Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 427 It’s None of Your Business

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“Look how insidiously you’re smiling and still don’t admit it.” Renee shouted in frustration. She thought
he was an infatuated man but it turned out that she had been fooled by his appearance.

However, how could he survive in the Inagawa-kai if he wasn’t a secretive person.

“Let’s go! I have a room where you can stay!” Miyamoto suddenly felt his mood soar, deepening the
smile at the corners of his mouth as he gently took Renee’s hand and pressed open the door of the lift
and walked in.

Leila Hunter looked at their leaving figures and turned towards the stairs to go upstairs to see her

She hadn’t seen Vincent for over a week and was currently still living at Arthur’s place. She planned to
relocate once Renee was discharged from the hospital and would go tell Arthur about it later.

“If I knew you were coming at this time, I would have left earlier! I should have been discharged from
the hospital at midnight!” Renee suddenly felt that her peaceful and freedom days had come to an end
when she got into Miyamoto’s car.

Miyamoto glanced at Renee who was grumbling and suddenly felt that it seemed easy to feel relaxed
with her. A relaxing feeling? How many years had it been since then! Because he had never liked
women who were too rowdy, he had always felt that Pippa Russell who was quiet and had a noble
smile back then was the one he liked!

“I’ll go home first then!” Renee said.

“I told you to live with me!”

“Why?” Renee replied immediately. She then looked at Miyamoto with a wary face. He wouldn’t have
any intentions, right?

Miyamoto sensed the defensiveness in her eyes. He concealed his smile and said, “You can actually
stay with me since we will get married soon.”

“There’s actually no need to get married, an engagement would be fine. Pippa has gone to the hospital
now too, who are you acting for? Isn’t it? No need to act like this anymore.” Renee said in panic, ‘he
really didn’t mean well’.

“How about staying at your house, your parents seem to like me a lot.” Miyamoto suppressed his
laughter and said thoughtfully, his unperturbed gaze glancing at Renee who looked stiff at the side.

“Crazy!” The words stiffened a little. Renee looked at the earnest Miyamoto beside her. He was literally
bullying her and treating her like the joke of her life!

“Do you want to be nagged by your parents until you grow old?” Miyamoto blinked and started the car.

“Cheh! Nevermind. If I live with you, I’ll live with Owen, and I’ll definitely sleep in Owen’s bed!” Renee
smiled treacherously. ‘I’m not afraid of that!’

Miyamoto’s face was a little unnatural when he saw her exaggerated expression. So she really liked
Owen, was she a nymphomaniac? He then lowered his voice and said, “My son sleeps in a very small

“Uh!” Renee’s laughter trapped in her throat and twisted her face, “Owen can stay with me in the guest
room then!”

She was much safer with the baby around!

“ Okay!~” Without further ado, the car drove off.

Renee shrank back into her seat, how could she have been brought back by Miyamoto without

“Where do I sleep at night?” The house seemed big.

“You choose any room you want except for my bedroom.”

“Then you are welcome.” Renee looked at the newly renovated villa and walked over in a few steps.
She had recovered quite well, although her body had just been stabbed.

“I’ll choose this one then.” Renee pointed at the room in front of her and spoke with a big smile. The
room was small but was very elegantly decorated, warm and cozy looking.

Miyamoto’s expression behind her stiffened, his disoriented gaze looking towards the room that had
been opened in front of him. Boundless pain quickly passed through his pupils and he said in a cold
voice, “You cannot choose this room.”

“Why?” Renee glanced back blankly, capturing the flash of expression in Miyamoto’s eyes. After a
moment of silence, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “If not then I’ll change to another room.”

The intense sadness in Miyamoto’s eyes seemed to have fallen into Renee’s eyes at the same time.
He walked into the next room with an indifferent grimace but with a stifled mood. Is this Pippa’s room?

Renee glanced at the door, tossed her head and quickly went to the bathroom to wash up before
sleeping. She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep, the continuous loss of blood caused her
body to get tired easily.

Miyamoto looked at the room that had been closed by Renee with a mixed expression and he slowly
opened the door with his trembling hands and walked in. This room was designed by someone
according to Pippa’s preference when he first arrived but he knew that this room would never be lived
in by Pippa again. Owen is still living in the appartment and the villa was only cleaned out yesterday.

Miyamoto could not understand his feelings towards Pippa until today. The first time he saw her, that
clean and flawless smile was like a spring breeze blowing into his heart.

In a world of blood and gloom, he stumbled upon her pure smile and gentle tone of voice, always with a
slight elegance. It was then that he instantly fell in love with Pippa and indulged in her smile.

He drunkenly took advantage of her for the first time. From then on he was obsessed with that woman
for six years.

A message came on the phone as Leila walked out of the hospital.

Leila held the phone in her hand and opened it. Her heart trembled violently when she saw Vincent’s
name reflected on the screen. “Leila, come down to the hospital car park, let’s have a talk!”

Leila’s heart throbbed. Should she forgive him for having infertility?

She didn’t care that he had a disease. She would be willing to stay with him for the rest of her life even
if he did have a disease. But she realized she really didn’t know how to forgive him for his distrust of
her integrity. This hurt more than anything!

He actually suspected that she had cuckolded him.

She stood in the street and suddenly stopped to look at the cars passing by. There were so many
feelings that overwhelmed her vision in a moment. She had a very strong desire to see him.

She had to know what he really thought. Did he think clearly in the last few days? Was he willing to
trust her?

She told herself that if he apologized and told her he believed her. She would forgive him without a
second thought once he had figured it out. Because everything had to be for his own good! She didn’t
want the baby to be without a father!

Leila held her phone in a trembling grip as he replied to the message. “I’ll be right there!”

She rushed out into the car park looking for the white Bugatti. She saw a tall figure leaning against the
door of the car when she was looking for him. The figure was so forlorn and lonely. He stood there
smoking quietly.

Leila clearly heard her own rapid breathing and heartbeat. She missed him even after he had hurt her
so much.

Vincent probably heard the sound of footsteps and slowly raised his head to look at her. They looked at
each other and there was a pain in their eyes. The spark between Vincent’s fingers flickered.

Leila took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

After another long silence, Leila walked over. Every single footstep she took was heavy and full of
expectation. But she did not expect Vincent to ask her like this, “Who is that man?”

Leila had not yet returned to her senses and had not had time to clear her mind to respond.

Vincent stammered out a puff of smoke and growled in pain, “Who is the man who made you

Leila was in shock! Her heart was broken! This time she heard the sound of her heart breaking, it was
so painful and sad. He still didn’t trust her and slandered her, she was truly heartbroken!

She was so sad that she felt this way at the moment, wasn’t she?

She turned to go without a word.

He saw her about to leave and jerked up then anxiously stepped forward. He reached out fiercely and
tugged her wrist, pursing his lips and saying softly, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Leila pulled his hand down with one hand and did not turn around. She felt a sore throat so painful that
she wanted to cry.

“I have nothing to say to you!” Leila finally answered and continued to take her steps.

However, Vincent grabbed her wrist and wouldn’t let her go.

They were so in love to stay together for the rest of their lives. If she wanted a baby, he could go to the
hospital sperm bank to find healthy sperm and fulfil her wish to be a mother. This would be such a
blessing but he couldn’t accept such a betrayal!

Vincent’s tears suddenly clouded his eyes, and his eyes were blurry. The unspeakable thoughts and
chagrin made his eyes turn red. “Leila, are you really so heartless to abandon me?”

Leila heard that choked voice and finally turned back around when she could not stand it anymore.
When she saw his bloodshot eyes, she gritted her teeth and growled, “Vincent, I really have nothing
more to say to you!

Her heartless words jarred him.

It was as if something was blocking her chest, and she didn’t care if her tightly pinched shoulder
creaked. “Are you really going to insist on having someone else’s child?”

Leila closed her eyes in pain and opened them again. A strand of black hair fell down and she cried out
in pain, “It’s none of your business!”

“Then I really won’t turn back!” Vincent shouted in a deep voice, looking at her in pain. “If you don’t
want this child, I can pretend that nothing has happened!”

Leila stood still for a dizzying moment, then turned around and left without a word.

Vincent clenched his fist in pain and slammed his fist on the car. “Leila, do you really love me?”

Did she love him? She loved him so much that she could have died for him, and he didn’t trust her like

Leila rushed away with tears streaming down her face and crashed into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Leila apologised hurriedly.

The person sighed helplessly and looked at the tearful Leila with slight shock.

“Excuse me.” Leila spoke vaguely. She stepped away vacantly and glanced at the figure beside her but
could not see it clearly under her teary eyes.

The person did not stop her and moved out of the way.

Leila wiped her tears and slowly walked to the building. She found a quiet corner and crouched down
by the flower pond as she was unable to walk any further.

Arthur was there to pick her up from the hospital. He happened to be in the car park and saw the
scene. He watched her leave and followed her over. She was so sad and crouched in a corner at the
moment. Her slim, thin figure and that huddled body made his footsteps jerk. A wave of pity spread up
from his chest.

“Leila!” Arthur eventually spoke up and took a big step over. He squatted down and stroked Leila’s
head that was hidden in his knees. “Go back with me!”

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