so annoying.
How could she not tell her son who his father was? Was Vincent the only one that had sex with her?

Miyamoto gazed at Leila who was nervous and showing doubts on her little face. She bit her lips and
looked tangled. Miyamoto withdrew his gaze from Leila and stopped looking at her. He said softly, “Mrs.
White, don’t worry. Pippa and Vincent never had sex before. Their relationship is pure as Vincent
doesn’t like her.”

Leila was stunned while Miyamoto smiled faintly, “It’s just Pippa’s wishful thinking!”

Leila felt relaxed and she suddenly felt she was a bit petty and was too distrustful of Vincent. She
smiled and nodded her head. Her smile was sunny and not gloomy anymore.

“You two will be happy!” Miyamoto told Leila from the bottom of his heart.

“You too!” Leila was smiling also.

Although they didn’t talk much, they felt like old friends who had known each other for years, and they
had quite a tacit understanding. When they looked at Owen who was having fun, they both smiled.

A car slid through the gate with a ‘squeak’ sound. Vincent was back!

It seemed like Vincent was surprised to see Miyamoto. Looking at them chatting happily from a
distance, Vincent’s eyes were sharp.

Leila saw him walking towards them robustly while Owen was enjoying the toy car and forgot to greet

“Welcome,” Vincent was smiling. His tone was casual, making Miyamoto who didn’t really visit them
quite regularly feel like he was a regular visitor. “I will accompany Owen for a while, you guys go up
first!” Miyamoto said.

He didn’t want to be the third wheel.

Leila was a little worried, but Vincent turned his head to look at Owen and brought her upstairs.

“Vincent?” Leila shouted.

“Give them time to get along with each other!” Vincent brought her upstairs, removing his tie as he
walked. They entered the bedroom. Vincent sat on the sofa, rubbing his brow.

“Are you hungry?” Leila who was also sitting on the sofa asked him. She turned her face to look at him
carefully. Her hand couldn’t help but want to stroke his handsome face, because she saw he looked
very fatigued. What’s the thing that made him so tired.

“Not really.” He pressed and rubbed his temples, leaning back on the sofa.

“Come here for a while,” Leila lightly nudged him, signalling him to get up.

“What’s wrong?” He looked at Leila in wonder.

“Just come over.” She pulled him over to the bed and pushed him down on the big bed. She also sat on
the bed.

“You…” He looked at Leila in surprise.

Leila smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. I just want to help you massage for a while.”

“Comfortable, right?” Leila asked him.

He hummed lazily and seemed to be enjoying himself extraordinarily.

“You look very tired today!” Leila added, not knowing if it was the company or Pippa, but he looked
extra tired today.

Although he had been massaged for half an hour, he still stayed on the bed and did not want to move.

“Yes, I am very tired!” He said.

“What’s wrong? Is it because of Pippa?” She bent down her body and asked softly in his ear.

He turned around suddenly and laid on his back. He used his strong arms to hug Leila and Leila let him
hug her.

“Vincent!” Lying in his familiar arms, she felt so comfortable.


“You…” His sudden approaching face made Leila speechless. His huge body pressed down on Leila
and his handsome face got closer and closer to her until there was no more distance between them.

Such proximity made Leila’s heart thumping. She was so nervous. His lips finally kissed hers after
staying close for a long time.

She could feel that he was so gentle, but also so mad that her heart trembled. She was getting lost.

Their lips and tongues entwined with each other. Leila could not help but respond to him seductively.
He, on the other hand, was wildly demanding. He was so dominant and wild. After a long time, when
Leila was about to faint, he stopped this sweet murderous action.

It turned out that a kiss could be so loving and overwhelming.

At this moment, he looked satisfied. There was lust, laughter, evil, charm, but also a strange sour taste
in his eyes.

He laid down on her side, reached out, and wrapped his arms around her. He then pressed her against
his body, forcing her to look straight into his eyes.

“I am jealous.” He spoke lightly, but there was hidden anger in his eyes.

Leila was stunned in place. For his bluntness, and also for her heart, she looked at him silently, as if
she wanted to see through him. She was a bit puzzled, “Why?”

Did he oddly say he was jealous? She still had no idea!

“You had a nice talk with Miyamoto! You seemed to care extraordinarily about him?”

Leila was dumbfounded as she had only spoken a few words to Miyamoto. Did he misunderstand? But
why did he kiss her like that just now? She looked at him deeply, unable to react for half a day!

He looked at Leila with a serious expression. After a long time of staring at each other, Leila smiled.
“Vincent, why are you so cute?”

Leila couldn’t help but laugh dementedly. He was really too cute. He said he was jealous, and the
person he was jealous of was Miyamoto. Oh my god! She thought that it was impossible for her and
Miyamoto to get together.

At this moment, Leila suddenly found that she liked his sentence as he cared for her. He liked his
possessiveness over her, as it meant he loved him. He had love towards her.

She suddenly felt a gentle affection. She looked at his handsome face in a daze. Lowering her head,
she took the initiative to kiss his lips. “Vincent, I will not betray you, never!”

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