Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 482 Can’t Wait

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The pounding heartbeat seemed that it was burning the palm. Leila looked away, unwilling to look at
Vincent, “Don’t you want to be a murderer? There’s no point in saying anything now.”

Vincent smiled softly. His eyes brimming and swirling, and there were unprecedented determination
and persistence in his gaze, "I won’t do it again. She's not worth it. She's not worth being punished by
me personally!"

"Are you serious?" Leila wrinkled her nose, feeling much calmer inside.

"It's a promise!" He listened to her soft voice and suddenly felt happy. "Lexi, will you come home with
me tonight?"

Leila blushed, wrinkled her nose, sucked it up, wiped away her tears, and held Vincent's hand.

Vincent also held Leila's hand back, looking at her face with fondness, and hugged her tighter in
silence, "Go home with me. After all we have been experiencing so much together since a long time,
don’t you still trust my feelings for you? Believe me, you are the person who I want to be with all my

Finally, all the questions were being solved. Leila smiled with tears in her eyes and hugged Vincent's
body back tightly, "Vincent, Vincent."

“You silly girl.” Listening to her calling his name over and over again, Vincent's heart was overflowing
with happiness. He lightly kissed Leila's hair, and continued to say in a low voice, "Lexi, I will never let
go of you again, never. From now on, no matter what happens, I will never let you go again. Even if I
lose the world, I will never be apart with you. "

Hearing Vincent's words, Leila finally smiled. Even if Leila's delicate face still had tears on it, but they
were tears of happiness. She knew she and Vincent would never be separated again.

"Then how about going home?" A smile appeared in Vincent’s deep eyes, looking at Leila's smiling
face, he also turned up the corners of his mouth. She belonged to him, and no matter what happens in
the future, he will not let go of her.

"Well! Vincent, let's go home." She took the initiative to hug him, and they embraced quietly. Leila
smiled softly, "I'm going home!"

"Yeah, you silly girl." Vincent smiled dotingly, released his hand and then patted her shoulder. "Sit tight,
I'm driving!"

"Home is where you are…" She spoke softly. Without him, it wasn’t a home. There was only one home
for them, and the place with him was home.

He was surprised and tears welled up in his eyes! He murmured, "Leila…Yes, home is where we can
be with each other!"

Leila smiled happily, and her heart full of joy. Leila closed her eyes and leaned on the seat. She was
quietly enjoying the happiness that belonged to her, the happiness that was long overdue.

Vincent drove very fast. Leila couldn't help but call out in a low voice, "Slow down!"

Hearing her exclaim, Vincent broke into laughter, "I want to get home quickly!"

How long had it been since they hadn’t been together?

At this moment, he was so glad that he didn’t strangle Pippa to death. When he recalled that Pippa had
hurt Leila, he really wished to kill her, but thank god for giving him the opportunity to have Leila again.

He would keep her for the rest of his life, spoil her, and fulfill his promise to her. So that, she would be
carefree and happy forever.

In the villa.

Vincent got out of the car and opened the door for Leila.

Then he bent down, and in the moment of her dismay, he carried her in his arm and went upstairs.

Leila exclaimed.

"I'm going to carry you upstairs!" He said.

Leaning over and gently dropping a kiss on the corner of Leila's mouth, Vincent smiled contentedly and
held her tightly, letting her rest quietly in his embrace as he went upstairs.

Eira who was in the kitchen was surprised but didn’t spoil this sweet moment!

With the familiar chest and the unique warmth that Vincent's body had, Leila smiled silently and moved
her body, bringing herself even closer to Vincent's body, and her little soft hands were hugging around
his neck.

Vincent quickened his pace, carried her straight to the bedroom, closed the door, and gently put her on
the bed. He then followed her to the mattress and kissed her on her red lips. It had been so long that
he thought he would lose her forever. And it was so lucky that he was to get her back again after losing
her and to be able to hold her like this without any worries for the rest of his life.

His lips gently licked her lips. Such a gentle touch made him know that everything was real, not a
dream, and they were finally together again!

Meanwhile, there was silence all around. Leila closed her eyes happily and gently wrapped her hands
around Vincent's neck, responding passionately to his fevered kiss.

That happy feeling was from the lips to the limbs. Even with closed eyes, Leila could feel Vincent's
eyes were filled with full of deep love. After several twists and turns, it was blissful that they still could
have each other!

Leila instinctively responded to Vincent's kiss with her heart throbbing. His tongue that slipped into her
mouth was curling wave of passion, and the trembling sensation was making her feel melt, she could
only tighten her arms around his neck.

"Lexi!" As his lower body suddenly felt a spike of swollen pain, Vincent slightly flustered and turned his
head. He tightened his arms around the soft body that was in his embrace and then he gasped and
pillowed on her shoulders, he wanted her, and he always had a strong desire for her.

"Vincent," Her face was blushing so red. Leila felt the erection between his legs was against her thigh,
she moved uncomfortably.

"Don't move, Lexi," It was already hard to restrain, and her sudden wriggling made Vincent stiffen, and
he said in a hoarse voice. Under a lost and found ecstasy, he didn’t know what happened to himself, he
actually couldn’t wait anymore, but at this moment, he was worried that she would be angry.

"Don't hold back if it's uncomfortable!" She spoke shyly, with her eyes locked on Vincent's face as he
tried to suppress his desire. The taut, rigid face was faintly oozing a thin layer of sweat, and a pair of
eyes that were always tinged with tenderness and doting emotions were now like raging waves in the
sea. In his deep eyes, there was a desire that she understood was burning.


"Actually, I miss you so much too!" Whispering softly, looking at this face which had engraved into her
heart, Leila raised her hand and gently stroked his cheek, portraying it little by little. The past two
months felt like a lifetime for her.

"Lexi, my Lexi…" Knowing all the pain she had suffered, Vincent spoke in a deep voice. With his big
hands stroking her hair tenderly, once again he was holding the slim body tightly in his arms, "May I?"

She nodded her head blushingly.

Then, she just felt her body being swept strongly into his arms, as if she was pressed halfway into his

This was exactly the feeling that she wanted. Melted solidly into his arms and became a whole with
him, as if they would never to be divided again. There was no reason, and no one would ever want to
separate them again and they will be together as a whole forever. How wonderful it was!

She wrapped her arms around the body, hugged it tightly and closed her eyes.

She felt this world wouldn’t exist after she closed her eyes!

She could only feel herself in his arms.

The sky was a little dizzy, and the ground was a little shaking.

However, this slightly dizzy feeling was really good and relaxing. She really wanted to be held like this

Vincent stroked her cheek with his fingers, and his lips slowly kissed on her passionately. His hands
went into her bra and rubbed her breast, and Leila kissed him back, a kiss that seemed passionate and

His fragrant scent surrounded her little by little. What a hot kiss!

As the kisses continued, Leila's eyes closed tightly. Her long eyelashes were twitching incessantly.

He unbuttoned her clothes and gently removed them. Her white bra and small panties were into his
eyes, and Vincent's heart was beating. His eyes greedily smacked every inch of her skin. His body was
numb as he felt his heart was to collapse.

The male hormones that he accumulated for so long had burst at this moment! Almost impatient to lean
over, his lips kissed on her lower body.

Leila was trembling, and she tried to hide those light tremors inside her body. Only when they were
touching each other, it could feel the trembling deeply. He kissed her body and went up. The burning
lips made her experience another kind of spasm.

His lips swept over the stunning cleavage of her breasts, removing her bra little by little to release
them. Several times his tongue touched the little tits inside, and he kissed it gently and released it.

He moved both hands to her back, touched the small hook of the bra, and easily removed it. Her
breasts bounced in front of him. Vincent licked his lips, kissed down fiercely...

(Indescribable) ......

The woman's low whimpers, mixed with the man's low gasps, and the sound of two bodies colliding,
filled the night…

Renee packed her luggage and left Pearl Community at night and went to the train station. Renee put a
note on the door with a sticky note when she left.

But just as she arrived at the train station, the phone rang, and it was Miyamoto Black. She answered
the phone and gave a soft hello, and then had nothing to say.

"Where are you?" Miyamoto's low and slightly anxious voice came from the other end, along with
Pippa's sobs.

"I have come back already, how is it? Why is Pippa still crying?" Renee asked softly.

"Don’t run around!" He whispered. "I'll go back to pick you up now, or you can go back to my place by
yourself first!"

"Oh! You can come pick me up at Leila's apartment!" Renee grinned.

She won’t go back!

Maybe it was the right thing for her to leave!

It was impossible to think that Miyamoto did not have Pippa in his heart. Even though Pippa may be
hateful, but if he fell in love with this woman, it was hard for him to just give up easily. Just like her,
even after letting go of Callum, she could still feel the pains when she thought about it once in a while.

How could someone be so forgetful?

In the psychiatric rehabilitation hospital.

Miyamoto kept listening to Pippa crying, waiting for her to vent and recover. Then he said, "I should go!
You take care of yourself!"

"Miyamoto, you really don't want me anymore, do you?" Pippa cried out.

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