Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 419 Couldn’t Deceive My Heart

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“But we really aren’t related now!” She pouted and said, “We are divorced and I no longer belong to
you, so I don’t have any obligation to be with you!”

“Leila!” Vincent shouted in a low voice and glared at Leila with a displeasure look that was shown by
his tightly furrowed eyebrows.

“Hmm…” Leila found he was so cute that she then reached out to wrap her arms around his waist while
burying her small face in his chest. “I’m teasing you!”

“What a bad girl! Do you miss me?” Vincent asked in a low and husky voice as his eyebrows stretched

Leila bit her lip and nodded as this topic really embarrassed her. “Mr. White, let’s not do this now as
Renee is hospitalized and Pippa has been taken away by the police, how can we…”

Vincent’s eyes looked towards the building over there which was close to the Sea Hotel and Arthur
lived nearby, thinking that he could come back in the evening to discuss the matter related to Pippa.
“Let’s go to the apartment!”

Leila was stunned upon hearing this, her beautiful face was flushed red and her eyes were filled with
astonishment. “Let’s go to the police station to visit Pippa first!”

As she was saying, the phone rang.

Vincent’s dark eyes looked serious, he snorted coldly before answering the phone, “Who is it?”

“Are you Mr. White? We are calling from F City Police Station Rose Road Branch, please come and
record a statement as we need testimony!”

“It’s the police!” Vincent said as he hung up the phone. “It seems that we cannot rest tonight!”

Leila’s phone rang too and it was also from the police, who asked her to go to the police office to record
a statement.

“Let’s go!” Vincent held her hand.

It was two o’clock late at night after they finished recording the statement at the police station.

Leila told the police what she had seen without hiding any truth from the facts.

Vincent, Leila, Arthur and Charles stood at the door when they left the police station. Arthur sighed, “It
really exhausts me! I have been tossing and turning for almost six to seven hours !”

“I’m worried that Pippa is out of control!” Charles said in a deep voice.

“Ask Ted to bail her out and take her to the hospital!” Vincent called his lawyer and instructed him to the
police station in the midnight.

“Vincent, I’m leaving, I’m quite worried about your mother as she is unusually quiet tonight…”

“I go and check it out!” Vincent spoke to Arthur in a deep voice. “You take Leila to the Sea Hotel and I’ll
come afterwards.”

Arthur nodded his head. “Alright! Leila, go with me! I’m so sleepy! Is Renee alright?”

“Nothing serious, just need to take care of her body well!”

As Vincent was leaving, he held Leila’s hand and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be back soon! Don’t talk too
much with Arthur!”

Leila was so helpless and embarrassed that Vincent then turned around and left in satisfaction.

In the car, Arthur glanced at Leila beside him. “So you two are good again?”

“Hum!” Leila nodded her head.

“That’s good!” Arthur turned his eyes to the road ahead.

Both of them then turned silent.

Leila didn’t say anything even though the atmosphere was a little awkward.

In such a dark night, Arthur’s clear eyes showed a hint of sadness.

After parking the car, Arthur said, “Let’s go to my place first! I have a surprise for you!”

“What kind of surprise?”

“We will find out when we go! You can go upstairs again when Vincent is back!”

“Tell me first about the surprise!” Leila looked at the time and it was already three o’clock in the

Leila’s phone suddenly rang and it was an unfamiliar number. Leila glanced at Arthur before she picked
up the phone and gently said "hello".

“This is a new number.” The low male voice on the other end of the line startled her.

Leila obediently replied to him with an "oh" before the other end said, “Have you reached there? Go
upstairs when you get there. I’ll be back soon, wait for me after taking a shower!”

Leila went speechless and her face was blushed as Vincent said such ambiguous words in front of
Arthur, yet, she could only answer, “Got it!”

“Good girl!” The phone hung up.

The phone call made by Vincent made Leila’s originally calm heart fluttered. Even after she went into
the elevator, she was still blushing.

Arthur could guess what was going on and he didn’t say much.

The elevator rose slowly and when it stopped, Leila couldn’t hold herself and asked. “Anyway what is
the surprise? Can’t we see it tomorrow?”

“It’s better today, I think you’ll want to see it!” Arthur said in a mysterious manner.

Leila then shook her head helplessly as his words made her curious, “Is there really any surprise as
you are so secretive?”

“We’ll find it out soon!” Arthur entered the password before he opened the door and Leila followed
suspiciously. The light was on and a familiar female voice came from the house, “You are back? Why
are you so late today?”

Leila was stunned by the time she saw a familiar figure stepped out of the kitchen.

It was her sister, Macey, whom she had been looking for a long time.

Oh my god! She was here with Arthur?

“Sister…” Leila had already choked up before she could speak. “Sister…”

Macey also froze when she saw Leila at the door as she didn’t expect that Leila would follow Arthur

Leila saw her wearing a long pure white dress with her white face that was without a heavy make-up,
like the innocent look she had when she was sixteen. Was her beautiful sister back?

Macey’s eyes widened as she looked towards Arthur, “Why do you bring her here?”

“Macey, you can’t escape it forever!” Arthur closed the door of the room, untied his suit and tie, and
said seriously.

Because of his words, Macey turned silent and didn’t say anything. She walked over and took the suit
from Arthur’s hand.

Macey was like a virtuous full-time wife who helped Arthur hang up the suit, then gently stretched the
tie and put it down before she walked over to the dining table and handed a glass of water to Arthur
while whispering, “Drink some water, you forget to drink it again!”

“Thank you!” Arthur carried the water she handed over and walked to the sofa then sat down. “Leila,
have your seat!”

Leila was dumbfounded due to Macey’s indifference but she was momentarily excited and grabbed her
hand. “Sister, where have you been all these days? I’ve been looking for you but I can’t find you and
Mr. White has been looking for you too!”

“Take away your fake good intention!” Macey pushed her hand away, “I won’t die!”

“Sister!” Leila shouted in a low voice and her tone choked with sobs, “Let’s go home, sister, our home
will always be your home!”

“It’s not mine, it’s yours, my home is gone and my mother is gone, there will never be my home

Macey couldn’t treat Leila well, even though both of them got along well when they were young, yet,
Macey couldn’t take Leila as her sister after knowing the truth as she and her mother caused her to
lose everything.

She didn’t expect that her father was unfaithful to her mother whom had loved him wholeheartedly for
so many years and even had thought of matching her father and aunt in the end of her life.

She was not as selfless as her mother and she was very furious but the grievance in her heart was
hard to eliminate.

“Sister…” Leila knew she was angry and understood how she felt. She had rebelled in such a way all
these years because of her mother and father. Yes, she and her mother felt sorry for her aunt. Without
her aunt’s help, she would still be an illegitimate daughter today!

“Have your seat!” Seeing how sad Leila was, Arthur stood up and held her to sit on the sofa.

He then turned around and spoke to Macey, “The Buddha said, to let it go is to be more comfortable!
Macey, you are too narrow-minded! Think about it, how lucky you are to have a sister who shares the
same blood as you in this world? In this case, Leila is not wrong, it is the elders who are wrong! I think
you shouldn’t take your anger out on Leila if you have grievance against the elders as you two are
sisters after all! Being able to be siblings in this life is a blessing earned in the previous life!”

His words made Macey shut up quietly, in fact, she did so not because of his words but he was Arthur
who said those words and she owned Arthur.

Leila was so touched that she didn’t know how to thank him and her sister seemed to have been here
with him for more than a couple days, he had actually helped her quietly!

“Sister, I’m sorry! I know nothing I can say to make up for the harm that Dad and Mum have brought to
you and Aunt, but since the past is over, shall we start over?”

“No way!”

Three of them sat on the sofa, Arthur drank the water before Macey took the empty cup while ignoring
Leila’s apology, she then looked at Arthur and asked, “Are you still drinking?”

“Nope, I’m sleepy, you two talked about it! I would suggest you go overseas!” Arthur spoke.

“Mr. White thinks just the same!” Leila hurriedly spoke up.

Upon mentioning Vincent, Macey’s eyes dimmed and she frowned. “He’s not qualified to control my
affairs! Leila, you are not qualified either!”

Leila’s heart dimly ached and she lowered her head. “Sister, I’m sorry!”

Arthur raised his eyebrows and looked at Macey.

“Don’t look at me like that as this is how I am, I am clear in my grudges and I don’t want to say anything
else!” Macey said to Arthur.

He knew that she was blaming Vincent and Leila, “Macey, this is the way life is, full of unpredictable
variables. In many cases, it is not under our control, all we can do is to accept it silently and become
open-minded. If everyone walks into a dead end, then nothing beautiful and true is going to happen in
our lives.”

“I can’t convince myself!” Macey parted her face.

“Sister, no matter what happens, just come back home with me. Dad is worried about you as you are
his beloved daughter!” Leila always remembered how her father had pinned his hopes on Macey
before the truth was told.

“No, I’m not going back!” Macey shook her head.

“I’ve thought of a solution!” Arthur suddenly spoke.

“What is the solution?” Leila asked.

“Hold a press conference to inform the media reporters that the video is synthesized!” Arthur rubbed his
chin. “That’s the only way to clear her aggrievance! Of course, it may not work!”

“No need!” Macey shook her head. “I don’t mind it anymore as it is true. It can deceive the world but not
my heart. At this point, true or false doesn’t mean anything to me!”

“Sister!” Leila shouted in a low voice.

“You don’t have to worry about my affairs!” Macey lowered her eyes.

“But I think it is good for you in this way!” Arthur whispered.

“I don’t need it anymore! Arthur, do you think I still need excuses to justify myself? Those are only done
for others to see! I don’t need it anymore as it can deceive others but not my heart! I’m just a broken
shoe in others’ eyes, I don’t care about it anymore and I don’t need any reputation as well!” She uttered
these words with an expressionless face.

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