Novel Name : A Moment in Destiny

Chapter 514 Let’s Go to The Mountains

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Arthur sighed tiredly. “Okay, forget it if you don’t want to say it!”

“It’s okay, you won’t believe even if I say it!” Georgia smiled a little and pushed him out.

“Why did Charles leave? He even left a letter before he left!” Miss Spencer found out that Charles left in
the early morning. There was a letter on the table, which was for Arthur. She was holding it!

“When did he leave? Why didn’t I know about it?” Arthur was startled. He took the letter and opened it.
There was a short message written on it...

‘Mr. Lane, I would be gone by the time you read this letter. Thank you for your kindness, I know that I
should not make any trouble without any reason. I do know that Macey had really gone! I have
promised her not to fall in love with anyone! I’m not sure if I can do it. But I would not fall in love with
Georgia because she looks exactly like Macey. In this world, everyone is unique. No one could replace
anyone! Georgia’s violence wakes me up that I should move on. I must pull myself together! Don’t
worry about me, I’m going to New York City for work. Hopefully when we meet next time, you can stand
right in front of me, and with your loved one! Live well for Macey. Remember that, this is what you have
owed her! Please get better as soon as possible! Bye! Charles!’

“He left?” Georgia asked gently. Charles pulled himself together! He would move on. Time is the best
medicine. It could heal any kind of wounds!

“Yes! He pulled himself together! That’s great!” Arthur felt moved while holding the letter. He felt
regretted too! He hoped that Macey would rest in peace in heaven!

Vincent brought Leila back to Mind Castle again. Reggie was handsome as always, Oscar grew more
taller and was now a handsome boy. There was a bright and beautiful woman who stood beside
Reggie, she looked like she had been pregnant for almost five months!

When Vincent and Leila arrived, both Reggie and Oscar were very happy.

“You found her?” Vincent glanced at the woman who was beside him.

Reggie said, “Lena, this is Vincent White, my friend. This is his wife, Leila!”

“Hello!” Lena stretched out her hand and held Leila’s hand. “Welcome!”

After they greeted with each other, everyone was happy. Leila looked at Lena’s stomach and said
enviously, “How many months now? Is the baby about to deliver soon?”

Lena smiled a little and shook her head. “It’s still early! It’s only six months! I heard from Reggie that
you and Vincent are married for quite some time, when are you two going to have a child?”

Lena did not know about their situation. When she spoke, Leila’s expression instantly froze for a while.

Vincent heard about it, and he felt a little awkward.

“Lena, can you check if the dishes are ready or not?” Reggie tried to change to the topic. He already
knew about the situation.

Lena seemed to understand that she said something wrong.

“It’s okay, Reggie. You don’t have to hide it away from your wife!”


“We’re planning to have one! What a country you have here, and we’re planning to stay here for quite
some time! How’s that?” Vincent hoped that he and Leila could truly relax themselves so that a baby
could come! Perhaps there would be a miracle!

“Of course! Can’t ask for more than that!” Lena smiled. “I will go and check if the food is ready!”

Reggie followed along and told everything about Vincent and Leila to Lena. After Lena knew about
everything, “Uh! If it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible! Don’t we have it here? Maybe we
can leave Mind Castle to them so that we can bring Oscar along to visit my parents! And they won’t
have to stay with us, and they can really relax themselves.”

“Uh!” Reggie shrugged a little. “Okay! Fine, it’s up to you, as long as you don’t keep running!”

“Silly!” Lena laughed a little.

On the second day, after Reggie informed Vincent, he secretly brought Lena and Oscar to the G City!

In the castle, there were only two of them besides a few maids. The maids were also strange, since
they just disappeared one by one and none of them appeared again!

What a pleasant country.

“It’s so weird after they left!” Leila felt a little embarrassed. “It looks like we’re kicking the owner out of
the castle!”

“They left to visit their parents, we’re here to take care of their home!” Vincent boasted shamelessly.

“But I still feel awkward a little, it’s like we are taking over this place!”

“Leila, let’s not think about that! Look at the flowers wall in the garden, isn’t it beautiful? Is this lawn
suitable to make love or not? Let’s try it in here tonight!”

Leila smelled the flower on the wall of the roses. When she heard about what he said and realized that
he was focusing on her with a fiery gaze. She raised her head and stared at Vincent directly.

Her hand trembled and the spikes stabbed on her finger.

“Ahh...” Leila shouted in a lower tone.

Suddenly, her hand was grabbed a warm hand. Vincent held Leila’s delicate hand and looked at the
dried blood on her fingers. He whispered, “Why are you not being careful?”

Leila was blushing when he held her hand. When she tried to withdraw her hand but Vincent pulled her
finger to his mouth. Then, he put her finger into his mouth.

“Ah...” Leila’s hand was suddenly surrounded by his warmth. She could clearly feel the warmth in
Vincent’s mouth. Vincent tried to suck her finger to reduce the numb feeling of hers.

She suddenly blushed and did not dare to look at his hot and desperate expression. She was extremely
surprised and shy by what he said earlier on.

“Do you still feel hurt?” Vincent asked while he was still sucking her finger.

Leila shook her head in a rush and shouted in a low voice. “No, it’s not...”

Vincent smiled a little when he saw her being embarrassed. He stretched out the tip of his tongue and
gently licked the wound on her finger. His expression looked evil and attractive. “Leila, Reggie said that
there was a place behind the mountain. No one could go except him, I’d bring you!”

Leila lowered her head, and she was afraid to look at him.

Vincent’s tongue sucked her fingertip like a snake. As it slowly moved down along her finger, Leila
trembled and withdrew her finger. Her body felt numb as if she was struck by a lighting.

“I, I don’t want to go...” Leila stammered.

But he did not let her go and pulled her into his arms. He replied in a low and domineering voice above
her head. “You still have to go even if you don’t want to...”

Leila was still taken by Vincent to the quiet place behind the mountain.

The forest was thick and dense with a trickling stream. What was even stranger was that there was a
cave on the side of the mountain, which seemed like it had been renovated!

Leila was startled when she saw the cave was about 30 square meters!

The cave was carpeted with a bed and there was a stone made bench. It was like a paradise in the
world, there was no other place like this.

There was even a new blanket on the bed.

“Why is there a bed here?” Leila asked.

“It was Reggie! This cave was not so big when it was discovered, but after it was discovered, Reggie
asked someone to dig it deeper and turned it into a quiet place like this. I heard that Reggie and his
wife often came here for a date! Their child was made in here, perhaps we could get a little luck from

“Ah...” Leila was blushing until her earlobe felt like burning. “I’d go, I’d go to the front, you can have fun
by yourself in here!”

As she was about to leave, she was being pulled by Vincent. “I don’t want you to leave!”

“It’s so embarrassing!” Leila literally blushed.

“Why are you embarrassed? This is the fun between a married couple!” Vincent hugged Leila and
boasted shamelessly. “What married couple doesn’t make love? Or how could we have a child?”

“The lawn outside is so beautiful!” Leila tried to change the topic.

Outside the cave, there was a lawn. It was completely green in color, it was beautiful.

Vincent covered her little face with a hand. She was completely leaned against his chest. “Don’t
change the topic!”

It was completely darkness around her. As her waist was held by Vincent’s hand, all she could do was
to lay down on his chest obediently and listened to his heartbeat and sound of breathing.

Vincent looked at the Leila in his arms. She lowered her eyes and did not dare to look up at him. She
was feeling shy and weak. The way she always acted as shy as a virgin made him love her even more.

He loved it when she was in his arms. He also wanted her to be by his side all the time. At this
moment, she was tender and soft as water and adorable at the same time.

Right now, she could only lay gently in his arms. She slightly closed her eyes, a row of thick eyelashes
blinked quietly. Vincent was hugging her and he literally wanted to have her with all his heart.

Vincent kissed her hair gently and slowly to her earlobe. Then, he stretched out his tongue to lick her
small ear.

Leila quickly dodged Vincent’s teasing in a panic. While he was kissing her wildly, she felt like her
sanity was beginning to sink again. She tried her best to stay clear-headed. She used her hand to block
in front of her chest without letting him to touch her continuously.

Vincent’s figure was huge, he literally bent down his body and grabbed her knee with his single hand.
He carried her body up and brought her to the bed inside the cave.

He put Leila on the bed and laid along. He put Leila in his arms, he let her to rest on his chest. He said
hoarsely, “I want you to feel the love in the cave, the fun part about love! The feeling is beautiful!
There’s no one in the mountain, just the two of us. Do you like it?”

Leila remained silent and shy.

He stroked his hand on Leila’s body and his breathing slowly became deeper. At the same time, his
body was getting hotter. He bent his head and pressed his lips against hers.

His eyes were bright like as gemstones. “Do you know why Reggie left us alone here? He wanted us to
feel comfortable and make love without being disturbed!”

After Leila heard what he said, she was ashamed to reply. “Don’t say... uh...”

Whatever she wanted to say was completely blocked.

There was a soft feelings on the lips along with his domineering aura. It was so hot that it rushed
hurriedly into her nose.

He pressed his lips against hers. His lips slowly kissed on hers while his tongue slowly portrayed the
shape of her beautiful lips. It was wild and violent as he slowly indulged her lips. He was so desperate
for her and he looked at her desperately.

The kisses became deeper and wilder. His hot breath blew on her chest which caused her to tremble.

He kissed her bewitched. The feeling of touching her lips were soft and gentle like a flower petal. A
faint fragrance slowly flowed into his lips.

The numb feeling slowly blew away from their hearts.

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