Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 489 Don’t Run Away Again

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After Miyamoto received the news, he was searching in the Sea Horizon Resort and then said, “Didn’t
you say that the signal is from here? Are you sure that the signal is from here? Why isn’t she here?”

“Sir, we are searching, and there are still places to be searched!”

“Where is she?” Miyamoto looked at the huge resort and they had searched upstairs and found no one.

The signal could only tell him that she was nearby but they needed to search everywhere. Her phone
had been switched off and so no one could contact her at that moment.

He did not know that Renee was being tied up when someone brought her to the resort. She was being
forced into a tent and she was unconscious after being knocked down. At that moment, she was still
sleeping and did not know what was happening outside. She just felt tired, so she kept sleeping.

Under the sun, Miyamoto stood at the beach and his huge figure looked cold. He frowned when looking
at the tents on the beach and gave an order, “I need more people to check every tent!”


Immediately, those people were approaching the tents.

She was not found yet. Since he heard Renee yell for help from the phone, he had not shut his eyes
and there were blood vessels on his eyes. He held his fists tightly, showing that his emotion was not as
calm as his expressions showed.

He hoped that nothing had happened to Renee. Otherwise, he did not know how he would be in the
future! Due to this incident, he felt extremely sad and desperate in his heart. The world was like a
moonless night that was covered by the thick black clouds.

After disturbing many dating couples, they finally found the tent of Renee.

“Mr. Black! She is here!” Suddenly, a man yelled in Japanese with surprise.

Almost at the same time, Miyamoto ran towards the tent and opened it.

His eyes were fixed on the person inside.

Her four limbs had been tied up and she was sleeping quietly like a child. Her long eyelashes were
covering her eyelids and forming a beautiful circular shape. She was so adorable. She was so

Miyamoto felt relieved and could not bear from rising the corner of his mouth. He made a silence
gesture and his well-trained men immediately turned around and then stepped further for ten meters
away. They were just standing there and waiting for his instruction.

Miyamoto took out his phone to call Vincent. “I found Renee and she is safe now. How about Leila?
Alright, I will send some help to assist you!”

He got into the tent and helped her to untie the rope with his hands. She was not awake yet and
Miyamoto frowned when looking at her with his gentle eyes. After a few seconds, he shook her and
said with a gentler voice, “Renee, wake up!”

After being shaken, Renee slowly opened her eyes and looked at Miyamoto’s eyes blankly. She was
stunned and suddenly shouted, “Help! Help!”

“It’s me!” Miyamoto grabbed her hands.

“You!?” Renee seemed to feel relieved and frowned because she was puzzled. “I...I...”

“Renee, how are you?” Miyamoto was frightened by her astonished look.

“Me?” Renee stared blankly at Miyamoto who was astonished and worried. “Ah! I was kidnapped! Ah, it

“Where do you feel the pain? Where?” Miyamoto asked nervously.

“My neck. Damn! Those people knocked my femoral artery. When I called you to seek help, I was
found by them and they did this to me. It hurts! Hurts!”


“I don’t know!” Renee shook her head and raised her eyes to look at him. Within the few hours, he
became so dispirited unexpectedly and his eyes were complicated when looking at her.

Miyamoto slowly outstretched his arm to touch Renee’s cheek with his trembling hand. He said,
“Luckily, you are fine. It’s good that you are alright!”

As long as she was fine, he felt relieved! “I thought you were killed!”

“Killed?” Renee was stunned and suddenly understood the reason why Miyamoto had been so
dispirited. She asked, “Do you become so exhausted because of me?”

Miyamoto remained silent.

At first, Renee lowered her head because she thought that he did not love her and everything was just
her imagination. Suddenly, there was a strong force pulling her and she directly fell into Miyamoto’s
arms. He said with his trembling voice, “Do not run away again!”

He hugged Renee tightly with his arms as if he would like to put her into his body. With it, he could only
get rid of the pain and anxiousness that were spreading from his bone. Luckily, nothing had happened
to her, because he had been extremely frightened.

When he knew Macey was dead, he was shocked, and his limbs were cold! He was just pretending to
look calm but luckily, she was alright!

“Miyamoto, I can’t breathe.” He hugged her so forcefully to the extent that she truly could not breathe.
So, she said it with an unstable breath. If he did not let go of her, she would die in his arms before she
would be killed by those gangsters.

After a moment, Miyamoto finally released his arms slowly. Before Renee was able to take a deep
breath, a wild kiss was coming.

With the wild kiss, Miyamoto hugged Renee crazily and absorbed her breath in her mouth. It seemed
that only by doing so, he could feel her breath and her existence was just for him. Renee was stunned
for a while and then she felt dizzy and suffocated. She could not differentiate the dizziness was either
caused by the knock or Miyamoto’s crazy kiss.

She could only feel the ebullience of her blood in her whole body. Under his lead, her body was like
igniting and burning vigorously. All their rationality and emotions had been thrown away and they were
only left with their instinct desire.

She put her hands on his body and her face showed sensual and unrestrained enthusiasm. She could
only feel that his kiss was following her lips to move downwards and stopped at her white neck. As a
result of biting, the pain released more enthusiasm.

Miyamoto was kissing the woman in his arm hysterically and his big trembling hands were gently
caressing her soft body. He moved inch by inch and he seemed to ensure that her presence was not
just his delusion in desperation.

While breathing and moaning lovely, Renee put her hands softly on his back and leaned on him

Miyamoto finally stopped kissing and raised his head. Both of them looked at each other again.

His body was pressed on her and his slender fingers were touching her hair that fell onto her face
softly. In the dark, she was familiar to the face that was in front of her. Miyamoto pursed his lips and
said, “Although I want to have sex with you now but there is something more important. We need to go
and find Leila!”

“What is it?” Renee was stunned. Meanwhile, she was shy because her lips were feel pains after the

“I will let you know later. You tell me who had kidnapped you...” Miyamoto was helping her to tidy up
her clothes and pulled her to stand up.

“A group of gangsters with a chopper that lengths a meter. After I bought the railway ticket, they came
and intended to bring me to a place. I was so afraid that I followed them obediently. When the car
reached Sea Horizon Resort, I called you secretly, but they found me. I had not had the time to say
much before being knocked down by someone! Then, I didn’t know what had happened...”

“Totally clueless? Didn’t they mention the person who wanted to kidnap you?”

“Nope!” Renee shook her head after thinking.

“Think again!”

Renee thought for a while, “Yes...Ah...I remember. They called a Mr. Palmer!”

“Mr. Palmer?” Miyamoto frowned and asked, “Anything else?”

“Nothing, they asked Mr. Palmer for the upcoming arrangement after kidnapping me.”

“I didn’t know what the answer was on the other side of the phone but then they hung up!”

“Alright!” Miyamoto took out the phone to call Vincent to inform him regarding the current situation here.
He also asked him to look for someone called Mr. Palmer! There should not be many Mr. Palmer with
such power in F City!

After getting into the car, Miyamoto told Renee what had happened. Leila’s sister had died, and Leila
was still missing now. Oh my god!

Why would these incidents happen? Pippa was missing also!


Callum West was driving a car with Lennie Newman and they came to a warehouse alongside the
beach. “If you want firecrackers, we can buy them. Why do you want to take it from here? Isn't it

Lennie rolled her eyes and frowned. “What do you know? This is a warehouse, and it has everything
inside. All these are going to be exported to other countries and we happened to be living in a country
where only the quality of those exports is acceptable. The ones sold outside totally cannot be used!
Instead of playing with firecrackers, we might end up dying from the explosion!”

“You are thinking too much!” Callum was impatient! “Quick! Where is Carson Palmer?”

“I need to call him. He doesn't know that I am coming yet!” Lennie took out her phone to call him.

Callum parked his car outside the warehouse and all the warehouses were arranged orderly like
containers. He had a look at the surroundings and did not have any interest in them.

“Hi! Is Carson speaking? I am Lennie and I am at the warehouse to get some firecrackers. I want those
colorful...” Lennie was talking with her phone. “Eh, nope! I want it now. Quick!”

After hanging up the call, Lennie pursed her lips and said, “How dare he want to reject me! Hypocritical
man! Hum, I don’t care!”

“If he doesn’t want to give, then let it be over!”

“Nothing! Let’s wait here. He will definitely be here soon! If not, I will tell my father to not take care of
him anymore. He is still afraid of my father! Don’t you have any fear of my father also?” Lennie gently
raised Callum’s chin with her hand.

Callum frowned and turned his face away to look away from Lennie. “Don’t touch me!”

“You are my man. Why can’t I?”

Callum directly looked towards the outside of the car.

At the moment, Carson walked out from the warehouse.

When Lennie saw him, she immediately said, “You see! He doesn't have the courage to offend me!
Open the boot and let’s get some firecrackers!”

Callum remained silent and pursed his lips but opened the car boot.

“Lennie, just let me know how many firecrackers you want will do. Why are you coming here to get
them yourself?” Carson did not dare to offend Lennie.

“Carson!” Lennie shouted, “I don’t want to trouble you so I come here to pick them up myself! Carson,
why are you in the warehouse? What happened to the company?”

“Some goods needed to be sent to Thailand. So, I need to get it done personally!” Carson gave a
signal to his employee with his eyes and then the employee walked towards the warehouse to look for
more people rapidly.

“I want to go to the warehouse too. I can get it myself!” said Lennie.

“Ah, Lennie, let’s go to the office. I can call someone to get it for you. Don’t you believe me?” Carson’s
expression was not natural because Leila was in there.

Callum hated Carson so he frowned and did not want to look at him.

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