Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 474 That’s Unreasonable!

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“Yeah, you can keep it that way!” Leila rolled her eyes. “If we can’t make love, then could you at least
give me a kiss?” Before Leila could reject, he had already pulled her towards him and kissed her lips
with a bewitching smile. He stuck his tongue into her mouth and entwined it with hers, exchanging
breaths with her. Her breathing sped up and she could not say no to his enthusiasm at all. She

His kisses landed on her eyes and moved all the way down. He kissed every part of her body gently
and did not stop caressing her body for a moment. His touch on her skin gave her an unusual sense of
pleasure and she finally gave in willingly.

“Vincent…” An inexplicable sense of emptiness engulfed her and her cheeks blushed. Leila looked at
the man before her with misty eyes. She had truly fallen for him, because of the occasional weakness
he showed, his loyalty towards love, his domineering manner, and his sincere words, everything.

“Alright, I’ve promised you it’s just going to be a kiss, I won’t go beyond that!” Vincent let out a smile
and he touched her blushing cheeks gently. He once again stooped, kissed her on the lips and
released her. “Time to go. Change your clothes and I’ll send you to class after having meal!” He had
actually let her go! When she was about to accept him. Feeling slightly startled, Vincent raised one of
his eyebrows, “Anything wrong?”

“No!” Leila immediately shook her head and her face flushed. After turning around, she widened her
eyes and only exhaled after her embarrassment faded away. She dashed into the bathroom to clean
up. Vincent could tell she was acting evasive and he smiled. A complacent look flashed across his
carefree handsome face. Without the need to rush, he would get her sooner or later.

Meanwhile, at a suite at HJ Hotel, Macey felt excruciating pain all over her body as if she had been run
over by a car after she woke up. It could be she had not experienced that kind of thing for too long, or

Charles had been too crazy. He had almost squeezed out all of her energy last night and he still
refused to let her go when she pleaded due to exhaustion. He kept on asking her to marry him!

It felt tiresome and uncomfortable like when she had her first menstruation. He had acted too recklessly
to satisfy his libido! She felt that she was floating on air and her body was so weak that she did not
have any strength. She extended her hand to the front and tried hard to support herself, yet a hand
instantly pressed her down on the waist from the side.

She opened her eyes in a daze and realized Charles was staring at her with eyes burning with
excitement. Macey squeezed the blanket and covered her chest. She sat up yet her pale back full of
bruises was still exposed. There were even kissing marks left on her arms. “Let’s register today!”
Charles spoke. “No!” Macey shook her head and declined. “You promised me last night!” Charles
accused. “That’s because you forced me!” Macey bawled.

Charles stared at her and replied in an icy tone. “We’ve promised each other last night, and now you’re
saying this?” Recalling what happened last night, his threatening behavior provoked her. She reminded
him, “I was forced by you, I don’t want to marry you, and don’t you talk to me like that!” Charles let out
an evil smile. “Great, then no one will get off the bed today. We’ll just stay on the bed. I’ll see how many
times of lovemaking would make you agree, after all, our body match so much.”

Macey was petrified and she could tell he was serious from his look. He meant it. If she rejected, he
would not let her get off the bed. That gangster had followed her for two months and he had always
been a gentleman with patience. He only used that way to force her because he could not take it
anymore last night!

He was still that gangster, the frivolous guy she fancied when she first met him! With his evil look and
wicked smile, she had developed feelings towards Charles, and she had never had that kind of feelings
towards Vincent before. “Alright…Let’s register!” She finally gave in. Charles kissed her on the lips
once more due to excitement. “Really? You really mean it?”

“It’s just having another trip to hell!” Macey said sourly. After she finished, Charles approached her with
his lips. She pushed him away but he exerted force and had forced her down onto the bed, sucking her
lips. Macey puffed hard after the mad kissing and her head whirled for a moment due to lack of oxygen.
She puffed and wanted to say something, “Charles…”

“Okay, we’ll register later when the office opens!” He glimpsed at the watch and there were still two
hours. As he spoke, he had already pulled the blanket off her and without giving her any chance to
reject, he plunged his dick into her secret part. Macey groaned in pain. “Damn, I can’t…”

Charles seemed to not hear anything and Macey could hardly withstand his aggression. He lied onto
her and grunted too. “I’ve not done this for a long, long time, I can’t take it anymore…” Macey did not
move underneath him. He said lethargically with a complacent look, “I’ve missed you for too long,
therefore I’ll do this for you rejecting me earlier!”

“Damn you Charles, I’m exhausted!” Macey growled. She could not resist and she was worn out.
Charles’s pride as a man showed up when he saw her misty eyes. He knew he could satisfy her and
burst out laughing. “See, you’re being dishonest! Your body needs me!” Macey pushed him away, but
he insisted to have sex with her before letting her go.

When it was already noon, Macey reached the office for marriage registration while being held by
Charles. They took pictures and got the marriage certificate. “Let’s go, Mrs. Read. Where should we
celebrate?” Charles asked after they got out.

Macey did not speak. She glanced around and seeing the pharmacy, she walked in. “Hey! Where are
you going?” Charles chased after her. Macey did not reply. She walked straight in, took a box of pills,
paid the money and walked out. She did not forget about contraception. Charles did not use condoms
this time, therefore she had to take pills.

“What have you bought?” Looking at the box she held tightly in her hands, he walked towards her,
grasped her arm and wanted to see what was in her hands. Macey refused to let him see that, yet he
still managed to wrench her fingers away and have a look. Seeing the pills, he looked at her and threw
the box away.

“What are you doing…” She wanted to pick it up. Yet Charles put his arm around her waist and
dragged her into the car. He stared at her and there was a strange look on his face. He said, “Looks
like you don’t want to give birth to my child.”

“Let me go! You’ve hurt me!”

“We’ve gotten married, why do you still need to take contraceptive pills?”

“I still need to work!” she said.

“You can count on me! I’ll give you money!”

“I don’t need it; I don’t want to be a man’s accessory. I want to be independent and earn money myself!
My career has just been stable recently and I’ve just found a suitable position, how could I have kids?”
Most importantly, if a woman like her had babies and the babies knew about her past, what should she

“That’s not a problem, I don’t stop you if you want to be a workaholic and a powerful woman. You can
earn money. After we have kids, I’ll raise, feed and take care of them, giving birth is the only thing you
need to do! Don’t you take any pills anymore, or else I’ll run the pharmacy down!” She evaded his eyes.
“Charles, you’re absolutely unreasonable!”

“Yes, I am! It could be there’s already baby in your tummy. Let’s go! From today onwards, we’ll need to
take care of your health, so we’ll have a healthy baby!” He patted her hand, started the car and

searched for a place to have meal. “Why are you forcing me?”

“How could I not force you? When can you stop being stubborn? That’s the only thing I can do!” He
approached her ear the moment the engine started. “You can sleep me as much as you want, don’t
worry, if you’re pregnant, just give birth!” She could not help but punch his chest, feeling embarrassed
and annoyed. “You’re a bastard!”

“Didn’t you like me because I’m a bastard? I’ll continue to be like that. I’ve lost my mind due to your
torture back then! Honey, let’s get a house at New York!” He did not want her to keep on remembering
the past, he wanted her to start afresh! “You’re mad!”

“Yeah, if I’ve become mad, I’m going to make you the same too!”

They went to a seafood restaurant to have a meal. As they had just walked in and was ready to enter a
suite, they met Carson Palmer. He had just come out of a suite with his beer belly and he saw Macey.
“Tut tut, isn’t this Macey?” Carson exclaimed. Macey was startled and she pulled down her face.

Charles’s expression changed and he shot a glare towards him. Without uttering a word, he put his arm
around Macey and wanted to enter the suite. “Hey, why do you pretend that you don’t know me? Isn’t
that Mr. Read? You two have posted such a viral video at the press conference, and were you trying to
fool the citizens of City F? Macey, I haven’t forgotten your flirtatious look when we’re doing it together.
I’m feeling so nostalgic!”

Macey’s face went cadaverous at once when she heard that. She now knew if she took one step
wrongly, the steps following that would all be wrong. That was the price she had to pay. “Damn you!”
Charles flared up and he glanced at Carson. With a cold look, his face was full of rage and hatred. As if
resembling a devil, he walked towards him and seized his collar.

“Why, Mr. Read, you like this type of woman?” Carson asked with balls. “Are you tired of living?”
Charles rumbled coldly. There was rage on his handsome face, yet his eyes were full of worries as he

glanced at Macey. Macey appreciated his look, but she felt extremely sad deep down.

Charles gave him a hard punch and Carson fell down. He grunted. Charles snorted. “If you still cherish
your life, shut your mouth up!” Carson was so terrified by his rage that he did not dare to rebut. Charles
walked towards Macey and seeing her pale face and desperate, empty and upset eyes, he extended
his warm hands and caressed her face. He moved locks of her black hair to the back of her ear and
said, “Come, let’s eat inside!” Macey did not say a word. She was too quiet that made Charles worried.

“I’m okay!” Macey looked up and she spoke calmly, “Charles, if you’ve regretted marrying me, you can
divorce me now, I won’t mind!”

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