Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 432 I Can’t Lose You

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Behind them, Mabel’s eyes showed her worry while for Vincent, his eyes turned spiritless when he
looked at them leaving. He only closed his eyes when Leila and Arthur turned into the corner and could
no longer be seen. His black hairs covered his eyes, and his handsome face could not hide his
blankness and exhaustion.

The door of the emergency room was closed, and the atmosphere was very quiet.

“Vincent, your mother will be fine!” Mabel spoke up to comfort him.

She also worried that there would be a problem in case if Nora died. Her words were too harsh. She
thought of how furious Macey had been when she saw Nora.

Before Nora could say anything, Macey immediately cursed her directly, “You old witch! What are you
doing here? Haven’t you done enough harm to our family?”

“Who are you calling an old witch?” Nora was stunned and her eyes turned to Brian Hunter who was
lying on the sick bed. He gave her an indifferent look and showed nothing.

“It’s you! An old witch! You’ve ruined my life, you old bitch! You caused my father to lie on a sick bed
and what are you doing here again? You old bitch, don’t you have anything better to do? Are you
lacking men?”

“Boss, let’s go back!” Charles came after Nora and his whole body froze when he saw Macey.

Macey froze for a moment too when she saw Charles behind Nora.

Nora was cursed directly and fiercely by Macey and before she could say anything, she heard Macey
start cursing again. “Charles, you a bastard! You finally appear! We are not done yet!”

Macey pounced on him directly and tugged the collar of his shirt. “Tell me clearly, why do you film that?
The old bitch is perverted and are you perverted too? How can you do this to me? I trust you so much
but I am cheated by you!”

“Yes, you are cheated by me!” Charles’s cold words sent Macey into hell! He coldly pushed her hand
away. “What the hell do you think you are?”

“This is what happened to Brian Hunter! I have told you before, I won’t let it go easily!” Nora snorted
coldly and glanced at Brian. “How’s that? Does it feel good to lie in bed and not being able to talk?”

When Macey saw Nora was scolding her father, she immediately cursed her back, “You old witch! Are
you a pervert? Do you like making nude videos? You are so perverted that no wonder you went to
Japan. I guessed you worked there as a female porn star as you love this industry so much and loved
filming people’s sex! God repays you for heart disease and you deserve it! I’m not ashamed of it but it’s
my own privacy and I don’t mean to expose it, but you have done the harm to me! And you, Charles!
Are you her bed’s slave? This old witch must have served thousands of men and that’s why she is so
perverted! You have been serving thousands of men and haven’t you gotten enough? You have such a
terrific appetite, aren’t you afraid of getting AIDS?”

“You…you…” Nora’s face was stiffed upon Macey’s scolding.

“What? You’ve bullied my family and harmed me for a lifetime, can’t allow me to scold you? Besides,
am I wrong to scold you? Charles, what good is it for you to serve this old witch? Is she so sultry that
you can’t sense it?”

“Macey, enough!” Charles’s face looked serious.

“Enough?” Macey snorted coldly. “I won’t end like this! I tell you, I won’t!”

“Charles…” Nora shouted nervously.

“Boss?” Turning around, Charles found Nora’s face turned pale while gasping for air, seeming to be in
pain. “Where’s your medicine? Where’s your medicine?”

Before Nora could say anything, she fainted suddenly.

“Hahaha…” Macey clapped her hands and laughed. “Retribution is coming! Do you think you can get
away with it by pretending to be dead? Old witch, you deserve it! Hahaha…finally it makes me

“Macey…” Mabel found something was wrong. “She really fainted, call a doctor immediately!”

“No! Let her die!” Macey gritted her teeth.

Charles glared at her and shouted, “Call the doctor!”

Brian had already rung the call bell by himself and Nora was sent to the emergency room.

Vincent did not speak to Mabel as his mind was messed up and he was in a mess now! All he knew
was that he could not let go of Leila!

He kept thinking of Leila’s words in his mind as Leila refused to admit and even Arthur also. Frankly
speaking, he couldn’t believe that Arthur would be with Leila and he was just a little annoyed but he
had nowhere to vent his anger, so that’s why he said those harsh words to Leila and Arthur in the car
park but that was not what he wanted to say!

He wanted to tell her that he couldn’t leave her and he couldn’t live without her as well.

However, when he saw her with Arthur, his heart ached and trembled.

He got himself up immediately and went to look for Leila.

Just as he reached the surgical reception room entrance, he heard Arthur say, “Don’t cry, Leila, it is ok!”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault!” Leila spoke sadly. “Does it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt! Leila, you are too kind that you still comfort Vincent even though he treats you like
that! You are so pitiful!”

“Whatever, his mother is an elder and even though I am very furious about it and really want to curse
her to death, right now, she is still the grandmother of the child in my belly which can’t be avoided. I just
want to have a clear conscience in front of my child and want my child to be a responsible person in the
future. Just think of it as for the sake of the child!” Leila said quietly. “Even if Vincent doesn’t consider
the baby belongs to him, I just hope my child grows up physically and mentally healthy!”

The child’s grandmother?

Till now, she was still saying that! And telling him that the child belonged to him!

Vincent’s eyebrows knitted tightly, was he really wrong? Did he meet the chance of one in a billion?
How much he hoped that the child belonged to him, but he had long despaired of having a child and
had long been sent to hell by multiple test results!

Vincent tried to think. He said he loved Leila but he didn’t trust her. And now since the technology was
so advanced that the child born could be tested whether the child belonged to him, Leila wasn’t so
stupid and she didn’t have to lie in such a way! Moreover, she was not that kind of person!

Was he wrong?

His heart was in a mess, he stood at the doorway and didn’t know how to walk in.

Yet, inside his heart, he wanted to walk in, putting down his pride and told her that he didn’t care
whether the child belonged to him or not, he just wanted to stay with her!

But how to speak it out? There was a noise near the door and Vincent immediately dodged around the

“Arthur, you go first, I need to go to the washroom!” Leila spoke up.

“Hum, alright, be more careful!”


Leila walked towards the washroom.

After disinfecting and applying medicine, Arthur then went back to the emergency room.

Vincent waited for him to walk away before he walked towards the washroom too.

Leila, on the other hand, didn’t go into the washroom, instead, she went to the corner of the corridor,
opened the window, standing there and quietly looking at the night sky outside the window and sighed

Was he the one who made her so sad and helpless? Vincent asked himself in his heart!

Leila stood there alone in silence. The atmosphere was very quiet with the cool wind blowing from the
outside and even the moon seemed to carry a hint of sadness hanging beside the window.

Leila stood there alone, not knowing how long it had been.

A long, straight figure appeared behind her with his well-made dark shirt showing off his innate
aristocratic aura, and his arrogant and cold features with scars that were reflected in the dim light of the
night didn’t diminish his aura!

“Aren’t you pregnant? Aren’t you afraid of catching a cold if you stand here too long?” A low voice rang
out and the window was pulled up.

She froze slightly and when she was just about to turn around, her shoulders were quickly wrapped into
Vincent’s arm from behind, and his heavy warm breath swayed directly on her delicate neck. “Leila, tell
me, does the child belong to me?”

He held her tightly with his hot breath lingering on her fragrant skin.

Leila lowered her eyes and not wanting to meet his burning gaze but simply replied indifferently, “No!
Mr. White, please let go of me!”

“I know you’re angry and I’m angry too, but I am sterile, how do you expect me to trust you? I don’t
want to doubt you either and I feel that you wouldn’t lie but I don’t want to deny that I can’t trust you
fully, only that I know I can’t leave you! I don’t want you to leave me for a moment! I want you, and I
want this child!” Vincent lowered his stance, and his cold eyes showed his worry.

“I’m sorry, please let me go!” Leila faintly pursed her lips and said indifferently, “Everything has nothing
to do with me! Your mother is under rescue and I don’t want to hear this from you! Please pay attention
to your behaviour, Mr. White, we are not related anymore!”

It was too late to say anything without trust.

Even if he could trust her now, would those wounds left in her heart disappear?

Did they need to experience those harm again? She would never want to experience again the pain of
being not trusted!

“Leila!” Vincent’s face turned even colder, and his dark eyes glared at her with a coldness that was
poised to strike.

Leila’s heart beat uneasily, yet she was still feigning to be calm. “Your mother is still under rescue!”

“I know!” How could he not know, he was worried too, but he was more worried about her and more
afraid of losing her! “I don’t care, I believe this baby is mine, I believe it, ok?”

He closed his eyes in pain.

Leila was stunned when she saw his painful eyes again, she shook her head and her eyebrows knitted
even tighter with her watery eyes showed her anger, “You…Vincent, you don’t believe it, you don’t
believe it in your heart! But it doesn’t matter anymore, since even if you do so, I will not forgive you!

“Leila…” Vincent was just about to say something.

The phone suddenly rang.

Vincent had to let go of Leila while she took the opportunity to leave.

It was Charles calling, Nora had woken up.

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