Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 406 Tears Won’t Fall Easily

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Vincent's face was gloomy, Pippa leaned against him like a little woman, smiling so happily, and beside
him, Nora smiled even more triumphantly.

Vincent only said a few words. "Because Pippa is pregnant, I had to take responsibility for her, so I had
to divorce Leila. Thank you for coming.I have made a mistake that any man in the world could make. I
hope my wife Leila can understand. I can’t help myself! I also hope that Leila and I will remain friends
after the divorce, I hope she can bless me and Pippa, as well as our child!"

His tone was stiff, his eyes were staring at a certain place, deep and quiet, as if there was a huge pain
hidden. Leila looked at him, through the screen, she saw his eyes looking into the camera, and when
he said when he was divorcing her—his throat jumped, seemingly unwilling and helpless, his teeth
were clenched tightly, the bruises on his cheeks were exposed, and his expression was so stiff. Leila
frowned, what was wrong with him?

Leila stared blankly at Vincent on the TV. The man who lingered with her late last night was now telling
the citizens of F City that he was going to divorce her. Because he had a child with another woman!

And she, looking at him in the moment when he turned and left the press conference, seemed to have
seen the sadness in his eyes!

"Leila-" Brian patted the bed with one hand, seeming a little worried and nervous.

Leila regained her senses abruptly. A layer of tears in her eyes, she was shocked, but she quickly
suppressed the sadness. "Dad, don't worry, I'm fine, you should take care of yourself!"

Something flashed in Brian's eyes, he just grabbed Leila's hand, but couldn't speak, and drooled again
in his anxiety.

"Dad, you don't have to speak, I know you worry about me, I'm really okay!" Leila smiled at him. "It's
not a big deal. If the sky was falling down, there is a taller one standing against it. I'm not afraid!"

Leila wiped his saliva with a tissue, and Brian moved his lips. "Pen-"

Leila seemed to hear him say pen, a very clear word.

"Dad, do you want a pen? You want to write?"

Brian nodded.

Leila immediately got pen and paper. Brian trembled and wrote a few words, ‘Some things are not what
they seem to be!’

Leila looked at the words, they were very crookedly but seemed to give her huge confidence, and she
nodded. "Dad, did you want me to believe Vincent?"

Brian didn't nod or shake his head.

Later, Leila received another call from Nora. "Leila, Pippa has Vincent's child. I forgot to tell you. In
Japan, Lan and Pippa had drunken sex. Now I will have someone send you the evidence!"

Leila was confused!

When she received the package from Nora, Vincent's lawyer also came and brought the divorce

Leila looked at the divorce paper in the hands of Ted Parry at the door of the ward. The difference from
last time was that this time, even the shares were gone, and he only took the divorce to her.

The lawyer seemed hesitant to speak.

Leila asked softly, "Did he entrust you to come?"

"Madam, the president seems to be reluctant to divorce, he, he only said to give you this, but I think his
expression was very painful!" the lawyer explained.

Leila nodded, bit her lip, thinking, maybe he had something he couldn't speak about.

She held the envelope sent by Nora in her hand. What could it be? It looked like a photo, she wanted to
take a look, "Wait a minute!"

She tore open the seal, it was really a photo. Leila pulled it out, her face was instantly pale, because
she saw Vincent's face, but her eyes fixed on the photo behind that one. Her eyes were round, since it
was Vincent and Pippa naked. Every picture was taken very clearly, especially Vincent's face.

Leila finally understood Nora's ambition at this moment, laughed at herself, and took the pen, "Okay, I’ll

After signing her name, Leila took a deep breath, and then said to the lawyer, "Tell him to take care of

The lawyer was taken aback, "Madam?"

"I'm no longer Madam!" Leila put the photo in the envelope and entered the ward.

Until the evening, Leila did not receive a call from Vincent.

He did not explain to her!

Renee immediately called Leila when she saw the news, and rushed to the hospital.

Mabel was even more shocked and worried.

"Mom, I'm okay. Renee and I will go out to have a chat. Take care of Dad and don't worry about me!"
Leila said softly.

"How could this happen?" Renee was surprised when the two went downstairs. "That can't be right.
When we were having dinner together yesterday, Vincent spoiled you so much, and when he was
looking at you his eyes were so strong and hot, why did he suddenly hold a press conference today to
say that he would get a divorce? No, it's not right!"

Leila did not speak, she looked into the distance, turned slightly, and was extremely silent. There were
photos of Vincent and Pippa in her bag. She held the bag tightly with her hands and took a deep
breath, just saying, "I want to go to KTV! "

"Okay! I'll go with you!" Renee said immediately.

As soon as the press conference was over, Arthur hurried back to Vincent's office, pushed his door
open vigorously, and shouted. "Damn, what are you doing? Why did you get Pippa pregnant again?
And then you divorced Leila! What the hell are you doing? And then you ask Leila to be friends with
you. Some people can be friends after a divorce, some people can simply be enemies. You hurt her so
much, you are her enemy, and you want to be her friend. You idiot!"

Vincent's head was buried in his arms, he was sitting on the executive chair, his entire face buried in
his arms.

"Damn it! Tell me what's going on!" Arthur slapped the table, the papers on the table were so shaken
that they almost fell, showing the strength of his punch.

Vincent raised his head, and Arthur's words that he was about to shout out blaming him suddenly got
stuck in his mouth, and he couldn't say them, because he saw Vincent's red eyes, seeming to suppress
the unquenchable vigorous feelings.

Vincent cried?

Arthur was in shock. He had known him for so many years, let alone crying, he hadn't even seen him
fragile, he was always like a king, strong, confident, cold and arrogant, strategizing and controlling

With the ultimate wisdom and leadership, a man so good and so tough would cry?

What happened today?

Was he sad because of the divorce, but why?

"You can go!" Vincent said solemnly, "Leave me alone!"

Arthur didn't even know what to say, he just murmured, "Really, this is it?"

Vincent buried his head in his arms again. "No way, I won't let anyone who hurt Leila and me get away!
Even if that person is my mother!"

"I'm going to see Leila!" Arthur was worried after all. "If you have something to say, I will tell her!"

"No!" Vincent muffled. "Don't say anything!"

"It's really annoying! Do you know that you will really lose her like this? What did your mother do?"

"It's all my fault!" Vincent murmured.

Arthur lit a cigarette, took a deep suck, then looked at Vincent from aside, "You know? I really want to
kill you, but look at you, I know there is something unspeakable, tell me, what is it? Being sorry is
bullshit. I want to know why?"

"I will fix it!" Vincent didn't say why.

Arthur had no choice but to leave.

He called Leila and found out that she and Renee were on their way to a KTV. "I'm coming too, where
is it?"

Leila told him the address.

However, Arthur happened to meet Miyamoto when he was parking, he was smoking by the car alone.
"Huh? Miyamoto? What are you doing here?"

Miyamoto raised his head and frowned when he saw Arthur. "None of your business."

"Did you eat dynamite?" Arthur raised his eyebrows, and suddenly realized, "Oh, I know, you are
depressed because of today's press conference, right? You don't really believe that Pippa is pregnant
with Vincent's child, do you? You saw Vincent right that day and his attitude towards her? Seeing you
like this, and seeing Vincent like that, I don't know what about Leila. I'm really unlucky, knowing you

Miyamoto glanced at him, and said solemnly, "I saw Leila and Renee go upstairs!"

He was driving but because he was very depressed so he entrusted Owen to the babysitter. He came
out by himself. He didn't expect to see Leila and Renee who got off the taxi. Because of the press
conference, he and Leila were the victims. Like a ghost, he drove the car to the parking lot of the KTV
and ran into Arthur as soon as he smoked a cigarette.

"Let's go upstairs together! I guess you are very depressed! Leila is probably so depressed that she
wants to growl! Vincent is stunned! You are even more stunned." Arthur sighed helplessly and strode
towards the building.

Miyamoto did not refuse, and left with him.

When they entered the private room, Leila was singing, and the singing had a sorrowful taste, which
made Arthur's heart throb in an instant.

When she was robbed of love

You forgot all your vows   

She raised the banner of love and victory   

You want me to choose the way to continue loving you   

You once said to protect me   

Just give me gentleness without frustration   

But now you always avoid me   

Don't worry about me anymore   

People say that love is like flying a kite   

If you care too much, you will have regrets   

But you all forgot to tell me   

Indulgent love will also scar the sky   

Too wronged, even breaking up is the last news for me   

I don’t cry because I’ve never owed you anything or love

Too wronged, still in love with you, but you hold others in your arms   

Can't go on like this, through the storm of love

Too wronged, even the breakup I was the last to know...

Arthur and Miyamoto were stunned at the door for a while and looked at each other. Leila didn't see
them, but Renee waved and the two walked in and sat on the sofa.

Arthur turned on the phone and recorded, recorded Leila's singing, then sent it to Vincent's phone, and
sighed deeply.

Renee whispered to them, "Leila is in a bad mood, no one should irritate her!"

Arthur understood naturally, and nodded.

Renee looked at Miyamoto again, "Mr. Black, isn't Pippa your wife? What happened?"

"We weren't in contact for a long time!" Miyamoto said solemnly.

Renee was taken aback and pursed her lips. "It's okay, she's a bitch, seducing Leila's man, damn I
want to kill her!"

Miyamoto frowned when he heard the words. Renee seemed to notice his displeasure, and
immediately said, "Do you think you and Pippa will have a forever after? Mr. Black, she is pregnant with
another man’s child, why are you still so angry? It's not worth it!"

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