Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 410 Stop Forcing Me

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She put the photo into the envelope once more. Leila walked into the kitchen, took out a basin, and turn
on the gas stove. She lit up the photo and it burnt into ashes in the basin.

Suddenly, there was a smile on Leila’s lips that was genuine. She knew that Mr White had been forced
into divorcing her, she knew that she should have trusted him…

“Mum! Vincent is still not taking heed of me!” Pippa drove while she called Nora.

“It’s alright, Pippa. I’ll think of a way, if it really could not work, I’ll put the second plan into action.”

“Mum, do you mean Leila?”


Hanging up the call, cruelty flashed through Pippa’s eyes. She would not allow anyone to snatch
Vincent away, Vincent was hers.

The Bugatti drove to where Nora lived.

Charles came out from the side and was looking a little anxious. “Don’t fight with her, it’s useless!”

“Thanks for the reminder!” Vincent’s tall figure brushed by Charles’s side coldly as he walked into the
living room.

Behind him, Pippa’s car drove into the yard as well. Charles stood in the yard, seeing that Pippa came
down from the car, he walked over. “Pippa, is it worth it to abandon your own son and a man that loves
you deeply to marry a man who doesn’t love you? Is it really worth it to live in your entire life in pain?”

Pippa was stunned by Charles’s question. Thinking of Owen, her gaze tightened, but she replied
adamantly, “I don’t want anyone except Vincent! You better not betray Mum, don’t forget that you have

sworn before!”

Charles was shocked by her reply, “I never forget! But it also comes with conditions, no?”

Vincent breathed in deeply and suppressed all the emotions that should not appear under his calm
expression, as he walked into the living room.

Nora was sitting on the couch, she did not even lift her eyes as she saw Vincent walk in.

“When are you marrying Pippa?”

“Think about this clearly, if you really go to such extreme ends, even if I compromise and married her
our mother and son relationship would end here. We will no longer be owing each other anything!”
Vincent stated without expression.

Nora paused and raised her head, examining Vincent. “Nice try! I should be glad that my son has made
it on his own and no longer needs me as his mother!”

“Have you ever thought of me as your son?”

Being asked so, Nora’s expression froze as she stood up angrily. “If I hadn’t thought of you as my son,
Leila would have been long got rid off by me! What do you think I did it for?”

Vincent laughed coldly, “You didn’t think of me as your son, you’re just afraid that I would take revenge
on you. You should know that since there is your blood in my body, it would naturally have your taste
for revenge, and the key is whether I want to use it or not! But if you force me to, I will surely exhaust all
means and will never rest until I achieve my aim. If you piss me off, both of us would lose and we’ll
meet my father earlier, and then I can make it clear whether you’ve ever loved him! Or had there been
something hidden behind what happened years ago?”

Staring coldly at Vincent’s expressionless face, Nora sat down instantly. The tense atmosphere in the
room shocked Pippa who had just came in.

Charles walked in following her and his lazy and nonchalant attitude immediately changed. He poured
a cup of tea and passed it to Nora. “Calm down, boss!”

Nora took the cup of tea with a stiffened expression and took a sip of the tea, as if she was hiding
something. Seeing Vincent before her being cold and scary, the chiselled features were a carbon copy
of Eric and her own. But those eyes were filled with hatred at this moment, and were watching herself.
The look made her feel guilty, made her suddenly feel anxious.

Vincent looked at his own mother coldly, his dark, alerted pupils poring into her as if they could see
right through her, his thin lips pursed together. “Give me the video and I can promise you that I won’t
find Leila again. But if you don’t give it to me, then I have no promises as to what I might do.”

“Get out!” In the silence, Nora suddenly fired up, “You disobedient son, you rascal!”

“You’re no longer one of the White family, when you married Uncle Russell years ago you’re no longer
my father’s wife. Even if you die you can only be buried in the family tomb of the Russell family, the
White family has nothing to do with you. I’m a disobedient son, I’ll admit, but it is because you forced

“You, you, you…” Nora pointed at him, suddenly her face went green and her lips quivered.

Vincent’s fists tightened.

“Oh no, she’s having a heart attack, take the medicine fast!” Charles acted quickly and immediately
took a pill and stuffed it into Nora’s mouth, “Stop provoking boss, Vincent!”

He warned him already to not deal with it hard on, being hard on would only worsen things.

“Mum! Drink water, drink some water!” Pippa began to feel anxious as well.

Vincent closed his eyes, refusing to allow the pain in his eyes to show. His tightly pursed lips showed
his emotions now, that was still his mother after all, and he did not want to anger her to death.

After taking the medicine, Nora’s emotions calmed down slightly. The anger which she suppressed for
more than a decade in her heart overwhelmed her heart as she glared at Vincent in anger, “Get out!”

“Vincent, stop angering mum! Is it worth it for Leila, for the enemy’s daughter?” Pippa felt clearly the
emotions that Vincent was suppressing, but she could not care for his emotions any more, she must
get Vincent.

“I’ll never come again, stop forcing me. Give me the video obediently, and from now onwards, you’re no
longer my mother!” He had to say these words cruelly, Vincent turned around and left in large strides.
“And you Pippa, you’re no longer my family. The place you should be is the asylum!”

Late at night.

Leila burnt all those photos, while she felt relaxed she also felt pressure at the same time. It seemed
that Nora really hated her father.

She could not wait to investigate until she had qualified to become a policewoman. Leila spent the
whole night in front of the computer searching for what happened years ago, she found out from some
messages posted by someone who claimed to be an insider on an online forum that years ago her
father, Eric and Gordon Fletcher were very close classmates and friends.

Leila suddenly recalled that when she asked her father before, he mentioned that Eric died because of
him. For this, he felt very guilty!

Why did he die because of her father?

Leila was confused!

On the morning of the second day, Leila went to the hospital very early and stood before the sick bed.
Leila asked seriously, “Father, what really happened as to Mr White’s father’s death? Can’t you tell

Brian stunned, seeming to have foreseen that Leila was coming to ask him this and he shook his head.

“Father, you said that Mr White’s father died for you, what’s the reason? Even until now, you’re still
unwilling to tell me what happened then?”

Brian gave Leila a long look and it was not known when he had a pen in his hand. He wrote with
difficulty a few words on a notebook, “This is my promise to him, I’ll take it to my grave!”

Leila read the words on it and was shocked to her core, “Father, if you don’t tell, I’ll go investigate. I
must know, Nora’s being more and more terrible now, not caring even for Mr White. That’s her own son
and she no longer cared, and if you don’t tell why we would never know, and more people will get hurt
because of this!”

Brian only sighed deeply and no longer spoke.

The corner of his lips was still askew, once he opened his mouth he would drool and it was
uncontrollable. Leila looked at her father as her heart ached, as she continued, “Father, how much
deeper do we have to be hurt before you can understand?”

“Some things are better left unknown!” Brian wrote a sentence lopsidedly again. These words were
written so forcefully and so slow.

“I know! I know you wouldn’t tell, then I’ll go ask Director Gordon Fletcher, I think he should know the

Brian’s pupils suddenly contracted and Leila could clearly feel Brian’s nervousness, it flashed by and
was gone quickly.

“Father, it looks like Director Gordon Fletcher indeed knows the truth from years ago, I understand!”
Leila immediately walked out of the ward.

“Leila…” Brian called out in a low voice, his voice was muddled and almost could not be heard clearly.

“Leila!” Mabel saw that Brian was a little anxious and she instantly stopped Leila for him.

“Mum!“ Leila stood before Mabel and her eyes widened, “Mum, Father knew about the truth of this
incident but is always unwilling to tell. For this, my sister had already been a joke of F City and the next
person to get hurt could be me. If father wouldn’t say, I can only go ask myself. I just don’t believe that
no one knew about that incident years ago! Seth is already dead but he still has children, no? Director
Gordon Fletcher is still alive, right? The people in the office years ago couldn’t have all died, right?”

“Your father doesn’t seem to want you to investigate, Leila!” Mabel frowned and was very troubled, “I
know that this thing is complicated and Nora hates us!”

“Father, no matter what, I must know the truth!” Leila could wait no further。

“I’m sorry but I must still go!”

Saying this, she turned and ran out.

“Leila!” Mabel chased after her, “Wait for me, wait for me for a moment! I have something to say!”

“Mum!” In the corridor, Leila had already ran very far away and had to stop, “What do you have to say?”

She turned and saw her mother Mabel being serious, it was a serious expression she had never seen

She reached over and held on Leila’s tiny hand, looked around and said to Leila, “We shall go there to

Leila could only get pulled away by her to the corner of the stairs. Mabel knew that Leila was being
headstrong, so as if she had decided she told her, “Leila, your father will never cause harm to Uncle
White, they were such good classmates, good friends and were close as brothers. Your Uncle White
was very good to your father too, how would your father cause harm to him?”

“Then why did Nora say that father had caused Uncle White’s death?”

“Because she loved your father!” Mabel finished and closed her eyes in pain, “She had hatred born out
of love!”

“How is it possible?” Leila was shocked, how could this be? “Mum, is what you’re saying true? How
would Nora have loved my father? Isn’t she Uncle White’s wife?”

Mabel immediately held onto Leila’s hand tightly, “Because of this, Leila, your father might have felt as
if he owed her because he hadn’t been together with her back then. So he tolerated her revenge on the
Hunter family!”

“No! Even if so, he couldn’t possibly give in on my sister’s and my happiness?”

“Your father never thought that things would be so serious, or else why would he have collapsed under
the anger? Listen to me, Leila, no parent would hope for their own child to become the joke of the
entire world!”

Leila stared at her mother, her vision clear. She wanted to see something from her mother’s eyes!

Yet she saw her mother who had thinned down, ever since her father was sick she seemed to not
notice her mother’s condition. She was pretending to be strong alone, taking care of her father alone.

Although there was special care, she seemed to have not talked to her mother in a long time, she
suddenly felt that she was being further and further away from her mother.

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