Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 435 Just Like A Stranger

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Vincent looked at Leila. She didn't even say anything and was going to leave. His whole body suddenly
stiffened, he subconsciously followed Leila towards the lift.

"Leila, wait a minute!"

Leila's heart trembled a little and then returned to coldness in a moment. She turned around and
asked, "Anything?"

“Let’s have a talk.” Once again, he clearly felt that alienation in Leila’s eyes. Vincent was plainly

“Sorry, I’m tired. I want to go back and rest!” Leila turned around again with her back towards Vincent.
Her expression was indifferent and there was no trace of emotion in her calm eyes, just like she was
looking at a stranger.

"I'll go with you." Not allowing Leila to refuse, Vincent quickly stepped forward. With his long, slender
big hand, he tightly pulled Leila’s arm. The excessive force made Leila know his determination and

"I'm going back with my mum!" Leila stood upright at the corridor. Her indifferent face was like covered
with icy snow, cold and arrogant without a trace of warmth. "I’m going back to the Hunter family, are
you going too?"

Vincent gazed at her in silence. He suddenly felt he was losing something. Leila had never been
someone that he could control. Her independence, patience, rigid indifference had made the anxious
feeling in Vincent's heart became heavier, so oppressive that he could not breathe.

Loneliness spread out after a few moments.

"Just say what you want to say." Leila stood proudly and looked quietly to the end of the corridor,
thinking that she really had to leave.

"Nothing!" Vincent's lonely figure trembled, "Let’s make it some other day!"

His heart was in turmoil now. Although he didn't want to let go and wanted to take her into his arms
immediately, his mind was too messed up. It was better to find out what was going on first.

Without stopping, Leila strode away. Her face was calm and without a trace of emotion.

Vincent was just about to walk into Brian Hunter's ward when Mabel opened the door and walked out.
She was not surprised to see Vincent, but whispered to him, "Brian said that you would come, he said
that he had nothing to say! Vincent, please go away. "

Vincent became dazed for a moment. His handsome face looked as if he had realized something. "I
have something to ask him, and I must ask him face to face."

“He said that he wouldn’t tell you, not a thing!”

“Mother! I have to meet him!”

“I’m no longer your mother-in-law. You have already said in the press conference that you abandoned
my daughter. We have no relationship now. Vincent, please leave!” A faint sentence was like a knife
stuck in Vincent’s heart, as if she was harshly questioning, but also sounded like nothing mattered to
her anymore.

“I’m sorry!” Vincent turned his lonely body and about to leave.

Mabel was flickered, she opened her mouth and said in a low voice, "Vincent, go and find James

“What?” Vincent frowned.

Mabel lowered her voice, bit her lip and hesitated for a moment. As if she had made a great
determination before saying, "You go to find James Gordon! Perhaps, there is everything you want to
know, but don't say that I said it."

After finished talking, Mabel went into the ward.

Vincent was stunned. He looked at his watch. It was already one o’clock in the morning. This was not
the right time to look for him, better wait until tomorrow.

What did Mabel mean when she told him to go to find James Gordon?

Thinking of the news that he had previously got from James Gordon he frowned in confusion. He said
that his mother loved Brian, but it was not the truth. .

At the study room on the second floor of the Gordon’s house.

Although it was already midnight, but James Gordon and Julian Gordon were not sleeping.

"Dad! I won't go on a blind date!" Julian sat on the sofa and turned his face away. There were
stubbornness and helplessness shown on his handsome face. He didn't love women. How could he go
on a blind date?

"Julian, don't be ridiculous." James Gordon reprimanded in a cold voice. There was indifferent
displeasure on his cold face. "You are twenty-five years old, it's time to have a girlfriend!"

"Dad! I'm only twenty-five years old, why do you have to make me go on a blind date now? I told you,
there is no suitable candidate. Don't force me. I don't want to be like you and mom who has an
unhappy marriage. If I will have to be like you guys, I would rather not get married for the rest of my

life!” Julian shouted out loudly as this had driven him to madness. So, he had no choice but to shout
out loudly.

“Rebellious son ——” James Gordon’s body trembled with anger.

"Yes! Dad! I'm doomed to be the rebellious son. I can't go on a blind date anyway, not now and not in
the future as well!" Julian’s tone had an unprecedented appraisal. The fact that he did not love women
made it difficult for him to tell his father. He felt deeply guilty in this matter. Perhaps, the Gordon family
would be extinct from now on because of him. But he really couldn't love women, and he couldn't
accept them either.

Like his mom and dad, his mom had a publicly known lover outside while his dad stayed in his study
room until midnight all year long. He didn’t want a relationship like that. Although he didn't know the
reason, he knew the number of years that his parents hadn't slept together in the same room. An
unhappy marriage was unfortunate, and he wouldn't find a woman to cover up his sickness.

He didn't want to wreck others, and himself too. But he also didn't want to see the look of his dad who
was disappointed in him.

"Julian, can you tell why you won't go on a blind date?" James Gordon asked, holding back his anger.
"Give me a reason, if it's appropriate and reasonable, I will not force you!"

"Dad, I have no feelings, I really have no feelings towards them. I do not like matchmaking!"

"Then you go find yourself a lover and start dating, Dad won’t force you!"

"But I don't have a girl that I like right now!"

"Twenty-five years without a girl that you like? Last time in my office, were you not ... to Leila…"

Last time, it was because Leila was Vincent's wife. He already knew and he was approaching her with
a purpose, that's all. But how could he tell everything to his father?

"Dad, Leila is Vincent's wife. It was a joke last time. Don't force me. If you force me, I won't get married
for the rest of my life!" Julian softly yelled in anger. But when he met James Gordon's cold and stern
gaze, he was abruptly shocked and then quickly got up and murmured to James Gordon, "Dad, don't
be angry, fate can't be forced!"

Julian just didn't understand what's going on lately. He had been wondering why his dad seemed to
have gotten into a bull's-eye and had to force him to get married.

James Gordon's face was cold and sullen with displeasure. "Within a month, you must go on a blind
date, find a girlfriend, and get along first. Or else I'll ask your boss to stop your job! I will make you

"Dad! You're being arbitrary. What does this have to do with my job?"

"It's just arbitrary!" James Gordon abruptly sank his face, kept all his emotions, and walked out with big
steps, "Now, go to rest and meet the girl tomorrow!"

James Gordon went out of the study room, walked into his own bedroom. These years he owned a
bedroom of his own. In the room, there was an old photo hanging on the wall. He stood in front of the
photo. Looking at a bunch of young faces inside, those were him, Brian Hunter, and Eric White ...

He stretched out his hand and his slender fingers fell on Eric's face. With his trembling fingertips, he
sighed again, and a tear slowly slipped out of his wrinkled eyes.

Another sleepless night.

In the municipal government.

Vincent went to James Gordon’s office early in the morning.

"Director Gordon!" Vincent looked at him and asked straight to the point, "There seems to be a
discrepancy in what you told me last time about the inside story back then! You said my mom had deep
feelings for Brian and was enraged to get back at him. Director Gordon, this joke is not funny at all."

James Gordon seemed to expect Vincent's return from the very beginning. He smiled blandly and
looked at Vincent. "Vincent, you are indeed smarter than I thought, no doubt that you are Eric's son."

"Director Gordon, so you admit that you are lying!" Vincent's eyes instantly chilled down, and his sharp
eyes swept over James Gordon's face.

James Gordon smiled lightly and noncommittally and said, “Vincent, Brian has helped you a lot, from
the beginning when you were setting up your company to the present day when you are already the
business overlord in F City. You know some of the help from Brian but some of which you don’t know.
You could say that he is your benefactor. But what have you done? You caused his two daughters to
become the laughingstock of the whole city. Macey could not face people ever again while Leila was
abandoned by you, and you caused him to fall ill and leave his job from then on. Are you not feeling
remorse for all these up to today? Just like what people say since ancient times. A snake in one’s
bosom, that is you! It is fancy that Brian was always considerate about you, saying that you have no
choice, and you are charitable like your father."

Vincent's eyes were not moved, then narrowing slightly as he frowned, "Is Director Gordon fighting for
Brian Hunter’s discontents?"

"So what if it is?" James Gordon snorted lightly. "Couldn't I be upset for him? After doing so much for
you, but you don't appreciate it at all and be ruthless to him? Don't you think that's too inhumane?"

"This is the matter between me and the Hunter family. Director Gordon seems to care too much about
the Hunter family, don’t you? Also, from what perspective, does Director Gordon come to voice the

displeasure?" Vincent frowned and questioned.

"Oh, of course I care! Because it was your father's last wish. Your father didn't want anything to happen
to Brian and your father felt he was causing him trouble. It was Eric's last wish, so I had to keep him
safe. But I didn't expect that Brian's indulgence of you would bring things to this point." James Gordon
seemed to be quite emotional. "Your mother has gone crazy! The Hunter family has paid a terrible price
for this, but who will pay for their aggravation?"

"My father's last wish, you'll fulfill it?" Vincent staggered as something broke out of his mind once again.

"Let your mother go back to Tokyo. Let's all let bygones be bygones, no one can make up for the
damage that has been caused. Don't let the damage pile up and cause an irreparable situation. That's
what I want to say to you. Vincent, don't let your mother hurt innocent people in the name of love!"

For a split second, Vincent’s eyes met James Gordon’s eyes. His eyes had only sincerity and
remembrance. Something flashed through Vincent's mind.

"Why do you all refuse to tell us the truth? I just want to know the truth. I don’t want to make wild
guesses by myself and think about the unbearable. What kind of a person is my father?"

"A good man who is responsible and upright!" James Gordon said in a deep voice. "He could stay up
for days and nights without sleeping for the people of F City, just to work. He had been discommoded
himself in order to be able to give you a warm home. He lived a depressing life, and he had no way to
vent out. If your mother gives him a little warmth or at least listen to his innermost thoughts and
feelings, perhaps he will not take the desperate road!"

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