Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 512 I’m Afraid That He’ll Fall in Love with Me

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Leila was touched, she was moved that she finally found her haven again, “Then don’t hesitate
anymore! I’m also very jealous of Renee! But it’s okay, there’s hope in the future!”

Vincent’s eyes were filled with gentleness and love, he nodded, “I know. What you say and what you
mean, I totally understand!”

In Miss Spencer’s small courtyard.

Surprisingly, Charles decided to stay for a meal, the atmosphere during the meal became really weird.

Miss Spencer and Georgia were talking happily, they were talking about all the romance dramas they
had watched before. They were excited talking about all the love stories, new and old ones alike.

Arthur and Charles were quiet, they were just silently eating. Charles had no intention to leave, he just
sat there and looked at Georgia with an odd expression on his face.

“What? Do you still want to hit me?” Georgia arched her eyebrow.

Charles looked at her coldly and stood up, he told Miss Spencer, “Thanks for the dinner, I’ll be leaving!”

“It’s so late, where are you going?” Miss Spencer was shocked that Charles said thank you to her and
was feeling sorry for him as Georgia dislocated his arm. It had to be rather embarrassing for him. “You
seemed tired. Charles, stay the night and leave tomorrow. I’ll clean up that room on the west. Leila
used to stay there. It’s safer if you stay the night and leave tomorrow!”

“Yeah, Charles. Stay the night!” said Arthur, he was feeling sorry about what happened today.

Charles paused briefly and nodded, “Alright, I’ll leave tomorrow!”

“Great!” Arthur was happy.

Charles went to the room.

The three of them were left in the living room. Miss Spencer couldn’t help but said, “Hey, you were too
much today. I’m happy that someone takes such good care of Arthur, but poor Charles. You shouldn’t

“Miss Spencer! I don’t think that it was too much.” Georgia interrupted Miss Spencer, “It’s not even
enough, didn’t you see his face? He was desperate as an ice cube in hell, he wanted to use all his
strength to forget the pain in his heart! It’s good that I hit him. That way he won’t mistake me as
someone else and fall in love with me, using me as someone’s replacement!”

“You’re thinking too much.” How was she such a narcissistic, Miss Spencer couldn’t stand it, “His love
is shallow if he just falls in love with you like that!”

“Hard to say, I have the same face as his former lover. I’m scared that he cannot help but fall in love
with me. It will be troublesome and I don’t want to be someone else’s replacement, I am me! That’s
why I hit him and wake him up so that he’ll remember it every time he sees me! Then he won’t love me,

“Wow, you sure think far ahead!” Arthur looked away; he hadn’t seen such an egoistic woman before.

“I had no choice, nobody told you to invite him here. Nothing like this would happen if he didn’t come

“You’re the one that hit him and you’re blaming me?” Arthur was dumbfounded.

“Who else? Please, I helped you. You were bullied and I helped you, but not only you didn’t appreciate
it, but you’re also blaming me?! Are you still a man?”

“I don’t know if he’s a man!” Miss Spencer suddenly interrupted, “But I know that he’s a boy. When he’s
young I’ve seen him naked and I know that he’s a boy, so don’t worry about his gender. I can confirm!”

“What?” Arthur rolled his eyes. Miss Spencer was old but still young at heart, she wasn’t afraid to make
trouble. He was speechless.

“I’m going to talk to Charles!”

“No need! He needs to calm down!” Georgia moved and halted Arthur, “Don’t go anywhere!”

“Can I go back to my room then?”


“What can I do then?”

“Soak your legs in warm water!” said Georgia, “You were training for the whole evening. It’s good for
your recovery to soak your legs in warm water for at least an hour!”

“Yeah, soaking them in the water can dissolve blood clots and help with blood circulation. You should
do it!”

“Miss Spencer, when we were not here in the evening, did someone send a huge wooden bucket? The
one I ordered through phone.”

“Yes! It arrived and I got it, I’ll go get it!”

The big wooden bucket that Miss Spencer brought over was as high as her knees. Arthur was stunned,
“That’s huge.”

“Yes! Only then you can submerge your legs and knees too!” Georgia went to get warm water. Not long
after, she also brought saffron flowers and threw them in the bucket. “Come, take off your socks!”

She walked over and held up her sleeves, she rolled them up and squatted down. She took off Arthur’s

“I can do it myself!”

“No need, I’m giving you service! You paid one hundred thousand after all!” After that, she quickly took
off Arthur's shoes and socks and even rolled up his pants.

“I can do it myself!” Arthur was never serviced like that before, apart from his mother when he was a
child. His face and ears turned bright red as she held his legs and put them into the bucket, he was not
used to being treated like this by a girl!

The atmosphere was odd. Miss Spencer noticed Arthur’s peculiar expression, she quietly left the room
and closed the door, leaving them alone.

Arthur looked at Georgia suspiciously. She was so thin. When he first met her, she was sharp-tongued
and lazy, but she was also belligerent. She was such a weird person!

She put Arthur’s legs into the wooden bucket, “It’s a bit hot, it needs to be. Otherwise, it won’t help with
blood circulation!”

“Okay!” Arthur put his legs in and he twitched. It was scalding and he wanted to take his legs out.

He was soaking his legs when Georgia suddenly stood up. She grabbed a chair and sat opposite him.

She lowered her head and stared at his legs in the bucket, she frowned, “Your legs will recover!”

“Not necessarily.” Arthur sighed.

“You have never seen worse, they don’t even feel pain, but you still can feel something. Your nerves
are still working and hence recovery is possible!”

Georgia's words gave Arthur confidence, “Really?”

“Do you want to be cripple?”


“Then have faith!”

They quieted down and Arthur glanced at Georgia, “I’m worried about Charles…”

“He will be fine! Fighting can distract him, make him reflect, and vent a bit. Maybe he’ll be fine again

Arthur was stunned hearing what she said, he quietly raised his head and looked at her.

Georgia also looked up, she smiled, “Nah I did it on purpose! I just wanted to hit him!”

Arthur was taken aback again, Georgia laughed and said faintly, “If I’m not wrong, he must have been
like this for a while now. We don’t know when he will return to normal. It hurts to lose someone you
love, but life goes on. You should appreciate the things around you and live in the moment, not blame
and get angry at people around you, going around yelling that God is unfair. God isn’t unfair. He wants
the best for us. But the thing is, not everyone has the might to overcome the pain! And he doesn’t, so I
hit him. Maybe he’ll thank me tomorrow!”

“But you made it embarrassing for him!”

“Is that important? To him at this point?”

“Well!” Arthur couldn't reply. True, he might be so depressed he didn’t care about losing face.

It wasn’t even the next day when Charles suddenly opened the door, he stood there and looked at
them, he said slowly, “Georgia, thank you!”

Georgia’s beautiful eyes were wide open as she heard him thanked her, she looked at Arthur, “See? It’s
not even tomorrow yet and he’s thanking me already!”

“Well!” Arthur was speechless, and he was also surprised by Charles's sudden appearance.

Charles stood by the door, it was pitch black behind him. It was bright inside the room but he didn't
walk in. He stood straight with his back against the darkness, it felt surreal.

“Did you decide on something?” Georgia glanced at him, “Just go do anything you want to, no need to
thank me!”

Charles stared at her and didn't say anything. As if he was chasing after something, looking at this
face. As if he was trying to engrave this face into his mind so that he wouldn’t ever forget.

Finally, he said after a long pause, “I will leave here tomorrow and go to Now York to work. Arthur,
focus on getting better okay?”

“You’re leaving?” Arthur was taken aback.

“Yeah, it was a decision from before.”

“That’s great! Start working! It’s great for you, life goes on. Live on and see it to the end, that’s the best
thing you can do for her!” said Georgia as if she had many experiences with life. She sounded oddly
used to the vicissitudes of life.

“Yeah! Live on, for Macey!” said Charles. “I won’t bother you guys anymore; I’ll go take a rest!”

Georgia shrugged and glanced at Arthur, “Are you less worried now?”

“Yeah!” Arthur nodded.

It was nighttime.

Georgia slept in the room next to Arthur so that it was convenient to take care of him.

Around midnight, Arthur heard someone crying. It sounded desolated and the person was also yelling
about something as if they were having a nightmare.

He was surprised and he immediately got off the bed. His legs were still lame and he had to grab the
wheelchair. He yanked himself onto the wheelchair and only had his pajamas on. He knocked on
Georgia’s door.

He heard her crying as he approached the door, “Don’t go… Please… Don’t go….”

“Georgia? Georgia, what’s wrong?” Arthur knocked on the door.

The sobbing noises went on until it abruptly stopped.

“Georgia, are you having a nightmare?” asked Arthur at the door.

Suddenly, the lights were turned on, and then the door was opened!

Georgia’s face was filled with tears and sweat as she opened the door and appeared before him. He
was stunned, “You, are you okay?”

Georgia looked pale, she looked at Arthur teary-faced and shook her head weakly, “No, it’s nothing!”

“Did you have a nightmare?” Arthur was shocked by her appearance, she didn’t look good, “If it’s just a
nightmare, how come you look this bad?”

Georgia’s small body trembled violently as if she remembered something, she felt a cold shiver
seething through her feet coming up to her body. She looked back and grabbed Arthur’s hand, “Arthur,
can you accompany me for a bit?”

“Yeah?” Arthur was taken aback. He looked dearly at Georgia who’s face was blanched. Her face was
as pale as a sheet and it worried him.

Georgia suppressed the pain she was feeling in her bones and grabbed his hand as she noticed Arthur
looking at her puzzledly. She didn’t have a nightmare, it was just that the dream and the reality kept
replaying in her mind, and she was afraid!

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