Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 506 We’re Counting on You!

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Leila snapped back to her senses. This was Georgia Lee; no matter how close the resemblance, she
was not her sister.

Renee reached out her hand to gesture her to sit down.

Even Vincent was quite surprised by the uncanny resemblance!

This woman that just suddenly appeared looked incredibly like the Macey he was dating back then!
Was this woman sent from heaven to save Arthur and Charles?

Vincent swiftly calmed himself down and asked in a low tone, “Miss Georgia Lee, you seem quite sure
of yourself; please, take a seat!”

“Thanks! I’ve always been quite confident!” Georgia Lee she sat down on the sofa and glanced around,
first at Vincent, then at Miyamoto, Leila, and Renee.

As she looked at Leila, she was slightly surprised, because she noted a different kind of aura from
Leila, which puzzled her for a second. “Do you find confident people to be a joke? No worries, it’s quite
normal. A lot of people have called me crazy, but I believe I’m capable! Whether I’m crazy or confident,
I’m just in it for the money, it’s just a job to take on!”

“Are you in need of money?” Vincent raised his eyebrow.

“The more the merrier!” She said with a slight smile. “I use my skills to get the payment I deserve; it’s
an approval for me, and I love what I do!”

“Is that so!” Vincent nodded, “So how much do you think is a reasonable wage?”

“One hundred thousand a month!” She frankly said.

“What!” Renee gasped, “That’s so expensive!”

And she just laughed it off, “That’s the price; if it’s alright, I’ll do it. If not, you can always find someone

“Deal! I’ll pay you two hundred thousand a month!” Vincent said.

“No! I only want one hundred!”

Everyone was shocked; this was the first time Vincent encountered such a cocky girl. She asked for
such a high price, but the second he offered to double the price to try and help Arthur get better sooner,
she didn’t want it. What an odd girl.

“Fine, you’re hired! Can you get started today?” Vincent asked.

Leila was still in shock; Georgia Lee didn’t understand why Leila seemed so fixated on her, so she
asked, “Miss, do I know you from somewhere?”

Leila quickly shook her head and said, “Not at all!”

“Then how come you keep staring at me like we do?” She asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing! You’re quite beautiful!” Leila said.

“Beautiful?” She said and faintly laughed. “Beauty is just a superficial aspect of a person. Rather than a
beautiful face, it’s much better to have half a good heart!”

Surprised by these words, Leila nodded in approval, “You’re right!”

She behaved quite calm. She seemed indifferent even to praise, as though nothing could faze her. She
was a very calm and quiet person and didn’t look like a fresh graduate at all!

“We’ll take you to the person you need to tend to right now!” Vincent got up and walked to Leila’s side.
He softly held and patted her hand, as if to console her.

Georgia Lee took in every detail and thought to herself, ‘these couple are quite odd. They must be
hiding something and that seemed to have some ties to me. But I am here to make money, not to stick
my nose in other people’s business!’

“How old is the patient?” She asked.


“Any particular habits? Hobbies? Is it a man or woman?”

“We’ll get you acquainted along the way. By the way, Miss Lee, we’ll help you prepare all your daily
necessities, so you don’t have to bother returning home to get them!”

“That won’t do! I don’t like to use unfamiliar products, so I have to return and take my own! I’ll be quick,
just wait for me for a bit! We’ll meet downstairs in an hour! I don’t like unpunctual people, so let’s
promptly meet in an hour!” Georgia Lee said then left to go get her belongings!

Her attitude left the other four stunned, but she was gone already.

“What a girl with an attitude, I like her!” Renee said.

“She’s quite resolute!” Leila said, “She knows just what she wants, and isn’t greedy to bite off more
than she can chew.”

“But she’s quite odd as well!” Vincent chimed in.

“Maybe it’s because she knows herself too well, or she’s just proud to display her attitude. Or maybe
she’s just faking it all!” Miyamoto disagreed.

“No way!” Renee rebutted. “Doesn’t she have high marks on her grades? Or else how could she have
possibly gone on to take care of the chairman’s father?”

Miyamoto was startled by the way Renee defended Georgia Lee; he found it humorous and said with a
chuckle, “Let’s hope so; all that matters is that she takes good care of Arthur!”

“That’s right!”

Vincent seemed to be deep in thought, “But how could she look so alike?”

“Fate can be a funny thing!” Leila said. “She does look a lot like Macey. How’s Charles doing? Should
we inform him?”

“She might look like Macey, but she’s not. If we told Charles, he’d probably think she’s a double for
Macey! Right now, all we have to worry about is getting Arthur back to health. As for the wound in
Charles’ heart, only time will be able to heal it!” Vincent said.

Everyone nodded in approval at his words.

Nora came to visit Charles. As soon as she opened the door, she saw his bloodshot eyes on his calm
face and sighed, “Can’t sleep again, Charles?”

She could smell the faint scent of alcohol, then turned to see a bunch of empty bottles on the table and
floor. It seemed Charles had been taking on his fair share of alcohol these days. “Why are you still

Nora let out a sigh in disapproval; she knew what happened to Macey hit Charles hard, or else he
wouldn’t be like this.

“I’m fine!” Charles said with a hoarse voice. He raised a glass in hand up into the air, then drank it down
in one swift motion. The gloom on his face lingered.

“Charles, you can’t continue to act like this.” Nora walked in and sat beside him, “I know you’re better
than this, try to get it together!”

“I haven’t lost it!” Charles said dully; he continued to drink, and there was a cloudy haze over his eyes.
“Rather than worrying about me, you should worry about your own health! Your own body isn’t in too
good of a condition either.”

“I’m already old and about to pass away; but you’re still young, your life’s just getting started!”

“I’m fine, really; I just need some time to calm down, I’m quite sober!” Charles shook his wine glass; he
looked disappointed to find it empty already and dropped it in frustration. He said in a soft tone, “Just
give me a few days, then I’ll head back to the company and take care of things!”

Nora nodded; she couldn’t help but feel sorry for Charles. He had been by her side for years and was
like a son to her, so of course she felt distressed to see him so disheartened. She thought back to how
she had felt back then when Eric died. Didn’t she felt like life wasn’t worth living as well?

The one thing you couldn’t escape from in life was “love”; people are full of emotions, so of course they
will have to endure the pains of loss and sorrow, as well as pleasure and happiness.

“Just, take good care of yourself!” Nora reminded again before she left.

Now left alone in the house, Charles’s loneliness began to spread like an abyss!

He looked at the sky outside the window and slightly frowned. His eyes were completely bloodshot. He
kept thinking about what Macey said before she died, about how he should find another good girl to be
with! Even at her moment of death, she was worried about his happiness! Charles tried to calm his
trembling heart. Never had he regretted a decision more in his entire life. Why did he ask Macey to

return; if they were still in the US right now, maybe none of this would have happened! Even if she
never forgave him, at least she would still be alive right now!

But why did she have to die just moments after they got their marriage certificate? And why did she
have to die in such a manner? He blamed Arthur from the bottom of his heart. Why did he save Leila
first, and not Macey! But deep down, as soon as he kept to his senses, he knew this was an accident,
that no one was to blame!

He wanted to get smashed and forget his worries, but he couldn’t. Instead, he just felt more and more
miserable. He drank one glass after another, but the more he drank, the more sober he felt.

“Macey...” He called out weakly; his heart throbbed in pain. He tried to use hard liquor to soothe the
pain he felt inside.

All he wanted was to make her happy and see her laugh. He thought back to the days when they were
still in love, but now, life and death separated them! How could fate be so cruel!

The pain in his chest continued to throb, making him clench his fist in pain. In a second, the glass that
was in his hand had shattered! The glass instantly pierced his hands and fingertips, sending sharp pain
to his mind. But could he still feel pain right now?

He laughed and gave up struggling. He curled back into the sofa, like a discarded piece of junk. He
balled up and didn’t want to think or worry about anything more. All he wanted now was to stay holed
up and let the tears come flowing out!

A man like him was trying so hard to hold back his tears!

As they brought Georgia to the hospital, Arthur was sitting underneath a tree reading a book in hand.
Occasionally, he raised his head to look into the distance, as though pondering something with a slight
hint of sadness in his expression.

“Go on in!” Vincent and Leila brought Georgia to the entrance, but they didn’t enter.

“By myself?” Georgia asked in a surprised manner.

“Right!” Vincent said in a low tone. “Just tell him that I brought you here!”

“Maybe he’ll throw me out!”

“He won’t! And even if he did, I’m sure you’ll come up with a plan to stay!”

“That’s true; I never let my patients drive me away, unless he’s dead! Or unless he’s all better. If I
agreed to nurse a patient back to health, I always see it through!” Georgia picked up her trolley and had
on a backpack. She didn’t have much luggage, as if she was a traveler ready to hit the road.

“Alright, go on in; we’re counting on you!” Leila said in a small voice, “Georgia, please take care of

“Fine! Don’t worry, I won’t let him die!” Georgia promised.


“Most patients may become suicidal; after all, they suddenly became disabled. It’s a normal
occurrence! I will ensure he stays alive! But I can’t guarantee he’ll fully recover!” Georgia explained to
Leila the second she saw her startled expression.

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