Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 416 Had Been Discovered

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When the door was closed, Pippa turned around and looked at Miyamoto.

Miyamoto remained silent.

“Miyamoto...” Pippa said with a low voice then hugged Miyamoto from behind and buried her head in
his broad back. She hugged him tightly and said, “I don’t want you to marry her. No way, you said you
love me! How could you be lying to me?”

Miyamoto smiled like he was teasing her obviously. Seemingly, he heard the biggest joke in the world
and asked, “If I don’t marry others, then marry you?”

Pippa stood rooted to the ground because she was stunned. “I want to marry Vincent White. It’s my

“Ha...” Miyamoto smiled sarcastically, showing that he was indifferent. He did not get angry but smiled
with the corner of his mouth raised. He looked at her with his dark eyes and thought that she was
thinking unrealistically because she allowed herself to marry others but did not allow him!

At that time, how would he fall in love with such a woman? She was so hypocritical and possessive that
she hoped that all the men in this world would care about her!

When he increased the force of his arms...


“Don’t push me away, no way!” She begged him humbly.

Miyamoto frowned and lowered his head to look at her. He was examining her and asked in a low
voice, “Do you really want to marry Vincent?”

His breath which were scorching hot were lying on her skin.

Pippa felt a chill flowing from her neck to her blood and gradually to her heart.

“I...” She hesitated because it was her dream to marry Vincent. She thought that Vincent would marry
her and he would not fall in love with another woman. So even when he was dating Macey, she did not
feel panic at all. Then, when he was together with Leila, she did not treat Leila as her opponent. It was
because she thought that Vincent would not like Macey and Leila. But when she discovered that
Vincent actually fell in love with Leila, she was mad and envied insanely.

Vincent was hers! She could not tolerate that Vincent loved another woman so she let go her elegance
and temperament.

Vincent would be gentle to her and he could only be gentle to her!

However, when Miyamoto showed his care towards another woman, she felt jealous and mad also.
She did not care about it before and Miyamoto did not have another woman! Now...

Nevertheless, she was not willing to let go of Vincent!

“I can’t let go of Vincent and you too!” She hugged him from his back. “I know I’m a bit too much and I
know that I can’t have both of you at the same time! But, I really don’t want to lose him!”

“Do you want to have both of us?” Miyamoto said it with annoyance and he tightened his hands,
making the ribs between her waist and stomach hurt. He sighed deeply and she uncontrollably raised
her head and looked at him pitifully.

He stared at her indifferently and seemed to smile. She could not understand and did not dare to know
the meaning of coldness in his eyes.

“No!” Pippa shook her head and pursed her lips, “Vincent will not touch me...”

“Do you mean that you marry Vincent and become a nominally couple only? Then, get physical
satisfaction from me?” Miyamoto grinned.

“Yes! Couldn’t I? My body still belongs to you!” Pippa said softly. “Don’t you always love me? Don’t you
abuse me all the time when I resist? I will not resist anymore! Alright?”

Miyamoto’s eyes were showing hidden desperation while standing there like a lonely ice sculpture. He
pursed his lips to express his anger.

Pippa was overwhelmed by his cold look and subconsciously wanted to leave his hug.

There was pain on her shoulder.

Miyamoto’s fingers were grabbing her tightly as if she was the last piece of floating wood and he put his
best foot forward to grab it even though he could spoil it.

She looked at him painfully. She was stunned when she discovered that there was fragility, loneliness,
panic and fear in his eyes. Not only that, there was even destructive anger in his eyes.

“Is it a must for me to cooperate with all your instructions? Don’t forget, we do not have any relationship
already. Why should I beg such a cheap person humbly? Animals take care of their children, not to
mention humans. How do you think of Owen? It’s you who did not want me to get along with gangsters
and insist to divorce! After I get rid of those things and now, you break your promise! I thought that our
child will grow properly under your protection but you sent him to Nora Morgan! These years, I admit
that I did not shoulder the responsibilities as a father. I was forced but how about you?”

“Do you know why I never touch Nora? It is because she nurtured our son, but you? What did you do?
You stay with Vincent in F City and think that your arrangement on us is pretty well. However, you are
wrong! I am not a fool that you can play with, so does Vincent! Today, for the sake of Owen, I ask you

for the last time. If you are willing to let go of Vincent, I can pretend that nothing has happened and you
are still Owen’s mother. Or else, ...”

“I am originally Owen’s mother and no one can change the truth. It is impossible to let Renee Bryne
become the mother of my son! I know that I do not have much time for my son but I love him! I love him
so much!”

“Do you still want to marry Vincent?” Miyamoto immediately clasped her waist with his hands. It
seemed like her waist could be broken if he twisted it forcefully.


“You, get out!” Miyamoto put down his hand dejectedly. This was his last time to struggle for his son
and his exhausted heart.

“No! Don’t! Don’t chase me away! I know that you need me too since your body reaction is so strong!
How long have you been without a woman? Miyamoto, let me satisfy you, alright?”

“Get out!” He only said the words with his cold voice because it had reached his limitation.


They seemed to hear something.

Pippa heard that and she turned her head to look towards it. It seemed to be someone knocking the

She did not wear any clothes at that moment. Her clothes were on the ground.

“Bang...!” There was a loud sound!

The door was banged on the wall angrily!

It seemed like the air in the atmosphere had frozen.

The wind which was piercing cold came from the door like a snowstorm! Renee walked into the room
openly with a knife in her hand.

Leila and Arthur were behind her in shock.

When the three of them appeared at the doorway, they were stunned.

Pippa was embarrassed and not knowing what to do. She subconsciously covered her chest with her
hands and buried her face in Miyamoto’s chest. She did not wear any clothes and there were people at
the doorway. So, she did not want to be seen by others.

At first, Miyamoto wanted to push away Pippa but Pippa was naked so he instinctively helped her to
shelter her. He raised his head and saw that Renee was stunned and stood rooted to the ground at the

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